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Full text of "Catalogue of a portion of the valuable library of Henry G. Denny of Boston. To be sold at auction Jan. 30-31, Feb. 1-2, 1906. C.F. Libbie & Co., auctioneers and appraisers, Boston, Mass"

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fyxmll ^nivmii]^ ^i^axm^ 



A'20 4-S.3.i : 



rw>» snuws wnen this volume was taken. 


Books not needed 
for instruction or re- 
search are returnable 
within 4 weeks. 

Volumes of periodi- 
cals and of pamphlets 
are held in the library 
as much as possible. 
For special purposes 
they are given out for 
a limited time. 

Borrowers should 
not use their library 
privileges for the bene- 
fit of other perfons. 

Books not needed 
during recess periods 
should be returned to 
the library, or arrange- 
ments made for their 
return during borrow- 
er's absence, if wanted. 

Books needed by 
more than one person 
are held on the reserve 

Books of special 
value and gift books, 
when the giver wishes 
it, are not allowed to 

arW3778 '^'""" ""'"^'^'^Y Ubtary 
''i^Sl^S&.SL^^.RP.C^ion.o, tt,e valuable I 

The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 


Auction Sale: 


JANUARY 30th and 31st, and 

FEBRUARY 1st and 2nd, 1906. 





HENRY G. DENNY, of boston, 


Set of the First Four Folios of Shakespeare 


Halliwell's Shakespeare and Shakespeare Collection. 

Large Paper Set of Dibdins, 20 vols., Slavery and Rebellion Litera- 
ture, including an almost unique set of 


In original numbers, uncut and unopened, and a number of Con- 
federate Publications. 

English Ballads, Songs and Engraved Music, Works relating to 
London, Philology, Manners and Customs, Folklore, Rare and 
Curious Books, Collection of Books on the Horse and Sports, 
Books from the Leigh Hunt, W. E. Burton, Hosmer, Hum- 
phrey, Shurtleff, Fowle, Inglis and other collections. 

Book of Hours of Anne of Brittany ; Les Evangiles, and Legend of 
St. Ursula, Valuable Autograph Letter of John Brown, and 
Autograph Document of Gov. Joseph Dudley, etc. 

C. F. LIBBIE & CO., 

Auctioneers and Appraisers, 

646 Washington Street, 

boston, mass. 
telephone, oxford 2026. 

Please preserve this Catalogue for 

use at the Sale. 
Books on Exhibition for three 

days before the Sale. 
Please Mail Your Orders Early. 
Always Bid by the Volume. 
A Deposit required from Strangers. 


In the past we have not been mailing 
the Boston and local catalogues until 
the books were on exhibition; now we 
shall mail catalogues as soon as issued, 
giving our customers more time for 
their examination. The books will be 
on exhibition as usual 3 DAYS BEFORE 






Set of the First Four Folios of Shakespeare. 


Halliwell's Shakespeare, 1 7 vols., folio, and Shakespeare Collection. 

Set of Large Paper Dibdins, Collections of Books on the Horse and 
Sports; London, English Ballads and Music, Elizabethan Liter- 
ature, Rare and Curious Books, Magnificent reproductions of the 
celebrated Book of Hours of Anne of Brittany, Les Evangiles, 
and Legend of St. Ursula. 

Rare First Editions, Pierce Egan's Works, with colored plates by Row- 
landson, Cruikshank and Henry Aiken. 

Publications of English and American Societies. 

Books from the Libraries of Leigh Hunt, W. E. Burton, and other cele- 
brated collections 

Nuremburg Chronicle and other early printed books, 1470-1490. 

Rare old Almanacs, Books on Architecture, Chess, Chap Books, Con- 
federate Publications, Dancing, Facetiae, Playing Cards, Pottery^ 
Criminology, Reynard the Fox, etc. 


TOES., WED., THURS., and FRIDAY, JAN. SOp^^Si, FEB. 1 r^^ 2, 1906 

EACH DAY AT 10 and 2 O'CLOCK. 

In the Library Salesroom - 646 Washington St. 


C. F. LIBBIE & CO. - Auctioneers and Appraisers, 

BOSTON. 2«r7?SS. 






W^e wish to call attention to the number of rare, curious and valuable 
books in this collection, among which may be mentioned : 

Ascham's Scholemaster, 1570; Breeches' Bible, 1599; Boccaccio, 1511; 
• Nuremfeurg' Chronicle, 1493; Beaumont ^nd Fletcher's Comed- 
ies and Tragedies, 1647; and other works; Ben Jonson's 
Works, 1640; Peachanj's Complete Gentleman, 1622; Hum- 
phrey Mill's Night Search, 1640, The New London Spy, a un- 
ique v.olume, extra illustrated, from the library of Buckle the 

Pierce Egan's Life of an Actor, 1825; beautiful copy of the rare first 
edition. Extra Illustrated. Also his Life in London, Real Life 
in London, Finish to the Adventures of Tom, Jerry and Logic, 
and set of Boxiana. Carey's Life in Paris, 1822, Life in Ireland, 
1826. Rowlandson's Johnny Quae Genus,- 1822, and Naples, 
1815. All with finely colored plates by Cruikshank, Rowland, 
son and Henry Aiken. 

Book of Hom"8 of Anne of Brittany and Les Evangiles. These beauti- 
ful reproductions in gold and colors by L. Cm-mer of Paris- 
enclosed in full morocco, locked cabinet cases, were imported 
by William Bellamy for Thomas Inglis in 1866, and cost 
$548.47 in gold. 

First Editions including Hawthorne's Grandfather's Chan-, 1841, and a 
unique MS. by Mrs. Hawthorne and her daughter Una, The 
Legend of Pandora, Lowell's Class Poem, Holmes's Harbinger. 
1833, Power of Sympathy, etc. 

Fu-st King's Chapel Liturgy, 1785. Rare First, Second and Third 
Boston Directories, with the Maps. Savage's Genealogical Dic- 


No. 14. Read Akenside instead of Akinside. 

No. 162. Read i2mo original pictorial wrappers instead of 12 original pic- 
torial wrappers. 

No. 275. Read Libri instead of Libers. 

No. 395. Note should read : See curious illustration of the phrase, etc. 

No. 572. For Fracastorio read Fracastoro. 

No. 572. Read venerea instead of veneria. 

No. 573. This work refers exclusively to manners and customs Involving 
sexual relations, with numerous extracts from classic authors. 

No. 624. Read Library instead of Libraray. 

No. 690. Read Clap instead of Clapt. 

No. 783. For James Eliot Cabot read James Elliot Cabot. 

No. 967. To-Day. Vols. I and 2, all published. 

No. 1369. Read English Irish Dictionary. 

Nos. 14 14 and 14 15 are by Rev. Samuel Johnson of Lynn, Mass. 

No. 1466. Read Ameriquains instead of Ameriquaino. 

No. 1669. Read devise instead of device. 

No. 1672. Liberty Bell is a presentation copy to Thos. W. Phillips. 

No. 1732. Mass. Historical Society Collections, lacks Vol. 9. 3rd Series. 

No. 1805. Read Mulierum. 



' I 'tkMS CASH. Bills must be paid before delivery of goods, on orders by 

mail upon receipt of goods; no credit given under any circumstances. 

Deposits must be made wben requested. 

Books are sold per volumet pampblets per part or piece, and bids by 
mail, or otberwise, must be made accordingly. 

No cbarges made for buying when parties are unable to attend tne sale. 
To purcbasers present at sales, books are sold as tbey are, 'witbout recourse 
for imperfections. On orders sent to us, books are guaranteed as catalogued, 
in good, sound, second-band condition, imperfect books (not so described) 
may be returned. 

Claims for errors or allowance must be made witbin tbree days of tb' 
ceipt of goods. 

In all cases of disputed bids, tbe lot shall be resold. 

No books returnable after 15 days from date of sale for errors or im- 

1 \ CADEMIE DES Jeux, ou divertissements innocens. 
jr\. Plates. 3 vols. 12° mottled calf. Amsterdam, 1752 

2 Academy (The) of Complements, with many new additions 

of Songs and Catches "A la Mode," stored with 
variety of complemental and elegant expressions of 
Love and Courtship, Amorous and Jovial, etc. By the 
most refined Wits of this Age. Engraved title. 18° 
half calf. London, 1680 

3 ACKERMANN, R. The Microcosm of London; or, London 

in Miniature. Woodcut titles, engraved dedication 
and 104 colored plates, by Rowlandson and Pugin, 
representing the interiors and exteriors of the princi- 
pal buildings, and illustrating the manners, etc., of 
London. 3 vols, imperial 4° half morocco. 

R. Ackermann; London, (1811) 

Text and plates slightly stained by water, but the beauty of plates 
uninjured, as the discoloration is chiefly on the backs of plates. 

'4 Acton, William. The Functions and Disorders of the 
' Reproductive Organs. 8° cloth. Phila., 1867 


5 Adah, Alexander. Roman Antiquities; or, an account o 

the manners and customs of the Romans. 8° calf. 

London, i8oi 

6 Adams, Daniel. The Scholar's Arithmetic; or, Federal 

Accountant. 8° half sheep. Leominster, 1805 

7 Adams, John. Works of. With a life of the author, notes 

and illustrations. By Charles Francis Adams. Portrait. 
10 vols. 8° new cloth. Boston, 1856 

8 Adams, H. G. Cyclopsedia of Female Biography. Thick 

16° cloth. London, 1869 

9 Adams. Cyclopaedia of Poetical Quotations. 16° half mo- 

rocco. Glasgow, n. d. 

10 Adeline's Art Dictionary. 3000 illustrations. 8° cloth. 

New York, 1891 

1 1 Adolphus, John. History of England, from the accession 

of King George the Third to the conclusion of Peace in 
1783. Portrait. 3 vols. 8° calf. London, 1805 

12 AiNSwoRTH, William H. Ballads, Romantic, Fantastical 

and Humorous. Illustrated by John Gilbert. First ed. 
16° cloth, uncut. London, 1855 

13 Akerman, John Yonge. Remains of Pagan Saxondom. 40 

colored plates, engraved by J. Basire. Royal 4° new 
cloth. London, 1855 

14 Akinside, Mark. Pleasures of Imagination, 1744; — Odae 

Aliquot Celebriores Anglicanse Latine Reddits, a 
Roberto Hay; — Satire on Dr. D — ny, by Dr. Sw — t, 
1730; — An Epistle to his Excellency John Ld. Carteret; 
— Grounds of Criticism in Poetry, by Mr. Dennis, 
1704. Bound in one vol. 8° new boards. 

London and Dublin. 

15 Alciati. Emblemata. Numerous woodcut borders and 

engravings. 12° new boards. 

Mathiam Bonhomme: Lugduni, 1550 

16 Alcott, a. Bronson. Concord Days. First ed. 12° cloth. 

Boston, 1872 

17 Aiken, Lucy. Memoirs of the Court of King James the 

First. Portraits. 2 vols. 8° boards. London, 1823 
Text has been water-stained, but still a serviceable library copy. 

18 Aldus. Diversorum Veterum Poetarum in Priapum Lusus, 

etc. 16° old paneled calf. Aldus: Venetiis, 1534 

Very curious and facetious. 

19 Alexander, William. History of Women; from the earliest 

antiquity to the present time, giving some account of 
almost every interesting particular concerning that sex, 
among all nations, ancient and modern. 2 vols, bound 
in one. 4° old calf (rebacked). London, 1779 


ao Alison, Sir Archibald. History of the French Revolution, 
from the beginning of the French Revolution, 177410 
18545 with the continuation, from 1815 to 1852, and 2 
copious general indexes. Illustrations. 21 vols. 13° 
half calf, gilt backs. Edinburgh, 1853-65 

21 Alken, Henry. Aiken's Sketch-Book. 42 sporting plates 

drawn and etched by Henry Alken. Oblong 4° boards. 

Thomas McLean: London, 1820 

33 Allan. The New Gentle Shepherd; a pastoral comedy, 
originally written in the Scotch Dialect, by Allan Ram- 
say. Reduced to English by Lieut. Adam Allan. 8° 
stitched, crudely trimmed. London, 1798 

A presentation copy from Lieut. Allan to Mrs. (Jeremiah Smith) 
Boies of Milton. 

33 Allen, William. American Biographical and Historical 
Dictionary. Portrait of Washington by D. Edwin. 8° 
sheep. Cambridge, 1809 

24 Allen. Memorial of Joseph and Lucy Clark Allen, North- 

borough, Mass. By their children. Portraits. 8° cloth. 
(Privately printed : Boston, 189 1) 

25 Allston, Washington. Outlines and Sketches. Engraved 

by J. and S. W. Cheney. 18 plates. Oblong folio, half 
roan (corner of plates slightly stained). Boston, 1850 

26 Allston. Sylphs of the Season. First American ed. 12° 

antique calf. Boston, 1813 

27 Almanacs. Collection of the Essex, Ames, Low's, Stearns 

and Old Farmer's Almanacs from 1771 to 1829. Bound 
in 6 vols. 8° half sheep. 

This collection was made from year to year by William Wetmore 
of Salem, Mass., and is interleaved and contains his Diary, Cash 
Memorandum, mention of notable persons and things of interest to 
Wetmore and Story families of Salem and Boston ; historical notes 
relating to the attempt at assassination of Gov. Hutchinson on his 
way from Milton, ; arrival of Troops from Halifax in Salem in 1774, 
notes on Revolutionary affairs at Boston and Salem, etc. 

38 Almanac. Mein and Fleming's Register for New England 

and Nova Scotia; with all the British Lists, and an 
Almanack for 1769. 16° paper. Boston, (1769) 

39 Almanac. Mills and Hicks's British and American Regis- 

ter, with an Almanack for 1775. 16° paper (one leaf 
torn). Boston, (i77S) 

30 Almanacs. Ames's Astronomical Diary; or, Almanack for 

1765. 1770 and 1771. (3) 

31 Almanac. Harrison Almanac, 1841. Woodcut illustra- 

tions. 13° stitched, uncut and unopened. New York. 

33 Almanac. American Almanacs, from 1830 to 1845, '49 to 

'53 and '57. 22 vols. 12° half roan and paper. Boston. 


33 Almanac. British Almanac; together with the Companion 
^ to the Almanac and the Loyal Almanac, f'^°'^'°°^^; 

to 1884. x8 vols. 12" straight grained red "J0J°^^°; 
gilt edges. 

34 Almanack Perpetuel d'Amour, selon les ob^^f^^^J.'J"' fu'; 

tronomiques de Cupidon. Par Joly Passione Professeur 
es Mathematiques d'Amour. 18° old calf. 

A risle d'Adonis, 1081 

35 [Almon, John.] New Foundling Hospital for Wit; being 

a collection of fugitive pieces, in prose and verse, not 
in any other collection. New edition, corrected and 
enlarged. 6 vols. 12° half calf, gilt backs. London, 1784 

36 Alunno, Francesco. Le Ricchezze della Lingua Volgare 

di M. Francesco, Alumno da Ferrara, sopra il Boccaccio 
novamente ristampate, etc. Portrait on title. Small 
folio, calf. Aldus: Vinegia, 1551 

37 Amateur Work. With lithographic supplements contain- 

ing designs, sketches and working drawings, and 500 
wood engravings in the text. 4 vols, royal 8° cloth. 

London, n. d. 

38 Amatory Poems. Engraved title, after Stothard. 16° full 

morocco extra, gilt back, sides and edges. London, 1816 

A selection of facetious poems from Anacreon, La Fontaine, Vol. 
taire and others. 

39 Amatory Works of Tom Shuffleton of the Middle Temple. 

Small 8° new boards, uncut. London, 1815 

Curious collection of poems. 

40 American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Proceedings 

of. Vols. 8 to 40. 33 vols. 8° in parts, uncut. 

Boston, 1873-1905 

41 American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Memoirs, Vols. 

r to 4, Old Series; Vols, i to lo, New Series (irregular). 
17 vols. 4° boards and paper (most of the vols, are 
somewhat water-stained). Boston, 1 785-1868 

42 American Musical Miscellany; a collection of the newest 

and most approved Songs, set to music. 12° old calf. 

Northampton, 1798 

43 American Notes and Queries; a medium of intercom- 

munication for literary men, general readers, etc. 
Vols, r to 7. 7 vols, small 4° half roan. Phila., 1888-91 

44 Amherst College. The Sprite; from the Elves of Ginnis- 

tian. With early lithographic view of Amherst College, 
by Pendleton. 8° new boards. Amherst, 1831-32 

An Amherst College periodical containing original contributions 
by the students and a history of the college. 


45 Amort, Eusebio. Dictionarium Selectorum Casuum Con- 

scientiae. Engraved title. Small folio, half vellum. 

Aug. Vindelicorum, 1733 

46 Anacreontici e Burleschi del Secolo XVIII. Copper vig- 

nettes. 16° old calf. Venezia, 1791 

47 Anacreontis Odaria, ad textus Barnesiani fidem emen- 

data. Fine vignettes. Small 8° calf. Londini, 1813 

48 ANANiiE, Jo. Laurentii. De Natura Daemorium, libri III. 

16° vellum. Venetiis, 1581 

49 Ancient Humorous Poetry. No. I containing 'Tis Merry 

When Gossips Meet, 1609. No. II containing Conru- 
Copiae, Pasquil's Night-Cap; or, antidot for the head- 
ache, 161 2. 2 vols. 12° original boards, uncut. 

London, printed at the Chiswick Press, 1819 

50 Anderson, Christopher. The Annals of the English Bible. 

Portrait. 2 vols. '8° tree calf, gilt edges. 

William Pickering: London, 1845 

51 Anderson, R. Ballads in the Cumberland Dialect, chiefly 

by R. Anderson; with notes and a glossary; the re- 
mainder by various authors, several of which have been 
never before published. 16° half morocco, uncut. 

Wigton, 1808 

52 Andr^. Monody on the Unfortunate Major Andr^, who 

was executed at Tappan, Nov., 1780. Second New 
York edition, pp. 48. i6° boards. 

T. Allen: New York, 1792 

53 Andrews, Alexander. The Eighteenth Century; or, illus- 

trations of the manners and customs of our grand- 
fathers. Small 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

54 Anecdota Oxoniensia; texts, documents and extracts 

chiefly from manuscripts in the Bodleian and other 
libraries: Aryan series, Vol. I, part 5, the Dharma- 
Samgraha, by Kenjin Kasawara; — Mediaeval and Modern 
series, Vol. I, part 2, Alphita, by J. L. G. Mowat. 2 
vols, small 4° wrappers, uncut. Oxford, 1885-87 

Each part complete in itself. 

55 Aneccote Library. By the editor of the "Vocal Library.'' 

Frontispiece. Square 16° half morocco, uncut. London. 

56 Angling. [Blakey, Robert.] Hints on Angling, with sug- 

gestions for angling excursions in France and Belgium. 
8° cloth. London, 1846 

57 Angling. Daniel, Rev. W. B. Rural Sports. Portrait en- 

graved by P. W. Tomkins, and 10 plates. 4° half calf. 

London, 1843 

Contains sketches of angling and shooting, with a catalogue of 
books on angling, pp. 20. 


58 Angling. Davy, Sir Humphry. Salmonia; or, days of 

fly-fishing. Illustrations. 16° calf, gilt back and edges. 

London, 1851 

59 Angling. Davy, John. The Angler and his Friend. 16° 

cloth, uncut. London, 1855 

60 Angling. Davy. The Angler in the Lake District; or, 

piscatory colloquies and fishing excursions in West- 
moreland and Cumberland. 16° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1857 

61 Angling. Pulman, G. P. R. Vade-Mecum; or, fly-fishing 

for trout. Illustrations. 16° cloth. London, 185 1 

63 Angling. Wright W. Fishes and Fishing; artificial breed- 
ing of fish, anatomy of their senses, etc. Plates. 16° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1858 

63 Annual. The Gift; a Christmas and New Year's Present. 

Edited by N. P. Willis. 15 engravings, including one 
of the Capture of Andr6 and 3 plates by J. Cheney. 
18° cloth, gilt edges. Boston, 1829 

64 [Anstey, Christopher.] New Bath Guide; or, memoirs of 

the B-r-d Family, in a series of poetical epistles. Cop- 
perplate frontispiece. Small 8° old calf. London, 1773 

65 Anstey. Poems, comprising: Pindaric Epistle address'd 

to Lord Buckhorse, new ed., by C. A., 1779; — An Elec- 
tion Ball in Poetical Letters from Mr. Inkle, at Bath, 
to his wife at Glocester, 1776J — C. W. Bampfylde, 
epistola poetica familiaris, an election ball, curious 
copperplate vignettes, 1777; — On the Much Lamented 
Death of the Marquis of Travistock, 1778; — Elegia 
scripta in Coemeterio Rustico, a T. Gray, 1778. Bound 
in one vol. 4° calf. J. Dodsley: London. 

66 Antiquarian Itinerary; comprising specimens of archi- 

tecture, monastic, castellated and domestic; with other 

vestiges of antiquity in Great Britain, accompanied 

with descriptions. Numerous engraved plates. 7 vols. 

small 8' new cloth. London, 1815 

67 Anti-Slavery Almanacs. New England Anti-Slavery 

Almanac for 184 r; — American Anti-Slavery Almanac 
for 1836, '37 and '39; — Anti-Slavery Almanac for 
1838. (5) (One title missing.) 

68 [Apperley, C. J,] Nimrod's Northern Tour, descriptive 

of the principal hunts in Scotland and the North of 
England. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1838 

69 Apperley. Nimrod Abroad. 2 vols, small 8* cloth, un- 

cut. London, 1843 

Contains sketches of racing and fox hunting in the United States 
and Canada. 


70 Appleton's Cyclopaedia of Commercial and Business Anec- 

dotes. Edited by Frazar Kirkland. Steel portraits 
and illustrations. Royal 8° cloth. New York, 1872 

71 Arabian Nights j commonly called, in England, the Ara- 

bian Nights' Entertainments. A new translation from 
the Arabic, with copious notes. By Edward W. Lane. 
Illustrated by many hundred engravings on wood, 
from original designs by William Harvey. 3 vols, royal 
8° half morocco, gilt edges (rebound, with original 
leather backs). London, 1839 

72 Architecture. Baker, Z. Cottage Builder's Manual. 

Illustrations. 8° cloth. Worcester, 1856 

73 Architecture. Benjamin, Asher. Practical House Car- 

penter; being a complete development of the Grecian 
orders of architecture. Copperplates. 4° old calf. 

Boston, 1830 

74 Architecture. Benjamin. The Architect; or practical 

house carpenter. Illustrated by 64 engravings. 4° 
sheep. Boston, 1850 

75 Architecture. Brown, Richard. Domestic Architecture; 

containing a history of the science and the principles 
of designing public edifices, private dwelling-houses, 
etc., exemplified in 63 plates, with descriptions. Por- 
trait. 4° cloth, uncut. London, (1842) 

76 Architecture. Choice of a Dwelling; or, practical hand- 

book of useful information on hiring, buying, or build- 
ing a house. Illustrations. Small 8° cloth. 

London, 1872 

77 Architecture. Conway, Moncure D. Travels in South 

Kensington, with notes on decorative art and architec- 
ture in England. Illustrations. 8° cloth. 

New York, 1882 

78 Architecture. Hatfield, R. G. American House Car- 

penter; a treatise on the art of building. Illustra- 
tions. 8° cloth. New York, 1886 

79 Architecture. Kerr, Robert. Gentleman's House; or, 

how to plan English residences, from the parsonage to 
the palace. Third ed. Plans. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1871 

80 Architecture. Lang, Alfred. Hints on Houses. Im- 

perial 8' cloth, uncut. London, 1853 

8f Architecture. Modern American Architecture; designs 
and plans for villas, farm houses, cottages, etc., con- 
taining ss original plates. By M. F. Cummings and 
C. C. Miller, Lithographed by Julius Bien. Royal 4° 
cloth. Troy, 1868 


82 Architecture. Modern Cottage and Villa Architecture. 

24 plates. Oblong 4° paper. Williams & Co. : London. 

83 Architecture. Palliser's American Cottage Homes. 

Plates. Royal 4° half russia. Bridgeport, 1878 

84 Architecture. (Parker, John H.) Glossary of Terms 

used in Grecian, Roman, Italian and Gothic Architec- 
ture. Fifth ed., enlarged, exemplified by 1700 wood- 
cuts. 3 vols. 8° cloth. Oxford, 1850 

85 Architecture. Richardson, C. J. The Englishman's 

House, from a Cottage to a Mansion. Colored frontis- 
piece and illustrations. Small 8° cloth, uncut. London. 

86 Architecture. Roberts, Henry. The Dwellings of the 

Labouring Classes. Plans and illustrations. Royal 8° 
cloth, London, n. d. 

87 Architecture. Rosengarten, A. Handbook of Archi- 

tectural Styles. Translated from the German by W. 
Collett-Sandars. Illustrations. 8° cloth. London, n. d. 

88 Architecture. Scott, George G. Remarks on Secular 

and Domestic Architecture, present and future. 8° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1858 

89 Architecture. Shoppell, R. W. Modern Houses; beau- 

tiful homes. Illustrations. Royal 4° cloth. 

New York, n. d. 

90 Architecture. Shoppell's Modern Houses; a collection 

of the architectural periodicals, known as Shoppell's 
Modern Houses, Nos. 5 to 9. Plates. Royal 4° cloth. 

New York, 1888 

91 Architecture. Stuart, Robert. Dictionary of Architec- 

ture. Plates. 3 vols, in 2 vols, thick 8° sheep. 

Phila., 1854 

92 Architecture. Talbert, B. J. Gothic Forms Applied 

to Furniture, Metal Work and Decoration for Domestic 
Purposes. Numerous plates. Folio, cloth. 

Boston, 1873 

93 Architecture. Treatises on Architecture, Building, Ma- 

sonry, Joinery and Carpentry; from the Encyclopaedia 
Britannica. 36 plates. 4° cloth, uncut. 

Edinburgh, 1846 

94 Architecture. Tuthill, William B. Practical Lessons in 

Architectural Drawing. Plates. Oblong 8° cloth. 

New York, 1892 

95 Architecture. Viollet-Le-Duc. Story of a House. Trans- 

lated from the French, by George M. Towle. Illus- 
trated by the author. Square 8° cloth. Boston, 1874 

96 Aretin, Pierre. La Vie de. Par M. de Boispreaux. 

Portrait and 3 plates. 16° mottled calf. La Haye, 1750 


97 Ariosto, Ludovico. The Orlando Furioso. Translated 

into English verse. With notes by William S. Rose. 
Steel plates. 2 vols. 13° half calf, gilt backs. 

Bohn: London, 1858 

98 Aristophanes. Comedies of. Translated into familiar 

blank verse, with notes, etc. By C. A. Wheelwright: 
to which is added a dissertation on the old Greek 
comedy, a vols. 8° cloth, uncut. Oxford, 1837 

99 Aristotle's Ethics and Politics, comprising his practical 

philosophy, translated by John Gillies, 3 vols. ; — Aris 
totle's Treatise on Poetry, translated with notes and 
two dissertations, by Thomas Twining, a vols. Together 
S vols. 8° tree calf, gilt backs. London, 1813-12 

100 Aristotle's Works, containing: I, the compleat master- 
piece; II, his compleat and experienced midwife; III, 
his book of problems; IV, his last legacy. 3 curious 
woodcuts. Thick 16° sheep. London, 1749 

loi Armenian Popular Songs. Translated into English by • 
R. L. M. Alishan. (With text in the original and Eng- 
lish). 8° half roan. Venice, 1853 

102 Armstrong, John. Miscellanies, 2 vols, in one. 8° 

new boards. London, 1770 

103 Armytage, Fenella F. Old Court Customs and Modern 

Court Rule. Frontispiece. 12° cloth. London, 1883 

104 Arnott, Henry. Cancer; its varieties, their histology 

and diagnosis. Illustrations. 8° cloth. London, 1873 

105 Art of Politicks, in Imitation of Horace's Art of Poe- 

try, 1729; — Harlequin Horace; or, the Art of Modern 
Poetry, 1731. With 2 curious copperplates. Bound in 
one vol. 8° new boards. London. 

106 Arthur of Little Britain. The History of the Valiant 

Knight, Arthur of Little Britain. Originally translated 
from the French by John Bourchier, Lord Berners, 
edited by E. V._ Utterson. A new ed., with a series of 
colored plates, from illuminated drawings in a MS. of 
the original romance. 4° half morocco. London, 1814 

107 Arvine, Kazlitt. Cyclopaedia of Anecdotes of Literature 

and the Fine Arts. Numerous illustrations. Royal 8° 
half calf, gilt back. Boston, 1855 

108 Ascham, Roger. The Scholemaster, or plaine and perfite 

way of teachyng children, to understand, write and 
speak the Latin Tong, etc. First ed. Small 4° red 
morocco, gilt edges. John Daye: London, 1570 

From the Library of E. A. Crowninshield. 
Very scarce, good copy, comer of title mended and contemporary 
writing on three leaves. * 


109 AscHAM. The Whole Works of. Now first collected and 
revised with a life of the author, by Rev. Dr. Giles. 4 
vols. ia° new cloth, uncut. London, 1865 

no AsTLE Tho. Origin and Progress of Writing, as well 
Hieroglyphic as Elementary. Illustrated by engravings 
taken from marbles, manuscripts and charters, ancient 
and modern; also some account of the origin and pro- 
gress of printing. Second (and best) ed., with addi- 
tions. Portrait of the author, and 31 plates of Mediae- 
val and ancient alphabets, facsimiles of charters, man- 
uscripts, etc., some of them in colors. Royal 4° sprin- 
kled calf, extra, marbled edges (margins slightly water- 
stained, but text not injured). London, 1803 

III Athenian Sport; or, two thousand paradoxes merrily 
argued to amuse and divert the age. By a member of 
the Athenian Society. 8° new boards. London, 1707 
Contains the Virgin Paradox, the Loving Shrew and other face- 
tious sketches. 

■ 112 Atkinson, James. Customs and Manners of the Women 
of Persia, and their domestic superstitions. Frontis- 
piece. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1832 

113 Atkinson, J. B. Art Tour to Northern Capitals of Eu- 

rope. 12° cloth. New York, (Oxford), 1873 

114 Atkinson, William B. Biographical Dictionary of Con- 

temporary American Physicians and Surgeons. Second 
ed., enlarged. Royal 8° new cloth. Phila., 1880 

it4« AucHiNLECK Press. Frondes Caducae. The Mirror of 
Man and Manners of Men, by Thomas Churchyard, 
1594; — A Musical Consort of Heavenly Harmonie, 
^S95J — •^ S^'i ^^'^ Solemne Funerall of Sir Francis 
Knowles, etc., by Thomas Churchyard, 1596; — A Pleas- 
ant Discourse of Court and Wars, etc., by Thomas 
Churchyard, 1596. 4° boards. 

Reprinted at the Auchinleck 
Press, by Alexander Boswell: Auchinleck House, 1817 

1 14 (5 Auchinleck Press. Frondes Caducae. The Scottish 
Soldier, by Lavoder, Edinburgh, 1629; — The Wight, 
a poem by Lavoder ; — Verses to the Memorie of Sir 
John Borrowes; — Memoir of Lander, and List of his 
Poetical Productions, by George Chalmers. 4° boards. 

Auchinleck House, 1818 

ii4f Auchinleck Press. Frondes Caducae A Remembraunce 
of the Woorthie and well imployed Life of Sir Nicholas 
Bacon; — A Remembraunce of the precious Vertues of 
Sir James Dier; — A Remembraunce of the Life, Death 
and Vertues of Thomas, Earle of Sussex, etc.; — Sir 
Philip Sidney, his Honourable Life, etc. All by George 
Whetstone. 4° boards. Auchinleck House, 1816 


114 ^AuCHiNLECK Press. Frondes Caducae. Ane Tractit of 

a Part of ye Yngliss Cronikle. From MS. in the 
Auchinleck Library. 4° boards. 

Auchinleck House, 1818 
1141? Auchinleck Press. Frondes Caducae, The Buke of ye 
Chess. 4° boards. Auchinleck House, 1818 

Only 40 copies of these works were privately printed. 

115 Austen, Jane. Novels of. New ed. 6 vols. 12" half 

calf, gilt backs. London, 1870 

Comprises : Emma j — Northanger Abbey ; — Pride and Preju- 
dice ; — Sense and Sensibility ; — Mansfield Park ; — Memoir, 

116 Austin, Jane G. Moonfolk; a true account of the home 

of the fairy tales. Illustrated by W. J. Linton. 12° 
cloth. New York, 1874 

117 Austin, W. S., and Ralph, John. Lives of the Poets- 

Laureate. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1853 

118 AuvERGNE. Les Arrets d'Amours, avec I'Amant Rendu 

Cordelier k I'Observance d'Amours. Par Martial d'Au- 
vergne, de Paris, Procureur au Parlement. Accompag- 
nez des Commentaires Juridiques et Joyeux de Benoit 
de Court. Derniere edition, revu6, corrig^e et aug- 
ment^e de plusieurs arrets, de notes et d'un glossaire 
des anciens termes. Thick 16° sheep. Paris, 1731 

119 AviARV; or, Magazine of British Melody; consisting of 

a collection of 1344 songs. Oblong 18° calf. 

London, n. d. 

120 Aytoun, William E. Ballads of Scotland. Second ed., 

revised and augmented. 2 vols. 12° new cloth, uncut. 

Edinburgh, 1859 

121 T3aBBAGE, Charles. Reflections on the Decline of 
Jj Science in England. 8° boards, uncut. 

London, 1830 

122 Bacon, Francis. Works of. New ed., with a life of the 

author, by Basil Montagu. Steel portrait. 3 vols, 
royal 8° cloth. Phila., 1855 

123 Bacon. Personal History of, from unpublished papers. 

By W. H. Dixon. 12° cloth, uncut. Boston, 186 1 

124 Bailey, N. Universal Etymological English Dictionary. 

Eighth ed., with considerable improvements. 2 vols. 
8° old calf (rebacked). London, 1737 

125 Bailey. New Universal Etymological English Diction- 

ary. Revised by Joseph N. Scott. Copperplates. 
Folio, old calf (rebacked). London, (1764) 

126 Baillie, Joanna. Dramatic and Poetical Works of. 

Steel portrait and engraved title-page. Square 8° half 
calf, gilt back. London, 1851 


i»7 [Baker, Thomas.] Tunbridge Walks; or, the Yeoman 
of Kent, a comedy, pp. 64. Small 4° stitched. 

From the library of W. E. Burton. London, 1 703 

128 [Baker.] An Act at Oxford; a comedy, pp. 60 (lack- 

ing last leaf of dedicatory epistle). Small 4° stitched 
(foxed). London, 1704 

From the library of W. E. Burton. 

129 Baker, Reed and Jones. Biographia Dramatica; or, a 

companion to the Playhouse, containing historical and 
critical memoirs and original anecdotes of British and 
Irish dramatic writers. 3 vols, bound in 4 vols. 8° calf. 

London, 1812 

Contains an alphabetical account, and chronological list of works, 
dates when printed, and observations on their merits . 

130 Balde, Jacobo. Solatium Podagricorum. Engraved 

title. 18° vellum. Monachii, 1661 

131 Baldessar. The Courtyer of Count Baldessar Castilio, 

divided into foure Bookes, very necessarie and profit- 
able for yong Gentlemen and Gentlewomen abyding in 
Court, Palace or Place, done into English by Thomas 
Hobby. Engraved title. Small 4° polished calf, extra, 
red edges, by Hayday & Mansell. 

Henry Denham: London, 1577 
Fine copy. 

132 Balfour, Surgeon-Gen. Edward. Cyclopaedia of India, 

and of Eastern and Southern India, commercial, indus- 
trial and scientific, products of the mineral, vegetable 
and animal kingdoms, useful arts and manufactures. 3 
vols, thick royal 8° cloth. London, 1885 

133 Ballads. Collection of Seventy-Nine Black-Letter Bal- 

lads and Broadsides, printed in the Reign of Queen 
Elizabeth, between the years 1559 and 1597; accom- 
panied with an introduction and illustrative notes. 
Sniall 8° half morocco. London, 1870 

134 Ballads. English and Irish Street Ballads. Mostly 3 

songs on a sheet. Some pub. by W. Birmingham, Dub- 
lin. 53 pieces. 

135 Ballad Society Publications. Edited by Frederick J. 

Furnivall. Parts i to 16 and an Extra Part. 17 parts 
8° paper, uncut (few covers slightly discolored). 

Hertford, 1868-77 

Comprises : Ballads from Manuscripts ; — Roxburghe Ballads ; — 
Captain Cox, his Ballads and his Books ; — Love Poems and Humor- 
ous Ones ; — Bagford Ballads, etc. 

136 Balzac. Les Contes Drolatiques. 425 dessins par Dor^. 

8° roxburghe, uncut. London, i860 


137 Balzac. Droll Stories collected from the Abbeys of 

Touraine; translated into English, complete and un- 
abridged. Illustrated with 425 designs by Gustave 
Dor6. Thick 8° cloth, uncut, gilt top. London, 1874 

138 Balzac. Repertoire de la Com^die Humaine de H. de 

Balzac. Par A. Cerfberr et Jules Christophe. Avec 
une introduction de Paul Bourget. 8° paper, uncut. 

Paris, 1887 

139 Bancroft, Edward. Experimental Researches concern- 

ing the Philosophy of Permanent Colours; and the best 
means of producing them by dyeing, calico printing, 
etc. 3 vols. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1813 

140 Bancroft, John. Works of; being a collection of the 

original editions, collected and collated by W. E. Bur- 
ton, 1848. Bound together. Small 4° half calf. 

Contains: Tragedy of Sertorius, 1679; — King Edward the 
Third, 1691 ; — Henry the Second, 1693. 

141 Banks, John. The Rival Kings; or, the Loves of Oroon- 

dates and Statira, a tragedy. First ed. pp. 54. Small 
4° stitched. London, 1677 

From the library of W. E. Burton. 

142 Banks. Virtue Betray'd; or, Anna Bullen, a tragedy. 

First ed., pp. 80. Small 4° stitched. London, 1682 

From the library of W. E. Burton. 

143 [Banks J Cyrus the Great; or, the tragedy of love. 

First ed. pp.60. Small 4° stitched. London, 1696 

From the library of W. E. Burton. 

144 Banks. The Unhappy Favourite; or, the Earl of Essex, 

a tragedy, pp. 64. Small 4° stitched. London, 1702 
From the library of W. E. Burton. 

145 Barbaro, Francesco. Prudentissimi et Gravi documenti 

circa la elettion della moglie. 12° vellum. 

Vinegia, 1548 

146 Barbauld, Anna Laetitia. Memoir of, with many of her 

letters. By Grace A. Ellis. Portrait. 2 vols. 12° cloth. 

Boston, 1874 

147 Barclay, James. Universal English Dictionary. Fron- 

tispiece and engraved title-page. 4° cloth. London, n. d. 

148 Baring-Gould, Sabin. Book of Were-Wolves. First ed. 

Frontispiece. 12' new cloth, uncut. London, 1865 

149 Barker, E. H. Literary Anecdotes and Contemporary 

Reminiscences of Prof. Porson and others. 2 vols. 8° 
new cloth, uncut. London, 1852 

150 Barnard, Charles. Talks about the Soil; — Talks about 

the Weather; — Talks about Useful Plants. 3 vols. 16° 
cloth. Chautauqua Press: Boston, 1886 


151 Barnum, p. T. Humbugs of the World. la" cloth, un- 

cut. London, 1866 

152 Barrey, Lo. Ram- Alley; or, Merry-Trlckes, a comedy, 

divers times here-to-fore acted by the children of the 
King's Revels. Small 4° half morocco. London, 1636 

A scarce and curious play from the library of Charles Mathews, 
the comedian, with his bookplate. From the W. E. Burton sale. 

153 Barry, Opie and Fuseli. Lectures on Painting. Edited 

by Ralph N. Wornum. Steel portrait. 12° half morocco, 
gilt tops. Bohn: London, 1848 

154 Bartlett, John R. Dictionary of Americanisms; a glos- 

sary of words and phrases usually regarded as peculiar 
to the United States. Royal 8° cloth (few margins 
slightly water-stained). Boston, 1859 

iSS Baucher, F. M6thode D'Equitation. Planches par L. 
Heyrauld. Portrait and 12 plates. 8° half calf, gilt 
back. Paris, 1842 

156 Bayle, Pierre. Dictionnaire, Historique et Crftique. 

Troisieme edition, revue, corrig^e et augmenlde par 
I'auteur. 4 vols, folio, old calf. Roterdam, 1720 

157 Beale, Thomas W. Oriental Biographical Dictionary. 

New ed., revised and enlarged, by Henry G. Keene. 
Royal 8° cloth. London, 1894 

158 Beaumont and Fletcher. Philaster, or, Love lies a 

Bleeding. Acted at the Globe and Blackfriers, by His 
Majestie's Servants. The Author's being Francis Beau- 
mont and John Fletcher, Gent. Fourth impression. 
Small 4° half vellum. London, 1639 

159 Beaumont and Fletcher. Comedies and Tragedies. Writ- 

ten by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, Gentle- 
men. Never printed before, and now published by the 
Authour's originall copies. First ed. Portrait by Will 
Marshall. Folio, half blue calf (title mounted). 

London, 1647 
W. E. Burton's copy, with his autograph on title. 

160 Beaumont and Fletcher. The Loyal Subject; a tragi- 

comedy, pp. 75. Small 4° half vellum. London, 1717 

From the library of W. E. Burton. 

161 Beaumont and Fletcher. Works of. With notes and 

a biographical memoir by Rev. Alexander Dyce. 1 1 
vols. 8° half blue calf, contents lettered. 

Moxon: London, 1846 

162 Bede, .Cuthbert. Motley, prose and verse, grave and 

gay. With original illustrations by the author. First 
ed. 12 original pictorial wrappers. London, 1855 


163 Bede. Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green. With numer- 

ous illustrations, designed and drawn on wood by the 
author. la** new cloth. London, 1859 

164 Bede. Photographic Pleasures; popularly portrayed with 

pen and pencil. With 70 humorous designs by the au- 
thor. First ed. 8° new cloth. London, 1859 

165 Bede. Glencreggan; or, a highland home in Cantire. 8 

colored plates, 3 maps and 61 woodcuts. First ed. 3 
vols. 13° half green morocco, gilt backs. London, 1861 

166 Bede. A Holiday Ramble in the Land of Scott. With 

48 steel plates (margins slightly water-stained). 12° 
new cloth. London. 

167 Bede. Medley. First ed. 12° original pictorial wrap- 

pers. London, n. d. 

168 Bede. The Venerable Bede's Ecclesiasticel History of 

England; also the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Edited by 
J. A. Giles. Map. 12° full calf, gilt back. 

Bohn: London, 1847 

169 Beeton's Dictionary of Literature, Fine Arts and Amuse- 

ments. Full- page plates. Royal 8° cloth. London. 

170 Beeton's Dictionary of Universal Biography. Portraits. 

Thick 12° cloth. London. 

171 Belcher, Joseph. Historical Sketches of Hymns; their 

writers and their influence. 12° cloth. Phila., 1859 

172 Belknap Papers. 2 vols. 8° cloth. Boston, 1877 

From the Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society, 
Fifth Series, Vols. 2 and 3. 

173 Bell, Alexander M. Visible Speech; the science of Uni- 

versal Alphabetics. Inaugural ed. Illustrations. Royal 
8° cloth, uncut. London, 1867 

174 Bell, Sir Charles. The Hand; its mechanism and vital 

endowments as evincing design. Steel portrait and 
illustrations. 12" cloth, uncut. London, 1852 

17s Bell, Robert. Ancient Poems, Ballads and Songs of the 
Peasantry of England. 16° new boards, uncut. 

London, 1857 

176 Bell, Solomon. Tales of Travels west of the Mississippi. 

Map and illustrations. 18° boards. Boston, 1831 

177 Bellamy, Thomas L. Lyric Poetry of Glees, Madrigals, 

Catches, Rounds, Canons and Duets. Small 8° new 
cloth, uncut., London, 1840 

178 Beloe, William. Anecdotes of Literature and Scarce 

Books. 6 vols. 8* calf, gilt backs. London, 1807-13 

179 [Beloe, William.] The Sexagenarian; or, the recollec- 

tions of a literary life. 2 vols. 8° half calf. London, 18 17 


180 Bennett, T. Selection of Phrases for Tourists Travel- 

ling in Norway. Third edition, enlarged. By Johan 
Storm. 12° limp cloth. Christiania, 1874 

181 Bentley, Robert. Text-Book of Organic Materia Medica. 

Illustrations. 12° cloth. London, 1887 

182 Benton, J. G. Course of Instruction in Ordnance and 

Gunnery; compiled for use of cadets of United States 
Military Academy. Illustrations. 8° half calf, gilt 
back. New York, 1862 

183 Benton, T. H. Thirty Years' View; or, a history of the 

working of the American Government, 1820-50. Por- 
trait and plate. 2 vols, royal 8° half calf, gilt backs. 

New York, 1856 

184 B^ranger, p. J. de. CEuvres Complbtes; contenant les 

dix chansons nouvelles. Portrait. 2 vols. 12° half mo- 
rocco. Paris, 1850 

185 B^ranger. CEuvres Completes. Nouvelle edition revue 

par I'auteur. With 53 fine steel plates by Johannot, 
Lemud, Grenier, Jacques, Pauquet, Penquilly, De Rud- 
der, Raffet and Sandoz, also portrait and facsimile let- 
ter. With Album of Music. 3 vols, royal 8° half mo- 
rocco. Paris, 1851 

186 B^RANGER. Two Hundred of his Lyrical Poems. Done 

into English verse. By William Young. Steel portrait 
and plates. Square 8° cloth. New York, 1850 

187 B^ranger's Songs of the Empire, the Peace and the 

Restoration. Translated into English verse by Robert 
B. Brough. 16° cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

188 Berdoe, Edward. Origin and Growth of the Healing 

Art; a popular history of medicine in all ages and 
countries. Illustrations. 8° cloth. London, 1893 

189 Beresford, James. Miseries of Human Life; or, the 

last groans of Timothy Testy and Samuel Sensitive. 
With folding plate (torn), engraved by E. Scriven. 2 
vols. 16° boards. London, 1807 

190 Berjeau, J. Ph. Early Dutch, German and English 

Printers' Marks. Numerous facsimile illustrations. 8° 
half morocco, uncut. London, 1866 

191 Berkeley, Grantley F. Anecdotes of the Upper Ten 

Thousand; their legends and their lives. 2 vols. 8° 
new cloth, uncut. London, 1867 

192 Berkshire. Picturesque Berkshire. North and South. 

With 1200 half-tone illustrations. 2 vols, royal 4° cloth. 

Springfield, 1893 


193 Bernan, Walter. History and Art of Warming and Ven- 

tilating Rooms and Buildings. 340 text illustrations. 
2 vols. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

194 Bernard, John. Retrospections of the Stage. 2 vols- 

12° new cloth, uncut. Boston, 1832 

19s Berquin. Idylles, Romances et autres Poesies de Ber- 
quin. Plate. 16° paper, uncut. Paris, 1803 

196 Besant, Walter. French Humorists from the Twelfth to 
the Nineteenth Century. Portrait. 8° cloth (few leaves 
slightly water- stained). Boston, 1874 

ig; Bethune, J. E. D. Specimens of Swedish and German 
Poetry. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1848 

198 Betterton, Thomas. History of the English Stage; in- 

cluding the lives, characters and amours of the most 
eminent actors and actresses. 8° new cloth. 

Boston, 1814 

199 Bewick's Select Fables of ^sop and others; to which are 

prefixed the life of ^sop and an essay upon fable, by 
Oliver Goldsmith. Faithfully reprinted from the rare 
Newcastle edition, published by T. Saint in 1784. With 
the original wood engravings by Thomas Bewick. Il- 
lustrated preface by Edwin Pearson. Portrait. 4° half 
morocco, uncut. Bickers & Son; London. 

200 Bewick Collector (The); a descriptive catalogue of the 

works of Thomas and John Bewick, including cuts, in 
various states, for books ahd pamphlets and other mis- 
cellaneous purposes, and wood blocks. With an ap- 
pendix of portraits, autographs, works of pupils, etc. 
The whole described from the originals, and illustrated 
with 112 cuts. By Thomas Hugo. Royal 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1866 

201 Bible. Breeches Bible. Bible, that is. The Holy Scrip- 

tures conteined in the Olde and Newe Testament. 
With Book of Common Prayer and Sternhold and Hop- 
kins' Psalms. Small 4° old calf, rebacked (some leaves 
of Book of Common Prayer missing). 

Christopher Barker: London, 1599 

" This is one of the most remarkable editions of the celebrated 
version made by the English exiles whilst residing in Geneva. Thb 
was for a long time the favorite version with the Puritans both in the 
Old and in the New World. Our Pilgrim ancestors prized it highly, 
and used this version almost altogether during the early days of the 
colonies. The marginal notes were greatly esteemed by them ; and 
when our present authorized version took the place of this, they 
complained that ' they found it difficult to read the word of God 
understandingly without the Genevan spectacles.'" — Note by George 


302 Bible. Holy Bible, containing the Old Testament and 
the New. la" old calf, with clasp. 

Printed at London by 
the Assignes of John Bill and Christopher Barker, 1647 

203 Bible. Afbeeldingen der voornaamste Historien, soo van 

het Oude als Nieuwe Testament. Copperplates. Small 
folio, half sheep (titles mounted and margin torn from 
first leaf). Nicolaus Visscher: Amsteldam, 1659 

204 Bible. The Holy Bible; containing the Old and New 

Testaments. Illuminated frontispiece and title-page and 
photographic illustrations. 4° full morocco, gilt edges 
and clasp. London, 1861 

205 Bible (La) pour Rire. Par Lavrate. Humorous illustra- 

tions. Oblong 4° half morocco. Paris. 

206 Bible, La Bible Folichone et autre Farces, d6di6es aux 

Rieurs. 525 dessins. Royal 8° half brown morocco. 

Paris, n. d. 


207 Bibliography. Brunet, J. C. Manuel du Libraire et de 

I'Amateur de Livres. 6 vols, bound in 12 vols. 8° paper, 
uncut. Paris, 1860-65 

208 Bibliography. Catalogue of Books offered for sale by 

Bernard Quaritch. 8° half morocco. London, i860 

209 Bibliography. Catalogue of the American Portion of the 

Library of the Rev. Thomas Prince. With a memoir 
and list of his publications. By W. H. Whitmore. Por- 
trait. 12° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1868 

210 Bibliography. Fly Leaves; or, scraps and skjetches, 

literary, bibliographical and miscellaneous. 16° cloth. 

London, 1855 

211 Bibliography. Classified Index to the London Catalogue 

of Books published in Great Britain, 1816-51. 8° 
cloth. London, 1853 

2X2 Bibliography. London Catalogue of Books, published 
in Great Britain, 1816-5 1. 8° cloth. London, 1851 

213 Bibliography. Moss, Joseph W. Manual of Classical 

Bibliography; comprising a copious detail of the vari- 
ous editions of Greek and Latin classics. 2 vols. 8° 
half morocco. London, 1837 

214 Bibliography. O'Callaghan, E. B. List of Editions of 

the Holy Scriptures and Parts Thereof, printed in 
America pi-evious to i860. With introduction and 
bibliographical notes. Imperial 8° half morocco, uncut, 
gilt top. Albany, 1861 



315 Bibliography. Socard, Alexis. Livres Populaires: Noels 
et Cantiques Imprimis a Troyes, depuis le XVII sifecle 
jusqu' a nos jours; avec des notes bibliographiques et 
biographiques sur les imprimeurs Troyens. Ouvrage 
ornd de vingt gravures originales, avec la musique de 
plusieurs airs. 8° full blue crushed levant morocco, 
uncut, gilt back and top, by Auguste Petit. 

Paris, 1865 
Only 192 copies printed on Holland Paper. 

a 16 BiBLiOTHECA Anglo-Pocticaj or, a descriptive catalogue 
of a rare and rich collection of early English poetry. 
Illustrated by occasional extracts and remarks, critical 
and biographical. By (Acton F. Griffith.) Woodcuts. 
Royal 8° half morocco, uncut. London, 1815 

The volumes forming this collection were originally brought to- 
gether by Mr. J. Park, the author of several bibliographical worlts. 

217 BiBLioTHfeQUK Elzevirienne. Dictionnaire des Precieuses. 

Par le Sieur de Somaize. 2 vols. 16° cloth, uncut. 

Paris, 1856 

218 BiBLioTH^QUE Originale. Correspondance Intime de 

I'Armdes d'Egypte, intercept^e par la Crosifere Anglaise. 
Introduction et notes par Lor^dan Larchey. Etched 
frontispiece. 12° paper, uncut. Paris, 1866 

219 BiCKHAM, George, Jun. The Musical Entertainer. En- 

graved by George Bickham, Jun. 200 engraved sheets 
of music, with characteristic vignette at head of every 
page. Folio, old calf. London. 

Includes the Song to " The True Mason." Bickham was a well- 
known teacher of penmanship. 

220 BiGELOW, Jacob. The Useful Arts considered in connec- 

tion with the Applications of Science. Illustrations. 2 
vols. 12' cloth. New York, 1855 

221 [BiGELOW.] Eolopoesis; American Rejected Addresses. 

Now first published from original manuscripts. First ed. 
12° new cloth, uncut. New York, 1855 

222 Binding of Louis Philippe. Malliot, J. Recherches sur 

les Costumes, les Moeurs, les Usages Religieux, Civils 
et Militaires des Anciens Peuples. Copperplates. 3 
vols. 4° sprinkled calf, with crown and monogram on 
each side. Paris. 

223 Bird, Isabella L. Unbeaten Tracks in Japan. Map and 

illustrations. 2 vols, in one. 8° cloth. New York, (1880) 

224 Bismarck. Life of; private and political, with descrip- 

tive notices of his ancestry. By J. G. L. Hesekiel. 
Translated and edited by K, R. H. Mackenzie. With 
upwards of 100 illustrations. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1870 


225 Blair's Chronological Tables. Revised and enlarged. 

By J. Willoughby Rosse. 12° half morocco. 

Bohn: London, 1856 
236 Blake, Henry N. Three Years in the Army of the 

Potomac. 12° cloth. Boston, 1865 

227 Blake, J. L. General Biographical Dictionary. Royal 

8° sheep. New York, 1839 

228 Blake, William. Life of; with selections from his poems 

and other writings. By Alexander Gilchrist. Illus- 
trated from Blake's own works, in facsimile, by W. J. 
Linton, with a few of Blake's original plates. 2 v-ols. 
8° tree calf, gilt backs. London, 1863 

229 Blakey, Robert. History of Political Literature. 2 vols. 

8° new cloth. London, 1855 

230 Blanc. Grammar of Painting and Engraving. Trans- 

lated from the French, by Kate N. Doggett. With the 
original illustrations. Square 8° cloth. 

Riverside Press: Cambridge, 1874 

231 Blanchard, Laman. Sketches from Life. With a memoir 

of the author, by Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton. Portrait. 
3 vols, small 8° new cloth, uncut, London, 1849 

232 Blenkinsop. Memoirs of Dr. Blenkinsop. Written by 

himself; including his campaigns, travels and adven- 
tures. Edited by the author of "Paddiana." 2 vols, 
small 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1852 

233 Blind. Life and Education of Laura Dewey Bridgman, 

the deaf, dumb and blind girl. By Mary S. Lamson. 
Portraits and facsimiles. 12° cloth. Boston, 1879 

234 [Blunt, Rev. Walter.] The Etonian. 3 vols. 12° cloth, 

uncut. London. 

235 Bobbin, Tim. Works of, in prose and verse. With a 

memoir of the author, by John Corry. Portrait and 
illustrations. 8° cloth, uncut. Manchester, 1862 

236 Boccaccio, Giovanni. Genealogiae Joannis Boccatii: cum 

demonstrationibus in formis arborum designatis. Wood- 
cuts. IBltttk £etter. Small folio, boards. 

Augustin, de Zannis de Portesio: Venetiis, 1511 
From the Library of Leigh Hunt, with his autograph on title. 

237 BoHN, Henry G. Handbook of Proverbs; — Polyglot of 

Foreign Proverbs. 2 vols. 12° cloth. Bohn: London. 

238 Bohn's Library. Xenophon's Anabasis and Memora- 

bilia; — Xenophon's Cyropsedia and Hellenics; — Ter- 
ence and Phaedrus, literally translated. 3 vols. 12° 
sprinkled calf. Bohn: London. 


239 Bohn's Library. Pettigrew's Collection of Epitaphs; — 

Catullus, Tibullusj — ^Xenophon's Minor Works; — De- 
mosthenes against Leptines; — Horace, by Sewell. 6 
vols. 12° cloth. 

240 Bohn's Library. Memoir of Col. Hutchinson, 1846; — 

Schiller's Robbers, Early Dramas and Ghostseer; — 
Schlegel's Philosophy of Life and .Esthetic and Miscel- 
laneous Works; — Michelet's French Revolution. 5 
vols. 12° cloth. 

241 BoiLEAu, Nicolas. CEuvres de; avec des ^claircissemens 

historiques. Nouvelle Edition revue, corrigde et aug- 
mentde de diverses remarques. Copperplate engrav- 
ings. 2 vols. 4° old calf. Amsterdam, 1718 

242 BoiLEAU. CEuvres Completes de Boileau Despr^aux. 3 

vols. 8° half calf. Paris, 1829 

243 BoMBAUGH, C. C. Gleanings from the Harvest Fields of 

Literature; curious, humorous and instructive. Fourth 
edition, enlarged. 12° cloth. Baltimore, 1869 

244 BoMBAUGH. Literature of Kissing; gleaned from history, 

poetry, fiction and anecdote. 12° cloth. Phila., 1876 
24s Book of Common Prayer, and administration of ttie 
sacraments; together with the Psalter or Psalms of 
David. Floriated borders from Books of Hours, by 
Geoffroy Tory. 8° cloth. Printed by Whit- 

tingham & Wilkins, i Chiswick Press: London, 1866 

246 Book of Etiquette. Long panoramic sheet with 22 etch- 

ings by H. H. 8° boards. n. p., n. d. 

247 BOOK OF HOURS. HEURES (Le Livre d') de la 

Reine Anne de Bretagne, contenant I'Office de la Sainte 
Vierge et les Psaumes, reproduit d'apres I'Original 
depose au Musde des Souverains, avec une traduction 
en Frangais, par I'Abbd Delauney. Contenant 50 Grands 
Miniatures et 345 pages de texte accompagndes de Bor- 
dures, de Fleurs, et Fruits; suivi d'un appendice conte- 
nant la description de 350 plantes representees dans 
ce manuscript, par de Decaisne. 2 vols. 4° red mo- 
rocco extra, gilt edges, in case lined with silk. 

L. Curmer: Paris, 1859 

" Reproduction exacte d'un manuscript celfebre pour la beautfe des 
miniatures dent il est enrichi. 

L'Ouvrage est tire 850 exemplaires, et s'est public en cinquante 
livrasons, composies chacune d'une miniature et de huit pages de 
text en Latin et en Fran9ais. 

A most superb and beautiful reproduction from the original and 
celebrated " Book of Hours " of Anne of Brittanj;. Nothing has 
ever been produced in the typographic art superior, if, indeed, equal 
to this. Pope Pius the Ninth bestowed the gold medal of honor on 
the publisher". 



ches et Fetes, suivis de Prieres a la Sainte-Vierge ej 
aux Saints, avec Encadrements en couleur, copies sur 
las plus beaux Manuscrits de toutes Epoques, et no- 
tamment ceux du Vatican, k Rome; de Venise, du 
Dome de Florence, du D6me de Sienne, de la Chartreuse 
de Pavie, etc. Avec Appendice au La Vie Sainte 
Vierge et La Divine Enfance et La Passion de Notre 
Seigneur Jesus Christ; — Les Saints et les Saintes. 2 
vols. 4° red morocco, extra, gilt edges, in morocco 
case, lined with silk. L. Curmer: Paris, 1867 

"Ce Livre est le plus beau qui ait jamais ete exicut^ ; it contient 
cinq cents pages reproduisant dans tout leur vSrit^ cinq cents chefs 
d'oeuvre appartenant aux Bibliotheques les plus importantes de 

Si les pages de I'Imitation sont curieuses, celles des Kvangiles 
sont eblouissantes et montrent les merveilles de I'art dans toutes ses 
delicatesses et ses magnificences. 

One of the most exquisite productions of the press ever issued, 
nothing can be more beautiful than the whole, and every part of the 
work, and with the "Book of Hours" forms an unequalled possession 
for the library of the most fastidious collector". 
, These two beautiful works were purchased by Mr. Thomas Ingliss 

in 1866 and cost ;Jl548.47 in gold. 

249 Books and Authors; — Clergymen and Doctors; — Omens 

and Superstitions; — Art and Artists; — Inventions and 
Discoveries. Frontispieces. 5 vols. 16° cloth, gilt 
edges. Phila., n. d. 

250 Boot and Shoe-Maker's Assistant; containing a treatise 

on clicking, preceded by a history of feet costume. By 
one who has worked at the seat and at the cutting- 
board. Plates. Folio, half roan, uncut. London, 1853 

251 Booth, David. Analytical Dictionary of the English 

Language; in which the words are explained in the 
order of their natural affinity, independent of alpha- 
betical arrangement. Royal 4° cloth. London, 1835 

252 Booth. Memoirs of the Life of Mr. Booth; containing a 

true statement of all the circumstances attending his 
engagements at the rival theatres, with a few remarks 
upon his conduct, by an old actor. 8° new boards, un- 
cut. London, n. d. 

253 Borgia. Lucrezia Borgia, Duchess of Ferrara; a biog- 

raphy. Illustrated by rare and unpublished documents. 
By William Gilbert. Portrait. 2 vols. 12° new cloth. 

London, 1869 

254 Borrow, George. The Bible in Spain; or, the journeys, 

adventures and imprisonments of an Englishman. 3 
vols, small 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1843 


ass Borrow. The Zincali; or, an account of the Gypsies of 
Spain, a vols, small 8* cloth, uncut. London, 1843 

956 [BosSANGE, Hector.] Ma Biblioth6que Frangaise. 13° 
half morocco, uncut. Paris, 1855 

357 Boston, Mass. Shurtleff, N. B. A Topographical and 

Historical Description of Boston. Maps. Royal 8° 
cloth, uncut. Boston, 187 1 

358 Boston. Shaw, Charles. Topographical and Historical 

Description of Boston, from the first settlement of the 
town to the present period; with some account of its 
environs. Frontispiece. 12° calf. Boston, 181 7 

259 Boston. Quincy, Josiah. A Municipal History of the 

Town and City of Boston during two centuries, Sept. 
17, 1630, to Sept. 17, 1830. Map and plate. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1853 

260 Boston. Savage, Edward H. Chronological History of 

the Boston Watch and Police, 1631-1865. Portrait. 8° 
cloth. Boston, 1865 

261 Boston. Loring, James S. The Hundred Boston Orators 

appointed by the municipal authorities and other public 
bodies from 1770 to 1852. 8° cloth. Boston, 1853 

262 Boston. Bowen's Boston News-Letter and City Record. 

From Nov. 5, 1825, to June 17, 1826. (Vol. I.) J. V. 
C. Smith, editor. 8° half russia. Boston, 1826 

C9ntains much historical matter relating to Boston not published 

263 Boston. Midgley, R. L. Sights in Boston and Suburbs. 

Illustrations. 13° cloth. Boston, 1856 

264 Boston. Sayings and Doings at the Tremont House in 

the year 1833. 2 vols, small 8° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1833 

265 Boston. History of the Boston Dispensary. Compiled 

by one of the Board of Managers. 8° half calf. 

Boston, 1859 
Printed, not published. 
366 Boston. First Medical and Surgical Report of the Boston 
City Hospital. Edited by J. Nelson Borland and David 
W. Cheever. Illustrations. Thick royal 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1870 

267 Boston. Sargent, Mrs. John T. Sketches and Reminis- 

cences of the Radical Club. Heliotype plates. 1 2° cloth. 

Boston, 1880 

268 Boston. Catalogue of the Boston Public Latin School, 

established in 1635. With an historical sketch by 
Henry F. Jenks. Portraits and illustrations. 8° paper, 
uncut. Boston, 1886 

With autograph of J. S. Dwight on wrapper. 


369 Boston Almanac, from 1836 to 1864 and 187 1 to 1879. 

38 vols. 18° cloth. Boston. 
Includes the first Boston Almanac. 

270 Boston Prize Poems, and other specimens of dramatic 

poetry. 12° stitched, uncut. Boston, 1824 

271 Boston Directory, 1789. With a copperplate plan of the 

town. 12° paper (map slightly torn in fold). 

John Norman: Boston, 1789 

The rare First Boston Directory. Whitmore copy sold for $y;.io- 
With autograph of John Parker on title-page. 

272 Boston Directory, for 1796. With Plan of Boston from 

actual survey, by Osgood Carleton. 12° paper. 

Boston, 1796 
The second Boston Directory. Whitmore copy sold for ;?7o. 

273 Boston Directory, 1798. With a general description of 

Boston and a plan by Osgood Carleton, 1796. 12° 
paper. Boston, 1798 

Whitmore cosy sold for ^40. 

2 73*Boston Directory for 1803. With the engraved map by 
Osgood Carleton. 12° paper. Boston, 1803 

274 Boston Record Commissioners' Reports. First to Thirty- 

third Reports. 33 vols. 8° cloth and boards. 

Boston, 1876-1904 

27s Boston. Suffolk Deeds. Libers I to XII. Vol. I paper, 

uncut, others cloth. Together 12 vols. 8° (bindings of 

2 vols, water-stained). Boston, 1880-1902 

276 Boston. History of the Second Church, or Old North, 

in Boston, to which is added a history of the new brick 
church, by Chandler Robbins. Portraits. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1852 

277 Boston. Commemoration by the First Church in Boston 

of the Completion of 250 years since its Foundation, 
Nov. 18, 1880; also four historical sermons. Illustra- 
tions. 8° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1881 

278 Boston. King's Chapel Liturgy. A Liturgy collected 

principally from the Book of Common Prayer, for the 
use of the First Episcopal Church in Boston, together 
with the Psalter, or Psalms of David. 8° old calf. 

Printed by Peter Edes: Boston, 1785 
A copy was sold by auction in Boston a few years ago for $28- 
Autograph of Henry Lienow on title. 

279 Book of Common Prayer, according to the use of King's 

Chapel, Boston. 8° boards, uncut. Boston, 1850 

Large Paper Copy. 

280 Botany. Beauty of Flowers in Field and Wood; con- 

taining the families of British wild plants By John T. 
Barker. Illustrations. 12° cloth, uncut. Bath, n. d. 


281 BouTELL, Charles. Heraldry, Historical and Popular. 

With 850 illustrations. Second ed., revised and en- 
larged. 8' half calf, gilt back. London, 1863 

282 BowDEN, John. The Epitaph-Writer; consisting of up- 

wards of six hundred original epitaphs, moral, admoni- 
tory, humorous and satirical, chiefly designed for those 
who write or engrave inscriptions on tombstones. 12° 
new cloth. Chester, 1791 

283 BowDiTCH, N. L History of the Massachusetts General 

Hospital. Portrait and plates. 8° cloth. Boston, 1851 

284 BowDOiN Poets. Edited by E. P. Weston. Plate. 12° 

cloth. Brunswick, 1840 

Contains original articles by Longfellow and others. 

285 BowRiNG, Sir John. The Decimal System in Numbers, 

Coins and Accounts. Portrait and illustrations. 12° 
cloth. London, 1854 

286 BowRiNG. Wybor Z Bisnictivi Ceskdho: Cheskian An- 

thology; being a history of the poetical literature of 
Bohemia; with translated specimens. 16° new cloth, 
uncut. London, 1832 

287 [Boyd, A. K. H.] Recreations of a Country Parson, first 

and second series, 1861; — Every-Day Philosopher, 
1863; — Leisure Hours in Town, portrait, 1862; — 
Autumn Holidays, 1865. 5 vols. 12° cloth. Boston. 

288 Boyd, Stephen G. Indian Local Names, with their inter- 

pretation. 8° cloth. York, 1885 

289 Boyle, Isaac. Historical View of the Council of Nice, 

with a translation of documents. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1836 

290 Boyle, Robert. Medicinal Experiments; or, a collection 

of Choice and Safe Remedies. Portrait. 16° old calf. 

London, 1712 

291 Bracket, A. Dictionnaire 6tymologique de Langue Fran- 

gaise. Avec'une preface par Emile Egger. 12° half 
morocco. Paris, (1868) 

292 Bracket. Morceaux Choises des Grands Ecrivains du 

XVP Sifecle. 12° half morocco. Paris, 1875 

293 Brackett, Albert G. History of the United States Cav- 

alry. Frontispiece. 12° new cloth. New York, 1865 

294 Bradford, Alden. History of Massachusetts, from July, 

1775, to 1789, inclusive. 8° half roan. Boston, 1825 

295 Bradford. History of Massachusetts, 1790-1820. First 

ed. 8° half roan. Boston, 1829 

296 Bradford. History of Massachusetts, from July, 1775, 

to 1789. 8° boards, uncut (worn). Boston, 1825 


297 Bradford. Biographical Notices of Distinguished men 

in New England, statesmen, patriots, physicians, law- 
yers, clergymen and mechanics. 12° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1842 

298 Bradford. New England Chronology, 1497 to 1820. 12° 

cloth. Boston, 1843 

299 Brande, W. T., and Cox, George W. Dictionary of 

Science, Literature and Art. New ed. Illustrations. 
3 vols, royal 8° light calf extra, by Hammond. 

London, 1867 

300 Brantome. Memoires de Messire Pierre de Bourdeille, 

Seigneur de Brantome, contenant les vies des hommes 
illustres et grands, Capitaines Frangois et les vies de 
dames galantes de son temps. 8 vols. 18° calf. 

Leyde, 1699 

301 Brayley, Edward W. Londiniana; or, reminiscences of 

the British metropolis, including characteristic sketches, 
antiquarian, topographical, descriptive and literary. 
Maps and plates. 4 vols. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1829 

302 Breck, Samuel. Recollections of, with passages from 

his Note-Books, 1771-1862. Edited by H. E.Scudder. 
8° cloth, uncut. Phila., 1877 

303 Brerewood, Edw. Enquiries Touching the Diversity of 

Languages and Religions through the Chief Parts of 
the World. 12° new cloth. London, 1674 

With numerous marginal notes in ink, and autograph of Rich. 
Charles Banbury, 1753. 

304 Brewer, E. Cobham. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 

Thick 12° new cloth. London. 

305 Brewer. Etymological and Pronouncing Dictionary of 

Difficult Words. Thick 8° half roan. London" 

306 Brewer. Errors of Speech and Spelling, pp. 1565. 

Thick 12° half roan. London. 

307 Brigham, William T. Historical Notes on the Earth- 

quakes of New England, 1638-1 869. pp.28. 4" paper, 
uncut (margins stained). 

Boston Soc. of Natural History, 1871 

308 Brigham. Cast Catalogue of Antique Sculpture; with an 

introduction to the study of ornament. Photographic 
plates. 4° cloth. Boston, 1874 

309 Brisbane, Albert. Social Destiny of Man; or, associa- 

tion and re-organization of industry. Plate. 12° cloth. 

Phila., 1840 

310 [Britaine, Wm. de.J Humane Prudence; or, the Art by 

which a man may raise himself and his fortune to 
Grandeur. 12° old calf (broken). London, 17 10 


311 British Essayists. With prefaces, historical and bio- 

graphical, by Alexander Chalmers, F. S. A. Portraits. 
38 vols, crown 8° boards, uncut. 

Little, Brown & Co. : Boston, 1866 

Large Paper : only 100 copies printed. 

Comprises : Tatler, 4 vols. ; — Spectator, 8 vols. ; — Guardian, 3 
vols. ; — Rambler, 3 vols. ; — Adventurer, 3 vols. ; — World, 3 vols.; — 
Connoisseur, 2 vols. ; — Idler, i vol. ; — Mirror, 2 vols. ; — Lounger, 2 
vols. ; — Observer, 3 vols. ; — Looker-On, 3 vols. ; — Index, i vol. 

312 British Poets; a complete collection of the British Poets. 

With biographical, historical and critical notices. The 
whole thoroughly revised and corrected, especially for 
this edition. Portraits on India paper. 130 vols, small 
8° boards, green cloth backs, red sides, uncut (a few 
volumes slightly injured by water). Boston, 1865-66 

Large Paper : only 100 copies printed. 

Contains : Akenside, i vol. ; — Eallads, 8 vols. ; — Beattie, i vol. ; 
— Burns, 3 vols. ; — Butler, 2 vols. ; — Byron, 10 vols. ; — Campbell, i 
vol.; — Chatterton, 2 vols. ; — Churchill, 3 vols.; — Coleridge, 3 vols.; — 
Collins, I vol. ; — Cowper, 3 vols.; — Donne, i vol. ; — Dryden, 5 vols.; 
— Falconer, i vol. ; — Gay, 2 vols. ; — Goldsmith, i vol. ; — Gray, i 
vol. ; — Herbert, i vol. ; — Herrick, 2 vols. ; — Hood, 5 vols. ; — Keats, 
I vol.; — Marvel), i vol. ; — Milton, 3 vols.; — Montgomery, 5 vols.; — 
Moore, 6 vols. ; — Parnell & Tickell, i vol. ; — Pope, 3 vols. ; — Prior, 2 
vols. ; — Scott, 9 vols. ; — Shakespeare, i vol. ; — Shelley, 4 vols. ; — 
Skelton, 3 vols. ; — Southey, 10 vols.; — Spencer, 5 vols.; — Surrey, i 
vol.; — Swift, 3 vols.; — Thomson, 2 vols.; — Vaughan, i vol.; — 
Watts, I vol.; — White, i vol.; — Wordsworth, 7 vols.; — Wyatt, i 
vol. ; — Young, 2 vols. 

This collection, edited by F. J. Child, J. R. Lowell, and other emi- 
nent scholars, is the most complete ever printed. 

313 British Orpheus; being a collection of 270 songs and 

airs adapted for the voice, violin, German flute, flage- 
let, etc., arranged in the following classes: amatory, 
moral, rural, elegiac, Bachanalian, humourous, sea, 
patriotic, with jigs, dances, waltzes, etc. 12° new 
cloth, uncut. G. Nicholson: Stourport, n. d. 

314 British Plutarch; containing the lives of the most emi- 

nent statesmen, patriots, divines, warriors, philoso- 
phers, poets and artists of Great Britain and Ireland, 
from the accession of Henry VIII to the present time; 
including a complete history of England from that Era. 
New ed,, revised, corrected and considerably enlarged, 
by T. Mortimer. Frontispieces. 6 vols. 8° calf, gilt 
backs. London, 1776 

315 Bronte, Charlotte. Life of. By E. C. Gaskell. Por- 

trait and plate. 2 vols. 12° cloth. New York, 1857 

316 [Brook Farm.] The Community at West Roxbury, Mass. 

(From the Monthly Miscellany.) 8 pages, unopened, 



3 1 7 Brooke, Rev. Stopford A. English Literature. 8° cloth, 

uncut. London, i88o 

318 Brooke. Poems. First ed. 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1888 

319 Brooks, Charles T. Poems, original and translated. 

Portrait. 12° cloth. Boston, 1885 

320 Brooks, Shirley. Aspen Court; a story of our own time. 

First ed. 3 vols. 12° new cloth. London, 1855 

321 Brooks. The Gordian Knot. With illustrations by John 

Tenniel. First ed. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, i860 

322 Brooks. Wit and Humour; poems from "Punch." Por- 

trait. 12° half calf. London, 1875 

323 Brougham, Henry Lord. Works of. 10 vols. 12° new 

cloth, uncut. London, 1855 

324 Brown, John. Spare Hours. First and second series. 

Portrait. 2 vols. 12° cloth. Boston, 1862-66 

325 Brown, Thomas. Works of; serious and comical, in 

prose and verse. With the life and character of Mr. 
Bi-own and his writings, by James Drake. Seventh ed., 
carefully corrected and adorned with a new set of cop- 
perplates. 4 vols. 16° new boards. London, 1730 

326 Brown, T. Allston. History of the American Stage, 

1733-1870. Portraits. 8* cloth. New York, (1870) 

327 Brown, Thomas. Compleat Works of; in prose and 

verse, serious, moral, comical and satyrical. Third ed., 
corrected, with large additions and a supplement 
never before printed. 3 vols. 8° old calf (rebacked 
and portion of title-page of Vol. i missing). 

London, 17 10 

328 [Browne, C. F.] Artemus Ward's Panorama (as exhib- 

ited at the Egyptian Hall, London). Edited by T. W. 
Robertson and E. P. Hingston. First ed. Illustrations. 
12° new cloth. New York, 1869 

329 [Browne.] The Genial Showman; being reminiscences 

of the life of Artemas Ward. By Edward P. Hingslon. 
Colored frontispiece and other illustrations. 12° cloth, 
uncut. London, (1870) 

330 Browne, James. History of the Highlands and of the 

Highland Clans. Steel portraits, map and plates. 4 
vols. 8° calf (rubbed). Glasgow, 1843 

331 Browne, Matthew. Chaucer's England. Portrait and 

illustrations, 2 vols. 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1869 


332 Browne. Sir Thomas Browne's Works; including his 

life and correspondence. Edited by Simon Wilkin. 
Portrait and 2 plates. 4 vols. 8° antique calf, red 
edges. W. Pickering: London, 1836 

333 Browne. Works of. Edited by Simon Wilkin. Steel 

portrait. 3 vols. 12° calf, gilt backs. 

Bohn: London, 1852 

334 Browne. Religio Medici, a Letter to a Friend, Chris- 

tian Morals, Urn-Burial, and other papers. Portrait. 
12° cloth. Boston, 1862 

335 Browning, Elizabeth B. Poems. Third ed. 2 vols. 12° 

new cloth, uncut (name on titles). London, 1853 

336 [Browning, Robert.] Poems. By Alfred Domett. First 

ed. 12° original boards (back missing). London, 1833 

Domett was the original of "Waring" in Browning's Bramatic 
Lyrics, "What's become of Waring," etc. 
Not mentioned by AUibone. 

337 [Browning.] Domett, Alfred. Venice. First ed. 8° 

wrappers. London, 1839 

Presentation copy, " C. I. Everett, Esqr,, Boston, with M. C. 
Domett's Remembrances and Regards, Camberwell, Nov., 1839." 

338 Brunet, J. H. Manuel du Libraire et de I'Amateur de 

Livres. 5 vols. 8* half morocco. Bruxelles, 1838 

339 Bryan, Michael. Dictionary of Painters and Engravers, 

biographical and critical. New edition by Robert E. 
Graves. 2 vols, royal 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1886 

340 Bryant, W. C. In the Woods with Bryant, Longfellow 

and Halleck. Illustrated from drawings by John A. 
Hows. Square 8° green morocco, extra. 

New York, 1863 

341 Bryant, W. C. The Iliad of Homer. Translated into 

English blank verse. First ed. 2 vols, royal 8° cloth, 
uncut (not uniform). Boston, 1870 

342 [Brvdges, Sir Samuel Egerton.] Censura Literaria; con- 

taining titles, abstracts and opinions of old English 
books, with original disquisitions, articles of biography 
and other literary antiquities. 10 vols. 8° new boards, 
gilt edges. London, 1805-08 

343 Brydges. Restituta; or, titles, extracts and characters 

of Old Books in English Literature revived. 4 vols. 8° 
tree calf, extra. London, 1814 

344 Brydges. Res Litterariaej bibliographical and critical. 

3 vols, bound in 2 vols. 8° mottled calf (name cut from 
title of Vol. I, and few pages water-stained). 

Naples and Geneva, 1821-22 
Only 75 copies printed. 


345 Brydges. Autobiography, Times, Opinions and Con- 

temporaries of. 2 portraits. 2 vols. 8° half calf, gilt 
backs. London, 1834 

346 Brydges, Thomas. Burlesque Translation of Homer. 

Etchings. Fourth ed., improved. 2 vols. 8° new cloth 
(name cut from titles). London, 1797 

347 Brydone, p. Tour through Sicily and Malta, in a series 

of Letters to William Beckford of Somerly in Suffolk. 
2 vols. 8° mottled calf, gilt. London, 1790 

348 Buckingham, James S. National Evils and Practical 

Remedies; with the plan of a model town. 2 folding 
plates. 8° cloth, uncut. London, (1849) 

349 Buckingham, Joseph T. Personal Memoirs and Recol- 

lections of Editorial Life. Portrait. First ed. 2 vols. 
12° cloth. Boston, 1852 

350 BucKLAND, Frank. Log Book of a Fisherman and Zoolo- 

gist. Frontispiece. 8° new cloth, uncut (title-page 
soiled). London, 1875 

351 BURCKHARDT, John Lewis. Arabic Proverbs; or, the 

manners and customs of the modern Egyptians. Royal 
8° cloth. London, 1875 

352 Surges, George. Greek Anthology. 12° half calf, gilt 

back. Bohn: London, 1854 

353 Burgess, Thomas H. Physiology; or. Mechanism of 

Blushing. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1839 

354 Burgh, James. The Dignity of Human Nature. 8° calf, 

gilt. London, 1795 

355 Burke, Sir Bernard. The Book of Orders of Knight- 

hood, and Decorations of Honour of all Nations. Em- 
bellished with facsimile colored illustrations of the 
Insignia of the various orders. Royal 8° cloth, gilt 
edges. London, 1858 

356 Burke, Edmund. Works of. Revised ed. India-proof 

portrait. 12 vols, royal 8° cloth, uncut. 

Little, Brown & Co. : Boston, i866 

Large Paper : only 100 copies printed. 

357 BuRKE. Works of, 6 vols. ; — Speeches, 2 vols. Together 

8 vols. 12° cloth, uncut. Bohn: London, 1854-57 

35 ^5 Burn, Robert. Rome and the Campagna; an historical 
and topographical description of the site, buildings and 
neighbourhood of ancient Rome. With 85 illustra- 
tions by Jewitt and 25 maps and plans. 4° cloth, un- 
cut. Cambridge, 187 1 


359 Burn, R. Scott. New Guide to Masonry, Bricklaying 

and Plastering; theoretical and practical. 160 plates 
and 234 wood engravings in the text. Royal 4° cloth. 


360 Burnet, John. Practical Essays on Various Branches of 

the Fine Arts; with a critical inquiry into the princi- 
ples and practice of Sir David Wilkie. Small 8° new 
cloth. London, 1848 

361 Burns, Robert. Poetical Works. Facsimile Reprints of 

the Kilmanock editions of 1786, etc. Portrait. 4 vols. 
8° new cloth. James McKie: Kilmarnock, 1869 

Only 600 copies printed. 

362 Burns. Select Scotish Songs, ancient and modern; with 

critical observations and biographical notices by Rob- 
ert Burns. Edited by R. H. Cromek. 2 vols, small 8° 
new boards, uncut. London, 1810 

363 [Burns] The Merry Muses; a choice collection of fav- 

ourite songs. 16° half roan, uncut. 

Printed for the Booksellers: London, 1843 
This edition contains the suppressed verses. 
Very facetious. 

364 Burns. The Land of Burns; a series of landscapes and 

portraits, illustrative of the life and writings of the 
Scottish poet; the landscapes from paintings made ex- 
pressly for the work, by D. O. Hill; the literary de- 
partment by Prof. Wilson and Robert Chambers. Steel 
plates. 2 vols. 4° half morocco. Glasgow, 1840 

365 Burns. Rival Rhymes in Honour of Burns; with curious 

illustrative matter. Collected and edited by Ben Tro- 
vato. 16° cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

366 Burns. Complete Poetical Works of. Kilmarnock Pop- 

ular Edition. Portrait. 2 vols, small 8° new cloth, 
uncut. Kilmarnock, 1871 

367 Burns. Complete Word and Phrase Concordance to the 

Poems and Songs of Robert Burns. With a glossary of 
Scotch words by J. B. Reid. Royal 8° cloth. 

Glasgow, 1889 

368 Burr, Fearing. Field and Garden Vegetables of Amer- 

ica, containing full descriptions of nearly eleven hun- 
dred species and varieties; with directions for propa- 
gation, culture and use. Illustrations. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1863 

369 Burroughs, John. Wake-Robin. First ed. 12° cloth. 

New York, 1871 

370 Burton, John Hill. Narratives from the Criminal Trials 

in Scotland. 2 vols. 12° half calf, gilt backs (few leaves 
soiled). London, 1852 


371 Burton. The Book-Hunter. 12° roxburgh, uncut. 

Edinburgh, 1862 

372 Burton. The Scot Abroad. 2 vols. 12" half roan, un- 

cut. Edinburgh, 1864 

373 [Burton, Robert.] Anatomy of Melancholy. New ed., 

corrected and enriched by translations of the numerous 
classical extracts. Engraved title-page. 3 vols. 12° 
half calf, gilt backs. Boston, 1859 

374 [Burton, Warren.] The District School As It Was. By 

One Who Went To It. Revised ed. Frontispiece. 16° 
cloth. Boston, 1850 

375 Busk, Hans. The Rifle and how to use it; comprising a 

description of that valuable weapon. Portrait and il- 
lustrations. 12° half calf. London, 1861 

376 Butler, Samuel. Hudibras. Corrected and amended, 

with additions. To which is added annotations, with 
an exact index to the whole. Adorned with a new set 
of cuts, design'd and engraved by W. Hogarth. Por- 
trait and 17 copperplates. 16° sprinkled calf, yellow 
edges. London, 1726 

377 Butlkr. Posthumous Works of; being a collection of 

satires, speeches and reflections upon those times, pub- 
lish'd from the original MSS. and scarce and valuable 
pieces formerly printed. Third ed., corrected. Cop- 
perplates. 16° sprinkled calf, yellow edges. 

London, 1730 

Contains several facetious passages. See " The Court Bur- 

378 Byron. Journal of Conversations with Lord Byron. By 

the Countess of Blessington. Portrait. 12° cloth. 

Boston, 1858 

379 Byron. My Recollections of Lord Byron and those of 

eye-witnesses of his life. By (Countess Guiccioli). 
Portrait. 12° cloth. New York, 1869 

380 Byron. The Real Lord Byron; new views of the poet's 

life. By John C. Jeaffreson. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1883 

381 /^ABINET Satyrique ou Recueil des Vers Piquans et 
V^ Gaillards de ce Temps. Tirhs des cabinets des 

sieurs de Sigognes, Regnier, Motin, Berthelot, May- 
nard, et autres des plus signalez poetes de ce sifecle. 
Copperplate frontispieces. 2 vols. 16° full blue mo- 
rocco, gilt edges and backs. 

Imprimd au Mont Parnasse, 1697 

Beautiful copy of this scarce book, from the library of W. E. 


382 California Historical Society. Papers of. Vol. I, part 

II. Royal 8° paper, uncut. San Francisco, 1887 

Contains History of the College of California, by S. H. Willey. 

383 Calliope; or, the Musical Miscellany, a select collection 

of the most approved English, Scotch and Irish Songs, 
set to music. 8° new cloth. London, 1788 

384 Callot, Jacques. Salvatoris Beatae Marise^Virginis Sanc- 

torum Apostolorum Icones. i6 plates. Oblong 8° 
wrappers. Paris, 1631 

385 Callot. Les Miseres et les Mal-heurs de la Guerre, 

representez par Jacques Callot et mis en lumiere par 
Israel. Series of 18 etchings, mounted in oblong 8° 
paper. Paris, 1633 

386 Callot. Capitano de Baroni. Series of 25 etchings by 

Jacques Callot, of Beggars, Old Men and Women. 
Mounted in oblong 4° album. 

387 Cambridge, England. Blank Book (The) of a small Col- 

leger. 1 6° boards, uncut. New York, 1824 

388 Cambridge. Costume of the University of Cambridge. 

Drawn and published by R. Harraden. Finely colored 
plates. 4° half morocco, uncut. London, 1805 

Text has been wet with water, but the coloring of the plates is 

389 Cambridge. Conversations at Cambridge; — Facetise 

Cantabrigienses; consisting of anecdotes, smart say- 
ings, satirics, retorts, etc., by or relating to Celebrated 
Cannabs. Portrait. 2 vols. 12° half calf. London, 1836 

390 Cambridge Tart, Epigrammatic and Satiric Effusions, 

etc ; dainty morsels served up by Cantabs on various 
occasions. Frontispiece. 12° half calf. London, 1823 

From the library of W. E. Burton, with his autograph. 

391 Cambridge University. Collection of Statutes for the 

University and the Colleges of Cambridge, including 
various early documents. Frontispiece. 8° new cloth, 
uncut. London, 1840 

Bound in at end are the Statutes of Queen Elizabeth for the 
University, translated from the Latin, 1838. 

392 Cambridge, Mass. Epitaphs from the Old Burying- 

Ground in Cambridge. With notes by William T. Har- 
ris. 12° boards, uncut. Cambridge, 1845 

393 Camden Society Publication. Wright, Thomas. Politi- 

cal Songs of England, from the reign of John to that 
of Edward II. Small 4° new cloth. 

Printed for the Camden Society: London, 1839 


394 Camden Society Publication. Chronicle of William da 

Rishanger, of the Barons' Wars; the miracles of Simon 
de Montfort. Edited by James O. Halliwell. Small 4° 
new cloth, uncut. 

Printed for the Camden Society: London, 1840 

395 Camden Society Publication. Kemp's Nine Dales Won- 

der; performed in a daunce from London to Norwich. 
With an introduction and notes by Rev. Alexander 
Dyce. Small 4° new cloth, uncut. 

Printed for the Camden Society: London, 1840 

See curious illustration, " Stretch a. Point," on page 1 7. 

396 Camden Society Publication. The Egerton Papers; a 

collection of public and private documents chiefly il- 
lustrative of the times of Elizabeth and James I. 
Edited by J. Payne Collier. Small 4° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1840 

397 Camden Society Publication. De Antiquis Legibus Liber: 

Crontca Maiorum et Vicecomitum Londoniarum. Cur- 
ante Thoma Stapleton. Small 4° cloth, uncut. 

Londoniis, 1846 

398 Camoens. The Lusiad of Luis De Camoens. Books I- 

V. Translated by Edward Quillinan. With notes by 
John Adamson. Steel portrait. 12° cloth, uncut. 

Moxon: London, 1853 

399 Campbell, Thomas. Life and Letters of. Edited by 

William Beattie. Steel portraits. 3 vols. 8° cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1850 

400 Campeggi. II Tancredi, tragedia di Ridolfo Campeggi. 

Royal 8° vellum. Bologna, 1614 

From the libraries of W. E. Burton and Thomas JoUey, both 
famous collectors. 

401 Canova, Antonio. Works of, in sculpture and modeling. 

Engraved in outline by Henry Moses, with descriptions 
by the Countess Albr.izzi, and a biographical memoir by 
Count Cicognara. 3 vols, royal 8° half roan, uncut. 

London, 1849 

402 Card (The). Colored frontispiece, the Knave of Clubs. 

2 vols. 16° new cloth. J. Newbery: London, 1755 

A novel in the form of letters by Kidgell. 

403 Cards. Les Cartes a Jouer et la Cartomancie. Par P* 

Boiteau D'Ambly. Illustrated with 40 curious wood- 
cuts. 12° half roan, uncut, new board sides. 

London, 1859 

A history of playing cards and card conjuring. 

404 Cards. History of Playing Cards; with anecdotes of 

their use in conjuring, fortune-telling and card sharp- 
ing. Edited by Rev. E. S. Taylor. Illustrations. 12" 
cloth, uncut. London, 1865 


405 Carew. Surprising Adventures of Bampfylde Moore 

Carew, King of the Beggars. New ed., corrected and 
much improved. Portrait, plate and engraved title- 
page. 12° sheep (name on title). London, 1812 

406 Carew. Apology for the Life of Mr. Bampfylde-Moore 

Carew, commonly call'd King of the Beggars. 12° half 
calf (worn). London, n. d. 

Contains sketches of his life in America, among the Indians and 
in New England, pp. 90-192. 

407 Carew. History and Curious Adventures of Bampfylde- 

Carew, King of the Mendicants. 12° cloth, 

London, n. d. 
Contains sketches of Boston, Mass., also a dictionary of the Cant 

408 Carlton. Voyage of Admiral George Carlton in Search 

of Loyalty, a poetical epistle, 1820; — Waterloo, a 
poetical epistle to Mr. Serjeant Frere, 1820; — The 
Golden Calf and the Idol Worshippers, a poem by 
"Peter Pindar," second ed.; — Turf-House, a poem 
founded on the success of William Pearce, a poor man 
who reclaimed 12 acres of swamp, 1807; — Tribute to 
the Memory of Sir Samuel Romilly, by Miss M. S. 
Croker, 1818. Bound in one vol. 8° new boards, un- 
cut. London. 

409 Carlyle, Thomas. German Romance. 2 vols. 12° cloth. 

Boston, 1841 

410 Carlyle. History of Friedrich II of Prussia, called 

Frederick the Great. Steel portraits and maps. 6 vols. 
8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1859-65 

411 Carlyle. Thomas Carlyle. By Moncure D. Conway. 

Portraits and plates. 12° cloth. New York, 1881 

412 Caroline. Trial at Large of her Majesty Caroline 

Amelia Elizabeth, Queen of Great Britain, in the 
House of Lords, on Charges of Adulterous Intercourse. 
Printed verbatim from the authentic journals of the 
House of Peers. Engraved portraits. 2 vols. 8° half 
calf. London, 1821 

413 Caroline. Memoirs of her Majesty Caroline, Queen of 

Great Britain. By Robert Huish. Engraved portraits 
and plates. 2 vols. 8° half calf. London, 1821 

414 Caroline. "Voyages and Travels of her Majesty Caro- 

line, Queen of Great Britain. By one of her Majesty's 
Suite. Map and plates. 8° half calf. London, 1821 

415 Carter, Thomas. Medals of the British Army and how 
' they were won; the Crimean Campaign. Plates printed 

in gold and colors (few margins slightly stained). 8° 
half morocco, gilt edges, London, 1861 


416 Carthusian (The); a miscellany in prose and verse. 2 

vols, small 8° new cloth. London, 1839 

417 Cartwright, William. Comedies, Tragi-Comedies, with 

other poems. By Mr. William Cartwright, late Student 
of Christ-Church in Oxford and Proctor of the Uni- 
versity. The Ayres and Songs set by Mr. Henry 
Lawes. 12° calf, gilt back. 

Printed for Humphrey Moseley: London, 1651 
First edition, but lacks the portrait. 

418 Carus, Dr. C. G. Kings of Saxony's Journey through 

England and Scotland, in the year 1844. Translated 
by S. C. Davison. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1846 

419 Cary, Henry Francis. Early French Poets; a series of 

notices and translations. With an introductory sketch 
of the history of French poetry, by Rev. Henry Cary. 
12° half calf. London, 1846 

420 Cary. Lives of English Poets, from Johnson to Kirke 

White. 16° half calf. London, 1846 

421 Catalogue of all Graduates in Divinity,' Law, Medicine, 

Arts and Music, in the University of Oxford, 1659- 
1850. Thick 8° cloth, uncut. Oxford, 185 1 

422 Catlin, George. The Breath of Life; or, mal-respira- 

tion and its effects upon the enjoyments and life of 
man. First ed. Illustrations. 8° boards. 

New York, 1861 

423 Catlin, John. Christ the End of the Law; being the 

preface to the Geneva Bible of 1550, by John Catlin. 
Now first rendered into English by Thomas Weedon. 
Printed in black and red. Small 4° wrappers. 

London, 1850 

424 Catullus. C. Valerii Catulli Opera, ex recensione 

Isaaci Vossii cum ejusdem notis ac Observationibus. 
Editio secunda cum indicibus necessariis. Small 4° old 
calf. Petrum Vander Aa: Lugduni, 1691 

425 Century Cyclopedia of Names; a pronouncing and ety- 

mological dictionary of names in geography, biography, 
mythology, history, etc. Edited by Benjamin E. 
Smith. Royal 4° cloth. Century Co. : New York, 1897 

426 Cervantes, Miguel de. Life and Notable Adventures of 

that Renown'd Knight, Don Quixote de la Mancha. 
Merrily translated into Hudibrastick verse, by Edward 
Ward. 2 vols, small 8° new cloth. London, 17 11 

Translated by the famous "Ned" Ward. 

427 Cervantes. Don Quixote de la Mancha. Translated by, 

Charles Jarvis. Illustrated by Tony Johannot and 
others. 2 vols, royal 8° half calf,. gilt backs. 

London, 1842 


428 Cervantes. El Buscapie. With the illustrative notes of 

Don Adolfo de Castro. Translated from the Spanish, 
with a life of the author and some account of his 
works, by T. Ross. Portrait. Small 8° new cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1849 

429 Cervantes. Exemplary Novels. Translated by Walter 

K. Kelly. Portrait. 12° new cloth. 

Bohn: London, 1855 

430 Chambers, Robert. Biographical. Dictionary of Eminent 

Scotsmen. With the supplement containing the biog- 
raphies to the present time. 5 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Glasgow, 1847-55 

431 Chambers. Book of Days; a miscellany of popular an- 

tiquities. Numerous woodcut engravings. 2 vols, 
royal 8° cloth. Edinburgh, (1869) 

432 Chambers's Etymological Dictionary. Edited by James 

Donald. 12° cloth. London, 1869 

433 Chambers's Information for the People. Illustrations. 

2 vols, royal 8° cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1849 

434 Chambers's Journal. Vols, i to 6. 6 vols, royal 8° cloth, 

uncut. London, 1854-57 

435 Chambers's Miscellany of Useful and Entertaining Tracts. 

Woodcuts. 2 vols. 12° boards, uncut (bindings broken). 


436 Chambers's Papers for the People. 6 vols. 12° cloth, 

Phila., 1850-51 

437 Channing, Walter. Physician's Vacation; or, a summer 

in Europe. 12° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1856 

438 Channing, William Henry. Memoir of. By O. B. Froth- 

ingham. Portrait. 12° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1886 

439 Chansons. La Fleur des Chansons. Les grans Chansons 

nouvelles qui sont en nombre Cent et dix, etc. JBlack 
Cctler. Square 12° paper, uncut. Paris, n. d., 

Only 170 copies printed on Holland paper. 

440 Chap Books. The New Art and Mystery of Gossiping; 

being a genuine account of all the Women's Clubs in 
and about the City and Suburbs of London. London 
Printed, for the Traveling Stationers, n. d., pp. 8; — 
The Figure of Seven, containing divers matters, pleas- 
ant and profitable (Seven Marks to Know that a Man 
is Hen-pecked), pp. 8;— The Second Spira; or. the 
Blasphemers Reproved, setting forth an example of 
God's Judgments on six Profane Young Men at Brod- 
ney in Somersetshire, Birmingham, pp. 8; — Journey to 
the Moon, London, pp. 8; — The Factor's Garland. 5 


441 Chap Book. The Portsmouth Tragedy (Poem) in four 

parts. How a Captain of the Guards fell in Love and 
courted a beautiful Lady at Portsmouth, and after he 
had got her with Child, left her, and went to the Isle 
of Wight, pp. 8. 16' stitched. n. p., n. d. (1780) 

442 Chapman, Charles. All About Ships. Illustrations. 8" 

cloth. London, 1873 

443 Charades. Historical Acting Charades. New ed. 16° 

cloth, uncut. London, 1858 

444 Charlks I. Eikon Basilike. The Pourtraictur of His 

Sacred Majesti in his solitude and sufferings. Engraved 
frontispiece by Will. Marshall. 18° full morocco (title- 
page remargined). 1649 
From the Crowninshield and Fowle sales. 

445 Charms of Melody; or, Siren Medley; being the most 

extensive collection of love, sentimental, war, hunting, 
bacchanalian, humorous, sea and political songs; old 
English, Irish, Scotch and German ballads, legendaries, 
etc., ever brought together in a single publication, se- 
lected from the best poets and most admired writers. 
Small folio, half calf (lacking 9 leaves). Dublin. 

446 Chateau des Demons, d'aprfes les plus cdl^bres D^mono- 

graphes et Cabalistes, frontispiece; — II y a Gras, ou 
nouveau petit Cat^chisme Poissard pour le Carnival, 
curious colored frontispiece; — Le Diable Fourr^ Pra- 
tout, recueil de bons tours de moines et nonains. 
woodcuts. Bound in one vol. 18° half morocco. 

Paris, 1842 

From the library of W. E. Burton. 

447 Chaucer Society Publications, from the beginnning in 

1868 to 1876, inclusive; being the original series 56 
vols., and second series, 17 vols. Few colored fac- 
similes. Together 73 vols. 8° and oblong 8° original 
I wrappers, uncut. London, 1868-77 

This set has been slightly injured by water, but is still a good set 
to bind for library use, and most of the damage is merely discolora- 
tion of the wrappers. 

Contents, Original Series : 

Canterbury Tales, 8 parts (lacking part 2); — The same, separate 
issues, 37 parts; — Odd Text, Minor Poems, part i; — Furnivall's One 
Text, Minor Poems, part i; — Furnivall's Parallel Text of the same, 2 
vols. ; — Troylus and Cryseyde ; — Treatise on the Arstrolabe ; — 
Cromie's Rhyme, Index, 3 vols. 

Second Series : Ellis's Early English Pronunciation, 4 vols. ; — 
Essays on Chaucer, 3 vols. ; — Furnivall's Trial Forwards to Minor 
Poems, part i; — Furnivall's Temporary Preface to Canterbury Tales, 
part I ; — Life Records of Chaucer, 2 vols. ; — Thynne's Animadver- 
sions ; — Albertani Liber Consolationis et Consilii ; — Originals and 
Analogues of some Canterbury Tales, 3 vols. ; — Tale of Beryn, by 
Furnivall and Stone. 


448 Chaucer Society. Autotypes of Chaucer Manuscripts, 

Part I. 16 plates and page of descriptive text. Folio 
in cloth portfolio (cover stained). London, 1877 

449 Chauncy, Charles. Sermon Cautioning against Enthusi- 

asm, 1742 (with autograph of Samuel Pierce); — Ser- 
mon at the Ordination of the Rev. Joseph Bowman to 
the work of Gpspelising the Indians, 1762; — Sermon 
to the Young People of his Charge, 1731; — Reply to 
Dr. Chandler's Appeal Defended, 1770; — Five Sermons, 
1772- S pamphlets. Boston. 

450 Checkley, Edwin. Natural Method of Physical Train- 

ing. Illustrations 12° cloth. Brooklyn, 1890 

451 Ch^ruel, a. Dictionnaire Historique des Institutions, 

Mceurs et Coutumes de la France. 2 vols. 12° half mo- 
rocco. Paris, 1874 

452 Chess. Ludus Scacchiae; Chesse-Play, a game, both 

pleasant, wittie and politicke; with certain brief e in- 
structions thereunto belonging. Translated out of the 
Italian into the English tongue, contain also therein a 
prety and pleasant Poeme of a whole Game played at 
Chease. Written by G. B., London, 1597. Small 4° 
half morocco. London, n. d. 

453 Chess. The Elements of Chess; a treatise combining 

theory with practice, and comprising the whole of Phil- 
dor's Games. Plate. 12° sheep. Boston, 1805 

454 Chess. Treatise on the Game of Chess; to which is 

added a selection of critical and remarkable situations. 
By J. H. Sarratt. 2 vols. 8° half roan (edges of one 
vol. slightly damaged). London, 1808 

455 Chess. Treatise on Game of; to which is added 25 neW 

chess problems on diagrams. By W. Lewis. 8° ha'^ 
morocco, uncut, gilt back and top. London, 1844 

456 Chess, Jaenisch's Chess Preceptor. Translated from 

the French, with notes by George Walker. 8° half 
morocco, uncut, gilt top. London, 1847 

457 Chess. Book of the First American Chess Congress. 

By Daniel W. Fiske. Illustrations. 12° cloth. 

NewYork, 1859 

458 Chess. History of. By Duncan Forbes. Illustrations. 

8° half morocco, gilt top. London, i860 

459 Chess. Morphy's Games of Chees. With notes by J. 

Lowenthal. Portrait and illustrations. 12° half mo- 
rocco, uncut. Bohn: London, i860 

460 Chess. Life of Philidor, musician and chess-player. By 

George Allen. 12° boards, uncut. Phila., 1863 


461 Chess-Player's Companion. By Howard Staunton. Il- 

lustrations. 12° half morocco, uncut. 

Bohn: London, 1849 

462 Chess-Player's Handbook. By Howard Staunton. Nu- 

merous diagrams. 12° cloth, uncut. 

Bohn: London, 1864 

463 Chess Praxis; a supplement to the Chess-Player's Hand- 
. book. By H. Staunton. 12° half morocco, uncut. 

Bohn: London, i860 

464 Chess Tournament. By H. Staunton. Illustrated by dia- 

grams and notes, critical and explanatory. 12° half 
morocco, uncut. Bohn: London, 1852 

465 Chevallet, a. De. Origine et Formation de la Langue 

Frangaise. 3 vols. 8° half morocco. Paris, 1858 

466 Cheyne, George. Essay of Health and Long Life. Fourth 

ed. 8° panelled calf. Dublin, 1725 

467 [Child, Francis J.] Four Old Plays; three interludes: 

Thersytes Jack Jugler and Hey woods Pardoner and 
Frere, and Jocasta, a tragedy, by Gascoigne and Kin- 
welmarch. With introduction and notes. 12° half calf, 
gilt back. Cambridge, 1848 

Edited with introduction by F. J. Child. 
Presentation copy, with inscription by the editor. 

468 Child. English and Scottish Ballads. 8 vols. 12° rox- 

burgh, new board sides, uncut. Boston, i860 

W ith autograph letter of the author inserted. 

469 Child. Observations on the Language of Gower's Con- 

fessio Amantis; a supplement to observations on the 
language of Chaucer, pp. 50. 4° paper, uncut (few 
leaves spotted). Boston, 1868 

From the Memoirs of the American Academy. 

470 Child, L. Maria. Progress of Religious Ideas through 

Successive Ages. First ed. 3 vols. 12° cloth. 

New York, 1855 
Presentation copy, with inscription by the author, " John S. Dwight, 
with the kindest remembrance of L. Maria Child." 

471 Chisholm, George G. Handbook of Commercial Geog- 

raphy. Maps. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1889 

472 Choate. Addresses Delivered at the Unveiling of the 

Statue of Rufus Choate, in the Court-House, Boston, 
Oct. 15, 1898. By Joseph H. Choate. Plate, pp. 29. 
Royal 8° cloth, uncut. Privately printed: Boston, 1899 

473 Chodzke, Alexander. Specimens of the Popular Poetry 

of Persia, as found in the adventures and improvisa- 
tions of Kurroglow, the bandit-minstrel of Northern 
Persia. Royal 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1842 


474 Christmas, Henry. Cradle of the Twin Giants, Science 

and History. 2 vols. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1894 

475 CiBBEE, Colley (Comedian). Apology for the Life of. 

Written by himself. New ed., with many critical and 
explanatory notices, by Edmund Bellchambers. 8° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1822 

476 Circumcision. History of, from the earliest times to the 

present. By P. C. Remondino. Illustrations. 12° cloth. 

Phila., 1891 

477 Clapp Memorial. Record of the Clapp Family in America, 

containing Sketches of the original six Emigrants, and 
a Genealogy of their Descendants bearing the Name. 
With a Supplement and the Proceedings at two Family 
Meetings. By E. Clapp. Portraits and plates. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1876 

478 Clark, Edward L. Daleth; or, the Homestead of the 

Nations. Egypt Illustrated. Colored plates and other 
illustrations. Royal 8° cloth, uncut (plates slightly 
water-stained). Boston, 1864 

479 Cla'rk, Richard. The First Volume of Poetry; contain- 

ing the most favorite pieces, as performed at the Noble- 
men and Gentlemen's Catch Club, the Glee Club, the 
Harmonists' Society, the Argyll Glee Club, the Lodge 
of Antiquity, the Somerset House Lodge, the Lodge of 
Prudence, 122 of Freemasons, etc. Small 8° tree calf. 

London, 1824 

480 Clark's (Boston) West-End Blue Book for 1872 and 

1874. 2 vols, narrow 16° cloth. Boston, 1872-74 

First and second issues of the Boston Blue Book. 

481 Clarke, William, Repertorium Bibliographicum; or, 

some account of the most celebrated British libraries. 
(By William Clarke, Bookseller.) Frontispiece and 11 
portraits of eminent collectors, etc., including one of 
Francis I, King of France, engraved by W. Behnes (the 
celebrated portrait sculptor, which is the "first and 
only specimen of his engraving." Royal 8° half red 
morocco, gilt back. London, 1819 

482 Clarkson, C. T., and Richardson, J. H. Police. Illustra- 

tions. 8° cloth. London, 1889 

A sketch of the English police system. 

483 Clayton, Ellen C. Queens of Song; being memoirs of 

some of the most celebrated female vocalists. Por- 
traits. 8° cloth. New York, 1865 

484 Cleland, Thomas. Unitarianism Unmasked; its anti- 

Christian features displayed; its infidel tendency ex- 
hibited and its foundation shewn to be untenable. 12° 
paper. Lexington, Ky., 1825 


485 Clemens, S. L. The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Cala- 

veras County. First ed. 16° new cloth. New York, 1867 

486 Club of Odd Sticks. Bibliomania; or, Book-Madness. 

By the Rev. Thomas Frognall Dibdin. The first edition. 
Royal 8° paper, uncut. 

Privately reprinted for the Club of Odd Sticks, 1864 
Only 97 copies ptinted in all. 

487 CoBBETT, William. How to get on in the World, as demon- 

strated by the life and language of William Cobbett. 
Portrait. 12° cloth. New York, 1883 

488 CocKBURN, Henry. Memorials of his Time. Portrait. 8° 

new cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1856 

489 CocKBURN, Thomson. Almae Matres (dedicated without 

permission to the Freshmen and Dons of Oxford). By 
Megathym Oxon. 16° cloth, uncut. London, n. d. 

490 CocK-FiGHTiNG. Rules of Virginia and North Carolina 

for Cock-Fighting. pp. 12. 18° paper. Richmond, i860 

A relic of the amusements " before the war." 

491 [CoGGESHALL, Henry.] Art of Practical Measuring easily 

performed by a Two Foot Rule, which slides to a Foot. 
Engraved folding plate. 18° calf (binding broken). 

London, 1706 

492 CoLANGE, L. De. American Encyclopsedia of Commerce, 

Manufactures, Commercial Law and Finance. Illustra- 
tions. 2 vols. 4° half morocco. Boston, 188 1 

493 CoLANGE. National Gazetteer; a geographical diction- 

ary of the United States. Thick 8° half morocco. 

New York, (1884) 

494 Cole, John W. Memorials of British Generals distin- 

guished during the Peninsular War. Portraits. 2 vols, 
small 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

495 Coleridge, Hartley. Essays and Marginalia. Edited by 

his brother. 2 vols. 16° cloth, uncut. 

E. Moxon: London, 185 1 

496 Coleridge, Lives of Northern Worthies. New ed., with 

marginal notes of S. T. Coleridge. 3 vols. 16° cloth. 

E. Moxon: London, 1852 

497 Coleridge, Samuel T. Complete Works. Edited by Prof. 

Shedd. 7 vols. 12° cloth. New York, 1853 

498 Coles, Abraham. Dies Irse in thirteen original versions. 

Frontispiece. 12° full morocco, gilt edges. 

New York, i860 

499 Collectanea Curiosa; or, miscellaneous tracts relating 

to the history and antiquities of England and Ireland. 
Now first published from the manuscripts of Archbishop 
Sancroft. 2 vols. 8° half calf. Oxford, 1781 


500 Collection of English Songs; with an appendix of origi- 

nal pieces. 12° full morocco. London, 1796 

501 Collection of more than Eight Hundred Prologues and 

Epilogues from the following authors: Shakespeare, 
Beaumont and Fletcher, Massinger, Johnson, Dryden, 
etc. Together with all the prologues and epilogues 
written by D. Garrick, with prefaces and notes by R. 
Griffith. With copperplate portraits in character. 4 
vols. 12° new boards. London, 1779 

502 Collection of Poems, the Productions of the Kingdom 

of Ireland, Selected from a Collection published in that 
Kingdom intituled the Shamrock, or Hibernian Cresses. 
Seconded. 12° sprinkled calf. E. Snagg: London, 1774 

503 Collet, Stephen. Relics of Literature. 8° new boards, 

uncut. London, 1823 

504 Collier, J. Payne. Political Decameron; or, ten conver- 

sations on English poets and poetry. 2 vols, small 8° 
new cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1820 

505 Collier. History of English Dramatic Poetry to the 

Time of Shakespeare; and annals of the English stage 
to the Restoration. 3 vols, small 8° new cloth. 

London, 1831 

506 Collier. Book of Roxburghe Ballads. Small 4° rox- 

burgh, new board sides. London, 1847 

507 Collier. Bibliographical and Critical Account of the 

Rarest Books in the English Language; alphabetically 
arranged. 4 vols. 8° new cloth, uncut. New York, 1866 
Large Paper: only 75 copies printed. 

508 CoLMAN, George. Random Records. Portrait, a vols. 

small 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1830 

509 CoLMAN, George (the Younger). John Bull; or, the Eng- 

lishman's Fireside, a comedy. First performed at 
Covent-Garden, Mar. 5, 1803. First ed. 8° paper, un- 
cut. London, 1805 

510 CoLMAN Family. Memoirs of; including their correspon- 

dence with the most distinguished personages of their 
time. By Richard Brinsley Peake. Steel portrait. 2 
vols in one. Thick 8° cloth, uncut. London, (1841) 

511 Colored Prints. Small hand-colored engravings after 

Poussin, D. Van Toll, Paul Potter, etc., mounted on 4° 

512 Combe, Wm. First Tour of Doctor Syntax in search of the 

Picturesque; — Second Tour in search of Consolation; 

Third Tour in search of a Wife. Illustrated with 81 

finely colored plates by Rowlandson. 3 vols, royal 8° 
)iew cloth, uncut. London, 1855 

The Ninth Edition, with new plates. 


513 [Combe.] The Tour of Doctor Prosody in Search of 
the Antique and Picturesque through Scotland, the 
Hebrides, the Orkney and Shetland Islands. Illustrated 
by 20 finely colored plates drawn and engraved by C. 
Williams and W. Read. 8° full red morocco. London. 

A companion volume to the Tours of Doctor Syntax. An anony- 
mous work in imitation of William Combe. 

5 r4 Comic. Poor Labbin's Ollminick for the Town o' Bilfawsti 
1861. By Billly M'Cart. 12° paper. Belfast. 

515 Common-Place Book. (Poetry, Ballads and Songs, in- 

cluding many pieces never before published.) Portraits. 
3 vols. 18° half calf. Edinburgh, 1822-24 

516 Companion to the Playhouse. Vol. i, Account of every 

tragedy, comedy and farce in the English language, 
with the merits of each piece, and of the actors who 
performed the principal parts. Vol. 2, Lives and pro- 
ductions of every dramatic writer for the English and 
Irish theatres; also curious anecdotes, lives of actors, 
etc. 2 vols. 12° old calf. London, 1764 

517 CoMPLEAT and Humorous Account of all the Remarkable 

Clubs and Societies in Cities of London and Westmin- 
ster, from the R-l-S-y down to the Lumber Troop. 
Copperplate frontispiece. 12° half calf. London, 1745 

Very facetious, containing sketches of the Split Farthing Club, 
Wrangling Club, Lying Club, Kit Kat Club, Beef-Stake Club, Man- 
Hunter's Club, etc. 

518 Concert Room and Orchestra Anecdotes of Music and 

Musicians, ancient and modern. By Thomas Busby, 
Mus. D. Portraits and frontispiece. 3 vols. 12° calf. 

London, 1825 

519 Constitution of the Auxiliary Education Society of the 

Young Men. pp. 7. 16° paper. Boston, 1819 

520 Conway, Moncure D. Sacred Anthology; a book of 

ethical Scriptures. 8° cloth, uncut. New York, 1874 

With autograph letter of the author inserted. 

521 Cook, Dutton. Hours with the Players. Frontispiece. 

Small 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1883 

522 Cook Book. Ninety-nine Practical Methods of Utilizing 

Boiled Beef and the original recipe for stewed chicken. 
By Babet. Oblong 12° boards. New York, 1893 

523 Cookery. The Art of Cookery, in Imitation of Horace's 

Art of Poetry; with some letters to Dr. Lister and 
others. Inscribed to the Honourable Beef Steak Club. 
Plate. 8° boards. London, (1750) 

524 CoOLEY, Arnold J. Toilet and Cosmetic Arts in Ancient 

and Modern Times, Thick 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1866 


525 Cooper, Sir Astley. Life of; interspersed with sketches 

from his note-boolcs of distinguished contemporary 
characters. By Bransby E. Cooper. Steel portrait. 
2 vols. 8° half calf, gilt backs. London, 1843 

526 Cooper, Samuel. Treatise on the Diseases of the Joints. 

16° boards, uncut. Hanover, 181 1 

With autograph of John Weare, 1816. 

527 Cooper, W. M. Flagellation and the Flagellants; a his- 

tory of the rod in all countries, from the earliest period 
to the present time. With numerous illustrations. 12° 
new cloth, uncut. London. 

528 Coronation Anecdotes; or, select and interesting frag- 

ments of English Coronation Ceremonies. By Giles 
Gossip. 16° half roan. London, 1823 

529 [Corp, Harriet.] Sequel to the Antidote to the Miseries 

of Human Life; containing a further account of Mrs. 
Placid and her daughter Rachel. 12° half calf. 

London, 1809 

530 CoRSON, Hiram. Hand-Book of Anglo-Saxon and Early 

English. Small 8° cloth. New York, 187 1 

531 CosTELLO, Louisa Stuart. The Rose Garden of Persia. 

With chapter headings and half titles printed in gold 
and colors after Persian illuminations, and each page 
within red border of different patterns. Small 8° full 
red morocco, gilt back, sides and edges. London, 1845 

532 CoTTKRiLL, C. C, and E. D. Little. Ships and Sailors, 

ancient and modern. Illustrations. 12° cloth. 

London, 1868 

533 Cotter, A. S. Icelandic Poetry; or, the Edda of Saemund. 

Translated into English verse. 8° half morocco. 

Bristol, 1797 

534 Cotton, Charles. Scarronides; or, Virgil Travestie, a 

mock poem on the first and fourth books of Virgil's 
^neid, in English burlesque. 12° boards, uncut. 

Durham, 1807 

535 Counterfeiters. Three Years with Counterfeiters, 

Smugglers and Boodle Carriers; with accurate portraits 
of prominent members of the detective force in the 
Secret Service. 8° cloth. Boston, n. d. 

536 Cowley, Abraham. The Works of; consisting of those 

which were formerly printed and those which he de- 
sign'd for the Press: now published out of the Author's 
Original Copies. The seventh edition (with Life, by 
Bishop Sprat, addressed to Martin Clifford). Portrait 
by Faithorne. Small folio, old calf (lower corner of 
last leaf torn). H. Herringman: London, 1681 


5 37 Cowley. Works ofj consisting of those which were for- 
merly printed and those which he desig'd for the press. 
Published out of the author's original copies, with the 
•'Cutter of Coleman Street." Copperplate portraits 
and engravings. 3 vols. 8° new cloth. London, 1707 

538 Cox, Samuel S. Search for Winter Sunbeams in the 

Riviera, Corsica, Algiers and Spain. Numerous illus- 
trations. 8° cloth. New York, 1870 

539 CoxE, Tench. View of the United States of America, in 

a series of papers, written at various times between the 
years 1787 and 1794; interspersed with authentic docu- 
ments. 8° calf, gilt back. 

Phila., printed 1794; reprinted, London, 1795 

540 CoxE, William. Travels in Poland, Russia, Sweden and 

Denmark. With charts and engravings. 5 vols. 8° calf, 
gilt backs. London, 1802 

541 Crabb, James. The Gipsies' Advocate; or, observations 

on the origin, character, manners and habits of the 
English Gipsies. 12° cloth. London, 1831 

542 Craig, John. New Universal Etymological, Technologi- 

cal and Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Lan- 
guage. 2 vols, royal 8° half roan. London, 1849 

543 Craik, George L. Compendious History of English 

Literature and the English Language. 2 vols. 8° half 
morocco, uncut. New York, 1863 

544 Cranch, Christopher Pearse. Poems of. 12° original 

boards. . Phila., 1844 

Presentation copy from the author to John S. Dwight ; also auto- 
graph letter of the author inserted. 

545 Cranch. Satan; a libretto. First ed. 18° cloth. 

Boston, 1874 

Presentation copy from the author, " John S. Dwight from his 
friend C. P. Cranch, Jan. 22, 1874." 

546 Cranch. Ariel and Caliban, with other poems. First ed. 

12° cloth. Boston, 1887 

Presentation copy from the author to John S. Dwight; also auto- 
graph letter of the author inserted. 

547 Creasy, Edward S. Memoirs of Eminent Etonians; with 

notices of the early history of Eton College. Royal 8° 
new cloth, uncut. London, 1850 

548 Creech, William. Edinburgh Fugitive Pieces; with let- 

ters containing a comparative view of the modes of liv- 
ing, arts, etc , of Edinburgh, at different periods. Steel 
portrait. 8° full calf, gilt back (broken). 

Edinburgh, 18 15 


549 Crockett's Free and Easy Song Book. 40 engravings. 

16° full roan. Phila., 1846 

550 Croisat. M^thode de Coiffure. Par Croisat, Professeur 

Coiffeur du Journal des Modes. Plates. 12° half sheep 
(worn). Paris, 1832 

551 [Croker, T. Crofton.] Recollections of Old Christmas; 

a masque, performed at Grimston. (With references 
and* meanings of old words.) Small 4° original wrap- 

(Privately printed), Tuesday XXIV, December, 1850 

Presentation copy from the author to William E. Burton. 

552 Croker. Killarney Legends. Steel plates. 16° cloth, 

uncut. London, 1853 

553 Crombie, Alex. Etymology and Syntax of the English 

Language. 8° half calf. London, 1836 

554 Cromek, R. H. Remains of Nithdale and Galloway 

Song; with historical and traditional notices relative 
to the manners and customs of the Peasantry. Now 
first published. 8° new boards, uncut. London, 18 10 

555 Crouch. Memoirs of Mrs. Crough; including a retro- 

spect of the stage during the years she performed. By 
M.J.Young. Portrait. 2 vols, in one. 16° new cloth. 

London, 1806 

556 Cruikshank. Carey, David. Life in Paris; comprising 

the Rambles, Sprees and Amours of Dick Wildfire of 
Corinthian celebrity, etc. 21 finely colored plates by 
George Cruikshank, also 22 engravings on wood by the 
same artist. Royal 8° original pictorial boards, uncut 
(lower portion of back missing). London, 1822 

A fine, clean, tall, uncut copy. A companion volume to those by 
Pierce Egan. French copy brought ;J96. 

557 Cruikshank. Life in London; or, the day and night 

scenes of Jerry Hawthorne, Esq., and his elegant 
friend, Corinthian Tom, in their rambles and sprees 
through the Metropolis. By Pierce Egan. With 36 
finely colored plates by I. R. and G. Cruikshank. 8° 
straight grained red morocco (slightly shaken but clean 
copy). London, 1823 

558 Cruikshank. The Universal Songster; or. Museum of 

Mirth, forming the most complete, extensive and valu- 
able collection of ancient and modern songs in the 
English language. With humorous characteristic fron- 
tispieces and numerous woodcuts designed by George 
and Robert Cruikshank, engraved by J. R. Marshall. 
3 vols. 8° half calf (fe\t leaves slightly soiled). 

London, 1828 


559 Cruikshank at Home; a new family album of endless 

entertainment. With numerous illustrations engraved 
on wood. First to fourth series. Bound in a vols. 12° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

560 Cruikshank. Comic Almanack, from 1835 to 1853; an 

ephemeries in jest and earnest, by Thackeray, Thomas 
Hood, Albert Smith, etc. With nearly 1000 illustra- 
tions by George Cruikshank and others. New issue. 
2 folding colored plates and numerous full-page etch- 
ings. 4 vols. 16° cloth. London, i860 

561 Cruikshank. Hone's Political Tracts. Political House 

that Jack Built, 1819; — Political Showman at Home, 
182 1 ; — Non Mi Ricordo, 1820; — The Queen's Matri- 
monial Ladder, 1820; — Political Litany, 1817; — The 
Royal Urinead, by Thomas Hague (with very facetious 
colored plate), 1808. Numerous woodcuts by Cruik- 
shank. Bound in one vol. 8° boards, uncut. London. 

562 Cruikshank. Holidays with Hobgoblins; and talk of 

strange things. By Dudley Costello. With illustra- 
tions by George Cruikshank. 12° cloth. London, 1861 

563 Cruikshank. The Toothache. Imagined by Horace 

Mayhew. Realized by George Cruikshank. 43 etch- 
ings. 16° pictorial boards. Boston, n. d. 

564 CuLLUM, George W. Systems of Military Bridges in use 

by the United States Army, those adopted by the Great 
European Powers, and such as are employed in British 
India. 7 folding plates. 8° half light calf, gilt back. 

New York, 1863 

565 CuLLUM. Biographical Register of the Ofificers and Grad- 

uates of the U. S. Academy at West Point from its es- 
tablishment, March 16, 1802, to the army re-organiza- 
tion of 1866-67. 2 vols. 8° cloth. New York, 1868 

566 CuLMAN, Leonard. Sentences for Children; English and 

Latin. Translated by Charles Hoole. i6° sheep. 

London, 1741 

567 Culpeper, Mich. A Sure Guide; or, the best and nearest 

to Physick and Chyrurgery. Written in Latine by 
Johannes Riolanus. Copperplates. Small folio, sheep 
(portion of title missing). London, 1657 

568 Cunningham, Allan. Songs of Scotland, ancient and 

modern; with an introduction and notes, historical and 
critical, and characters of the lyric poets. 4 vols, 
small 8° new boards, uncut. London, 1825 

569 Cunningham, George Godfrey. History of England in 

the Lives of Englishmen. Steel portraits. 8 vols. 8° 
new cloth. London, 1852 


570 Curiosities of Street Literature; comprising "Cocks," 

or " Catchpennies," a large and curious assortment of 
street drolleries, squibs, histories, comic tales in prose 
and verse, Broadsides on the Royal Family, etc. Illus- 
trations. 4° half morocco, uncut. London, 1871 
Only 100 copies printed. 

571 Curious. Facetie Motti et Burle, di Diversi Signori, et 

persone private. Raccolte per M. Lodovico Domen- 
ichi. 12° boards (lower half of title in facsimile). 

Venetia, 1563 

572 Curious. Hieronymo Fracastorio. Syphilis, sive mor- 

bus Gallicus. Fine portrait by Geo. Vertue. 4° old 
calf. London, 1720 

A curious Latin poem on the great Pox or Lues Veneria, com- 
monly called the French disease. Many years after the first publica- 
tion of this poem, Des Sauvages, the medical -writer, took the name 
invented by Fracastorio for the hero of his poem, and applied to 
the disease, with which it has ever since been identified. 

573 Curious. Glossarium Eroticum Linguas Latinse, sive 

theogonise, legum et morum nuptialium apud Romanes 
explanatio nova ex interpretatione propria et impropria 
et differentiis in significatu fere duorum millium sermo- 
num. Auctore P. P. (Pierhugues). 8° mottled sheep. 

Parisiis, 1826 

574 [Curtis, George W.] Potiphar Papers (Reprinted from 

" Putnam's Monthly "). Illustrated by A. Hoppin. 
First ed. 12° new cloth. New York, 1853 

575 CuRWEN, Henry. History of Booksellers, the old and 

the new. Portraits and illustrations. 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, (1873) 

576 Cutter (The), in five Lectures, upon the art and prac- 

tice of Cutting Friends, Acquaintances and Relations. 
Woodcut. 16° boards, uncut. Boston, 1808 

577 T^AGLEY. Takings; or, the life of a collegian, a 
X^ poem. Illustrated by 26 etchings, from designs 

by R. Dagley. 8° new boards (few leaves slightly 
soiled). London, 1821 

578 Damhouder. Practycke in Criminele Ssecken. Engraved 

title. 8° vellum. Rotterdam, 1628 

579 Dana, Richard H. Poems and Prose Writings. First ed. 

2 vols. 12° new cloth. New York, 1850 

580 Dance of Death, exhibited in Elegant Engravings on 

wood; with a dissertation on the several representa- 
tions of that subject, but more particularly on those 
ascribed to Micaber and Hans Holbein. By Francis 
Douce. 50 plates. 8° half morocco, uncut. 

W. Pickering: London, 1833 


581 Dance of Death exhibited in elegant engravings on wood; 

with a dissertation on the several representations of 
that subject. By Francis Douce. Also Holbein's Bible 
Cuts, consisting of 90 illustrations on wood, with intro- 
duction by Theo. F. Dibdin. i8' half calf. 

Bohn: London, 1858 

582 Dancing. Analysis of the London Bail-Room; in which 

is comprised the history of the polite art. Frontis- 
piece. Small 8° original boards, uncut. London, 1825 

583 Dancing. Blasis, C. Notes upon Dancing, historical and 

practical. With biographical notices of the Blasis 
Family. Translated by R. Barton. Plates. 8° wrap- 
pers, uncut. London, 1847 

584 Dancing. Cahusac, M. de. La Danse, ancienne et mod- 

erne, ou trait^ historique de la danse. 3 vols. 18° old 
calf. A la Haye, 1754 

585 Dancing. Drawing-Room Dances. By Cellarius. Illus- 

trations. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1847 

586 Dancing. Fashionable Dancing. By Cellarius. With de- 

signs by Gavarni. Small 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, n. d. 

587 Dancing. Essay towards a History of Dancing; contain- 

ing the several sorts of dancing, antique and modern, 
serious, scenical and grotesque, etc. 12° old calf. 

London, 171 2 

588 Dancing. Ferrero, Edward. Art of Dancing Historically 

Illustrated. 12° cloth. New York, (1859) 

589 Dancing. Hillgrove, Thomas. Complete Practical Guide 

to the Art of Dancing. Illustrations. 16° boards. 

New York, 1864 

590 Dancing. Howe's Complete Ball- Room Handbook; con- 

taining upwards of three hundred dances. Illustrations. 
12° cloth. Boston, (1858) 

591 Dancing. Peacock, Francis. Sketches relative to the 

History and Theory, but more especially to the Practice 
of Dancing. 8° boards, uncut. Aberdeen, 1805 

592 Dancing. Read's Characteristic National Dances; 'in- 

cluding a series of tales by popular authors. With 12 
full-page colored plates and colored title-pages. 4° 
cloth, gilt edges. London. 

593 Dancing. Webster, Mrs. Alfred. Dancing as a Means of 

Physical Education; with remarks on deformities and 
their prevention and cure. Small 4° cloth, colored bor- 
ders. London, 185 1 


594 Dancing. Wilson, Thomas. Analysis of Country Dancing; 

with some entire new reels, together with the complete 
etiquette of the ball-room. Illustrations. 12° boards, 
uncut. London, 181 1 

595 Dancing. Wilson. Description of the Correct Method of 

Waltzing, the truly fashionable species of Dancing. 
Illustrated by engravings from original designs and 
drawings, by J. H. A. Randall. Small 8° boards, uncut. 

London, 18 16 

596 Dancing. Wilson. Correct Method of German and French 

Waltzing. Plates. 12° boards. London, 1817 

597 Dancing. Wilson. Quadrille and Cotillion Panorama; or, 

treatise on quadrille dancing. Folding colored plan. 
Small 8° original boards, uncut. London, 1822 

598 Dancing. Wilson. Complete System of English Country 

Dancing. Folding plans and 6 pages of engraved music. 
12° boards, uncut. London, n. d. 

599 Daniel, George. Merrie England in the Olden Time. 

Time. First ed,, with original etchings by John Leech. 
2 vols, small 8° new cloth, original backs, uncut. 

London, 1842 

600 Dante. Translated into English verse, by I. C. Wright. 

Third ed. Illustrated with engravings on steel, after 
designs by Flaxman. 12° half calf, gilt back. 

Bohn: London, 1854 

601 Dante. Lyrical Poems of; including the poems of the 

Vita Nuova and Convito. Translated by Charles Lyell. 
First ed. Portrait. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

602 Dante Alighieri's Lyrische Gedichte. Ubersetzt und erk- 

lart, von Karl L. Kannegiesser und Karl Witte. 2 vols, 
in one. 12° half calf. Leipzig, 1842 

603 Dante. The Vita Nuova of Dante. Translated with an 

introduction and notes by Theodore Martin. Square 
12° new cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1864 

604 Dante. The New Life of Dante Alighieri. Translated 

by Charles Eliot Norton. First ed. Royal 8° cloth, un- 
cut. Boston, 1867 

605 D'Anvers, Caleb. Collection of Poems on Several Occa- 

sions; published in the Craftsman. 8" boards. 

London, 1731 

606 D'Anvers, N. Elementary History of Art; an introduc- 

tion to ancient and modern architecture, sculpture, 
painting, music. 120 woodcuts. 12° cloth. 

New York, 1875 

607 Darbishire, Herbert D. Relliquiae Philological; or, 

cbsays in comparative philology. Edited by R. S. Con- 
way. With a biographical notice by J. E, Sandys. 8° 
clolh, uncut. Cambridge, 1895 


608 Daumas, E. Les Chevaux du Sahara et les Moeurs du 

Desert. Nouvelle ed., revue et augmentde par L'Emir 
Abd-El Kader. 2 portraits. 8° paper, uncut. 

Paris, 1863 

609 Dauney, William. Ancient Scottish Melodies, from a 

manuscript of the reign of King James VI; with an 
introductory enquiry illustrative of the history of the 
music of Scotland. 4° half morocco, uncut, gilt back 
and top. Edinburgh, 1838 

610 Davidge, William. Footlight Flashes. Illustrations. 12° 

cloth. New York, 1866 

611 Davidson, E. A. Pretty Arts for the Employment of 

Leisure Hours. Illustrations. 8° cloth. London, 1879 

612 Davies, C. M. History of Holland and the Dutch Nations. 

Maps. 5 vols. 8° half calf, gilt backs. London, 1851 

613 Davis, John F. Poeseos Sinensis Commentarii. Poetry 

of the Chinese (from the Royal Asiatic Transactions), 
to which are added translations and detached pieces. 
8° paper. Macao, China, 1834 

614 [Davy, Charles.] Conjectural Observations of the Origin 

and. Progress of Alphabetic Writing. 3 engraved plates. 
8° boards, uncut. London, 1772 

615 Davys, John. An Essay on the Art of Decyphering, 

Lond., 1787; — Sermon preached before the University 
of Oxford, Dec. 4, 1687, concerning the obligation of 
Oaths; — The Benefit of Oaths to Civil Society consid- 
ered in an Assize Sermon, by Richard Green, 1744; — 
Sermon preached at Parish Church, Lond., 1743, by 
Thomas, Lord Bishop of Oxford, 1743; — Dissertation 
by Thomas Hunt, addressed to the Students in Arabic, 
1743. Bound together. 4° cloth. 

616 Deane, Charles. Bibliographical Tracts, Number One. 

Spurious Reprints of Early Books, pp.19. Imperials" 
half morocco. Boston, 1865 

617 De Bury, Richard. Philobiblon; a treatise on the love 

of books. First American ed., with the literal English 
translation of John B. Inglis. Collated and corrected, 
with notes, by Samuel Hand. 12° new cloth. 

Albany, i86i 
Only 230 copies printed.'' 

618 [Decker, Thomas.] 'Tis Pitty Shee's a Whoore. Acted 

by the Queenes Majestie's Servants, at the Phoenix in 
Drury-Lane. Small 4° boards (corner of title repaired). 

London, 1633 

619 Dedham Historical Register. Frontispieces. Vols, i to 

14. 14 vols. 8°, uncut, in parts. Dedham, 1890-1903 
Complete set from the beginning. 


620 Dee, Dr. John. Private Diary of, and the catalogue of 
his library of manuscripts. Edited by James O. Halli- 
well. Small 4° cloth, uncut. 

Camden Society: London, 1842 

6a I Defoe. Daniel Defoe; his life and recently discovered 
writings, extending from 1716 to 1729. By William 
Lee. Portrait and illustrations. 3 vols, 8° new cloth, 
uncut. London, 1869 

62a De Gubernatis, Angelo. Zoological Mythology; or, the 
Legends of Animals. 2 vols. 8° new cloth. 

New York, 1872 

623 De La Hodde, Lucien. History of Secret Societies, 
and of the Republic Party of France, 1830-48. 8° 
cloth. Phila., 1856 

6a4 De La Motte Roullant. Les Facetieux Deviz des cent 
et six Nouvelles Nouvelles, tres recreatiues pour recu- 
eiller les bores joyeux esprits Frangoys. Par le Seig- 
neur de La Motte, Roullant Lionnois. 18° old calf, 
gilt. Benoist Rigaud: Lyon, 1570 

From the W. E. Burton libraray, book-plate of Calwich library. 

625 Delepierre, M. Octave. Macaron^ana, ou melanges de 

Litt^rature Macaronique des diff6rents peuples de 
I'Europe. 8° cloth, uncut. Paris, 1852 

626 Delepierre. Sketch of the History of Flemish Litera- 

ture and its celebrated authors. 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, i860 

627 [Deloney, Thomas.] Thomas of Reading; or, the sixe 

worthie yeomen of the west. Now the sixth time cor- 
rected and enlarged. 4° half morocco, uncut. 

London, printed by E. Allde, 
163a: (Edinburgh, reprinted by J. Ballantyne & Co ). 

Large Paper. Contains much facetious matter. 

628 Denny. Military Journal of Major Ebenezer Denny; an 

officer in the Revolutionary and Indian Wars; with an 
Introductory memoir. Portrait and maps (lacks por- 
trait of Gen. Harmar). 8° cloth. Phila., 1859 
With notes and an Indian vocabulary. 

629 De Quincey, Thomas. Works of. 21 vols. ia° brown 

cloth. Ticknor & Fields: Boston, 1856 

630 Devil upon Crutches in England; or, night scenes in 

London, a satirical work, written upon the plan of the 
celebrated " Diable Boiteaux," of M. Le Sage. 16° 
sheep. London. 


631 De Voe, Thomas F. The Market Book; containing a 
historical account of the public markets in the cities of 
New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Brooklyn. Vol. 

1 (all pub.) (Markets of New York). 8° cloth. 

New York, 1862 

6^3 D'EwES. Autobiography and Correspondence of Sir 

Simonds D'Ewes, during the Reigns of James I and 

Charles I. Edited by James O. Halliwell. Portrait. 

2 vols. 8° new cloth. London, 1845 

633 [Dewey and Emmons.) Reports on the Herbaceous 

Plants and on the Quadrupeds of Massachusetts. 8° 
wrappers, uncut. Cambridge, 1840 

634 Dezobry, Ch , et Bachelet, Th. Dictionnaire G6n6ral 

de Biographie et d'Histoire de Mythologie de Geog- 
raphic Ancienne et Moderne. 2 vols, thick imperial 
8° half morocco, Paris, 1863 

63s DiBDiN, Charles. Complete History of the English 
Stage. First ed. 5 vols. 8° half calf. London, (1800) 

636 DiBDiN. Collection of Songs; selected from the works 

of Mr. Dibdin. Third ed., with additions and alter- 
ations. 5 vols. 12° new cloth, uncut. London. 

637 Dibdin, Thomas Reminiscences of Thomas Dibdin, of the 

Theatres Royal, Covent Garden, Drury Lane, Hay- 
market, etc. Portrait. 2 vols. 8° boards, uncut. 

London, 1837 

638 Dibdin, Thomas Frognall, D. D. Typographical Antiqui- 

ties; or, ihe history of printing in England, Scotland 
and Ireland, containing memoirs of our ancient printers 
and a register of the books printed by them. Begun 
by the late Joseph Ames, F. R. and A. SS., consider- 
ably augmented by William Herbert, of Cheshunt, 
Herts, and now greatly enlarged, with copious notes, 
and illustrated with appropriate engravings, compre- 
hending the History of English literature and a view of 
the progress of the art of engraving in Great Britain, 
by the Rev. Thomas Frognall Dibdin. Numerous por- 
traits, facsimiles of early printing, etc. 4 vols, impe- 
rial 4° crimson levant morocco, gilt, gilt edges, by 
Clarke & Bedford. London, 1809-19 

Large Paper : only 65 copies printed. 

Of the copies on Large Paper (which contain plates not found in 
those on small paper) there are very few in this country, and they 
are much sought for in England. 

This and the 8 following Dibdin's are from the Libraries of Zelotes 
Hosmer and Henry B. Humphrey. 


639 DiBDiN. The Bibliographical Decameron; or, ten days' 

pleasant discourse upon illuminated manuscripts and 
subjects connected with early engraving, typography 
and bibliography. Numerous portraits and other illus- 
trations, many of them on India paper, with several 
duplicates, proof impressions. 3 vols, imperial 8° olive 
morocco, gilt, gilt edges. London, 1817 

Large Paper : only 50 copies printed. 

This copy contains the following duplicate and private plate por- 
traits, engraver's proofs, namely : one of the Earl of Sunderland ; one 
of Michael Mattaire and Gerard Meerman ; one of Bishop Percy ; 
one of Earl Spencer (private plate), and two of Thomas Payne, Book- 
seller, one of which is the " ebony-spectacle portrait," which is thus 
mentioned on page 435 (in a note ): 

" Twenty-five copies of the original ebony-spectacle, engraved por- 
trait — which have been eagerly snatched up by perch- like collectors 
— have reimbursed this extra expense ; and this first plate is now 
broken up-" 

It contains also the facsimile plate, by G. Lewis, from a missal 
executed by Francesco Veronesi. 

" This work may be considered as a continuation of the Biblio- 
mania, the same characters being introduced in the dialogues. From 
the information which it contains, and the splendor of the decorations 
and printing, it will ever be considered as a model of excellence and 
good taste in typography and the arts. Both the copperplates and 
the woodcuts which embellished the work have been destroyed." 

640 DiBDiN. Bibliotheca Spenceriana; or, a descriptive cata- 

logue of the books printed in the fifteenth century, and 
of many valuable first editions in the library of George 
John, Earl Spencer, K. G., etc., etc. Numerous plates 
and woodcuts of facsimiles, many of which are on India 
paper. 4 vols, imperial 8° olive levant morocco, gilt, 
gilt tops, rough edges. London, 1814-15 

" This catalogue contains only the works printed in the fifteenth 
century and the Editiones Principes. It is compiled with the great- 
est care and industry, and those who have had occasion to consult 
its pages can testify to its accuracy and great utility. The collection 
is the finest private one in Europe ; the catalogue will ever be re- 
garded as of the first importance to the theologian, the historian and 
the critic, and as a perfect model for the bibliographer." — ■ Lowndes 

641 DiBDiN. -iEdes Althorpianas; or, an account of the man- 

sion, books and pictures at Althorp, the residence of 
George John Earl Spencer, K. G. To which is added 
a supplement to the Bibliotheca Spenceriana. Numer- 
ous portraits and other illustrations, some of which are 
on India paper. 2 vols, imperial 8° olive levant mo- 
rocco, gilt, gilt edges. London, 1822 

This work, designed as a supplement to the above, contains 
accounts of the ancestors of Earl Spencer ; of the Mansion at 
Althorp ; of the gallery, with engravings of the most important 
pictures; and of editions of the Scriptures, Aldine Editions, and 
books printed in the fifteenth century, not contained in the former 


642 DiBDiN. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Books printed 

in the Fifteenth Century, lately forming Part of the 
Library of the Duke di Cassano Serra, and now the 
Property of George John Earl Spencer, K. G. With a 
general index of authors and editions contained in the 
present volume, and in the Bibliotheca Spencerianaand 
^des Althorpianas. Imperial 8° olive levant morocco, 
gilt, gilt top, rough edges. London, 1823 

This work forms anothei supplemental volume to the "Bibliotheca 
Spenceriana," with an index to the seven volumes. 

643 DiBDiN. A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque 

Tour in France and Germany. Portraits and numer- 
ous beautiful plates, many upon India paper, including 
a full set of Lewis's etchings (India proofs), illustra- 
ting the physiognomy, manners, etc., of the people of 
France and Germany. 3 vols, bound in 4 vols, impe- 
rial 8° olive levant morocco, gilt, gilt edges. 

London, 1821 

Large Paper : only 100 copies printed. 

Besides the set of Lewis's Etchings there are inserted in this copy 
the following portraits, namely, one of the Author which was en- 
graved for the second edition (1829), and one of the Comte de 
Brienne, which was published in 1824, India proofs; also, one of 
Diane de Poictiers (Vol. II, p. 497), from the private plate which 
was destroyed after only fifty impressions had been talcen. 

" This work contains much curious information respecting the 
MSS. and rare works in public and private libraries abroad. It is 
printed and embellished in the same style of excellence as the Doc- 
tor's other works." — Lowndes. 

644 DiBDiN. Reminiscences of a Literary Life; with anec- 

dotes of books and of book-collectors. With index and 
an autograph letter. Portraits, views, facsimiles, etc., 
some of which are on India paper. 2 vols, imperial 8° 
olive levant morocco, gilt, gilt edges. London, 1836 

Large Paper : only 39 copies printed. 

This copy contains a long autograph letter by Dr. Dibdin, ad- 
dressed to Dawson Turner (whose copy this was), bound in the first 
volume ; and the rare index, very neatly inlaid, bound in the second 

64s DiBDiN. A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque 
Tour in the Northern Counties of England, and in 
Scotland. Above 100 illustrations, consisting of 44 
beautiful large plates, besides woodcuts, etc.; compris- 
ing portraits, views, ancient architecture, facsimiles, 
etc. India proofs. 3 vols, imperial 8° olive morocco, 
gilt, gilt edges, by J. Clark. London, 1838 

Large Paper : only 99 copies printed. 

A few leaves in the preface are loose, otherwise this is a very 
perfect and elegant copy. 


646 DiBDiN. Bibliomania, or Book-Madness; a bibliographi- 

cal romance. Illustrated with cuts. New and improved 
ed.; to which are now added preliminary observations 
and a supplement, including a key to the assumed char- 
acters in the drama. Portrait of the author, Mr. 
Walmsley's plate attesting number of copies printed, 
and numerous other engravings and typographical em- 
bellishments. Many of the engravings on India paper. 
2 vols, imperial 8° olive levant morocco, gilt, gilt 
edges. London, 1842 

Large Paper : only 55 copies printed. 

Best edition ; edited by Dr. Dibdin himself. 

" The Bibliomania is written in dialogues or conversations, the 
characters introduced are well-known book collectors of the author's 
acquaintance. The great value of the work is in the notes, which 
abound with anecdotes of Books and Book Collectors, and an 
account of the rarer articles in their collections, and the prices 
at which they were sold, extracted from the sale catalogues." — 

647 Dibdin. Library Companion; or, the young man's guide 

and the old man's comfort in the choice of a library. 
First ed. 2 vols. 8° mottled calf, gilt backs. 

London, 1824 

648 Dibdin. Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque 

Tour in France and Germany. Second ed. Steel por- 
traits and illustrations. 3 vols. 8° sprinkled calf. 

London, 1839 
Printed at the Shakspeare Press. 

649 Dibdin. An Introduction to the Knowledge of Rare and 

Valuable Editions of the Greek and Latin Classics. 
Fourth ed., greatly enlarged and corrected. 2 vols, 
royal 4° cloth, uncut. London, 1827 

Large Paper Copy. 

650 Dibdin. Reminiscences of a Literary Life. First ed. 

Portrait and plotes. 2 vols. 8° original boards, uncut, 
paper labels (bindings broken). London, 1836 

652 Dickens, Charles. Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick 

Club. With illustrations by Seymour, Phiz and Crow- 
quill. 8° half russia (foxed). New York, 1838 

653 Dickens. Martin Chuzzlewit; — Barnaby Rudge; — Nich- 

olas Nickleby; — Sketches by. Boz. Illustrations. 4 
vols. 8° cloth. Phila., 1842-45 

654 Dickens. Fireside Dickens; a cyclopedia of the best 

thoughts of Charles Dickens. By F. G. De Fontaine. 
Portrait and illustrations. 8° cloth, gilt edges. 

New York, 1883 

655 Dickens. Life of. By Shelton Mackenzie. Portrait. 

12° cloth. Phila., (1870) 


656 DiCKiNS, F. V. Hyak Ninls'shiu; or, stanzas by a cen- 

tury of poets; being Japanese Lyrical Odes. Trans- 
lated into English, with explanatory notes. 8° cloth, 
gilt edges. London, 1866 

657 DicTiONNAiRE de TAcad^mie Frangoise, revu, corrig^ et 

augment^; avec Supplement. 3 vols. 4° old sheep 
(bindings worn). Paris, 1829 

658 DiCTiONNAiRE. Complement du Dictionnaire de I'Acad- 

^mie Frangaise; avec une preface par Louis Barr6. 4° 
half calf. Paris, 1844 

659 Dictionnaire Politique; encyclopedic du language et de 

la science politiques; avec une introduction par Gar- 
nier-Pagbs. Public par E. Duclerc et Pagnerre. Royal 
8° half morocco, Paris, 1848 

660 Dictionnaire contenant les anecdotes historiques de 

I'amour. Second Edition, revue, corrig6e et augmen- 
t^e par I'auteur. 5 vols. 8° new cloth. Troyes, 1811 

661 Dictionary of Polite Literature; or, fabulous history of 

the heathen gods and illustrious personages. Plates by 
Burney, engraved by Angus and Dudley. 2 vols. 16° 
calf, gilt backs. London, 1804 

662 Dictionary of Daily Wants; — Dictionary of Medical 

and Surgical Knowledge. Illustrations. 2 vols, thick 
12° half roan. London. 

663 DiEFENBACH, Lorcnz. Vergleichendes Wortenbuch der 

gothischen Sprache. 2 vols, in one. 8° half morocco. 

Frankfurt, 1851 

664 DiEZ, Friedrich. Grammatik der Romanischen Sprachen. 

2 vols. 8° half morocco. Bonn, 1856 

665 DiGGES, Leonard. Prognostications, containing Plain, 

Briefe, Pleasant and Choice Rules to judge the weather, 
etc., by the Sunne, Moone and Starres. JBlack &etUv. 
Small 4° half calf (cut into at the bottom). 

London, 1556 
From the W. E. Burton Collection. 

666 [DiLKE, Charles W.] Old Plays; being a continuation of 

Dodsley's Collection; with notes, critical and explana- 
tory. 6 vols. 8° half red morocco. London, 1816 

667 DiNNiES, Anna P. The Floral Year; embellished with 

bouquets of flowers, drawn and colored from nature, 
each flower illustrated with a portrait. Colored plates. 
Square 12° cloth, gilt edges. Boston, 1847 

668 Diogenes (a satirical journal). Vols, t, 2 and 3. Nu- 

merous illustrations. 3 vols. 4° cloth. London, 1853-54 



669 Discourse of Women j shewing their imperfections alpha- 

betically. Newly translated out of the French into 
English. 16° old calf. London, 1662 

670 Disraeli, Benjamin. Novels of. 10 vols, bound in 5 

vols. 12* half calf, gilt backs. London, 1859 

Comprising: Coningsby, Young Duke; — Venetia, Henrietta 
Temple ; — Sybil, Contarini Fleming ; — Tancred, Alroy , — Vivian 
Grey, Ixion in Heaven. 

671 Disraeli, Isaac. Curiosities of Literature. Portrait. 4 

vols. 12° new cloth, uncut. Boston, 1858 

672 Disraeli. Amenities of Literature. New ed., edited by 

B. Disraeli. Frontispieces. 2 vols. 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1859 

673 Disraell Calamities and Quarrels of Authors. 12° cloth, 

uncut. London, 1859 

674 Disraeli. The Literary Character. New ed., edited by 

B. Disraeli. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

675 Dixon, B. Homer. Surnames. 8° cloth. Boston, 1855 

Printed for private distribution only. 

676 Dodd, George. British Manufactures. Illustrations. 6 

vols, bound in 3 vols. 16° cloth. London, 1844-45 

677 Dodd, Henry P. The Epigrammatists; a selection from 

the epigrammatic literature of ancient, mediseval and 
modern times. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1870 

678 Dodd, James William. Ballads of Archery, Sonnets, etc. 

12° new cloth, uncut. London, 1818 

679 Dodd. Revolutionary Memorials; embracing poems by 

Rev. Wheeler Chase, published in 1778, and an appen- 
dix, containing Gen. Burgoyne's Proclamation (in bur- 
lesque). Edited by Rev. Stephen Dodd. First ed. 12° 
new cloth. New York, 1852 

680 Dodd, Rev. Dr. The Sisters; or, the history of Lucy 

and Caroline Sanson entrusted to a false friend. 4 cop- 
perplates. 8° paper, uncut. London, 1791 

681 DoDiNGTON. Diary of George Bubb Dodington, Baron 

of Melcombe Regis, from March 8, 1748, to Feb. 6, 
1 761; with an appendix containing some curious and 
interesting papers. By Henry P. Wyndham. 8° sheep 
(broken). Salisbury, 1784 

682 DoDSLEY, J. Collection of Poems by Several Hands. 

New ed., with notes and the continuation by G. Pearch. 
10 vols. 12° old calf (rebacked, some leaves water- 
stained). London, 1775-82 
With monogram and crown of King George III on back and front 
of each binding. 


683 Donaldson, Thomas (a weaver). Poems, chiefly in the 

Scottish dialect, both humourous and entertaining. 
First ed. 12° new cloth. 

Printed at the Apollo Press; Alnwick, 1809 

684 DoRAN, Dr. Lives of the Queens of England of the 

House of Hanover. 2 vols. 12° cloth. New York, 1855 

685 DoRAN. Bentley Ballads; a selection of choice ballads, 

songs, etc., contributed to " Bentley's Miscellany." 
Edited by Dr. Doran. With 4 ballads contributed by 
the editor. First ed. 12° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1858 

686 Doran. New Pictures and Old Panels. Portrait. Small 

8° cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

687 Doran. "Their Majesties' Servants"; Annals of the 

English Stage from Thomas Betterton to Edmund 
Kean. 2 vols. 8° new cloth. New York, 1865 

688 Dorchester (Mass.) in 1630, 1776 and 1855. Oration 

delivered on the 4th of July, 1855, by Edward Everett. 
8" cloth. Boston, 1855 

689 Dorchester Broadside. Notice: The Selectmen and 

Overseers of the Poor and of the Work House of the 
Town of Dorchester, are, by a special vote of the 
Town, directed to take up and set to work all Idlers, 
Grog-Shop Loungers and Tavern Haunters, who are 
wasting their lives and substance in Idleness and In- 
temperance. Folio. n. d., (1810-20) 

690 Dorchester, a d. s. by Noah Clapt, Town Clerk, i page 

folio, Dorchester, 1763; an order to warn Florah, a 
negro woman, out of the town within 14 days. 

691 Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical Society. Collec- 

tions of, Nos. I, 2 and 3. Memoir of Roger Clap; — 
Annals of the Town of Dorchester, by James Blake, 
1750; — Journal of Richard Mather, 1635: his life and 
death, 1670. 3 vols. 12° boards. Boston, 1846-50 

692 D'Orsay, Count Alfred. Etiquette; or, a guide to the 

usages of society, with a glance at bad habits; to which 
is added the true theory of the ^Rhenish or Spanish 
Waltz and of the German Waltz "A Deux Temps". Por- 
trait and engraved frontispiece. 8° half morocco. 

New York, 1843 

6^3 Dove, Patrick E, The Revolver; its description, man- 
agement and use; with hints on rifle clubs and the de- 
fence of the country. Illustrations, 8° pictorial boards. 

Edinburgh, 1857 

69+ Downes, G. Dublin University Prize Poems; with Span- 
ish and German ballads, etc. First ed. 8° new boards, 
uncut. Dublin, 1824 


69s Downing, A. J. Rural Essays. Edited with a memoir 
of the author, by Geo. W. Curtis. Portrait and illus- 
trations. 8° cloth. New York, 1854 

696 Drake, S. A. Historic Fields and Mansions of Middle- 

sex. Illustrated with 20 heliotype plates and map. 8° 
cloth. Boston, 1874 

The heliotype plates were only issued with this edition. 

697 Drake. Nooks and Corners of the New England Coast. 

Maps and illustrations. Square 8° cloth. 

New York, 1875 

698 Drake. Pine-Tree Coast. Illustrations. Square 8° cloth. 

Boston, 189 1 
Historical sketches of Maine. 

699 Drama. An Impartial Examen of the Present Contests 

between the Town and the Manager of the Theatre; 
with some proposals for accommodating the present 
misunderstanding between the town and manager of- 
fer'd to the consideration of both parties. By Mr. 
Neitherside. pp. 24. 8° stitched. London, 1744 

700 Dramatic Works of Ben Jonson and Beaumont and 

Fletcher. The first printed from the text and with the 
notes of Peter Whalley, the latter from the text and 
with the notes of George Colman. Portraits. 4 vols, 
royal 8° half calf. John Stockdale: London, 181 1 

From the library of W. E. Burton. 

701 Dramatic Works of Wycherley, Congreve, Vanbrugh 

and Farquhar. With biographical and critical notices 
by Leigh Hunt. Portrait. Royal 8° cloth. 

London, 1859 

702 Dramatic. The Actor; or, a treatise on the art of play- 

ing. 16° new cloth. London, 1755 

703 Dresser, C. The Art of Decorative Design. With an 

appendix, giving the hours of the day at which flowers 
open, the characteristic flowers of the months of all 
countries. Plates. Royal 8° cloth. London, 1862 

704 Drury, Henry. Arundines Cami, sive Musarum Canta- 

brigiensium lusus Canori. 8° new cloth, uncut. 

Cantabrigise, 1843 
With bookplate of Edward Everett, and note by him. 

705 Duck, Stephen, Poems on Several Subjects, written by 

Stephen Duck, lately a poor Thresher in a Barn, etc., 
London, 1730; — The Lover's Miscellany; or, poems 
on Several Occasions, amorous and gallant, London, 
1 7 19. Bound together. 8° new boards (last poem has 
pages wrinkled by water). 


706 Dudley, Gov. Joseph, a. /. s. i page 4°, signed twice, 

Roxbury 23rd Jan., 1705; also with an affidavit signed 
by John Winchester and Thomas Trowbridge (ances- 
tors of well-ljnown Boston families). (Lot.) 

An account of the Governor's encounter in Roxbury with two 
teamsters who refused to let him pass in a bad place in the road, as 
he was starting on a journey to New Hampshire in his chariot. 

During the dispute the Governor stabbed one of them in the back 
and broke his sword in his furious rage and otherwise maltreated the 
teamsters. They were both arrested and put in prison and these 
two documents are the affidavits to the Court of both the teamsters 
and the Governor each giving an account of the affair. 

These letters are printed in full in Sewall's Diary in the Mass. 
Historical Society Collections. The printed pages including them 
are with this lot. 

707 Dudley Genealogies and Family Records. By Dean 

Dudley. Frontispiece. 8° cloth. Boston, 1848 

708 DuFFEY, Mrs. E. B. What Women Should Know. 12° 

cloth. Phila., (1873) 

709 DuNLOP, John. History of Fiction; being a critical ac- 

count of the most celebrated prose works of fiction 
from the earliest Greek romances to the novels of the 
present age. Royal 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

710 Dunlop-Wallace, M. A. Glass in the Old World. Col- 

ored plates. 8° cloth, uncut. London. 

711 DuPLEssis, Georges. Wonders of Engraving. Illustrated 

with lo autotype reproductions and 34 wood engrav- 
ings. Small 8° cloth, gilt edges. London, 187 1 

712 DuRER. Humiliation and Exaltation of Our Redeemer, 

in 32 prints, representing the original wood-blocks of 
Albert Durer. Edited by John Allen. 12° pictorial 
board covers. London, 1856 

713 Durer. The Little Passion of Albert Durer, Repro- 

duced in facsimile. Edited by W. C. Prime. 37 illus- 
trations. Royal 8° boards, uncut. New York, 1868 

714 DuRFEY, Thbmas. A Fond Husband; or, the plotting 

sisters, a comedy. Small 4° half roan. London, 1677 

715 Durfey. The Fool Turn'd Critick; a comedy as it was 

acted at the Theatre-Royall. First ed. Small 4° half 
roan. London, 1678 

716 Durfey. The Virtuous Wife; or, good luck at last, a 

comedy. First ed Small 4" new boards, uncut. 

London, 1680 

7r7 Durfey. Sir Barnaby Whigg; or, no wit like a woman's, 

a comedy. First ed. Small 4° half roan, new board 

sides. London, 1681 

718 [D'Urfey ] New Songs sung in the Fool's Preferment; 

or, the three dukes of Dunstable. Small 8° half roan. 

London, 1688 


Itg [D'Urfey.] Wit and Mirth; or, pills to purge melan- 
choly; being a collection of the best merry ballads and 
songs, old and new. Fourth ed., to which is added a 
collection of excellent poems. 6 vols. 12' new cloth. 

London, 1712-20 
With the sixth volume, which was published six years after the 
fifth volume and is generally missing. 
Very facetious. 

720 D'Urfey. New Operas, with comical stories and poems 

on several occasions, never before printed; being the 
remaining pieces written by Mr. D'Urfey. 8° new 
cloth. • London, 1721 

721 D'Urfey. Stories, moral and comical; viz.. The Ban- 

quet of the Gods; — Titus and Gissipus; or, the power 
of friendship; — The Prudent Husband; or, cuckoldom 
wittily prevented; — Loyalty's Glory; or, the true soul- 
dier of Honour. 8° boards. London. 

722 DuYCKiNCK, E. A. and G. L. Cyclopaedia of American 

Literature. Steel portraits and illustrations. 2 vols, 
royal 8° cloth. New York, 1855 

723 Dyce, Alexander. Specimens of English Sonnets. Square 

16° new cloth, uncut. W. Pickering: London, 1833 

724 Dyer, George. Privileges of the University of Cam- 

bridge; together with additional observations on its 
history, antiquities and biography. 2 vols. 8° new 
cloth, uncut, London, 1824 

725 Dyer. Academic Unity; being the substance of a gen- 

eral dissertation contained in the Privileges of the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge. 8° new boards, uncut. 

London, 1827 

726 Dying Speeches and Behaviour of the Several State Pris- 

oners that have been Executed the Last 30 Years; with 
their several characters from the best historians, as 
Camden, Spotswood, Clarendon, Sprat, Burnet, etc., 
and a table shewing how the respective sentences were 
executed and which of them were mitigated, or par- 
don'd. 8° new cloth. London, 1720 

727 Tj^ADIE, John. Analytical Concordance to the Holy 
Jd/ Scriptures. Royal 8° cloth. Boston, 1857 

728 Early American Poem. The Choice; a poem, after the 

manner of Mr. Pomfret. By a Young Gentleman, pp. 
15. Small 4° stitched, uncut. 

Edes & Gill: Boston, 1757 

729 Early Printing. Vita Sancti Ambrosii. De Officiis et 

Opuscola. Royal 8° half vellum. 

Christofor. Valdarfer: Mediolani, 1474 
A fine specimen of early printing. 


730 Early English Text Society Publications. Edited by F. 

J. Furnivall. From the beginning in 1864 to 1876. 
Original series, Parts i to 67 (lacking 22 parts) and the 
Extra Series, Parts i to 19, 26, 27, 28 and 29. Together 
68 parts 8° paper, uncut. London, 1864-76 

Some of the paper covers slightly discolored by water, otherwise 
in perfect condition. 

Some of the missing parts are of the year 1865-66, and have been 
reprinted and not difficult to obtain. This set lacks Nos. 9, 10, 11, 
13 to 23, j6 to 63. 

731 Earlv Printing. Fasciculus tetpporum, omnes Antiquo- 

rum Chronicas complectans. With small rude woodcut 
Views of Cities; that of Venice is very curious. Folio, 
paper. 1476 

732 Early Printing. Herman, Johan. Tabula Directiorum 

Profectiorum. JBIock fi-Ctter. Small 4° boards. 

Erhardt Radolt: Venetiis, 1490 
From the W. E. Burton Collection. 

733 Early Printing. (S)ttttS 0onitottl0, i49'- Numerous 

woodcuts, some full-page. Block better. Folio, old 
calf over oak boards. Moguntise, 1491 

The engraved title and first page mounted and a few of the rubri- 
cated initials have offset on opposite pages, otherwise a good speci- 
men of early printing. 

734 Early School Book. The Youth's Instructor in the Eng- 

lish Tongue. 16° calf. Boston, 1746 

735 Early School Book. The Columbian Grammar. By 

Benjamin Dearborn. 12° half sheep. 

Samuel Hall; Boston, 1795 

Presentation copy, with autograph inscription on title, " A. N- 
Clark, from Mr. Benjamin Dearborn." 

736 Early School Book. American School-Master's Assist- 

ant. By Jesse Guthrie, of Kentucky. 12° sheep (mar- 
gins of few leaves slightly torn). Lexington, Ky., 1804 

737 East Boston, Mass. History of; with biographical 

sketches of the early proprietors, and an appendix. 
Lithographic portraits, maps and illustrations. Thick 
8° cloth. Boston, 1858 

738 Eastlake, Charles L. Materials for a History of Oil 

Painting. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1847 

739 Eastlake. History of the Gothic Revival; an attempt 

to show how the taste for mediaeval architecture, which 
lingered in England during the last two centuries, has 
since been encouraged and developed. Numerous il- 
lustrations. Royal 8° cloth. London, 1872 


740 Eastlake. Hints on Household Taste in Furniture, 

Upholstery and other details. Edited by Charles C. 
Perkins. Colored plates and other illustrations. 8° 
cloth. Boston, 1872 

741 Eastwood, J., and W. A. Wright. The Bible Word- 

Book; a glossary of old English Bible words. 16° cloth. 

London, 1866 

742 Ebert, Frederic A. General Bibliographical Dictionary. 

4 vols. 8° calf, gilt back. Oxford, 1837 

743 Ebrietatis Encomium; or, the praise of drunkenness; 

wherein is authentically and most evidently praved the 
necessity of frequently getting drunk. By Boniface 
Oinophilus. Frontispiece. 16° original boards, uncut. 

London, 1812 

744 Eccentric Biography; or, memoirs of remarkable female 

characters, ancient and modern, including actresses, 
adventures, authoresses, fortune tellers, gipsies, dwarfs, 
swindlers, vagrants, etc. With fine portraits engraved 
by Mackenzie, J. Chapman, and others. 16° calf, gilt 
back. London, 1803 

745 "Echoes," Cartoons and Lyrics of the Time. First 

series. Numerous full-page illustrations. Oblong 4° 
new cloth. London, n. d. 

746 EpES, Robert T. Therapeutic Handbook of the United 

States Pharmacopoeia. 8° cloth. New York, 1883 

747 Edgeworth, Maria. A Study of. By Grace A. Oliver. 

Portraits and illustrations. 12° cloth. Boston, 1882 

748 Edinburgh. Catalogue of the Graduates, in the Facul- 

ties of Arts, Divinity and Law of the University of 
Edinburgh since its foundation. 8° cloth, uncut (bind- 
ing broken). Edinburgh, 1858 

749 Edinburgh Musical Miscellany; a collection of the most 

approved Scotch, English and Irish songs, set to music. 
Selected by D. Sime. Engraved frontispiece and vig- 
nette on titles. 2 vols. 12° new boards. 

Edinburgh, 1792 

750 Edwards, Charles. History and Poetry of Finger-Rings. 

Illustrations. 12° new cloth. New York, 1855 

751 Edwards, Edward. Memoirs of Libraries; including a 

handbook of library economy. Vol. 2. Portrait. Royal 
8° cloth. London, 1859 

752 Edwards, Frederick, Jr. Ventilation of Dwelling-Houses 

and the Utilization of Waste Heat from Open Fire- 
places. Plates. 8° cloth. London, t868 


753 Edwards, H. Collection of Old English Customs, and 

curious bequests and charities. Small 8° boards, uncut. 

London, 1843 

754 Edwards, Sutherland. History of the Opera, from Mon- 

teverde to Donizetti. 2 vols, small 8° new cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1862 

755 [Egan, Pierce.] Real Life in London: or, the rambles 

and adventures of Bob Tallyho, Esq., and his cousin, 
the Hon. Tom Dashall, through the Metropolis, exhib- 
iting a living picture of fashionable characters, manners 
and amusements in High and Low Life. By an Ama- 
teur. Embelished and illustrated with a series of color- 
ed prints, designed and engraved by Messrs. Aiken, 
Dighton, Brooke, Rowlandson, etc. 2 vols. S^half 
crimson morocco, gilt backs and tops. London, 1821 

756 Egan. The Life of an Actor. Dedicated to Edmund 

Kean, Esq. The poetical descriptions by T. Green- 
wood. Embellished with 27 fine colored characteristic 
plates designed and engraved by Theodore Lane; also 
several original designs on wood by Mr. Thompson. 
First ed. Royal 8° full light polished calf extra, gilt 
edges, by W. Pratt. London, 1825 

Extra Illustrated by the insertion of 60 extra portraits, includ- 
ing fine portraits of Mr. Kean as Lucius Junius Brutus ; Pierce 
Egan ; India proofs of Laurence Sterne, R. W. Elliston, Mr. Ox- 
berry, Miss F. Kemble as Juliet, Wm. Farren, Mrs. Edwin', Charles 
Young, Mr. Kean ; also plain or inlaid portraits of Miss O'Neil as 
Juliet ; Mr. Garrick, mezzotint by R. Laurie, after R. Dighton ; Mr. 
Holman ; George Colman (3), proof before letters ; Miss Duncan ; 
James Boswell ; Mr. Ryder as Sir John Restless ; Samuel Johnson 
(3) ; Congreve (2) ; Mr. Macklin, by J. Wright ; Goldsmith ; A. B. 
Sheridan (2) ; Mr. Dibdin (2) ; Mr. Oxberry as Justice Greely, 
colored portrait of George Cruikshank ; Mr. Dowton ; Mr. G. Smith ; 
Madame Catalani; Mr. Liston ; Philip Astley ; Miss Chester; Samuel 
Foot ; Mr. Emery ; Geo. F. Cooke ; Mr. Munden as Kit Sly, colored 
portrait by George Cruikshank ; William Pinkelthman as Don Lewis ; 
Madame Vestris ; Miss Paton ; Spranger Barry ; Henry Woodward, 
mezzotint after J. Reynolds ; George IV in his Infancy, etc. 

A fine, perfect copy. The French copy, without any extra illustra- 
tions, sold for |!6o. 

757 Egan. Pierce Egan's Finish to the Adventures of Tom, 

Jerry and Logic, in their pursuits through life in and 

out of London. First ed. 36 colored plates by Robert 

Cruikshank. 8° half crimson levant morocco, gilt top. 

:-i London, 1830 

759 Egan. Boxiana; or, sketches of Ancient and Modern 
Pugilism, comprising the only original and complete 
lives of the boxers. Illustrated with numerous por- 
traits, s vols. 8° new cloth. London. 

Text has been wet, the paper is a little wrinkled, and but very 
slightly stained. 


760 [Egerton.J Pieces of Ancient Popular Poetry; from 

authentic manuscripts and old printed copies! Adorned 
with cuts. Small 8° old calf. London, 1791 

761 Egypt Exploration Fund. Naville, Edouard. The Store- 

City of Pithom and the Route of the Exodus. 13 
plates and 2 maps. 4° boards, uncut. London, 1885 

762 Eldon, Lord Chancellor. Public and Private Life of. 

With selections from his correspondence. By Horace 
Twiss. Portraits. 3 vols. 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1844 

763 Ellis, George. Specimens of the Early English Poets. 

Rubricated title-pages. 3 vols. 12° half morocco, uncut 
(few leaves of one vol. slightly spotted). London. 

764 Ellis, Havelock. Studies in the Psychology of Sex. The 

evolution of modesty, the phenomena of sexual period- 
icity, Auto-Erotism. 8° cloth. Phila., 1900 

Printed for private circulation. 

765 Elliston, Robert W. Life and Enterprises of. By George 

Cruikshank and "Phiz." 12° original pictorial boards. 

London, 1857 

A very entertaining memoir of one of the most gentlemanly, ac- 
complished and versatile actors who adorned the English stage. 

766 Eloisa en Dishabille; being new version of that lady's 

celebrated epistle to Abelard, ascribed to Professor 
(Richard) Person. 12° wrappers, uncut. London, 1822 

Only 50 copies printed of this facetious poem ; contains also a 
Latin translation of " Unfortunate Miss Bailey " (a Captain Bold of 

767 Eloisa in Dishabille; an amatory poem by the late Pro- 

fessor Porson; also curtain lectures between a surly 
drunken husband and his inflexible, termagant wife, etc. 
With 8 curious colored plates by Williams. 12° boards, 
uncut. London, 1827 

768 Elton, Charles A. Specimens of the Classic Poets, in a 

chronological series, from Homer to Tryphiodorus. 
Translated into English verse and illustrated with bio- 
graphical and critical notices. 3 vols, full light calf, 
gilt backs. London, 1814 

769 Elwood, Mrs. Memoirs of the Literary Ladies of Eng- 

land. Portraits. 2 vols, small 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1843 

770 Elwyn, Alfred L. Glossary of Supposed Americanisms. 

12° cloth. Phila., 1859 

771 Ely, Talfouxd. Manual of Archaeology. Illustrations. 

8° cloth, uncut. New York, 1890 


772 Elzevir. Laus Asimi, in qua, preeter eius animalis laudes 

ac naturae propria, cum Politica non pauca, turn non- 
nuUa alia diverssae eruditionis, asperguntur. Small 4° 
new boards. Lug. Batavorum, 1633 

773 Emblems. Hadriani Junii Medici Emblemata, ad D. 

Arnoldum Cobeliura, Christophori Plantini, Antverpias, 
1565; — Metamorphoses Ovidii, per Johan Sprengium 
Augustan, Francofurti, 1563. Woodcuts. 12° stamped 

774 Emblems. Triomphe de I'Amour, sur toutes les creatures 

de I'Univers naifvement represent6. En devises et em- 
blemes Latins, Italiens, Frangois et Allemans. With 44 
engraved plates of emblems and 44 engraved pages of 
text. 16° old calf. Augspourg, 1695 

775 Emblems. Cammerius, J. Symbolorum ac Emblematum 

Ethico Politicorum. Numerous copperplates of em- 
blems. 12° old calf. Moguntiae, 1702 

776 Emblems. Moral Emblems; with aphorisms, adages and 

proverbs of all ages and nations, from Jacob Cats and 
Robert Farlie. Illustrations by John Leighton. Royal 
8° full morocco, gilt edges. New York, i860 

777 Embroiderer's Book of Design; containing initials, em- 

blems, cyphers, monographs, ornamental borders, etc. 
Collected and engraved by F. Delamotte. Oblong 12° 
boards. London, i860 

778 Emerson, R. W. The Dial; a monthly magazine for 

literature, philosophy and religion. Edited by M. D. 
Conway. Vol. I (all published). 8° half morocco. 

Cincinnati, i860 

Contains the first publication of " The Sacred Dance,', a poem, by 
R. W. Emerson. 

779 Emerson. Society and Solitude. First ed. 12° cloth. 

Boston, 1870 

780 Emerson. Parnassus, First ed. 12° cloth, gilt top. 

Boston, 1875 

Fine, clean copy. 

781 Emerson. Letters and Social Aims. First ed. 12° cloth. 

Boston, 1876 

782 Emerson. Correspondence of Thomas Carlyle and Ralph 

Waldo Emerson, 1834-72. Portraits. 2 vols. 12° cloth. 

Boston, 1883 
From the library of John S. Dwight, with his autograph. 

783 Emerson. Memoir of. By James Eliot Cabot. Portrait. 

2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1887 

From the library of John S. Dwight, with his autograph in each 
voulme. . 


784 Emerson. Ralph Waldo Emerson (a biography). By O. 

W.Holmes. First ed. Portrait. 13° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1885 

American Men of Letters series. 

Presentation copy, with autograph inscription, " John S. Dwight, 
with the kind regards of O. W. Holmes, Dec. lo, 1884." 

785 Encyclopaedia Americana. 13 vols., with supplement. 

Together 14 vols. 8° half morocco. Boston, 1853 

786 EncyclopjEdia Metropolitana. Edited by E. Smedley, 

H. J. and Henry J. Rose. 25 vols, with Index. Cop- 
plates. 26 vols. 4° half calf (2 bindings broken). 

London, 1845 

787 Encyclopedia of Love; being a selection from the ama 

tory poems of the most esteemed authors. Frontis- 
piece. 18° boards, uncut. London, 1809 

788 English (and Dutch) Schole-Master; or, certaine rules 

and helpes, whereby the natives of the Netherlands, 
may bee, in a short time, taught to read, understand, 
and speake the English tongue. Engraved title. Eng- 
lish and Dutch in parallel columns. 24° vellum. 

Amsterdam, 1663 
With bookplate of Richard Burton. 

789 English Hexapla; exhibiting the six important English 

translations of the New Testament Scriptures. The 
original Greek text after Scholz; preceded by an his- 
torical account of the English translations. Thick 4° 
half morocco. London, 1841 

790 English Songs. Essays on Song- Writing; with a collec- 

tion of such English Songs as are most eminent for 
poetical merit, with a supplement by R. H. Evans. 12° 
half morocco. London, 1810 

791 Ennemoser, Joseph. History of Magic. Translated by 

William Howitt. 2 vols. 12° half calf, gilt backs. 

London, 1854 
Contains stories of dreams, spirit-rapping, etc. 

792 Epitaphs. Collection of Epitaphs and Monumental In- 

scriptions, chiefly in Scotland. 12° cloth, uncut. 

Glasgow, 1 85 1 

793 Epitaphs. Gleanings in Graveyards; a collection of 

curious epitaphs. Edited by Horatio E. Norfolk. 12° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1861 

794 Erasmus. Erasmi Roterodami in adagiorum veterum 

atque insignium collectonea prefatio. Small 8° mottled 
calf. Jehan Petit: Argcntio, 1506 

70 CATALOGUii.. 

795 Erasmus in Praise of Folly, from the Latin into English. 

Illustrated with above 50 curious cuts, designed, drawn 
and etched by Hans Holbein, with his portrait and 
Erasmus. With Erasmus's Epistle addressed to Sir 
Thomas Moor. 16° old calf. London, n. d. 

Fine copy. 

796 Erotica Curiosa. Les Plaisants Devis des supposts du 

Seigneur de la Coquille, 1580; — Response di Geste de 
Arlequin au Poete, 1585; — Peripatetiques Resolutions 
et Remontrances sententievses du Docteur Buscam- 
bille; — La Prognostication des Prognostications; — Le 
Testameni a feu Gautier Gargville; — Le Retour du 
Brave Turlupin; — Oraison Funebre de Caresme Pre- 
nant; — Extaze Propinatoire de Maistre Guillaume; — 
Apologie de Guillot Goriv. Reprinted tracts. 18° half 
roan. Lyons, n. d. 

797 Erskine, Ralph. Gospel Sonnets; or, Spiritual Songs. 

Sixth ed., with large additions and great improvements. 
16° new cloth (lacks all after page 270). Boston, 1742 

798 EssAis Historiques sur les Modes et la Toilette Frangaise. 

Par !e Chevalier de *** Plates. 2 vols. 8° old calf, 

Paris, 1824 

799 Etchings. Series of Etchings after the Old Masters: 

Rembrandt, Diirer, Bergheim, M. Sadeler, Van Dyck, 
Claudius Gellee. Brilliant impressions. 30 plates. 4° 

800 Etheridge, Sir George. Works of: plays and poems. 

Edited, with critical notes and introduction, by A. 
Wilson Verity. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1888 

Only 500 copies printed. 

801 Etoniana, Ancient and Modern; being notes of the his- 

tory and traditions of Eton College. Republished from 
Blackwood's Magazine, with additions. 12° new cloth, 
uncut. Edinburgh, 1865 

802 Evans. Old Ballads, historical and narrative, with some 

of modern date; now first collected and reprinted from 
rare copies, with notes by Thomas Evans. 4 vols. 12° 
old calf. London, 1777 

803 Evelyn, John. Diary and Correspondence of; to which 

is subjoined the private correspondence between King 
Charles I and Sir Edward Nicholas. Edited by William 
Bray. Portraits. 4 vols, small 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1857 

804 Everett, Edward. Account of the Fund for the Relief 

of East Tennessee; with a complete list of contributors. 
8° paper. Boston, 1864 

Presentation copy from Edward Everett, with inscription on the 
original envelope. 


805 Everett. Great Issues now before the Country; an 
oration delivered at the New York Academy of Music, 
July 4, 1861. 8° limp cloth. New York, 1861 

807 Everett, Graham. English Caricaturists and Graphic 

Humourists of the Nineteenth Century; how they illus- 
trated and interpreted their times. Illustrations by 
Thackeray, Rowlandson, Leech, Cruikshank and others. 
4° cloth, uncut. London, 1886 

808 Every Man His Own Mechanic; a complete and compre- 

hensive guide to every description of constructive and 
decorative work. Illustrated with 750 engravings on 
wood. Thick 8° cloth. London, n. d. 

809 Every Night Book; or, life after dark. 12° boards, un- 

cut. London, 1827 

Sketches of public houses and theatres in London. 

810 Expert Orthographist; teaching to write true English 

Exactly, by Rule and not by Rote. By a Schoolmaster, 
of above Thirty Years' Standing, in London. 12° calf. 

London, 1704 

811 TT^ACETI.^ Facetiarum, hoc est Joco-Seriorum, fasci- 
JL cuius novus. Engraved title. 18° vellum. 

Pathopoli, 1645 

812 Facetiae. Musarum Delicae; or, the Muses Recreation; 

conteining the severall pieces of poetique wit by Sr. J. 
M. and Ja. S. 1656, and Wit Restor'd; also Wits Recrea- 
tions, with a thousand out-landish proverbs. 2 vols, 
small 8° paneled calf. London, 1817 

From the Hosmer Library. 

813 Faceti*. Les Muses du Foyer de I'Opera, choix des 

Poesies libres, galantes, Satyriques et autres, les plus 
agrdable qui ont circuld depuis quelques anndes dans les 
Soci^t^s galantes de Paris. Au Caff^ du Caveau, 1783; 
— Les Souvenirs de Madame de Caylus, Amsterdam, 
1770. Bound together. 8° calf, 
Very curious. 

814 Fairfax Correspondence: Memoirs of the Reign of 

Charles the First. Edited by George W. Johnson. Por- 
traits. 2 vols. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1848 

815 Fairholt, F. W. Gog and Magog; the giants in Guild- 

hall; their real and legendary history, with an account 
of other civic giants at home and abroad. Colored 
frontispiece and other illustrations. 16° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1859 

816 Fairholt. Tobacco; its history and associations. Illus- 

trations by the author. Small 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1859 


817 Fairholt. Costume in England; a history of dress, to 

which is appended an illustrated glossary of terms. 
Nearly 700 engravings by the author. Small 8° new 
cloth, uncut. London, i860 

818 Fanshawe, Cyril Aston. Book of Battle Songs; a collec- 

tion of the war songs of various nations. With remarks 
on the poetry of Martial Enthusiasm. 4° new cloth, 
gilt edges. • London. 

819 Faustus; his life, death and doom. Translated from the 

German. Small 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1864 

820 Fay, Edward A. Concordance of the Divina Commedia. 

8° cloth. Cambridge, 1888 

821 Felix Farley Rhymes, Latin and English. By Theman- 

inthemoon. Engraved title and plate. 16° new cloth, 
uncut. Bristol, 1826 

822 Female's Encyclopaedia of Useful and Entertaining 

Knowledge; comprising every branch of domestic econ- 
omy. Illustrated with 35 engravings by M. U. Sears. 
8° cloth, uncut (binding slightly worn). London, 1830 

823 Fenelon. Selections from the Writings of; with a memoir 

of his life. By a Lady. Second ed., revised and en- 
larged. 12° boards, uncut. Boston, 1829 

824 [Fenton, Richard.] Memoirs of an Old Wig. 8° boards, 

uncut. London, 1815 

825 [Fessenden, Thomas Green.] Terrible Tractoration ! ! 

A Poetical Petition against Galvanizing Trumpery and 
the Perkinistic Institution; — Democracy Unveiled, or 
Tyranny stripped of the Garb of Patriotism. Curious 
frontispiece, drawn by H. Singleton, engraved by W. 
Bond. Bound in one vol. 12° half calf, gilt back. 

New York and Boston, 1804-05 

826 Fidler, Isaac. Observations on Professions, Literature, 

Manners and Emigration in the United States and 
Canada, made during a residence there in 1832. 12° 
half roan, uncut. London, 1833 

827 Fielding, Henry. Works of. With memoir of the author, 

by Thomas Roscoe. New ed., illustrated by George 
Cruikshank. Thick 8° half calf. London, 1859 

828 Fields, James T. Yesterdays with Authors. First ed. 12° 

cloth. Boston, 1873 

With a. I. s. of Mrs. J. T. Fields inserted. 

829 Fields. James T. Fields; biographical notes and per- 

sonal sketches; with unpublished fragments and tributes 
from men and women of letters. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1881 
With autograph note of J. T. Fields inserted. 



830 FiGuiER, Louis. The Vegetable World ; being a history 

of plants. 470 illustrations, chiefly drawn from nature 
by M. Faguet. 8° calf, gilt back. New York, 1867 

831 FiGUiER. The World before the Deluge. New ed. By 

Henry W. Bristow. Illustrations. 8° calf, gilt back. 

New York, 1867 

832 FiGuiER. Reptiles and Birds; a popular account of their 

various orders. Illustrations. 8° calf, gilt back. 

New York, 1870 

833 FiLius, Th. Barth. De Holgerodano qui Caroli Magni 

tempore floruit, dissertatio historica. 16° half sheep. 

Hafniae, 1677 

834 FiRMiN-DiDOT. Nouvelle Biographic G6a6ra\e depuis les 

temps, les plus regul^s jusqu'a nos jours. 46 vols. 8' 
paper, uncut. Paris, 1862-77 

83s FisKE, John. Myths and Myth-makers. First ed. 12° 
cloth. Boston, 1873 

836 Fitzgerald, Percy. Romance of the English Stage. 12* 

cloth. Phila., 187s 

837 Fitzgerald. History of Pickwick; an account of its 

characters, localities, allusions and illustrations. With 
a bibliography. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1891 

838 Flagellation. Romance of Chastisement; or, revela- 

tions of the school and bedroom. By An Expert. Fron- 
tispiece. 12° cloth. Boston, 1876 

839 Flagellation. R6al, Antony. Story of the Stick in All 

Ages and Lands; its uses and abuses, as sceptre and as 
crook, as stay, as stimulus and as scourge. 12° new 
cloth. New York, 1875 

840 Flagg, William J. Three Seasons in European Vineyards. 

12° cloth. New York, 1869 

841 Flavel, John. Sacramental Meditations upon divers 

select places of Scripture. Sixth ed., enlarged. 18° old 
calf (title and a few leaves imperfect). 

B. Green: Boston, 1708 

842 Fleet's Pocket Almanack and Register for the Common- 

wealth of Massachusetts, from 1778 to 1786, 1788 to 
1792, 1794 to 1803, 1805 to 1814, 1816, '18, '19, '20, 
'23 to '26, '28, '29, '33, '34, '36, '37 and '40- 44 vols. 
16° half sheep and paper. Boston, 1778-1840 

The Almanac for 1778 lacks the title-page. 

843 Fletcher, John. The Woman-Hater. Small 4° half roan. 

London, 1648 
From the library of W. E. Burton. 


844 Fleur (La) des Chansons. Les grans Chansons Nou- 

velles qui sont en nombre Cent et dix. Woodcut. 
iBIttck Cetter. Small 4° half red crushed levant mo- 
rocco, uncut. n. p., n. d. 

845 Flint, Austin. Physiology of Man. 5 vols. 8° cloth, un- 

cut. New York, 1873 

Comprises : Nervous System ; — Secretion, Nutrition, Movements ; 
— Special Senses, Generation ; — Blood, Circulation, Respiration ; — 
Alimentation, Digestion, Absorption. 

846 Flogel's Geschichte des Grotesk-Romischen. Von Dr. 

F. W. Ebeling. Portrait and colored plates. 8° cloth. 

Leipzig, 1862 

Contains the famous statue of the boy, erected in Brussels ; also 
other curious and facetious plates. 

847 Florian. Fables de Florian. Illustr^es par Victor Adam. 

Prdc6d^es d'une notice par Charles Nodier. Plates. 
Royal 8° half morocco, uncut, gilt top. Paris, n. d. 

848 FooTE, Edward B. Plain Home Talk; embracing Medi- 

cal Common Sense. Portrait and illustrations. 12° 
cloth. New York, 1892 

849 Forbes, Duncan. Oriental Penmanship; an essay for 

facilitating the reading and writing of the Ta'lik Char- 
acter. Illustrations. 4° cloth. London, 1849 

850 Forbes, Robert B. Personal Reminiscences. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1878 

851 FoRSTER, Thomas I. M. Philosophia Musarum; contain- 

ing the songs and romances of the Piper's Wallet, Pan, 
the Harmonia Musarum and other miscellaneous poems. 
First ed. Frontispiece. 8° new cloth, uncut (original 
wrappers, slightly torn, bound in). Bruges, 1845 

Presentation copy, with inscription, " Dawson Turner, from the 

852 Fort, G. F. Medical Economy during the Middle Ages; 

a contribution to the history of European morals. 8° 
cloth, uncut. New York, 1883 

853 FosBROKE, Thomas Dudley. Encyclopaedia of Antiquities 

and Elements of Archaeology, Classical and Mediaeval. 
Portrait and numerous copperplates. 3 vols. 4° half 
morocco, uncut. London, 1825 

854 Fox, Charles James. Memorials and Correspondence of. 

Edited by Lord John Russell. 2 vols. 8° new cloth, 
uncut. London, 1853 

856 Fox, John. Third Volume of the Ecclesiastical History; 
containing the Acts and Monuments of Martyrs. Wood- 
cut illustrations. Folio, old calf (broken). 

London, 1684 


857 Fracastoro. Delia Slfilide, overo del morbo gallico di 

Girolamo Fracastoro. Libri tre volgarizzati da Vin- 
cenzo Benini, con annotazioni. Portrait. 8° paper, 
uncut. Milano, 1825 

858 Francatelli, Charles E. Royal Confectioner, English 

and Foreign; a practical treatise on the art of confec- 
tionery in all its branches. Illustrations. 8" cloth, 
uncut. London, 1866 

859 Francaises (Les), ou XXXIV Exemples choisis, dans les 

Mceurs actuelles, propres k diriger les Filles, les 
Femmes, les Epouses et les Mferes. 4 vols. ia° new 
cloth. Neufchatel, 1786 

860 Fracisque-Michel. a Critical Inquiry into the Scottish 

Language with the View of Illustrating the Rise and 
Progress of Civilization in Scotland. Thick 4" half 
morocco, uncut, gilt top. Edinburgh, 1882 

Only 500 copies printed. 
86 r Franklin, Mass. Picturesque Franklin. Numerous half- 
tone illustrations. Royal 4* cloth. Springfield, 1891 

862 Franklin Imprint. The Charter, Laws and Catalogue 

of Books of the Library Company of Philadelphia. 
Small 8° half morocco. 

Printed by B. Franklin and D. Hall: Phila., 1764 
Fine, clean copy. 

863 Freedley, Edwin T. Leading Pursuits and Leading 

Menj a treatise on the principal trades and manufac- 
tures of the United States. Colored frontispiece. 8° 
cloth. Phila., 1854 

864 Freeman, G. E., and Salvin, F. H. Falconry; its claims, 

history and practice, to which are added remarks on 
training the Otter and Cormorant. Frontispiece. Small 
8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

865 [Freeman, Sir Ralph.] Imperiale; a tragedy. First ed. 

8° half vellum, London, 1655 

866 Freneau, Philip. Poems on Various Subjects, but chiefly 

illustrative of the events and actors in the American 
War of Independence. Reprinted from the rare edition 
printed at Philadelphia in 1786. 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1861 

867 Frere, John Hookham. Works of, in verse and prose. 

With memoir by the Right Hon. Sir Bartle Frere. Por- 
trait. Second ed., revised. 3 vdls. 12° new cloth, 
uncut. New York (London), 1874 

868 Frith, W. Powell. My Autobiography and Reminis- 

cences. 3 portraits. 3 vols. 8° half calf, uncut, gilt 
backs and tops. London, 1887 


869 Froissart, Sir John, Chronicles of England, France, 

Spain and the Adjoining Countries. Translated by 
Thomas Johnes. Illustrations. 2 vols, royal 8° cloth. 

London, 1857 

870 Frothingham, Octavius Brooks. Transcendentalism in 

New England ; a history. Portrait. 12° cloth. 

New York, 1S76 
From the library of John S. Dwight, with his autograph. 

871 Frothingham. Boston Unitarianism; a study of the life 

and works of Nathaniel Langdon Frothingham. 12° 
cloth. New York, 1890 

872 Froude, James A. History of England. 12 vols. 12° 

cloth (4 vols, rebacked). London, 1870 

873 Fry, Edmund. Pantographia; containing accurate copies 

of all the known alphabets in the world; together with 
an English explanation of the peculiar force or power 
of each. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1799 

874 Fry, John. Bibliographical Memoranda; in illustration 

of early English Literature. Small 4° half calf. 

Bristol, 1816 
Only 100 copies printed. 

875 Fuller. Margaret Fuller Ossoli (a biography). By T. 

W. Higginson. First ed. Portrait. la" cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1884 

American Men of Letters Series. 

From the library of John S. Dwight, with his autograph. 

876 Fuller, Thomas. History of the University of Cam- 

bridge, from the Conquest to the year 1634. Edited 
by M. Prickett and T. Wright. Maps. 8° new cloth, 
uncut. Cambridge, 1840 

877 Fulton, Justin D. Why Priests Should Wed. Illustra- 

tions. 12° pictorial cloth. Boston, (1888) 

878 Fun for the Million; or, the Laughing Philosopher: con- 

sisting of several thousand of the best jokes, witticisms, 
puns, epigrams, etc. Frontispiece. Square 12° half 
morocco. London, 1835 

879 Fun. Vols, i to 6. Numerous illustrations. 6 vols. 4° 

original pictorial boards. (Vol. I rebacked.) 

London, 1863-64 

880 Furniture. The Cabinet-Maker's Sketch-Book; a series 

of original details for modern furniture. By P. Thom- 
son. Plates. Folio, cloth. Glasgow, n. d. 

881 Furniture Designs. The Chair and Sofa Manufacturers' 

Book of Designs. By Henry Lawford. 98 plates. 
Oblong 12° cloth (shaken). London. 


882 FuRSTEiN, Paulas, Kunstrichtige Schreibart Allehande 
Versalie; ode Anfangs Buchstabe der Deut'schen, 
Lateinischen und Italianischen Schriffter aus unter- 
schiedlishen Meistern de Edlen Schreibkunst. With 
numerous woodcut illustrations of initial letters. Small 
folio, vellum. Nurnberg, n. d. 

883 /^ ALANTERIANA, ou choix de propos joyeux at 
VJ d'Anecdotes galantes, auciennes et modernes, na- 

tionales et 6trang&res. Par un ancien Capitaine de 
Dragons. Vol. I. 12° half roan. Paris, 1814 

884 Gale, Norman. Country Muse; — Orchard Songs. 2 vols. 

12° cloth, uncut. New York, 1893 

885 (SSolcn. Galen's Bookes of Elementes, as they be in the 

epitome (which may very aptly in my iudgement be en- 
tituled for the better understanding of the readers, the 
originall of all things naturall in the whole worlde: 
confuting as well the errours of all them that went 
before time as that hath, or shal folowe hereafter of 
the Paracelcians: maruelious pleasaunt and most ac- 
ceptable for all sharpe wittes, desirous of wisdome). 
Published foorth of Latine into English by John Jones, 
Phisition. Imprinted by William Jones, dwelling in 
Paule's church-yarde, at the southwest doore of Paule's, 
and are there to be solde. pp. 14. Slock CfiUer. Small 
4° paper. London, 1574 

Fine, clean copy. 

886 Galt, John. Lives of the Players. 2 vols. 12° new cloth. 

London, 1831 

887 Gannett. Ezra Stiles Gannett, Unitarian Minister in 

Boston, 1824-71; a memoir. By his son, William C. 
Gannett. Steel portrait. Thick 8° cloth. Boston, 1875 

888 Garner, John. Dictionnaire Universel Frangois-Anglois, 

et Anglois-Frangois. 2 vols. 4° calf (worn). Rouen, 1802 

889 Garratt, Alfred C. Myths in Medicine and Old-Time 

Doctors. Illustrations. 12° cloth. New York, 1884 

890 Garrick, David. Private Correspondence of; with the 

most celebrated persons of his time. Now first pub- 
lished from the originals and illustrated with notes and 
a new biographical memoir of Garrick. 2 vols, royal 8° 
new cloth. London, 183 1 

891 Gauger, M. Fires Improved; or, a new method of build- 

ing chimnies so as to prevent their smoking, ii folding 
copperplates. 8° half sheep. London, 1736 


892 Gay, John. Fables, Poems and Plays. Plates (foxed). 

4 vols. 12° new cloth, 

J. & R. Tonson: London, 1760-67 

893 Gay. Fables. With a life of the author and embellished 

with a plate to each fable. 65 copperplate engravings. 
Royal 8° calf. London, 1703 

894 Gay. The' Beggar's Opera. Written by Mr. Gay. To 

which is prefixed the overture and score; and the 
musick to each song, Lond., 1765; — Town and Country, 
a Comedy, in five acts, by Thomas Norton, London, 
1807. 8° half calf. 
89s Gay, Joseph. The Confederates; a farce. First ed. pp. 
40. 8° stitched. London, 17x7 

896 G£nin, F. Rdcrdations Physiologiques. 2 vols. 8° paper, 

uncut. Paris, 1856 

897 Gentleman's (The) Recreation; in four parts, viz,. 

Hunting, Hawking, Fowling, Fishing. Engraved title. 
8° calf. London, 1706 

Fine old bookplate of Harry Benson. 

898 Gentleman's Magazine Library. Edited by George L. 

Gomme. 5 vols. 8° white cloth, uncut (bindings soiled). 

Comprising : Romano-British Remains, part i ; — Architectural 
Antiquities, part 2 ; — English Topography, parts 1, 2 and 3. 

899 George the Fourth. Memoirs of; descriptive of the 

most interesting scenes of his private and public life, 
with characteristic sketches of all the celebrated men 
who were his friends and companions as a Prince. By 
Robert Huish. Portraits and plates. 2 vols. 8° straight- 
grained blue morocco, gilt, gilt backs and edges. 

London, 1830 

900 George IV. Memoirs of; descriptive of the most inter- 

esting scenes of his private and public life, and the im- 
portant events of his memorable reign. By Robert 
Huish. Steel portraits and plates. 2 vols. 8° cloth, 
uncut (one binding loose). London, 1831 

901 Gerald, Jules. Lion-Hunting and Sporting Life in Al- 

geria. Illustrations. 12° cloth. London, 1857 

902 Gerhard, W. Paul. Hints on the Drainage and Sewer- 

age in Dwellings. Illustrations. 12° cloth. 

New York, 1884 

903 Gesnerus Johannes M. Novus Linguje et Eruditionis 

Romanse Thesaurus. Copperplate portrait. 4. vols, 
bound in 2 vols, folio, old calf. Lipsise, 1749 

904 Gibbings. Exact Reprint of the Roman Index Expurga- 

torius. Edited with a preface by Richard Gibbings. 
12° new cloth, uncut. Dublin, 1837 


90s Gibbon, Edward. History of the Decline and Fall of the 
Roman Empire. With notes by Dean Milman and M. 
Guizot. Edited, with additional notes, by William 
Smith. Portrait and maps. 8 vols. 8° new cloth. 

Boston, 1854 

906 Gilbert, W. S. Songs of a Savoyard. Illustrated by 

the author. 8° cloth. London, (1890) 

907 Gilchrist. Orierttal Fabulist; or, Polyglot translations 

of ^sop's and other ancient fables, from the English 
language, into Hindoostanee, Persian, Arabic, Brij, 
Bhakha, Bougla and Sunkrit, in the Roman characters, 
by various hands, under the direction and superintend- 
ence of John Gilchrist. Small 8° new cloth. 

Calcutta, 1803 

908 Gilder, Richard Watson. The New Day; a poem in 

songs and sonnets. First ed. Square 12° new cloth. 

New York, 1876 

909 Gillespie, W. M. Manual of the Principles and Practice 

of Road-Making and Railroads. Illustrations. 8° cloth. 

New York, 1853 

910 Gillies, R. P. Memoirs of a Literary Veteran; includ- 

ing sketches and anecdotes of the most distinguished 
literary characters from 1794 to 1849. 3 vols, small 
8° new cloth, uncut. London, 185 1 

911 Gillray, James. Works of; from original plates, with 

the addition of many subjects not before collected. 45 
illustrations. Elephant folio, half morocco (corner of 
plates slightly water-stained). H. G. Bohn: London. 

This is the thin volume of satirical and facetious plates. 

91a Gilpin, William S. Practical Hints upon Landscape Gar- 
dening; with some remarks on domestic architecture. 
Illustrations. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1835 

913 Gilpin. Picturesque Scenery in Great Britain. 171 

tinted plates. 8 vols. 8° calf. London, 1800 

Comprises : Forest Scenery, 2 vols. ; — West of England ; — River 
Wye ; — ^Northern Tour, 2 vols. ; — Three Essays ; — Essay on Prints. 

914 Gleaner (The); or, entertaining pocket companion; be- 

ing a choice collection of moral, musical and humour- 
ous essays, tales and poems. Steel portrait and vig- 
nette engravings by J. Chapman and others. 16° half 
calf. Stourport, n. d, 

915 Goethe, J. Wolfgang. Faustus. Portrait. 8° boards, 

uncut. London, 1821 

916 Goethe. Faust; a tragedy. Translated into English 

verse by J. Birch. Outline plates. Thick royal 8° new 
cloth, uncut. London, 1839 


917 Goethe. Faust; a drama. With translations by Lord 

Francis Leveson Gower. Portrait. 2 vols. 16° new 
cloth. London, 1825 

918 Goethe. Faust; a tragedy. Translated into English 

verse, with notes, by J. S. Blackie. 12° new cloth. 

London, 1834 

919 Goethe. Faust; a dramatic poem. Translated into 

English verse by Theodore Martin. 12° cloth, uncut. 

Edinburgh, 1865 

920 Goethe. Poems of. Translated in the original metres, 

with a sketch of Goethe's life. By Edgar A. Bowring. 
12° new cloth, uncut. London, 1853 

921 Goethe. Dramatic Works; — Novels and Tales; — Wil- 

helm Meister; — Autobiography. Portrait. 5 vols. 12° 
half calf, gilt backs. Bohn: London, i860 

922 GoLAGRUS and Gawane. The Knightly Tale of Golagrus 

and Gawane, and other ancient poems. Printed at 
Edinburgh by W. Chepman and A. Myllar, 1508. 4° 
half morocco, uncut. Reprinted: 1827 

A fire having occurred while this book was being printed, the few 
copies that were saved have some leaves scorched like this copy. 
Very scarce. 

923 [Goldsmith, Lewis.] Revolutionary Plutarch; exhibit- 

ing the most distinguished characters, literary, military 
and political, in the recent annals of the French Re- 
public. Fine portraits of Moreau and Pichegru. 3 
vols. 12° calf, gilt backs. London, 1805 

924 Goldsmith, Oliver. Works of. With introductions, 

notes and a life, by John F. Waller. Portrait and nu- 
merous illustrations. Royal 8° cloth. London, n. d. 

925 Goldsmith. History of the Earth and Animated Na- 

ture. Copperplates. 6 vols. 8° calf, gilt backs. 

London, 1805 

926 Goldsmith. History of England, from the earliest times 

to the death of George IL Portraits. 4 vols. 12° mot- 
tled calf. Perth, 1792 

927 Goldsmith. Roman History. 2 vols. 8° calf, gilt backs. 

London, 1805 

929 Goldsmith. Life and Times of. By John Forster. Por- 

traits and illustrations. 2 vols. 8° full light calf, gilt 
backs. London, 187 1 

930 Goodhugh, William. English Gentleman's Library Man- 

ual; with original notices, biographical and critical. 
Steel portrait. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1827 

931 Goodrich, S. G. Parley's Cabinet Library. Frontis- 

pieces. 19 vols. 12° half roan. Boston, 1845 


932 Goodwin, Thomas. Aggravation of Sinne and Sinning, 

against Knowledge and Mercie. 18° old calf. 

London, 1638 
Goodwin was a high Calvinist and independent. He wrote much 
and well ; his works are scarce. — Lotvndes. 

933 Gorton, John. General Biographical Dictionary. New 

ed., to which is added a supplementary volume. 4 
vols. 8° half calf, gilt backs. London, 1851 

934 GowER. Confessio Amantis of John Gower. Edited and 

collated, with the best manuscripts, by Dr. Reinhold 
Pauli. Rubricated title-pages. 3 vols. 8° new cloth 
(edges of one vol. soiled). Bell & Daldy: London, 1857 
Printed at the Chiswick Press. 

935 Gower, Lord Ronald. My Reminiscences. Portrait and 

plate. 2 vols, in one. ia° cloth. Boston, 1884 

937 Grahau, Sylvester. Lecture to Young Men (on the Sci- 

ence of Life). 12° cloth. Providence, 1834 

938 Grandville, J. J. Les Fleurs Anim6es. Introductions 

par Alph. Karr, texte par Taxile Delore. Finely col- 
ored plates. Imperial 8° morocco, gilt edges. 

Paris, 1847 

939 Granier de Cassagnac, M. A. Histoire des Origines de 

la Langue Frangaise. 8° half morocco. Paris, 1872 

940 Granville, A. B, The Spas of England and Principal 

Sea-Bathing Places. Woodcuts. 3 vols. 12° half calf. 

London, 1841 

941 Grattan, Thomas CoUey. Civilized America. Map. 2 

vols. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

942 Gray, George Z. The Children's Crusade; an episode of 

the thirteenth Century. 12' cloth. New York, 1871 

943 Gray, James, and Maidment, J. J. B. The Banquet of 

Wit; being a varied selection of anecdotes, bon mots, 
etc. 12° cloth, uncut. Pickering & Co, : London, 1882 

944 Greek Lexicon, 1497. (Imperfect at beginning and end, 

leaves at the end mildewed.) Folio, old calf (rebacked). 

Aldus: Venetiis, 1497 
The first Lexicon published and a monument to the Aldus Press, 
printed in the Greek type, which they did so much to perfect. 

945 Greenwood, James. Essay towards a Practical English 

Grammar, describing the genius and nature of the Eng- 
lish tongue. 12° old calf. London, 1711 

946 Greenwood. Unsentimental Journeys; or, byways of the 

Modern Babylon. Illustrations. 12° cloth, gilt edges. 

London, 1867 


947 Greg, R. P. Comparative Philology of the Old and New 

Worlds in Relation to Archaic Speech. Accompanied 
by copious vocabularies. Imperial 8° cloth. 

London, 1893 

948 Gr^goire, H. De la Litt^rature des Nfegres. 8° paper, 

uncut. Paris, 1808 


949 Gregorii de Valentia Societatis Jesu. Libri quinque de 

Trinitate. 4° vellum. Ingolstadii, 1586 

950 Grenville Papers; being the correspondence of Richard 

Grenville, Earl Temple and the Right Hon. George 
Grenville, their friends and contemporaries. Edited, 
with notes, by William James Smith. 4 vols. 8° full 
blue calf (a few edges slightly discolored by water). 

Murray; London, 1852 

951 Greville Memoirs; a journal of the Reigns of King 

George IV and King William IV. By C. C. F. Greville. 
Edited by Henry Reeve. 3 vols. 8" new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1874 

952 Griffin, Gregory. The Microcosm; a periodical work. 

12° boards, uncut. London, 1825 

953 Griffiths, Arthur. Chronicles of Newgate. New ed. 

Illustrations. 8° cloth, uncut. New York, 1884 

954 Grimm. Old Danish Ballads. Translated from Grimm's 

collection. By an amateur. 8° new boards, uncut. 

London, 1856 

955 Gronow. Captain Gronow's Recollections and Anec- 

dotes of the Camp, the Court and the Clubs at the 
Close of the Last War with France. New ed., compris- 
ing the first and second series. Illustrations. 12° cloth. 

London, 1864 

956 Grose, Francis. The Antiquities of England and Wales. 

New ed. With numerous copperplate engravings. 8 
vols. 4° mottled calf. London, (1781) 

957 Grose. The Olio; being a collection of essays, dia- 

logues, letters, epigrams, epitaphs, etc. Second ed., 
corrected and enlarged, with a portrait of the author. 
8° calf. London, 1796 

958 Grose. Advice to the Officers of the British and Irish 

Armies; with the addition of some hints to the Drum- 
mer and Private Soldier. 16° paper, uncut. 

London printed: Dublin reprinted, 1789 

959 GuizoT, F. History of Civilization. Portraits. 3 vols. 

12° new cloth. London, 1856 

960 GuizoT. History of the Origin of Representative Gov- 

ernment in Europe. 12° half calf, gilt back. 

Bohn: London, 1852 


961 GuLiSTAN (The)j or, Flower- Garden of Shaikh Sadi of 

Shiraz. Translated into English by John Ross. From 
the Persian text of Gentius. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1823 

962 Gunning, Henry. Reminiscences of the University, 

Town and County of Cambridge, from the year 1780. 
Portrait. 2 vols. 8° new cloth (one title soiled). 

London, 1854 

963 GuTCH. A Lytell Geste of Robin Hode; with other an- 

cient and modern ballads and songs relating to this 
celebrated yeoman; to which is prefixed his history and 
character. Edited by John Mathew Gutch, Adorned 
with cuts by F. W. Fairholt. 2 vols. 8° half calf, gilt 
backs. London, 1847 

964 Gyll, Gordon W. J. Tractate on Language. 8' new 

cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

965 Gypsies. Historical Survey of the Customs, Habits and 

Present State of the Gypsies. By John Hoyland. 8' 
boards, uncut. York, 1817 

066 T Take, a. Egmont. Paris Originals. 20 etchings 
X X by L^on Richeton. 8° cloth. London, 1878 

967 Hale. To-Day; a Boston Literary Journal. Edited by 

Charles Hale. Vols, i and 2. 2 vols. 8° in parts, un- 
cut. Boston, 1853 
With a. I. s. of the editor laid in. 

968 Hale, Edward E. Kanzas and Nebraska; the history, 

geography, etc., of those territories (with historical ac- 
counts of the Indians). Map. 12° cloth. Boston, 1854 
With a. I. s. of the author inserted. 

969 Hale, E. E., and Susan. Family Flight through France, 

Germany, Norway and Switzerland. Numerous Illus- 
trations. Square 8° cloth. Boston, (188 1) 
With a. I. J. of E. E. Hale inserted. 

970 Hale. Sheets for the Cradle. Edited by Susan Hale. 

Vol. I, 6 nos. (all published). 4° sheets folded. 

Boston, 1875 
With a. I. s. of the editor laid in. 
Edited for the Fair of the Children's Hospital. 

971 Hale, Sarah J. Complete Dictionary of Poetical Quo- 

tations. Steel plates. Royal 8° new cloth. Phila., 1857 

972 Hale. Woman's Record; or, sketches of all distin- 

guished women from the creation to 1868. Portraits. 
Royal 8° new cloth. New York, 1870 

973 Hall. Capt. Basil. Patchwork. First ed. 3 vols. 12° 

half calf. E. Moxon: London, 1841 


974 [Hall, S. C. ] Book of Costume; or, annals of fashion, 

from the earliest period to the present time. By " A 
Lady of Rank." Illustrated with upwards of 200 en- 
gravings on wood. New ed. 8° half morocco, uncut. 

London, 1847 

975 Hallam, Henry. Constitutional History of England. 2 

vols. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1850 

976 Hallam. Introduction to the Literature of Europe. 4 

vols. 12' new cloth, uncut (name on titles). 

London, i860 

977 Halliwell, James O. The Voiage and Travaile of Sir 

John Maundeville. Reprinted from the edition of 1725. 
With an introduction, additional notes and glossary, by 
J. O. Halliwell. Curious woodcuts. 8° new cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1839 

978 Halliwell. Merry Tales of the Wise Men of Gotham. 

12° wrappers (cover soiled). London, 1840 

979 Halliwell. Manuscript Rarities of the University of 

Cambridge. 8° new boards, uncut. London, 1841 

980 Halliwell. The Jokes of the Cambridge Coffee Houses 

in the Seventeenth Century. 18° new boards, original 
wrappers bound in (a few leaves at end stained). 

Cambridge, 1842 

981 Halliwell. Nugae Poeticse; select pieces of old Eng- 

lish popular poetry, illustrating the manners and arts 
of the 15th Century. 16° cloth, uncut. London, 1844 

Only 100 copies printed. 

982 Halliwell. The Poetry of Witchcraft; illustrated by 

copies of the Plays on the Lancashire Witches, by 
Heywood and Shadwell. 4° new cloth (text has been 
somewhat stained by water, but still a good reference 
book). Brixton Hill, 1853 

The edition strictly limited to 80 copies. Printed for private cir 
culation only. 

983 Halliwell. Catalogue of an Unique Collection of An- 

cient English Broadside Ballads; with notes of the 
tunes and imprints. Small 8° half roan, new board 
sides, uncut (corners of last few leaves water-stained). 

London, 1856 
Printed at the Chiswick Press. 

984 Halliwell. A Lyttle Boke gevinge a True and Brief 

Accounte of some Reliques and Curiosities added of 
late to Mr. Halliwell's Shakespeare Collection. Plate. 
Royal 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

Only 2 tj copies privately printed. 


985 Halliwkll. Books of Characters, Illustrating the Hab- 

its and Manners of Englishmen from the Reign of 
James I to the Restoration. Thick 4° half morocco, 
uncut, gilt top. London, 1857 

Large Paper : only 25 copies printed. 

986 Halliwell. The Droll of the Bouncing Knight, or the 

Robbers Robbed; to which is added the Droll of the 
Gravemakers : both constructed out of Shakespeare's 
plays about 1647 and acted at Bartholomew and other 
fairs. Square 16° roxburghe, uncut. London, i860 
Only 30 copies printed for the editor at the Chiswick Press. 

987 Halliwell. Historical Sketch of the Provincial Dialects 

of England. Illustrated by numerous examples. Royal 
8° cloth, uncut. Albany, 1863 

Large Paper, 

988 Hamilton, Count Anthony. Fairy Tales and Romances. 

Translated by M. Lewis, H. T. Hyde and C. Kenney. 
Portrait. 12" calf, gilt back (title-page soiled). 

Bohn : London, 1849 

989 Hamilton, Lady Augusta, Marriage Rites, Customs and 

Ceremonies. Portrait. 8° half calf. London, 1822 

990 Hamilton, William. Poems and Songs of. Collated 

with the Ms. volume of his poems and containing sev- 
eral pieces hitherto unpublished. With illustrative 
notes and an account of the life of the author. By 
James Paterson. Portrait. Small 8° half morocco, un- 
cut. Edinburgh, 1850 

991 Hammond, William A. Cerebral Hypersemia; the result 

of mental strain or emotional disturbance. 12° cloth. 

New York, 1878 

992 Hampson, R. T. Origines Patricias; or, a deduction of 

European titles of nobility and dignified ofiSces, from 
their primitive sources. 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1846 

993 Hancoke, John. Febrifugum Magnum; or, common 

water the best cure for fevers, and probably for the 
plague, with a discourse of curing the chin-cough by 
water. 8° half calf (worn). London, 1724 

994 Hancock Thanksgiving Proclamation. Broadside, folio, 


995 Hanger, Col. George. Life, Adventures and Opinions 

of. Written by himself. 2 vols. 8° half calf. 

London, 1801 

Contains advice to the fair sex on matrimony, compulsory wed- 
lock, polygamy, and on the misery of female prostitution. 


996 Hansard, George A. Book of Archery; being a com- 

plete history and practice of the art, ancient and mod- 
ern. Plates. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1841 

997 Hanway, Jonas. On the Death of Mr. George Peters, 

Jan., at St. Petersburgh; poem (signed by Jonas Han- 
way). 4° calf (rebacked). Privately printed: 1780 

A notable example of the private press of the philanthropist, 
Jonas Hanway. 

It will be remembered that Hanway was the first man to carry an 
umbrella in England. 

998 Harland, John, and Wilkinson, T, T. Lancashire Folk- 

Lore; illustrative of the superstitious beliefs and prac- 
tices, local customs and usages of the people of the 
County Palatine. Small 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1867 

999 Harrington, Sir John. Nugse Antiquae; being a mis" 

cellaneous collection of original papers in prose and 
verse. With illustrative notes by Thomas Park. 2 
vols. 8° straight grained red morocco, gilt edges. 

London, 1804 

1000 Harris, John. Lexicon Technicum; or, an universal 
English dictionary of arts and sciences. Portrait by 
G. White and illustrations. 2 vols, folio, old panelled 
calf (broken). London, 1725-33 

looi Harrison Broadside. Order of Performance of the 

Funeral Solemnities in Faneuil Hall, 1841, on the 

death of William Henry Harrison, President of the 
United States. Folio. 

1002 Harrison Melodies. Published under the direction of 

the Boston Harrison Club. Portrait on cover. 18° 
original wrappers. Boston, 1840 

Presentation copy from the President (Gov. Henry J. Gardner). 
Contains original songs by Gov. John A. Andrew, Gov. Gardner, 
and others. 

1003 Harte, F. Bret. Condensed Novels and other papers. 

Illustrations. First ed. 13° original cloth. 

New York, 1867 
Fine, clean copy. 

1004 Harte. Luck of Roaring Camp and other sketches. 

First ed. 12° new cloth. Boston, 1870 

1005 Harte. The Heathen Chinee. Illustrated by Joseph 

Hull. First ed. 9 plates. la' in the original wrap- 
pers. Western News Co. : Chicago, 1870 

Nearly all the edition was destroyed in the great fire in Chicago. 

1006 Harte. Mrs. Skagg's Husbands. First ed. 12° cloth. 

Boston, 1873 


1007 Hartford, Conn. History of the Hartford Convention, 

with a review of the policy of the United States Gov- 
ernment, which led to the War of 181 ». By Theodore 
Dwight. 8° cloth, Boston, 1833 

1008 Hartshorne, Rev. C. H. Book Rarities in the Univer- 

sity of Cambridge; illustrated by original letters and 
notes, biographical, literary and antiquarian. Frontis- 
piece. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1829 

1009 Harvey, Gideon. The Third Edition of the Vanities of 

Philosophy and Physick. 12° old calf (binding broken, 
name on title). London, 1702 

1010 Harvey, William. Exercitationes de Generatione Ani- 

malium, quibus accedunt quaedam de Fartu, de Mem- 
branis ac humoribus uteri, et de conceptione. 18° 
new boards. 

Ludovicum Elzevirium: Amstelodami, 1651 

loii Haslewood, Joseph. Ancient Critical Essays upon 
English Poets and Poesy. 2 vols. 4° full tree calf, 
gilt edges. London. 

With a page of Dedication to Josephe Hardynge, which is in no 
other copy, with an autograph letter to Harding presenting these 
volumes to him. The top margins are slightly injured by water. 

1012 Hawaiian Islands. Contributions of the Venerable 

Savage to the Ancient History of the Hawaiian Is- 
lands. Translated from the French of M. Jules Remy, 
by W. T. Brigham, 8' paper. 

Privately printed : Boston, 1868 

1013 Hawkins, Laetitia Matilda. Memoirs. Anecdotes, Facts 

and Opinions. 2 vols, small 8° half calf. London, 1824 

1014 Hawkins, Thomas. Origin of the English Drama ; illus- 

trated in its various species, viz., mystery, morality, 
tragedy and comedy. With explanatory notes. 3 vols, 
small 8° half morocco, uncut. Oxford, 1773 

1015 Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Grandfather's Chair; a his- 

tory for youth. First ed. 32° original cloth, paper 
label on front cover. Boston, 1841 

Fine, clean copy in original binding. 

French copy brought jS6i. ; Appleton copy $76. 

1016 [Hawthorne ] Catalogue of the Officers and Students 

of Bowdoin College and the Medical School of Maine, 
1822, '23, '34 and '25. 4 pamphlets 8° stitched. 

Joseph Griffin: Brunswick, 1822-25 

These catalogues contain the names of Nathaniel Hawthorne, 
Henry W. and Stephen Longfellow, who were class-mates in college. 
One has autograph of Parker Cleaveland. 


1017 Hawthorne, Esthetic Papers. Edited by Elizabeth 

P. Peabody. 8° wrappers, uncut (top margins water- 
stained and marginal notes in pencil). Boston, 1849 

Contains original contributions by Hawthorne, Emerson, Thoreau, 
J. S. Dwight and others. 

1018 Hawthorne. The Legend of Pandora; a series of 6 

pencil drawings by Sophia Hawthorne, after Flaxman's 
designs, on tracing cloth, with a specially illuminated 
cover in water-colors and pen work, by Una Haw- 
thorne, in style of the old miniatures and Books of 
Hours; the rear cover having a sepia drawing of two 
cupids. Oblong 4°, tied with pink ribbon. 

This was contributed by Mrs. Hawthorne for the benefit of the 
"Colored Orphan's Fair," held at Concord, Mass. 
A unique Hawthorne item. 

1019 Hay, D. R. Laws of Harmonious Colouring, adapted 

to interior decorations. Colored plates. 

Edinburgh, 1847 

1020 Hay, John. Pike County Ballads. First ed. 12° new 

cloth, original cloth back. Boston, 187 1 

1021 Haydn's Dictionary of Dates and Universal Information 

relating to all Ages and Nations. Seventeenth ed., by 
Benjamin Vincent. Royal 8° cloth. New York, 1883 

1022 Hazlitt, William. Miscellaneous Works of. 5 vols. 

12° new cloth. New York, i860 

1023 Hazlitt. Spirit of the Age. Third ed., edited by his 

son. 16° calf. London, 1858 

1024 Hazlitt. Sketches and Essays, 1839; — Lectures on 

the Dramatic Literature of the Age of Elizabeth, 1840; 
— Lectures on the English Poets, 1841. 3 vols. 16° 
calf. London. 

1025 Hazlitt, W. Carew. Handbook to the Popular Poetical 

and Dramatic Literature of Great Britain, from the 
invention of printing to the Restoration. Royal 8° 
half calf, gilt back and top (few edges slightly ink- 
stained). London, 1867 

1026 Head, Richard. The English Rogue, described in the 

Life of a Witty Extravagant. Engraved portrait (by 
Faithorne) and frontispiece. 8° old calf (title-page 
missing). (London, 1678) 

1027 [Head.] Proteus Redevivus; or, the art of wheedling; 

or insinuation obtain'd by general conversation and ex- 
tracted from the several humours, inclinations and 
passions of both sexes, respecting their several ages 
and suiting each profession or occupation. 12° sprin- 
kled calf. London, 1679 


1028 Heard, Franklin F. Curiosities of the Law Reporters. 

12° cloth. Boston, 1871 

1029 Hearne, Thomas. Collection of Curious Discourses, 

written by eminent antiquaries upon several heads in 
our English antiquities. 2 vols. 8° old calf. 

London, 1775 

1030 Hearne. Reliquiae Hearnianae; the Remains of Thomas 

Hearne, of Edmund Hall; being extracts from his Ms. 
diaries, collected with a few notes by Philip Bliss. 
Portrait. 3 vols, small 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1869 

1031 Hedge, Frederic H. Prose Writers of Germany. En- 

graved title. 8° cloth. Phila., 1848 

1032 Heeren, a. H. L. Historical Researches. 6 vols. 8° 

cloth. London, 1850-57 

Comprises : African Nations ; — Asiatic Nations, 2 vols. ; — Euro- 
pean States and Colonies ; — Greece ; — Manual of Ancient History. 

1033 Heine's Book of Songs. Compiled from the translations 

by Sir Theodore Martin and Edgar A. Bowring. 16° 
vellum wrappers, uncut. New York, 1885 

1034 Henderson, William. Notes on the Folk Lore of the 

Northern Counties of England and the Borders. With 
an appendix on household stories by Baring-Gould. 
Colored frontispiece. Small 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1866 

103s Henryson, Robert. Poems and Fables of; now first 

collected. With notes and a memoir of his life. By 

David Laing. 8° new cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1865 

1036 Heraldry. Book of Family Crests; comprising nearly 

every bearing, with its blazonry. Accompanied by up- 
wards of four thousand engravings. 2 vols. 12° cloth. 

London, 1856 

1037 Heraldry. Burke, John, and J. B. Encyclopsedia of 

Heraldry, or General Armory of England, Scotland 
and Ireland. Third ed., with supplement. Illuminated 
title-page and text illustrations. Thick royal 8° cloth. 

London, n. d. 

1038 Heraldry. [Nares, Edward.] Heraldic Anomalies; or, 

rank confusion in our orders of precedence; with dis- 
quisitions on all existing orders of society. 2 vols, 
small 8° half calf. London, 1823 

1039 Heraldry. Montagu, J. A. Guide to the Study of 

Heraldry. Illustrations. 4° cloth. 

Pickering: London, 1840 

1040 Heraldry. Practical Manual of Heraldry and of Her- 

aldic Illumination, with a glossary of the principal 
terms used in Heraldry. By F. J. Baigent and C. J. 
Russell. 16 plates, some printed in gold and colors. 
8° cloth, gilt edges. London, 1864 


1 04 1 Heraldry. Whitmore, W. H. Elements of Heraldry; 

containing an explanation of the principles of the sci- 
ence and a glossary of the technical terms employed. 
Numerous illustrations. Royal 8° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1866 

1042 Herbert, Henry W. Frank Forester and his Friends; 

or, woodland adventures in the Middle States of Amer- 
ica. 3 vols, small 8° new cloth, uncut (few edges of 
one vol. slightly ink-stained). London, 1849 

1043 [Herbert.] Warwick Woodlands. New ed., revised 

and corrected. With illustrations by the author. 12° 
half calf, gilt back. New York, 1851 

1044 Herd. Ancient and Modern Scottish Songs, Heroic 

Ballads, etc. Collected by David Herd. Reprinted 
from the edition of 1776, with an appendix, contain- 
ing the pieces substituted in the edition of 1791 for 
omissions from that of 1776. 2 vols. 12° new cloth, 
uncut. Glasgow, 1869 

1045 Hewes, Robert. Elucidation of Regulations for the 

Formations and Movements of Cavalry. 19 copper- 
plate engravings. 8° calf. Salem, 1804 

1046 Heywood, E. H. Cupid's Yokes; or, the binding forces 

of conjugal life. 8° wrappers. Princeton, n. d. 

This edition was suppressed and the author imprisoned. 

1047 Heywood, James. Early Cambridge University and 

College Statutes in the English Language. Frontis- 
piece. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1855 

1048 Highwaymen. Lives and Exploits of the most noted 

Highwaymen, Robbers and Murderers of all Nations. 
Illustrations. 12° cloth. Hartford, 1854 

1049 Hilaire Le Gai. Un Million d'Enigmes, Charades et 

Logariphes. 18° half morocco. Paris, 1853 

1050 [Hill, Benson Earle.j A Pinch — of Snuff; composed 

of curious particulars and original anecdotes of Snuff 
Taking; with the moral and physical effects of Snuff. 
By "Dean Snift." 6 original etchings by J. Gibson. 
i»' original board sides (rebacked), London, 1840 

1051 Hindley, Charles. Tavern Anecdotes and Sayings; in- 

cluding the origin of signs. Illustrations. 12° cloth. 

London, 1875 

1052 Hislop, Alexander. Proverbs of Scotland; collected 

and arranged, with notes, explanatory and illustrative, 
and a glossary. 12° cloth, uncut. Glasgow, 1862 


1053 Historical Pamphlets. Winthrop's Centennial Oration, 

Yorktown, Va., 1882; — Young's Anniversary Address, 
Hingham, Mass., Aug. 8, 1881; — Salem Press Histori- 
cal and Genealogical Record, Vol. I, no. i, 1890; — 
Confiscated Estates of Boston Loyalists, by J. T. 
Hassam, 1895; — Winthrop's Fourth of July Oration, 
1876; — Green's Hist. Address, Groton, Feb. 20, 1880 
(presentation copy to J. S. Dwight), etc. (30) 

1054 Historical Pictures of the Middle Ages, in black and 

white; made on the spot. By " A Wandering Artist." 
Frontispiece, a vols, small 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1846 

1055 History of the Buccaneers of America; containing de- 

tailed accounts of those bold and daring freebooters. 
Folding frontispiece, map and illustrations. 8° cloth, 

Boston, 1853 

1056 History of Palamon and Amasina; or, a looking-glass 

for the fair sex; in which is introduced an authentic 
account of the Amours and Intrigues of Belinda; col- 
ored plate; — The Irish Girl; being a very interesting 
account of Anne Walsh; — An Address to an Unfortu- 
nate Female; — History of Will Brown the Poacher. 
4 chap-books, stitched together. 

1057 Hive (The); a collection of the most celebrated songs. 

Fourth ed., with alterations and additions. Frontis- 
pieces. 3 vols. 16° new cloth. London, 1732 

Contains some facetious songs. 

1058 Hob in the Well; or, the Guardian Outwitted, a poem, 

humorous and moral. With 4 curious copperplate en- 
gravings. 16* paper. London, 1809 

1059 Hodgson, Rev. Practical English Grammar for.the Use 

of Schools. 16° sheep. London, 1770 

1060 Hogarth, George. Memoirs of the Musical Drama. 8 

steel portraits, a vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1838 

1061 Hogarth, William. Works of; in a series of engrav- 

ings, with descriptions and a comment on their moral 
tendency. By John Trusler. Plates. 2 vols. 4° in 
parts, uncut. Jones & Co. ; London. 

1062 Hogarth. Low-Life; or, one half of the world knows 

not how the other half live. With an address to the 
ingenious and ingenuous Mr. Hogarth. Curious cop- 
perplate frontispiece by B. Warren. 8° half calf. 

London, 1764 

G. A. Sala's "Twice Around My Clock," was founded on this 


1063 Hogg, James. Jacobite Relics of Scotland; being the 

songs, airs and legends of the adherents to the House 
of Stuart. (With appendix containing a collection of 
Whig Songs.) 2 vols. 8° new cloth. Edinburgh, 1819 

1064 Hogg. Queen Hynde; a poem, in six books. First ed. 

8° half russia, gilt back. London, 1825 

1065 Hogg, Thomas. Poetical Works of Ettrick Shepherd, 

with an autobiography and illustrative engravings 
chiefly from original drawings. By D. O. Hill. 5 vols. 
12° calf. Glasgow, n. d- 

1066 HoLBROOK, J. Ten Years among the Mail-Bags. Por- 

traits and illustrations. iz° cloth. Phila., 1856 

1067 Holland, Henry Richard Lord. Memoirs of the Whig 

Party during My Time. 2 vols, small 8* new cloth. 

London, 1852 

1068 Holland. Foreign Reminiscences. Edited by his son, 

Henry Edward Lord Holland. Small 8° cloth. 

London, 1851 

1069 Holland, Josiah G. History of Western Massachu- 

setts. Map. 2 vols. 12° cloth (bindings not uni- 
form). Springfield, 1855 

1070 HoLLis, Thomas. Memoirs of. Copperplate portraits 

and engravings, including the portrait of Cleopatra 
and dedication plate by F. Bartolozzi. 2 vols, royal 
4° new boards, uncut. London, 1780 

107 1 Holl:s-St. Church. Proceedings of an Ecclesiastical 

Council and John Pierpont, their pastor; — Correspon- 
dence, 1845; — Facts for the People, Sept. 29, 1839. 
3 pamphlets. 

1072 Holmes, Abiel. American Annals; a chronological his- 

tory of America, from 1492 to 1806. With additions 
and corrections by the author. 2 maps. 2 vols. 8° calf 
(broken). Reprinted: London, 1813 

1073 Holmes, O. W. An Unpublished Poem. pp. 8. 12° 

original wrappers. n. p., n. d. 

These verses were read at a Medical Supper Party about the year 

The poem covers eight closely printed pages, and is written in 
"The Autocrat's" characteristic, witty style. Though no date is 
given, the pamphlet would seem to have been printed between 1870 
and 1875. 

The only copy sold by auction was sold by us, April 17, 1900, for 

1074 [Holmes.] The Harbinger; a May Gift. First ed. 12° 

cloth. Boston, 1833 

Fine, clean and perfect copy in the original cloth binding, with the 
paper label. 



1 07s Holmes. The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. 8" 
original cloth, gilt edges. Boston, 1859 

Large Paper : fine copy. 

1076 Holmes. The Professor at the Breakfast Table; with 

the Story of Iris. 8° original cloth, gilt edges. 

Boston, i860 
Large Paper ; fine copy. 

1077 Holmes. Songs in Many Keys. First ed. 12° new cloth, 

uncut. Boston, 1862 

1078 Holmes. The Poet at the Breakfast Table. Frontis- 

piece. First ed. 12° original cloth. Boston, 1872 

1079 Holmes. Upper hinge from the front door of the house 

in Green St., Boston, occupied for many years by 
Major Thomas Melvill, an officer of the Customs, and 
one of the Boston Tea Party, sometimes called " The 
Last of the Cocked Hats," and the original of Holmes's 
" The Last Leaf." The porch of his house was moved 
to Roxbury and set up on an old house till lately stand- 
ing at the corner of Bartlett St, and Lambert Ave., 
from which the relic was taken by its present owner a 
few years ago. The statement in the life of Major 
Melvill in Drake's " Tea- Leaves " was corroborated by 
a relative living in the neighborhood. The hinge 
measures when shut 1.2 x ioj4 inches, and is good for 
another 150 years of service. 

1080 HoMANS, John. Three Hundred and Eighty-four Lapa- 

rotomies for Various Diseases. 8° cloth. Boston, 1887 
Presentation copy, with inscription by the author. 

1081 [HoMANs.J Lectures supposed to have been delivered 

by (S. Jenyns). 12° sheep. Boston, 1793 

With book-plate of Sally Homans, Boston, with inscription, " John 
Homans to his Sister, Sally Homans, Boston, nth Dec. 1793." 

1082 Homer. Iliad and Odyssey. Translated by Alexander 

Pope. New ed. Engraved frontispieces after designs 
by Thurston. 5 vols, royal 8° calf, gilt backs. 

London, 1802 

1083 Homer. Iliad of. Translated by Alexander Pope. Illus- 

trated with the entire series of Flaxman's designs. 12° 
cloth, uncut. Bohn: London, 1861 

1084 Homer. Iliads of Homer; — Odysseys of Homer; — 

Hymns and Epigrams. Translated according to the 
Greek by George Chapman. With introduction by 
Richard Hooper. 5 vols, square 16° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1857 

1085 Homer. Clavis Homerica, sive Lexicon. 12° black calf. 

Roterodami, 1673 

Tutor Flynt's copy, with autograph and inscription by Edward 
Everett referring to Tutor Flynt and the autograph. 


1086 Hone, William. Works of, comprising: Every-Day 

Book;— Table Book;— Year Book. With 666 illustra- 
tions. 4 vols. 8° tree calf, gilt backs. 

W. Tegg; London, 1856 

1087 Hone. Ancient Mysteries Described, especially the 

English Miracle Plays. Engravings on copper and 
wood. 8° cloth. London, 1823 (reprint) 

1088 Hook, Theodore E. Plays of, comprising: Soldier's 

Return, 1805; — Invisible Girl, 1806; — Catch Him Who 
Can, 1806; — The Fortress, 1807; — Tekeli, 1808; — 
Music-Mad, 1808; — Safe and Sound, 1809; — Killing 
No Murder, i8ii; — Trial by Jury, 1811; — Darkness 
Visible, 1811. Portrait. Bound in one vol. 8° half calf. 


1089 Hook, Walter F. Church Dictionary. Sixth ed. 8° cloth. 

Phila., 1854 

1090 Hooper, W. Rational Recreations; in which the prin- 

ciples of numbers and natural philosophy are clearly 
and copiously elucidated by a series of easy, entertain- 
ing, interesting experiments, among which are those 
commonly performed with the cards. 4 vols. 8° new 
cloth. London, 1774 

1 09 1 HoosoN, William. Miner's Dictionary; explaining not 

only the terms used by miners, but also containing the 
theory and practice of that most useful art of mining, 
more especially of lead-mines. 12° old calf (one cover 
loose). Wexham, 1747 

1092 HoppiN, Augustus. Hay Fever. First ed. Illustrations- 

Oblong 4° original pictorial boards. Boston, 1873 

1093 Horace. Odes of Horace. Translated into English 

verse, with life and notes, by Theodore Martin. 8° 
cloth, uncut. London, i860 

1094 HoRNE, R. H. Ballad Romances. 16° cloth, uncut. 

London, n. d. 

1095 HoRNi, Georgi. Historise Naturalis et Civilis. 16° old 

calf. Lug. Batav., 1670 

Collection of Books relating to the 

1096 Adams, John. Analysis of Horsemanship; teaching the 

whole art of riding in the manege, military, hunting, 
racing and travelling system, together with the method 
of breaking horses. Copperplates. 3 vols. 8° new cloth. 

London, 1805 

1097 Adams, William B. English Pleasure Carriages. Illus- 

trations. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1837 




1098 Album fflr Wagenbauerj Mustersammlung der neuesten 

Wagenzeichnungen. 24 colored lithographic plates. 4 
parts oblong 8° paper. Alex. Jonas: Berlin, i860 

1099 Alken, Henry. Seven Ages of the Horse. 11 finely 

colored plates by Henry Alken. Oblong 4° wrappers. 

London, 1835 
HOC Alken's Characteristic Sketches of Gigs and their Driv- 
ers. Six etched plates. Oblong 8° paper. 

(London, n. d.) 

iioi Allen, John. Principles of Modern Riding. Plates. 8° 

calf (few margins stained). London, 1825 

1 102 American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine. Vols. 

3, 5 and II. Plates. 3 vols. 8° sheep and half sheep. 

Baltimore, 1832-40 

1 103 American Veterinary Journal. Vols, i to 3. Edited by 

G. H. Dadd. Plates. 3 vols. 8* half roan. 

Boston, 1856-58 

1 104 The same. Vol. I. Plates. 8° half sheep. 

Boston, 1856 

1 105 Anecdotes on the Origin and Antiquity of Horse-Rac- 

ing, from the earliest times. Engraved frontispiece 
by Giller after Turner. la* half calf. London, 1825 

1 106 [Apperley, C. J.] Remarks on the Condition of Hunt- 

ers, the Choice of Horses and their Management. 8° 
boards, uncut. London, 1831 

1107 [Apperley.] Nimrod's Hunting Tours; interspersed 

with characteristic anecdotes, sayings and doings of 
sporting men, including notices of the principal crack 
riders of England. 8° half calf. London, 1835 

1 108 [Apperley.] The Chase, the Turf and the Road. Por- 

trait by D. Maclise and illustrations by H. Alken. 8* 
cloth, uncut. London, 1837 

1109 [Apperley.] The Horse and the Hound; including 

practical instructions in horsemanship. Illustrations. 
Small 8° cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1842 

mo Art of Riding, set foorth in a breefe treatise, with a due 
interpretation of certaine places alledged out of Xeno- 
phon, and Gryson, verie expert and excellent hersse- 
men. Small 4° new boards (title-page and first leaf of 
dedication slightly torn). London, 1584 

11 1 1 Astley's System of Equestrian Education; exhibiting 

the beauties and defects of the horse. Portrait and 
engraved plates. 8° half light calf, gilt back. London, 

1112 Barnum, H L. American Farrier. 12' cloth. 

Phila., 1856 



1 1 13 Bartlett, J. The Gentlieman's Farriery. Copperplate 

frontispiece. 12° old calf. London, 1767 

1 1 14 Battersby, J. C. Bridle Bits; a treatise on practical 

horsemanship. Illustrations. 13° cloth. 

New York, 1886 

1 1 15 Baucher, F. Method of Horsemanship; including the 

breaking and training of horses. Illustrations. 13° 
cloth. Phila., 1852 

1 1 16 Berenger, Richard. History and Art of Horsemanship. 

16 copperplate engravings and one plate engraved by 
W. Baillie, 1770. 2 vols, bound in one vol. 4° old calf 
(broken). London, 1771 

11 17 Berjeau, Ph. Charles. The Horse of Antiquity, Middle 

Ages and Renaissance from the earliest monuments 
down to the sixteenth century. 4° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1864 

1 1 18 Berthaux, Louis. Le Parfait Carrossier. Numerous 

engraved plates. 8° boards. Paris, 1855 

11 19 [Bindley, Charles.] Stable Talk and Table Talk. 2 

vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1846 

1 1 20 [Bindley. J Sporting Facts and Sporting Fancies. 8° 

cloth. London, 1853 

1 131 [Bindley.] The Pocket and the Stud; practical hints 

on the management of the stable. Frontispiece. 16° 

half calf, uncut. London, 1857 

1 1 33 [Bindley.] The Sportsman's Friend in a Frost. 8° cloth. 

London, 1857 
1 123 [Bindley.] The Stud. Plates. 12" half roan, uncut. 

London, 1858 

1134 [Bindley.] Practical Horsemanship, 1856; — Pocket and 

the Stud, 1851; — Hints to Horsemen, 1856; — Precept 
and Practice, 1857; — Treatise on the Proper Condition 
for All Horses, 1837; — Bipeds and Quadrupeds, 1853; 
— Things Worth Knowing, 1859; — The Sporting 
World, 1858. 8 vols. 16° cloth and half roan. London. 

11 35 Blaine's Outlines of the Veterinary Art; diseases of the 

horse, etc. Revised by Edward Mayhew. Plates. 8° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1854 

1126 Blundevill, Thomas. Art of Riding; newly corrected 
and amended of many faults escaped in the first print- 
ing. Woodcut title and illustrations. Small 4° half 
calf (broken and last leaf imperfect). 

H. Lownes: London, 1609 

1137 BoARDMAN, Thomas. Dictionary of the Veterinary Art. 
Copperplates. 4° cloth, uncut. London, 1805 



iiaS BouRGELAT. Ncw Systcm of Hofsemanship. From the 
French of Monsieur Bourgelat, by Richard Berenger. 
Frontispiece, by Bicicham, after J. Seymour. 4° old 
calf. London, 1754 

1 1 39 Briddom, J. Practical Treatise on the Veterinary Art; 
including the principal diseases of the horse. 8" cloth. 

London, 1846 

1 1 30 Bridges, Jeremiah. No Foot, No Horse; an essay on 

the anatomy of the foot of that noble and useful 
animal, a horse. 3 copperplates. 8° old calf. 

London, 1752 

1 131 Brown, C. F. Turf Expositor; containing the origin of 

horse-racing, etc. ia° boards, uncut. London, 1829 

1132 Brown, Thomas. Biographical Sketches and Authentic 

Anecdotes "of Horses. Thick 16° boards, uncut. 

Edinburgh, 1830 

1 133 Brown. Manual of Modern Farriery; with instructions 

in racing, hunting, coursing, shooting, fishing, etc. 
Plates. 8° cloth, uncut. London, n. d. 

1 134 Carriage-Builders' and Harness- Makers' Art Journal. 

First ed., second series. Plates, some colored. 2 vols. 
4° cloth, gilt edges. London, n. d. 

113s Carson, J. C. L. The Form of the Horse. 16° half 
cloth, uncut. London, 1863 

1 1 36 Chalon. The Passions of the Horse; in a series of six 

drawings, exemplifying rage and agony, terror, love, 
gladness or joy, affection and courage. Designed and 
executed on stone by H. B. Chalon. Printed by Engel- 
mann, Graf, Coindel & Co. India proof plates. Ele- 
phant folio, new boards, cloth back and original paper 
wrapper, mounted on front (plates water-stained). 

London, 1827 

1137 Champlin, John D. Chronicle of the Coach, Charing 

Cross to Ilfracombe. Illustrated by Edward L. Chi- 
chester. 12° cloth. New York, 1887 

1 1 38 Chauveau, a. Comparative Anatomy of the Domesti- 

cated Animals. Edited by George Fleming. 450 illus- 
trations. 8° cloth. New York, 1873 

1139 Chifney Samuel. Genius Genuine; a fine part in riding 

a race, known only to the author, why there are so 

few good runners, or why the turf horses degenerate. 

8° half calf. London, 1804 

Not common. Pub. at £i. Exposes various scandals of the turf. 



1 140 Clark, Bracy. Hippodonomia; or, the true structure, 

laws and economy of the horse's foot; also Podoph- 
thora, or a ruinous defect in the principle of the com- 
mon shoe detected. Copperplate engravings. 4° half 
roan. London, 1839 

1 141 Clark. A Series of Original Experiments on the Foot 

of the Living Horse (with essays on Casting Horses, 
the Bots of Horses and the Gripes). Copperplates. 
4° half calf. London, 1809-16 

114a Clark. On the Usages of the Ancients respecting Shoe- 
ing the Horse, 1831; — Oh the Vices of Horses, 1839; 
— The Cholera Unmasked; or, its true name, nature 
and causes pointed out, 1832. 3 pamphlets 4° paper. 

1 143 [Clifford, Christopher.] The Schoole of Horseman- 

ship; wherein is discovered what skill and knowledge 
is required in a good horseman practised by perfect 
experience. Small 4° new cloth. (Title-page supplied 
in manuscript.) 

Printed by Thomas East: London, 1585 

1144 Coach Building. Menuisier en Voitures. 30 copper- 

plates, engraved by Benard, after Lucotte. Folio, 

half roan. (Paris.) 

1 14s Collins, Digby. Horse-Trainer's and Sportsman's Guide. 

Small 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1865 

1 146 Compleat Jockey; or, the most exact rules and methods 

to be observed for the training up of race-horses; with 
a relation of the cheats and tricks the Jockies and 
Horse-Coursers put on the unexpert buyers. Small 4° 
half roan. London, 1688 

1 147 Dadd, G. H. Advocate of Veterinary Reform and Out- 

lines of Anatomy and Physiology of the Horse. 8° 
cloth. Boston, 1850 

1 148 Dadd. Horse-Owners' Guide. 16° wrappers. 

Boston, 1856 

1 149 Dadd. Anatomy and Physiology of the Horse. Plates. 

Imperial 8° cloth. Boston, 1857 

1 1 50 Dadd. Practical Treatise on the Most Obvious Diseases 

Peculiar to Horses. Lithographic portrait. 8* cloth. 

Chicago, 1863 

1151 Dadd's Theory and Practice of Veterinary Medicine 

and Surgery. Portrait and illustrations. Thick 8° roan. 

Cincinnati, 1867 

1152 Darvill, R. Treatise on the Care, Treatment and 

Training of the English Race Horse. 8° boards, un- 
cut. London, 1828 



1153 Dk Grey, Thomas. The Compleat Horseman and Ex- 

pert Ferrier. Small 4° stitched (name cut from title). 

London, 1684 

1154 De Quillinan, L. Recueil d':i;i^ments d'Hippologie. 

Folding plates and other illustrations. 8* wrappers, 
uncut. Paris, 1854 

115s De Sannier, M. Guide to the Perfect Knowledge of 
Horses; with a treatise of the Stud. 9 copperplates. 
8° sheep. London, 1769 

1156 De Solleysel, Jacques. Le Parfait Mareschal qui en- 

seigne a connoistre la beaut6, la bont^, et les diffauts 
des chevaux. Portrait and plates. 2 vols, in one. 
Thick 4* old calf. Paris, i68a 

1157 Dick, W. Manual of Veterinary Science. Frontispiece. 

I a° cloth. Edinburgh, 1862 

1158 Dick. Occasional Papers on Veterinary Subjects. Steel 

portraits. 8° cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1869 

1 159 Disney, John. Laws of Gaming, Wagers, Horse-Racing 

and Gaming-Houses. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1806 

1 160 Dodge, Theodore A. Patroclus and Penelope; a chat 

in the saddle. 14 plates. 8° half roan. Boston, 1885 

1 161 Douglas, William. Horse-Shoeing as it is and as it 

should be. Illustrations. 13° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1873 

1 162 Dun, Findlay. Veterinary Medicines; their actions and 

uses. 8° cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1854 

1163 Dunbar, J. Rinnell. Park Riaing; with some remarks 

on the art of horsemanship. Plates. 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1859 

1164 Dupaty De Clam (Mousquetaire). Practique de I'Equi- 

tation ou I'Art de I'fiquitation. Small 8° half calf. 

Paris, 1769 

1165 DwYER, Francis. Seats and Saddles, Bits and Bitting, 

and the Prevention and Cure of Restiveness in Horses. 
Illustrations. 12° cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1868 

1 166 Edgeworth, R. L. Essay on the Construction of Roads 

and Carriages. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1813 

1 167 Eisenberg. L'Art de Monter &, Cheval, ou Description 

du Manage Moderne, dans sa Perfection, ficrit et 
dessin6 par le Baron d'Eisenberg, et grav6 par B. 
Picart. 60 copperplates. Oblong 4° old calf. 

A la Haye, 1733 

1 168 Farrier's and Horseman's Dictionary; being a compleat 

system of horsemanship. By N. B. 8° old calf (broken). 

London, 1726 



1 1 69 Farrier and Naturalist (The). Edited by a member of 

the Zoological Society of London. Vol. I. Litho- 
graphic plates. 8° boards, uncut (broken). 

London, 1828 

1170 Fayser, Johann. Kunstlicher Bericht und AUerzier- 

lichste Beschrenbung des Edlen Phesten und Hoch- 
berumbten Ehrn Fridcrici Grisonis; — Kundlicher 
Bericht und aller ordennlichste Beschreibung der be- 
werten Kopfartzney. Numerous woodcut illustrations 
and 2 fine woodcut title-pages (margin of one slightly 
torn). Bound in one vol. small folio, stamped vellum 
(binding worn). Michael Manger: Augspurg, 1576 

A fine old work on horsemanship . 

1 171 Felton, William. Treatise on Carriages. Copperplates. 

8° boards, uncut. London, 1796 

1 172 Field, John. Posthumous Extracts from the Veterinary 

Records of. Edited by William Field. 8" half morocco. 

London, 1843 

1 173 FiTzwYGRAM, Lieut.-Col. Notes on Shoeing Horses. 

Plates. 8° cloth. London, 1861 

1 1 74 FiTzwYGRAM. Horses and Stables. Illustrations. 8° 

cloth. London, 1869 

1 175 Fleming, George. Horse-Shoes and Horse-Shoeing; 

their origin, history, uses and abuses. With 210 illus- 
trations. 8" cloth, uncut. London, 1869 

1 1 76 Fleming. Manual of Veterinary Sanitary Science and 

Police. Illustrations. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1875 

1177 Freeman, Strickland. Observations on the Mechanism 

of the Horse's Foot; its natural spring explained and 
a mode of shoeing recommended. 16 copperplates. 
4° half calf. London, 1796 

11 78 Freeman. The same. With 16 plates colored. 4° calf. 

London, 1796 

1179 Freeman. The Art of Horsemanship Altered and Ab- 

breviated, according to the principles of the late Sir 
Sidney Medows. 16 copperplates, also several vignette 
engravings by W. Skelton. 4° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1806 

1 180 Fry, Joseph S. Essay on the Construction of Wheel 

Carriages as they affect both the Roads and the 
Horses. 8° boards, uncut. London, i8ao 



1181 Gambado, Geoffrey. Annals of Horsemanship; contain- 

ing accounts of accidental experiments and experi- 
mental accidents; — Academy for Grown Horsemen, 
containing the completest instructions for walking, 
trotting, cantering, galloping, stumbling and tumbling. 
Second ed. Illustrated with etched portrait of the 
author and a8 curious copperplate etchings by W. 
Dickinson and others, after the originals by H. Bun- 
bury. Bound in one vol. 4' calf (text foxed). 

London, 1796 

1 182 Gentleman's Dictionary; the art of riding the great 

horse. Map and 2 plates (one torn). 8° old calf (re- 
backed). London, 1705 

1 183 Gentleman's New Jockey; or, Farrier's Approved 

Guide. Folding plate and woodcuts. Third ed. 16° 
old calf. London, 1696 

1 184 The same. Seventh ed. Woodcuts. 16° old sheep. 

London, 1721 

1 185 Gerhardt, a. Manuel d'Bquitation, ou essai d'une 

progression. Plates. 8° wrappers, uncut. Paris, 1859 

1 186 Gibson, W. Farrier's New Guide; containing: first, 

the anatomy of the horse; second, an account of all 
the diseases incident to horses. Engraved plates. 8° 
old calf. London, 1720 

1 187 Gibson. Farrier's New Guide. Tenth ed., corrected. 

Copperplates. 8° old calf. London, 1754 

1 1 88 Gibson. True Method of Dieting Horses; containing 

many curious and useful observations. 8° old calf. 

London, 1721 

1 189 GiNZROT, Johann C. Die Wagen und Fahrwerke der 

Griechen und Romer und anderer Alten Volker; nebst 
der Bespannung, Zaumung und Verzierung ihrer Zug, 
Reit und Last Thiere. 90 copperplate engravings. 2 
vols. 4° half calf. Miinchen, 181 7 

11 90 Goodwin, Joseph. New System of Shoeing Horses. 

Abridged by J. B. Brown. 12° boards, uncut. 

Boston, 182 1 

1191 Graefe, Carl. Die Hippologische Literatur, 1848-57. 

8° paper, uncut. Leipzig, 1863 

The following title as given is rather amusing. Kennedy, John 

P. Thierarzt za New York. Horse-shoe Robinson, New York, 1852 

11 92 Greenwood, Col. George. Hints on Horsemanship, to 

a nephew and niece. Illustrations. Square 12° cloth, 
gilt edges. London, 1861 



1 193 GuERiNiERE, M. de la. Ecole de Cavalerie, contenant la 

connoissance I'instruction et la conservation du Cheval. 
Illustrated with 24 full-page copperplates and 6 vignette 
engravings, including 6 full-page plates from the origi- 
nal paintings by C. Parrocel of equestrian plates, with 
the portraits of le Marquis de Beauvilliers, Mons. de 
Krant, C. Comte de St. Aignan, le Marquis de La 
Fortd and S. S. Charlear, Prince de Nassau. Folio, old 
calf (broken), Paris, 1733 

1194 Guide du Carrossier, revue industrielle de la construc- 

tion des voitures, etc. Finely colored plates of car- 
riages, etc. From May, i860, to April, 1861. 12 num- 
bers 4° paper, uncut. (Paris.) 

1195 GuNTHER, F. A. Krankheiten des Pferdes. 8" half mo- 

rocco. Sondershausen, 1857 

1 1 96 Hanger. Colonel George Hanger to All Sportsmen, 

and particularly to Farmers and Gamekeepers. 8° 
boards. London, 18 14 

1197 Haycock, William. Gentleman's Stable Manual. Illus- 

trations. Small 8° cloth. London, 1859 

1198 Haycock. Horses; how they ought to be shod. Plates. 

Small 4° cloth. ' London, 1869 

1 1 99 Head, Sir Francis B. The Horse and his Rider. 2 

plates. Small 8° cloth, uncut. London, i86o 

1 200 Herbert, Henry W. Frank Forester's Horse and Horse- 

manship of the United States and British Provinces of 
North America. With 14 full-page steel engravings on 
fine India paper, 2 vignette titles designed by F. O. C. 
Darley and 57 engravings on wood by N. Orr. 2 vols, 
imperial 8° cloth. New York, 1857 

1 201 [Herbert.] Complete Manual for Young Sportsmen. 

By Frank Forester. Illustrations. 12° cloth. 

New York, 1859 

1202 Herries. Abstract of Col. Herries's Instructions for 

Volunteer Corps of Cavalry. Illustrations. 8° sheep. 

Phila., 1811 

1203 Hershberger, H. R. The Horseman. Woodcuts. 12* 

cloth. New York, 1844 

1204 Hinds, John. Veterinary Surgery. Illustrations. Smal 

8° cloth, uncut. London, 1829 

1205 Hinds. Conversations on Conditioning; the groom's 

oracle and pocket stable directory. Folding colored 
frontispiece. 12° boards, uncut. London, 1829 

Catalogue. 103 


1206 Hodgson, John T. Art of Preserving and Defending 

the Foot of the Horse. 8 lithographic plates. 8' 
paper, uncut. London, 1824 

1207 [HoRLOCK, K. W.] Horses and Hounds. Illustrations. 

16° half roan. London, 1855 

1208 Horse (The), with a treatise on draught. Published by 

the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. 
Illustrations. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1831 

1209 Horse (The); being a collection of weekly papers just 

completed on that noble animal. Frontispiece. 8° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1834 

mo Horse-Racing; its history and early records of the 
principal and other race meetings. 8° half roan, uncut. 

London, 1863 

1 21 1 Horses and Roads; or, how to keep a horse sound on 

his legs. By Free-Lance; being a series of papers re- 
published from the "Farm Journal." Small 8° new 
cloth, uncut. London, 1880 

1 21 2 Hughes, Charles. The Compleat Horseman ; or, the art 

of riding made easy, illustrated by rules drawn from 
nature and confirmed by experience, with directions to 
the ladies. Copperplate and woodcut engravings. 12° 
paper, uncut. London. 

1213 Hunt, Vere D. The Horse and his Master. Frontis- 

piece. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

1214 Hunter (The); a discourse on horsemanship; directing 

the right way to breed, keep and train a horse for ordi- 
nary hunting and plates. Small 8° old calf. 

Oxford, 1685 

1215 HuTH, F. H. Works on Horses and Equitation; a bib- 

liographical record of Hippology. 4° half vellum, un- 
cut. London, 1887 

1216 Isabelle, Marie. "Surface Cavalier"; a new system 

of breaking in and training horses. Plates. 8° cloth. 

London, 1856 

1217 Jacob, J. Observations on the Structure and Draught 

of Wheel Carriages. Folding copperplates. 4° boards, 
uncut. London, 1773 

1 2 18 Jennings, Robert. The Horse and his Diseases. Illus- 

trations. 12' cloth, Phila., 1863 

1219 Jervis, John. Horse and Carriage Oracle. 12* boards, 

uncut. London, 1828 



1 2 20 Johnson, T. B. Sportsman's Cyclopedia; being an eluci- 

dation of the science and practice of the field, the turf 
and the sod. Portrait and steel plates (some colored), 
engraved by Landseer, Westley and others. 8° half 
calf. London, 1831 

1221 Knowlson, John C. Yorkshire Cattle-Doctor and Far- 

rier. Frontispiece. 8" cloth, uncut. London, 1853 

1222 La Fosse, Sieur. Observations and Discoveries made 

upon Horses. 4 folding copperplates. 8° half sheep, 
uncut. London, 1755 

1223 Lawrence, John. The Horse in All his Varieties and 

Uses. 12° sheep. Phila., 1830 

1224 Lawrence, Richard. Inquiry into the Structure and 

Animal Economy of the Horse. Folding plates. 8° 
half calf. London. 

1225 Laws of Gaming; comprehending the various statutes, 

reports and determinations on that extensive subject, 
particularly relative to horses, racing, cards and 
frauds. 12° half sheep. ' London, 1764 

1226 Lawson, a. The Modern Farrier; or, the best mode of 

preserving the health and curing the disorders of do- 
mestic animals. Plates. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1841 

1227 Low, David. On the Domesticated Animals of the 

British Islands. Thick 8° cloth. London, 1853 

1228 LowsoN, G. Modern Farrier. Illustrations. 12° cloth, 

uncut. London, 1853 

1229 M'Clure, Robert. Diseases in the American Stable, 

Field and Farm-Yard. Frontispiece. 8° cloth. 

Phila., i866 

1230 Manuscript Volume of 150 pages on the Horse and 

Dog; containing diseases, remedies, rules of racing, 
etc. Bound in small 4° cloth. 

1 231 Markham, Gervase. Markham's Maister-Peece; con- 

tayning all knowledge belonging to the smith, farrier, 
or horse-leech, touching the curing of all diseases in 
horses. Engraved frontispiece. Small 4° new boards. 

London, 1631 

1232 Markham. Perfect Horse-Man; or, the experienced 

secrets of Mr. Markham's fifty years practice, shewing 
how a man may come to be a general horseman. En- 
graved frontispiece, 16° old calf. London, 1684 

1233 Martin, W. C. L. History of the Horse. Woodcuts. 

16° wrappers, uncut. London, 1845 



1234 Mayhew, Edward. Illustrated Horse Doctor. Illustra- 

tions. 8° half morocco, gilt edges. London, i860 

1235 Mayhew. Illustrative Horse Management; descriptive 

remarks upon anatomy, medicine, shoeing, teeth, etc., 
also on carriages and harness. Illustrations. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1864 

1236 Mayhew. The Horse's Mouth, Showing the Age by tlie 

Teeth. Colored plates. 8* cloth. London. 

1237 Miles, William. The Horse's Foot and How to Keep it 

Sound. 12 plates. Royal 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1856 

1238 Miles. Plain Treatise on Horse-Shoeing. Illustrations. 

Small 4° paper. London, 1858 

1239 Miles. General Remarks on Stables and Examples of 

Stable Fittings. Plates. Imperial 8* cloth. 

London, 1860 

1240 Mills, James. Practical Directions to Gentlemen and 

Tradesmen for Keeping and Managing Horses. Illus- 
trations. 12° wrappers. London. 

1241 Mills. Horse- Keeper's Guide. Illustrations. 16° limp 

cloth. London. 

1242 Morland, T. Hornby. Genealogy of the English Race 

Horse. Plate. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1810 

1243 Morton, W. J. T. Manual of Pharmacy for the Student 

of Veterinary Medicine. 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1837 
Presentation copy, with inscription by the author. 

1244 Murray, W. H. H. The Perfect Horse; how to know, 

breed, train, shoe and drive him. Illustrations. 8° 

cloth. Boston, 1873 

124s Nolan, Captain. Training of Cavalry Remount Horses. 

Plates. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 186 1 

1246 Pamphlets and Magazines relating to Horses. (12) 

1247 Pembroke. Military Equitation; or, a method of break- 

ing horses, and teaching soldiers to ride. Plates. 
Small 4° half sheep, uncut. London, 1793 

With bookplate of Gen. Sir George Townshend Walker. 

1248 Percival, W. Hippopathology. A systematic treatise 

on the disorders and lameness of the horse, with their 
most approved methods of cure. Illustrated with plates, 
some colored. 6 vols. 8° boards. London, 1855 

1249 Percivall, William. Twelve Lectures on the Form and 

Action of the Horse. 8 steel plates. 8° boards. 

London, 1850 

io6 CAtALOGtrfi. 


1250 Percivall. Anatomy of the Horse; embracing the 

structure of the foot. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1858 

1 25 1 Peters, J. G. Treatise on Equitation; or, the art of 

horsemanship. Plates (foxed). Royal 8° boards, un- 
cut. London, 1835 

1252 Phillipps, C. S. M. Horse and Man. 16° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1869 

1253 Plates of Horses. Steel plates, lithos, drawings, etc. 


1254 Plates of Vehicles. Colored plates, steel plates, litho- 

graphs, etc. (45) 

1255 Pons D'Hostum, L. H. de. L'Ecuyer des Dames, ou 

Lettres sur I'Equitation. Frontispiece. 8° paper, un- 
cut. Paris, 181 7 

1256 [PowNALL, H.] Some Particulars relating to the His- 

tory of Epsom; containing a succinct and interesting 
description of the origin of horse-racing and of Epsom 
races. 6 plates. Small 8° boards, uncut. 

Epsom, 1825 

1257 Raabe et Lunel. Hippo-Lasso, appareil compressis ser- 

vant k maitriser le Cheval, le Mulct, etc. Plates. 
Royal 8° paper, uncut. Paris, 1859 

1258 Rarey. Horse and Hounds. By "Scrutator." To which 

is added "Taming of Wild Horses," by J. S. Rarey 
Illustrations. 12° half roan, uncut. London, 1858 

1259 Rarey. New Illustrated Edition of J. S. Rarey's Art 

of Taming Horses; with additional chapters on horse- 
manship and hunting. 12* boards. London, 1858 

1260 Richardson, Captain. Horsemanship; or, the art of 

riding and managing a horse. Steel plates (2 margins 
stained). 8° half roan, uncut. London, 1853 

1 261 RoEMER, J. Cavalry; its history, management and uses 

in war. Illustrations. 8° half light calf, gilt back. 

New York, 1863 

1262 Rope Making, etc. Corderie, 5 plates; — Layetier, 2 

plates; — Lunetier, 4 plates; — Bourrelier et Bourrelier- 
Bastier, 7 plates; — Charron, 7 plates; — Eperonnier, 
16 plates. In all 41 plates, engraved by Benard. 
Bound in one vol. folio, half roan. (Paris.) 

1263 Rose, Major. Four Short Chapters on Horses, Hunting 

and the Turf. 12° limp cloth. Edinburgh, 1855 

1264 Saddle and Carriage Making. Sellier-Carrossier. 25 

copperplates, engraved by Benard, after Lucotte. 
Folio, half roan. (Paris.) 



1*65 Sainbel. Works of Charles Vial de Sainbel, Professor 
of Veterinary Medicine; to which is prefixed a short 
account of his life, including also the origin of the 
Veterinary College of London. Fine portrait of the 
author by Leney, and copperplate engravings. 4° half 
russia (broken). London, 1795 

ia66 ScHiEFER, J. C. New Manual of Homoeopathic Veteri- 
nary Medicine. 8° cloth. Phila., 1856 

1267 Segundo, D. J. Nouvelle M6thode, pour bien em- 

boucher tous les Chevaux. Lithographic plates. Royal 
8° boards. Paris, 1829 

1268 Simpson, Joseph C. Horse Portraiture. Illustrations. 

12" cloth. New York, 1868 

1269 Small's Veterinary Tablet. Third edition. Large 4°, 

mounted on linen and folded in 12° cloth covers. 

Glasgow, n. d. 

1270 Smith, N. H. Observations on Breeding for the Turf, 

English Race Horse. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1825 

1271 South Carolina Jockey Club. 8° cloth. 

Charleston, S. C, 1857 
Contains Racing Memoranda, 1734 to 1857, a glance at the diifer- 
ent race courses in South Carolina. 

1272 Spooner, W. C. Treatise on the Structure, Functions 

and Diseases of the Foot and Leg of the Horse. 16° 
cloth. London, 1840 

1273 Steel Plate Illustrations of Phaetons, Drosky, Barouche 

and other carriages. Pub. by Messrs Fores, London. 
Oblong 8°. (45) 

1274 Steeple Chase Calendar; a consecutive chronicle of the 

sport in Great Britain; to which is added the Irish 
Sport. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

127s Stewart, John. Stable Economy. Woodcuts. 12° 
cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1854 

1276 Stories About Horses, by Wilson, 1851; — Riding and 
Driving, by " Stonehenge," 1863; — Hints to Pur- 
chasers of Horses, 1825; — Capt. Rous on Horse Rac- 
ing, 1850; — Handbook of the Law of London Cabs, 
by Charley, 1868; — The Horseowners' Companion, by 
Armatage, 1869. 6 vols. 12° and 16° boards. 

i»77 Stratton, E. M. The World on Wheels; or, carriages, 
with their historical associations, from the earliest to 
the present time. Illustrations. 8° cloth. 

New York,. 1878 

1278 Sutcliffe, John. Drawing Book of Horses, in progres- 
sive lessons. 6 parts oblong 4° paper. London. 



1279 Taplin, William. Gentleman's Stable Directory; or, 

modern system of farriery. Third ed. 8* half roan. 

London, 1793 

1280 Taplin. Compendium of Practical and Experimental 

Farriery. 8° boards, uncut. Brentford, 1796 

1 28 1 Tattersall, George. Sporting Architecture. 43 plates. 

4* cloth. London, 1841 

Descriptions of the Stud Farm, the Stall, the Kennel and Race 

1282 Tattersall. Pictorial Gallery of English Race Horses; 

containing portraits of all the winners of the Derby, 
Oakes and St. Leger Stakes. 90 engravings, chiefly 
on steel, after Cooper, Herring, Hancock and others. 
Royal 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1850 

1283 Taylor, Frederick. Recollections of a Horse Dealer. 

12° boards. London, 1861 

1284 Taylor. Telfer's System of Horse Taming. Woodcuts. 

12° limp cloth. London, n. d. 

1285 Taylor. Life of a Nag-Horse. 16° pictorial boards. 

London, 1862 

1286 Thompson, Charles. Rules for Bad Horsemen. 12° paper, 

uncut. London, 1775 

1287 Thrupp, G. A. History of Coaches. Illustrations. 8° 

cloth. London, 1877 

1288 [Tongue, Cornelius."] Stable Practice. Frontispiece. 

12° half roan, uncut. London, 1857 

1289 [Tongue.] Records of the Chase, 1854; — The Stud 

Farm, 1856. Engraved frontispieces. 2 vols. 16° half 
roan, uncut. London. 

1290 Turner, James. Treatise on the Foot of the Horse, 

and a New System of Shoeing. 8° cloth. London, 1832 

1291 Vines, Richard. Practical Treatise on Glanders and 

Farcy in the Horse. Colored plates. 8" boards, uncut. 

London, 1830 

1292 Walsh, J. H. The Horse in the Stable and the Field. 

Illustrations. 12° cloth. Phila., 1869 

1293 Walsh and Lupton. The Horse in the Stable and the 

Field. 170 illustrations. 8° half roan, uncut. 

London, 1861 

1294 Walther, F. H. Horse-Owner's Guide. Folding plates. 

8° cloth. Boston, 1861 

1295'WAYTE, S. C. Equestrian's Manual; with advice to pur- 
chasers of horses, saddlery, etc. Frontispiece. Small 
8° cloth, uncut. London, 1850 




1 jg6 Wharton, Charles. Handbook on the Treatment of the 
Horse in the Stable and on the Road. Illustrations. 
12° cloth. Phila., 1873 

1297 White, James. Compendium of the Veterinary Art. 

Illustrations. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1861 

1298 White. Compendium to Cattle Medicine, 1828; — Com- 

pendium to Veterinary Art, 4 vols., 1829-17. 5 vols. 
ia° cloth and boards, uncut. London. 

1299 Whyte, James C. History of the British Turf, from the 

earliest period to the present time. 2 vols. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1840 

1300 Wilkinson, William. Modern Veterinarian ; v?ith several 

receipts for horned cattle. 12° boirds, uncut. 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1834 

1 30 1 Winter, James W. The Horse in Health and Disease. 

Frontispiece. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1852 

1302 Wood, John. Supplement to the New Compendious 

Treatise of Farriery. 8' old calf. London, 1758 

1303 Woodruff, Hiram. The Trotting Horse of America. 

Portrait. 12° cloth. New York, 1868 

1304 Xenophon's Rules for the Choice Management and 

Training of Horses; intended principally for ofiScers 
of the cavalry. 4° boards, uncut (soiled copy). 

London, 1802 

1305 Youatt, William. The Horse; with an essay on the 

Ass and the Mule, by J. S. Skinner. Illustrations. 8° 
cloth. Phila., 1850 

1306 Youatt. The Horse; with a treatise on draught. New 

ed., revised and enlarged by E. N. Gabriel. Illustra- 
tions. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

1307 Youatt. The Horse. Revised by E. N. Gabriel. Il- 

lustrations. 8° half morocco. London, 1861 

1308 Young Lady's Equestrian Manual, 1838; — Lady's Eques- 

trian Manual, 1854; — How to be Your Own Farrier; 
— Veterinary Instructions, by Wills, 1853; — Deterior- 
ated Condition of Our Saddle Horse, 1853; — Rush's 
Handbook of Veterinary Homoepathy, 1858; — Instruc- 
tions to My Nephew how to Treat a Horse, 1844. 8 
vols. 16° cloth. 

1309 HoRTON, Caroline W. Architecture for General Stu- 
dents. Illustrations. 12° cloth. New York, 1874 


1310 Houghton, W. Walks of a Naturalist with his Chil- 

dren. Colored plates and other illustrations. 12° 
cloth. London, n. d. 

131 1 HoussAYE, Arsene. Philosophers and Actresses. Por- 

traits. 2 vols. 12° cloth. New York, 1852 

131 2 HovEDEN, Roger De. Annals of. Translated by Henry 

T. Riley. 2 vols. 12° calf, gilt backs. 

Bohn: London, 1853 

1 313 HovELACQUE, Abel. Science of Language; linguistics, 

philology, etymology. Translated by A. H. Keane. 
Map. 12° cloth. London, 1878 

13 14 How the Goode Wif thaught hir Doughter. iSioik £et= 

lev. 8' half roan. London, 1838 

Only 25 copies reprinted. 

1315 Howard, Henry. Course of Lectures on Painting, de- 

livered at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Edited 
with a memoir of the author, by Frank Howard. Small 
8° cloth, uncut. • London, 1848 

1316 Howe, Julia Ward. Passion-Flowers. 12° new cloth, 

uncut. Boston, 1854 

1317 Howell. Epistolae Ho-Elian£e; the familiar letters of 

James Howell. Edited by W. H. Bennett. 2 vols. 
24° boards, uncut. London, 1890 

1318 HowiTT, William. Life in Germany; or, scenes, im- 

pressions and every-day life of the Germans including 
the Fox song and other popular songs and sports of 
students. Numerous engravings by Sargent, Woods 
and others. 8° cloth. London, 1849 

13 1 9 Hows, John A. Forest Pictures in the Adirondacks. 

With original poems by Alfred B. Street. Illustrations 
Square 8° cloth, gilt edges. New York, 1865 

1320 Hoy, Albert H. Eating and Drinking. 12° cloth. 

Chicago, 1896 

132 1 Hoyle's Games of Whist. Quadrille, Piquet, Chess and 

Back-Gammon. Thirteenth ed. 16° old calf. 

London, (1750) 

With autograph of the author on title-page, "Edmond Hoyle" 
and " Thos. Osborne." 

1322 Huber, V. A. English Universities. An abridged trans- 

lation, edited by Francis W. Newman. Colored plates, 
lithographic portraits and engravings. 1 vols, bound 
in 3 vols. 8° new cloth, uncut (margins of plates in one 
vol. slightly stained). W. Pickering: London, 1843 


1323 HuET. Collection de Mammiferes du Museum d'His- 

toire Naturelle. Classed suivant le m^thode de M. 
Cuvicr, dessin6e d'apres nature, par Huet fils, et 
grav^e par J. B. Huet, jeune. 54 finely colored plates 
(plates slightly offset from dampness). Imperial 8° 
calf, with initials and monogram of King Louis Philippe 
on front cover (rebacked). Paris, 1808 

A Royal binding 

1324 Hull, William. History of the Glove Trade. 16" cloth, 

uncut. London, 1834 

Presentation copy, with inscription by the author. 

1325 HuLME, F. Edward. Plants; their natural growth and 

ornamental treatment. Colored plates. Small folio, 
cloth, gilt edges. London, 1874 

1326 Humbert, Aim^. Japan and the Japanese Illustrated. 

Translated by Mrs. Cashel Hoey, and edited by H. W. 

Bates. Illustrations. Royal 4' new cloth. 

New York, 1874 

1327 Humboldt, Alexander von. Cosmos. Portrait. 9 vols. 

12° half morocco, gilt backs. Bohn: London, 1849 

1328 Humboldt. Alexander Von Humboldt; a biographical 

monument. By Prof. Klencke. Translated by Juliette 
Bauer. Portrait. 12* new cloth. London, 1852 

1329 Hume, Rev. A- Learned Societies and Printing Clubs of 

the United Kingdom; their origin, history, etc., with 
a supplement by A. I. Evans. Small 8° cloth. 

London, 1853 

1330 Hume, David. History of England, 10 vols, j with the 

Continuation by T. Smollett, 5 vols. Copperplate por- 
traits. 15 vols. 8° calf, gilt backs. London, 1803 

1331 Humphreys, H. Noel. A History of the Art of Print- 

ing; from its invention to its wide-spread develop- 
. ment in the middle of the sixteenth Century. Preceded 
by a short account of the origin of the alphabet, and 
of the successive methods of recording events before 
the invention of printing. Illustrated by 100 facsim- 
iles in photo-lithography. Folio, new cloth (corner of 
few pages slightly stained). London, 1868 

1332 Hunt, Fred'k K. The Rhine; its scenery, historical 

and legendary associations. Illustrations. Square 8° 
half morocco, uncut. London, 1845 

1333 Hunt. The Fourth Estate; contributions towards a 

history of newspapers and of the liberty of the press. 
2 vols, small 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1850 

1334 Hunt, James. Manual of the Philosophy of Voice and 

Speech. 12" cloth. London, 1859 


'335 [Hunt, Leigh.] Critical Essays on the Performers of 
the London Theatres; including general observations 
on the practice and genius of the stage. Engraved 
title. First ed. i6° half roan, uncut. London, 1807 

1336 Hunt. The Seer. 2 vols. 12° cloth. Boston, 1865 

1337 Hunt. The Old Court Suburb; or, memorials of Ken- 

sington. Frontispiece. n° cloth. London, n. d. 

1338 [Hunt.] Select Fables from Gulistan; or, the bed of 

roses. Translated from the original Persian of Sadi. 
By Stephen Sullivan. 12° paper, cloth cover, uncut. 

London, 1774 
From the library of Leigh Hunt. 

1339 Hunt. Dissertation on the Languages, Literature and 

Manners of Eastern Nations. By John Richardson. 
8° green cambric cover (shaken). Oxford, 1777 

From Leigh Hunt's library, with his autograph on title. 

1340 Hunt. Beauties of Ancient Poetry. Engraved title. 

18° calf. E. Newbery: London, 1794 

" Bonght of Ticknor & Co., from'the Library of Leigh Hunt, Feb. 
i8, 1861." 

1341 Hunt. The Gentle Shepherd; a pastoral comedy. By 

Allan Ramsay. With 18 pages of engraved music and 
a glossary. Fine portrait and plates by D. Allan. 
Folio, half calf, covered with green cambric, as were 
many of his books. Andrew Foulis: Glasgow, 1796 
From the library of Leigh Hunt, with autograph signature pasted 
on title. 

1342 Hunt. The Trb Guili. Translated from the Italian of 

G. B, Casti, with a memoir of the author, and some 
account of his other works. 12° cloth. London, 1826 
From Leigh Hunt's library, with his autograph on title-page. 

1343 Hunt. Le Prose e Poesie Gampestri d'Ippolito Pinde- 

monte. 8° green cambric cover, uncut {edgesslightly 
stained). Verona, 1823 

From Leigh Hunt's library, with his autograph on title. 

1344 [Hunt.] Watson, John F. Historic Tales of Olden 

Time, concerning the early settlement and progress of 
Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. Lithographic plates. 
12° cloth. Phila., 1833 

From the libraries of Leigh Hunt, with his signature on title, and 
from Robert Southey, with the following inscription on title, " From 
the author to R. Southey, LL. D." ; evidently written by Southey, 
also marginal notes. 

1345 Hunt, Robert. Popular Romances of the West of Eng- 

land. Frontispieces. 2 vols, small 8° cloth, uncut 
(one vol. rebound). London, 1865 


1346 Hunter, Robert. Encyclopaedic Dictionary; a new 

and original work of reference to all the words in the 
English language, with a full account of their origin. 
Bound in 14 vols, royal 8° cloth. London, 1884 

1347 HuNTERiAN Club Publications; being a publication of 

rare tracts by Rowlands, Craig, Bannatyne Manuscript, 
Lodge, Niccols, Hannay, etc., printed from 1568 to 
1631. Complete set. 40 parts 4° paper, uncut. 

London, 1872-75 

Only 200 copies printed. 

The paper covers somewhat injured by water and a few torn, but 
text clean and sound ; a good set for binding. 

1348 [Huntington, Rev. W. R.] Materia Ritualis; an ap- 

pendix to a paper on " The Revision of the Common 
Prayer," in the American Church Review, April, 1881. 
8° paper, Worcester, 1883 

Privately printed, No. 30. 

1349 Hutchinson, Thomas. History of the Province of Mas- 

sachusetts Bay, from 1749 to 1774. Edited by John 
Hutchinson. With dedication leaf and preface. 8° 
half roan. London, 1828 

1350 TbSEN. Mr. Punch's Pocket Ibsen; a collection of 
M. some ot the masters' best-known dramas condensed, 

revised and slightly re-arranged. By F. Anstey. Il- 
lustrations. 12° cloth. New York, 1893 

1351 Idol of the Clownes; or, insurrection of Wat the Tyler, 

with his fellow Kings of the Commons, against the 
English Church, the King, the lawes, Nobility and 
Gentry, in the fourth yeare of King Richard the ad., 
1381. 16° calf (rebacked). London, 1654 

1352 Illuminating. The Art of Illuminating as Practised in 

Europe, from the earliest times. Illustrated by bor- 
ders, initial letters and alphabets selected and chromo- 
lithographed by W. R. Tymms. With an essay and 
instructions by W, D. Wyatt. Title and too plates 
finely printed in gold and colors. Imperial 8° half 
morocco, gilt edges. London, i860 

1353 Illustrated Flying Sheets for Young and Old. Illus' 

trations. Folio, pictorial boards. Boston. 

1354 Imperial Dictionary of Universal Biography; compris- 

ing a series of original memoirs of distinguished men 
of all ages and all nations, by writers of eminence in 
the various branches of literature, science and art. 
Steel portraits. 3 vols, bound in 14 vols, imperial 8° 
cloth. London. 


1355 Indians. Clark, W. P. Indian Sign Language; with 

brief explanatory notes of the gestures taught deaf 
mutes in our institutions for their instruction. Map. 
8° cloth. Phila,, 1885 

1356 Indians. Murray, Charles A. The Prairie Bird. 3 vols. 

12° new cloth. London, 1844 

A sketch of American Indian life. 

1357 Indians. Powell, T. W. Introduction to the Study of 

Indian Languages; with words, phrases and sentences 
to be collected. Second ed., with charts. 4° cloth. 

Washington, 1880 

1358 Ingledew, C. J. Davison. Ballads and Songs of York- 

shire; transcribed from private manuscripts, rare 
broadsides and scarce publications, with notes and a 
glossary. 12* cloth, uncut. London, i860 

1359 Ingram, James. Memorials of Oxford. The engravings 

by John Le Keux from the drawings by F. Mackenzie. 
Steel plates and woodcuts. 3 vols. 8° new cloth. 

Oxford, 1837 

1360 Innes, Cosmo. Scotland in the Middle Ages; sketches 

of early Scotch history and social progress. Maps. 8° 
new cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, i860 

1361 Inoculation. Collection of Papers relative to the tran- 

sactions of the town of Milton, Mass., to promote a 
general inoculation of the Cow Pox or Kine Pock, as a 
never failing preventative against Small Pox Infection, 
pp. 48. 8° sheets folded, uncut. Boston, 1809 

1362 [Ireland, W. H.] A Ballade wrotten on the Feastynge 

and Merrimentes of Easter Maunday, laste paste, 
wherein is dysplayed the Noble Prince's comynge to 
sayde Revelerie att Mansyonne Howse; as also the 
Dudgeon of Master Mayre and Sherrives, togeder with 
other Straunge Drolleries enacted thereupponn, Lon- 
don, 1802; — The Melviad; or, birth, parentage, edu- 
cation and achievements of a Crete Mon, London, 
1805. Bound together. 4° boards. 

Three portraits inserted. W. H. Ireland's own copy, with two 
autograph notes and signatures of his name. 

1363 [Ireland.] Chalcographimania; or, the portrait-collec- 

tor and printsellers chronicle with infatuations of every 
description, a humorous poem, with copious notes ex- 
planatory. By Satiricus Sculptor; — Scribbleomania; 
or, the printer's devil's polichronicon, a sublime poem. 
Edited by Anscr-Pen-Drag-On. 2 vols. 8° new boards, 
uncut. London, 1814-15 


1364 [Ireland.] Memoirs of Henry the Great and of the 

Court of France during his reign. Portrait. 2 vols. 8° 
half calf, gilt backs (few leaves slightly stained). 

London, 1834 

1365 Ireland. Vortigern; an historical play, with an original 

preface, represented at Drury Lane, April 2nd, 1796, 
as a supposed newly-discovered drama of Shakespeare. 
8° paper. London, 1832 

1366 Ireland. Barry, M. J. Songs of Ireland. Edited by 

Michael J. Barry. 16° wrappers. Dublin, 1845 

1367 Ireland. Couran, Michael. National Music of Ireland; 

a history of the Irish Bards. Frontispiece. 12° cloth, 
gilt. London, 1850 

1368 Ireland. Dewar, Daniel. Observations on the Char- 

acter, Customs and Superstitions of the Irish. 8° half 
roan (foxed). London, 1812 

1369 Ireland. English Irish Diction. 12° buckram. 

Dublin, 1814 

1370 Irish. Mackenzie, R. S. Bits of Blarney. 12° cloth. 

New York, 1854 

137 1 Ireland. Montgomery, H. R. Specimens of the Early 

Native Poetry of Ireland. With historical and bio- 
graphical notices. 18° cloth, gilt edges. Dublin, 1846 

1372 Ireland. Paddiana; or, scraps and sketches of Irish 

life, present and past. 2 vols, in one. Small 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1848 

1373 Ireland. Ryan, Richard. Eight Ballads on the Fictions 

of the Ancient Irish and other poems. 16' half calf. 

London, 1822 

1374 Ireland. Savage, John. '98 and '48, The Modern 

Revolutionary History and Literature of Ireland. 12° 
cloth. New York, 1856 

1375 Ireland. Self-Instruction in Irish, by John Daly; — 

Specimens of the Early Native Poetry of Ireland, by 
H. R. Montgomery. Bound in one vol. 16° half mo- 
rocco. Dublin, 1846 

1376 Irish. Syllabus of the First Commemoration of Carolan; 

consisting of ancient Irish melodies as performed at 
the private theatre in Fishamble-Street, Sept. 20, 
1809, in aid of the funds and under the patronage of 
the Irish Harp Society. 8° stitched, uncut (soiled 
copy). Dublin, 1809 

1377 Irving's Lives of the Scottish Poets; also a dissertation 

on the literary history of Scotland. 2 portraits. 2 
vols. 8° half morocco, gilt backs. Dundee, 18 [2 


1378 Isaacs, Hyatn. Ceremonies, Customs, Rites and Tradi- 

tions of the Jews. 8° half calf (few margins slightly 
water-stained). London. 

1379 Italian. Le Nouvel Alberti Dictionnaire Encyclop^- 

dique Frangais- Italian. Par Frag, Ambrosoli, Arnaud, 
Vigo-Pellizzari, Savoja et De-Magri. 2 vols. 4° half 
vellum. Milan, 1855 

1380 Ithaca, N. Y. Views Around Ithaca; being a descrip- 

tion of the waterfalls and ravines of this remarkable 
locality. By F. W. Clarke. With photographic illus- 
trations. 12° new cloth. Ithaca, (1869) 

1381 TaCKSON, John. Treatise on Wood Engraving; his- 
3 torical and practical. With upwards of 300 illustra- 
tions engraved on wood. Thick royal 8° half morocco, 
uncut, gilt top. London, 1839 

This edition is much sought for by collectors. 

1382 Jackson. Treatise on Wood Engraving; historical and 

practical, with upwards of 300 illustrations on wood. 
The historical portion by W. A. Chatto. Second ed., 
with a new chapter on the artists of the present day, 
by Henry Bohn, and 145 additional wood engravings. 
Royal 8° half red morocco, gilt back and edges. 

London, 1861 

1383 Jacob, P. L. [Pseud. J Vertu et Temperament; histoire 

du temps de la Restauration, 1818-20-32. 2 vols. 18° 
half calf. Bruxelles, 1832 

1384 Jacobiniad. Remarks on the Jacobiniad; revised and 

corrected by the author and embellished with carica- 
tures. Curious etchings. 12" half sheep (shaken). 

Boston, 1795 

1385 Jacobitk Songs and Ballads, edited by G. S. Macquoid; 

— Songs Without Music, by Hamilton Aide. 2 vols. 
16° cloth, uncut. London, 1887-89 

1386 James, Henry. Balloon Post (consisting of original con- 

tributions by Henry James, W. D. Howells, Bret Harte 
and others). Published at the French Fair in aid of 
the destitute people of France, April 11-17, 187 1. 6 
numbers 4°, uncut and unopened. Boston, 187 1 

Complete set. 

1387 James. Literary Remains of. Edited with an introduc- 

tion by William James. Portrait. 12° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1885 

1388 James, L. M. Observations Physiologiqucs et Psycolo- 

giques sur I'Homme. 2 vols. 8° full straight-grained 
red morocco, gilt back, sides and edges, with mono- 
gram on sides "F. L." Paris, 1825 



1389 Jameson, Mrs. History of Our Lord, second ed., 3 

vols.; — Sacred and Legendary Art, fourth ed., 2 vols.; 
— Legend of the Madonna, third ed. ; — Legends of the 
Monastic Orders, third ed. Numerous etchings and 
woodcuts. 6 vols, square 8° half crimson morocco, 
uncut, gilt tops and backs. London, 1863-65 

1390 Japan. A Glimpse at the Art of Japan. By James J. 

Jarves. Illustrations. 13° cloth. New York, 1876 

1391 Japanese. Colloquial Japanese; or, conversational sen- 

tences and dialogues in English and Japanese; together 
with an English-Japanese Index, to serve as a voca- 
bulary. By S. R. Brown. 8° half roan. Shanghai, 1863 

1392 Jarves, Deming. Reminiscences of Glass-Making. 

Second ed., enlarged. Small 8* new cloth. 

New York, 1865 
'393 Jarves, James J. Art Hints: Architecture, Sculpture 

and Painting. 13° cloth, uncut. London, 1855 

1394 Jeaffreson, J. C. Book About Lawyers. 2 vols, in 

one. 13° cloth. New York, 1867 

139s Jeaffreson. Annals of Oxford. First ed. 2 vols. 8° 

cloth, uncut. London, 1871 

1396 Jeaffreson. A Young Squire of the Seventeenth Cen- 

tury. From the papers of Christopher Jeaffreson. 2 
vols. 13° cloth, uncut. London, 1878 

1397 Jefferson, Thomas. Domestic Life of. Compiled from 

family letters and reminiscences. By Sarah N. Ran- 
dolph. Portrait and illustrations. 13° cloth. 

New York, 1871 

1398 Jenness, John S. Isles of Shoals; an historical sketch. 

Map and illustrations. 12° cloth. New York, 1875 

1399 Jennings, Isaac. The Tree of Life; or. Human Degen- 

eracy, its nature and remedy as based on the elevating 
principle of orthopathy. 12° cloth. New York, 1867 

1400 Jennings, James. Dialect of the West of England, par- 

ticularly Somersetshire; with a glossary of words now 
in use there, also poems and other pieces exemplifying 
the dialect. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1869 

1401 Jenkins. Works of that Grave and Learned Lawyer 

Judge Jenkins, Prisoner in Newgate, upon divers 
Statutes, concerning the Liberty and Freedome of the 
Subject. Portrait by William Marshall. 18° full calf, 
green back. Printed for J. Gyles: London, 1648 

1402 Jerdan, William. Men I Have Known. Illustrated 

with facsimile autographs. Small 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1866 


1403 Jerdan. Autobiography of; with his literary, political 

and social reminiscences and correspondence. Por- 
traits and engraved titles. 4 vols. 12° half calf, gilt 
backs. London, 1852-53 

1404 Jerrold, Blanchard. Cockaynes in Paris; or, " Gone 

Abroad." With sketches by Gustave Dord First ed. 
12° new cloth, uncut. ' London, (1871) 

1405 Jerrold. Specimens of Douglas Jerrold's Wit; — Life 

and Remains of. By his son, Blanchard Jerrold. 2 
vols. 12' cloth. Boston, 1858-59 

1406 Jesse, George R. Researches into the History of the 

British Dog; with original anecdotes and illustrations 
of the nature and attributes of the dog. With engrav- 
ings designed and etched by the author. 2 vols. 8° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1866 

1407 Jesse, John Heneage. George Selwyn and his Contem- 

poraries; with memoirs and notes. First ed. Steel 
portraits. 2 vols. 8° new cloth, uncut, original cloth 
backs. London, 1843 

1408 Joe Miller's Jests; or, the Wits Vade-Mecum; being a 

collection of the most brilliant jests, the politest 
repartees, the most elegant bon mots and most pleasant 
short stories in the English language. First carefully 
collected in the Company and many of them from the 
mouth of the facetious gentleman. 8° half roan, new 
board sides. London, 1739 (reprint) 

1409 Johnson, C. W. Farmer's Encyclopaedia and Dictionary 

of Rural Affairs. 8° cloth, uncut. London, (1842) 

1410 Johnson, J. Typographia; or, the Printer's Instructor, 

including an account of the origin of printing, with 
biographical notices of the printers of England, from 
Caxton to the close of the sixteenth century. Illustra- 
tions. 8 vols. 12° half calf. London, 1824 

141 1 Johnson, Richard. Noctes Nottinghamicae; or, Cursory 

Objections against the Syntax of the Common Gram- 
mar. Reprinted from the edition of 1 7 18. 8° boards, 
uncut. London, 1814 

1412 Johnson, Samuel. Works of. New ed., with essay on 

his life and genius, by Arthur Murphy. Copperplate 
portrait, engraved by John Hall. 12 vols. 8° mottled 
calf, gilt backs. London, 1801 

1413 Johnson. Dictionary of the English Language. Edited 

by Robert G. Latham. Thick royal 8° cloth. 

London, 1876 

1414 Johnson. Lectures, Essays and Sermons. With a me- 

moir by Samuel Longfellow. Portrait. 8° cloth, un- 
cut. Boston, 1883 


1415 Johnson. Oriental Religions: China; — India. 2 vols. 

S° cloth. Boston, 1878-73 

1416 Johnson. Anecdotes of; during the last twenty years 

of his life. By Hester Lynch Piozzi. 16° new cloth. 

London, 1786 

141 7 Johnson. Essay on the Life and Genius of Samuel 

Johnson. By Arthur Murphy. 8° calf, gilt back. 

London, 1792 

1418 Johnston, James F. Chemistry of Common Life. Illus- 

trations. 2 vols. 12° cloth. New York, 1855 

1419 Jones, Alexander. The Cymry of '76; or, Welshmen 

and their descendants of the American Revolution: an 
address, with an appendix, containing notes, sketches 
and nomenclature of the Cymbri. 8° cloth. 

New York, 1855 

1420 Jones, Sir William. Memoirs of the Life, Writings and 

Correspondence of. By Lord Teignmouth. Portrait. 
13 vols. 8° half morocco. London, 1815 

142 1 Jones, Owen. One Thousand and One Initial Letters, 

designed and illuminated by Owen Jones. With illumi- 
nated title and 37 plates containing numerous examples 
of initial letters, finely printed in gold and colors. 
Folio, cloth, gilt edges. Day & Son: London, 1864 

1422 Jones. Examples of Chinese Ornament; selected from 

objects in the South Kensington Museum and other 
collections. 100 plates, finely printed in colors. Small 
folio, cloth, gilt edges. London, 1867 

1423 Jones. Grammar of Ornament. Illustrated by exam- 

ples from various styles of ornament. 113 plates finely 
printed in gold, silver and colors. Small folio, cloth, 
gilt edges. Day & Son : London. 

This is the best edition, not the reprint. 

1424 Jonson, Ben. Works of Benjamin Jonson. Portrait by 

Vaughan and engraved title by G. Hole (portrait 
mounted). 2 vols, folio, half calf. 

Richard Bishop: London, 1640 

"At the end of ' Every Man in his Humour,' occurs the name of 
Will. Shakespeare among those of the principal comedians." 

A very rare edition; the second collected one of his works — sup- 
posed by Giftord to have been printed surreptitiously. W. E. Burton 

1425 JoNSON. Works of. With a biographical memoir, by 

William Gifford. Steel portrait. Royal 8" new cloth. 

Boston, 1853 

1426 Jordan, Mrs. Life of; including original private corre- 

spondence and numerous anecdotes of her contempo- 
raries. By James Boaden. Portrait. 8° half calf. 

London, 1831 


1427 JossELYN, John. Account of Two Voyages to New Eng 

land, made during the years 1638-63. Small 4° cloth, 
uncut. Boston, 1865 

Only 250 copies printed. 

1428 JossELYN. New England's Rarities, discovered in birdsi 

beasts, fishes, serpents and plants of that country. 
With an introduction and notes by Edward Tuckerman. 
Small 4° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1865 

Only 250 copies printed. 

1429 JosEPHus,, Flavins. Opera (Greek text). Folio, full 

antique morocco, gilt edges. Froben: Basileae, 1544 
With marginal manuscript notes and slight discolorations on the 

1430 l^ANE, H. H. Drugs that Enslave; the opium, mor- 
.^^ phine, chloral and hashisch habits. Illustrations. 

12* cloth. Phila., 1883 

1431 Keddie. William. Cyclopsedia of Literary and Scientific 

Anecdote; illustrative of the characters, habits and 
conversation of men of letters and science. Frontis- 
piece. 8' cloth. Columbus, 1859 

1432 Keightley, Thomas. Fairy Mythology; illustrative of 

the romance and superstition of various countries. 
New ed., revised and greatly enlarged. Etched fron- 
tispiece by George Cruikshank. 12° calf, gilt back. 

Bohn: London, 1850 

1433. Kelly. Reminiscences of Michael Kelly, of the King's 

Theatre and Theatre Royal, Drury Lane; with original 

anecdotes of many distinguished persons. 8° boards, 

uncut (name torn from title). New York, 1826 

1434 Kelly, P. Oriental Metrology; comprising the monies, 

weights and measures of the East Indies. 8° cloth. 

London, 1832 

1435 Kelly, Walter K. Curiosities of Indo-European Tradi- 

tion and Folk-Lore. Small 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1863 

1436 Kennedy, James. Modern Poets and Poetry of Spain. 

8° cloth, uncut. London, 1852 

1437 Kentish Songster; or, the Ladies and Gentlemen's Mis- 

cellany, containing a new and choice collection of the 
most celebrated English songs. 16° old calf (broken). 

Canterbury, (177s) 

1438 Kerr, Norman. Inebriety or Narcomania; its etiology, 

pathology, treatment and jurisprudence. 8° cloth. 

New York, (1894) 

1439 Kincaid, J. Random Shots from a Rifleman. 12° boards. 

London, 1847 


1440 KiNDERSLEY, N. E. Specimens of Hindoo Literature; 

consisting of translations, with explanatory notes. 
Plates. 8° old calf. London, 1794 

1441 King, C. W. Handbook of Engraved Gems. Numerous 

illustrations. 8° cloth, uncut, gilt top. London, 1866 

1442 King, Richard J. Selections from the Early Ballad 

Poetry of England and Scotland. 16° full light calf 
extra. W. Pickering: London, (1842) 

1443 [King, William.] The Art of Cookery, in Imitation of 

Horace's Art of Poetry; with some letters to Dr. Lis- 
ter and others; to which is added Horace's " Art of 
Poetry," in Latin. Humbly inscrib'd to the Honour- 
able Beef Steak Club, Small 8° new cloth. 

London, n. d. 

1444 King's Handbook of the United States. Text by M. F. 

Sweetser. Maps and 2,600 illustrations. Thick 12° 
cloth. Buffalo, 1 891 

1445 King's College. First Book for the Instruction of Stu- 

dents in the King's College. By Order of a Committee. 
Facetious frontispiece and 3 plates etched by Seymour, 
pp. 24. 8° stitched, uncut. London, n. d. 

A satirical and facetious pamphlet. 

1446 King's College Magazine. Conducted by the students 

of King's College, London. Vols. 1 and 2. 2 vols. 8° 
new cloth, uncut. London, 1842 

1447 KiNGSMiLL, Joseph. Chapters on Prisons and Prisoners. 

Second ed. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1852 

1448 Kitchener, Henry T. Letters on Marriage, on the 

Causes of Matrimonial Infidelity and on the Reciprocal 
Relations of the Sexes. 16° cloth, uncut. London, 1812 

1449 KiTCHiNER, William. Economy of the Eyes. Part i. Of 

Spectacles, Opera-Glasses and Theatres. Part 2, Of 
Telescopes. 2 vols. ia° half calf, gilt backs. 

London, 1826-25 

1450 KiTTO, John. Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature. Illus- 

trated by numerous maps and engravings. 2 vols, 
royal 8° half calf. New York, 1861 

1451 Knapp, Samuel L. Female Biography; containing 

notices of distinguished women in different nations 
and ages. 12° sheep. New York, 1834 

1452 Knight, Charles. The Old Printer and the Modern 

Press. 16° cloth, uncut. London, 1854 

1453 Knight, Shadows of the Old Book-sellers. First ed. 

Small 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1865 

tai CAtALOGtrte. 

1454 Knight. Once Upon a Time. Second ed. Illustrated 

with numerous woodcuts. Small 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1859 

1455 Knight. Autobiography of Miss Cornelia Knight, Lady 

Companion to the Princess Charlotte of Wales; with 
extracts from her journals and anecdote books. Por- 
trait. 2 vols. 8* new cloth, uncut. London, 1861 

1456 Knowles, James Sheridan. Dramatic Works of. Por- 

trait. 2 vols. 12° cloth. London, 1856 

1457 Kohl, J. G. Russia: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Khar- 

koff, Riga, Odessa, etc. Map. 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1844 

1458 KoHLRAUscH, Frederick. History of Germany. 8* cloth. 

London, 1844 

1459 Krafft-Ebing, Dr. R. von. Psychopathia Sexualis; 

with especial reference to contrary sexual instinct. 
Seventh revised ed. by C. G. Chaddock. 8° cloth. 

Phila., 1894 

1460 Krafft-Ebing. Lehrbuch der Psychiatrie. Royal 8° 

cloth. Stuttgart, 1893 

1461 Krapf, L. Dictionary of the Suahili Language. With 

introduction containing outline of a Suahili Grammar. 
Portrait. Royal 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1882 

1462 T ABARTE, M. Jules. Handbook of the Arts of the 
JLy Middle Ages and Renaissance, as applied to the 

decoration of furniture, arms, jewels, etc. With notes. 
Numerous illustrations. 8° calf, gilt back. 

London, 1855 

1463 L'Abbe, Mons. New Collection of Dances, containing 

a great number of the best Ball and Stage Dances, 
composed by Mons. L'Abbe, Dancing-Master to Their 
Royal Highnesses, the Three Young Princesses, that 
have been performed both in Drury-Lane and Lincoln's 
Inn Fields. Engraved plates of dance figures. 4° calf. 

London, (n. d.) 

1464 Lacroix, Paul. The Arts in the Middle Ages and at 

the Period of the Renaissance. Illustrated with 19 
chromolithographic prints by F. Kellerhoven and up- 
wards of 400 engravings on wood. Imperial 8° half 
morocco, uncut, gilt back. London, 1870 

1465 Lafaye, M. Supplement du Dictionnaire des Synony 

mes de la Langue Fran^aise. Royal 8° half morocco, 
gilt back. Paris, 1865 


1466 Lafitau, p. Moeurs des Sauvages Ameriquaino, com" 

pare'es aux moeurs des premiers temps, ouvrage en 

aich^ de figures en taille-douce. 2 vols. 4° new cloth 

(slightly water stained). Paris, 1724 
Relates to the North American Indians. 

1467 La Fontaine, Contes et Nouvelles en Vers. Nouvelle 

edition corrigee, augmentde et enrichie de tailles-douce, 
dessines par Mr. Romain de Hooge, 2 vols, in one. 
8° old calf (corner of title missing, otherwise a fine 
copy). Amsterdam, 1721 

1468 La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles, Edition lUustr^e 

par Tony Johannot, Rouqueplan, Boulanger, Frago- 
nard, etc. Royal 8° half calf. Paris. 

1469 La Fontaine. Fables de. Illustr^es par J. J. Grand- 

ville. Nouvelle edition. 2 vols. 8° half calf, 

Paris, 1838 

1470 [Laing, David] Early Metrical Tales; including the 

history of Sir Egeir, Sir Gryme and Sir Gray Steill. 
Woodcuts. Small 8° red morocco, gilt edges. 

Edinburgh, 1826 
From the Inglis sale. 

147 1 Lamb, Charles. Works of. New ed. Steel portrait. 4 

vols. 12° cloth, uncut. Boston, i860 

1472 Lamb. Essays of Elia. Portrait, 8° cloth, uncut. 

W. Veazie: Boston, i860 
Large Paper : * 

1473 Lamb. In the Footprints of Charles Lamb, by Benja- 

min E. Martin. Illustrated by Herbert Railton and 
John FuUylove. With a bibliography by E. D. North. 
Small 4° new boards. New York, 1890 

1474 Lambert, Charles R. Poems and Translations from 

the German of Goethe, Schiller, Chamisso, Uhland, 
Ruckert, Heine, Platen, etc. First ed. i6' cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1850 

1475 Lamson, Alvan. Church of the first three Centuriss. 8° 

cloth. Boston, i860 

1476 [Landor, Robert E.J The Fawn of Sertorius. First ed. 

2 vols, small 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1846 

1477 Landor, Walter Savage, Andrea of Hungary and Gio- 

vanna of Naples, First ed. 8° new cloth. London, 1839 

1478 Landor. Dry Sticks Fagoted. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Edinburgh, 1858 

1479 Lang, Andrew. Ballads and Lyrics of Old France; with 

other poems. First ed. 12° original cloth, uncut. 

London, 1872 


1480 Lang. Perrault's Popular Tales. Edited from the orig- 

inal editions, with introduction. First ed. 12° half 
vellum, uncut. Oxford, 1888 

Contains the original Mother Goose Tales. 

1481 Langl£, Ferd. Les Contes du Gay Scavoir. Ballades, 

Fabliaux et Traditions du Moyen Age. Otnie de vig- 
nettes et fleurons imit^s des manuscrits originaux par 
Bonington et Monnier. 8° new cloth. Firmin Didot: 

Paris, 1828 

1482 Lanzi, Abate Luigi. History of Painting in Italy. Trans- 

lated from the Italian, by Thomas Roscoe. Steel por- 
traits. 3 vols. 12° half morocco, uncut, gilt tops. 

Bohn: London, 1852-54 

1483 Lardner, D. Museum of Science and Art. Woodcuts. 

10 vols, bound in 5 vols. 12° cloth (bindings worn). 

London, 1854-56 

1484 Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia. Engraved titles. 130 

vols. 16° cloth, uncut(few bindings slightly worn). 

London, 1832 
Comprises : History, 62 vols, j — Biography, 31 vols.; — Natural 
History, 14 vols. ; — Natural Philosophy, 13 vols. ; — Useful Art, 7 
vols.; — Geography, 3 vols. 

1485 L'Art de P6terj essai thdori-physique et m6thodique, k 

I'usage des personnes constip6es, des personnages 
graves et austeres, des dames mdlancoliques. Curious 
copperplate frontispiece. 12° paper, uncut. 

, Westphalic, 1775 

i486 Larwood and Hotten. History of Signboards, from 
the earliest times to the present day. Colored frontis- 
piece and other illustrations. 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1866 

1487 Latham, Robert G. Dictionary of the English Lan- 

guage. Founded on that of Dr. Samuel Johnson, as 
edited by H. J. Todd with numerous emendations. 4 
vols, in 2 vols, thick 4° half morocco. London, 1882 

1488 Lathrop, John. God our Protector and Refuge in 

Danger and Trouble; a discourse delivered at the 
public lecture in Boston, March 16, 1797; with an 
appendix, containing an account of several daring at- 
tempts to set fire to the town and rob the inhabitants, 
pp. 30. 8° stitched. Boston, 1797 

1489 Lauder, Sir Thomas Dick. Sir Uvedale Price on the 

Picturesque: with an essay on the origin of taste. 60 
illustrations designed and drawn by Montagu Stanley. 
8° cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1842 

1490 Law. The Mississippi Bubble; a memoir of John Law, 

By Adolphe Thiers. Translated by Frank S. Fiske. 
I ?" cloth. New York, 1864 


1491 Law, Commentaries, or Reports of Edmund Plowden; 

containing divers cases upon matters of law, argued 
and adjudged in the several reigns of King Edward VI, 
Queen Mary, King and Queen Philip and Mary and 
Queen Elizabeth. Copperplate portrait, by T. Stay- 
ner. Folio, old calf (rebacked). London, 1761 

1492 Lawrence Academy. Jubilee of, at Groton, Mass., 

July 12, 1854; with general catalogue. 8° wrappers. 

New York, 1855 

1493 Lays of Ancient Babyland; to which are added divers 

small histories not known to the ancients. Dedicated 
with much respect, but without permission to the Bab- 
ies of England. 16° new boards. 

W. Pickering: London, 1849 

1494 Lear, Edward. Nonsense Songs, Stories, Botany, and 

Alphabets, Boston, 1871; — Book of Nonsense, London. 
Numerous illustrations. 3 vols, small 4° and oblong 
12° boards. 

1 495 Le Blanc, H. Art of Tying the Cravat: demonstrated 

in sixteen lessons, including thirty-two different styles. 
4 engraved plates (one torn). 16° boards, uncut. 

Phila., 1838 

1496 [Lee, H. F.] Familiar Sketches of Sculpture and Sculp- 

tors. 2 vols. 13° cloth. Boston, 1854 

1497 Lee, Nathaniel, Works of; containing Theodosius, 

Sophonisba, Nero, etc. 2 vols. 8° old calf, rebacked 
(name on titles). London, 17 13 

1498 Leech. The Comic English Grammer. By (Percival 

Leigh). With upwards of 50 characteristic illustrations 
by J. Leech. 12° pictorial boards (broken). 

London, 1853 

1499 Legend of St. Ursula and Her Companions; with illu- 

minated miniatures taken from the Church of S. Ursula 
at Cologne. Each page within woodcut border, fac- 
simile of the original Ms., together with beautiful 
lithograph miniatures by Kellerhoven, illuminated in 
gold and colors. Magnificently bound in full green 
morocco, with wide inlaid border of crimson morocco, 
large altar cross in gold and crimson, back panels 
inlaid in crimson morocco, gilt edges, by Zaehnsdorf. 

A magnificent specimen of printing and binding. The Metrical 
Version of the Legend of St. Ursula was written towards the close 
of the Fifteenth Centvry, by Edmund Hatfield, a Monk of Roches- 
ter. It was dedicated to most Illustrious Lady Margaret, the mother 
of King Henry the Seventh, and was one of the earliest works which 
issued from the press of Wynkyn de Worde. 


1500 Leicester. Address Commemorative of the Part taken 

by the Inhabitants of the Town of Leicester in the 
Events of the Revolution, delivered July 4, 1849, by 
Emory Washburn, 8° wrappers. Boston, 1849 

1501 [LeightOn, F, S.] Madre Natura versus the Moloch 

of Fashion. With 25 illustrations by Luke Limner. 
12° original wrappers. London, 1870 

1502 Le Grand, Antonii. Historia Naturae, variis experi- 

mentis et ratiociniis elucidata. Engraved plate. 8° 
old calf. Londini, 1673 

1503 Leland, Charles G. Poetry and Mystery of Dreams. 

12° new cloth. Phila., 1856 

1504 Leland. English Gypsies and Their Language. First 

ed. 12° cloth. New York, 1873 

1505 Leland. Hans Breitmann as an Uhlan, with other 

new ballads, 1871; — Hans Breitmann's Party, with 
other ballads, new and enlarged ed., 1869. 2 vols. 8° 
wrappers, uncut. Phila. 

1506 Lempriere, J. Classical Dictionary. New ed,, enlarged 

and improved, by F. D. Lempriere, 4° calf. 

London, 1839 

1507 Leominster, Mass. History of, or the northern half of 

the Lancaster new or additional grant, from June 26, 
1 70 1, the date of the deed from George Tahanto, 
Indian Sagamore, to July 4, 1852. By David Wilder. 
12° cloth (name cut from title). Fitchburg, 1853 

1508 Le Rousier des Dames. Par Bertrand Desmarius (1539). 

Black Letter reprint. Square 16° green calf, uncut. 

Paris, 1852 
Only 62 copies printed. 

1509 Le Roux, Hugues and Jules Garnier. Acrobats and 

Mountebanks. Translated by A. P. Morton. With 233 
illustrations. Square 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1890 

15 10 Lesage. Adventures of Gil Bias of Santillane. New 

ed., with engravings from paintings by Robert Smirke. 
4 vols. 16° half calf, gilt backs. London, 1822 

1511 Le Sage. Adventures of Gil Bias of Santillane. Trans- 

lated by Tobias Smollet. 10 etchings by Cruikshank 
and 24 illustrations after Smirke. Thick 12° half calf 
(plates water-stained). London, 1861 

1512 Lesley, Susan I. Recollections of My Mother. Fron- 

tispiece. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Printed, not published. Boston, 1886 

15 13 Lettsom, John Coakley. Hints Designed to Promote 

Beneficence, Temperance and Medical Science. Sil- 
houette portraits and plates. 3 vols 8° calf, gilt backs 
(rubbed). London, 180 1 


1514 Lewins, William. Her Majesty's Mails; a history of 

the post-office. Portrait. i«° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1865 

1515 Lewis, Scenery of the Rivers of England and Wales. 

Illustrated by a series of studies from pictures in the 
collections of the Duke of Bedford, Lord Northwick 
and others. Painted and engraved by F. C. Lewis. 
.68 plates, open letter proofs, fine impressions. Folio, 
half morocco, gilt edges. London, (1845) 

1516 Lewis, Sir George C. Essay on the Origin^and Forma- 

tion of the Romance Languages. 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1862 

1517 Liber Facetiarum; being a collection of curious and in- 

teresting anecdotes. 16° half calf. 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1809 

1518 Liberty Bell. By Friends of Freedom. Engraved title. 

12° original cloth, gilt edges. Boston, 1853 

1519 Liberty b€11. By Friends of Freedom. Engraved title. 

12° c)mh, gilt edges. Boston, 1853 

1520 LiBwn-Y Bell. By Friends of Freedom. Engraved title. 
12° original cloth, gilt edges. Boston, 1856 

iS2i/1,iberty Bell. By Friends of Freedom. Engraved title. 
12° original cloth, gilt edges. Boston, 1858 


1522 Drummond, William. Poetical Works of. Portrait. 16° 

cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

1523 Hazlitt, W. Carew. Remains of the Early Popular 

Poetry of England ; with introductions and notes. 4 
vols. 12° new cloth, uncut. London, 1864 

1524 Hearne, Thomas. Reliquiae Hearnianae. Notes by 

Philip Bliss. Portrait. 3 vols. 16° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1869 

1525 Marston, John. Works of. Notes by J. O. Halliwell. 

3 vols. 16° cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

1526 Mather, Cotton. Wonders of the Invisible World. 

Portrait. 16" cloth, uncut. London, 1862* 

1527 Mather, Increase. Remarkable Providences. Portrait. 

16° cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

1528 OvERBURY, Sir Thomas. Miscellaneous Works of. Notes 

by E. F. Rimbault. Portrait. 16° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1856 

1529 QuARLES, Francis. Enchiridion. Portrait. 16° cloth, 

uncut. London, 1856 



1530 Spence, Joseph. Anecdotes, Observations and Charac- 

ters of Books and Men. Portrait. 16° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1858 

1531 Webster, John. Dramatic Works of. Edited by Wil- 

liam Hazlitt. 4 vols. 16° cloth, uncut. London, 1857 

1532 Library of Anecdote and Table-Talk. Book of Table 

Talk, including Deliciae Literariae. Illustrated with 
woodcuts. 3 vols. 16° half light calf, gilt backs. 

C. Knight: London, 1836 

1533 Liebhaber-Bibliothek Alter Illustratoren, in facsimile 

reproduction: Tobias Stimmer's Bibel. Facsimile of 
the Basel ed. of 1576. Small 4° wrappers, uncut. 

Miinchen, 1881 
With autograph of J. S. Dwight on half-title. 

1534 Liechtenstein, Princess Marie. Holland House. Steel 

portraits and numerous illustrations. 2 vols. 8° new 
cloth, uncut. London, 1874 

1535 Life in Ireland; or, the day and night scenes, rovings, 

rambles and sprees, bulls, blunders, bodderation and 
blarney of Brian Boru, Esq., and his elegant friend. 
Sir Shawn O'Dogherty. Exhibiting a real picture of 
characters, manners, etc., in high and low life in Dub- 
lin and various parts of Ireland. Numerous humorous 
colored etchings by Heath, Aiken, and other artists. 
Fourth ed. 8° new cloth (one plate missing). 

London, 1826 

1536 Lincoln, Abraham. A Legacy of Fun, by Abraham 

Lincoln, with a short sketch of his life. 16° paper, 
uncut. London, 1865 

1537 Lincoln. Eulogy on Abraham Lincoln, June i, 1865, 

and Sermon in Commemoration of the Death of Abra- 
ham Lincoln, April 16, 1865. By Charles C. Everett. 
3 pamphlets. Bangor. 

With a. 1. 1. of Charles C. Everett in each pamphlet. 

1538 LiLLiE. An Alphabet of Monograms; comprising up- 

wards of 500 designs for the use of engravers, enam- 
elers, die-sinkers, chasers, carvers, modelers, etc. De- 
signed and engraved by Henry Lillie. 26 plates. 
Royal 8° cloth, gilt edges. London. 

1539 Lilly, William. Introduction to Astrology. Adapted 

to the improved state of the science by Zadkiel. Steel 
portrait. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1835 

1540 Linton, B. Lynn. Witch Stories. First ed, Small 8° 

new cloth, uncut. London, 1861 


1541 Linton. Life of Joshua Davidson; or, the modern imi- 

tation of Christ. 13° cloth, uncut. Fhila , 1889 

1542 Littleton, Adam. Latin Dictionary. Sixth cd., with 

large amendations and improvements. Frontispiece. 
4° old calf. London, 1735 

1543 Little Book About Great Britain. By Azamat-Batuk. 

12° half roan. London, 1870 

Reprinted from the Fall Mall Gazette, with considerable addi- 

1544 LiTTR^, E. Dictionnaire de la Langue Fran§aise. 4 

vols, royal 4° half morocco. Paris, 1873 

1545 [LivERMORE, George.} Origin, History and Character 

of the New England Primer; being a series of articles 
contributed to the Cambridge Chronicle. By the An- 
tiquary. Small 4" cloth. Cambridge, 1849 
Oni,y 12 copies printed for private distribution. With a. I. j. of 
the author inserted. 

1546 [LiVERMORE.] Remarks on Public Libraries. (With 

prefatory note by George Livermore.) 8° cloth, gilt 

Printed for private distribution only: Cambridge, 1850 
Presentation copy to N. B. Shurtleff, with inscription by George 
Livennore< With a. /. s. of author inserted, 

1547 Lives of the Most Remarkable Criminals who have been 

Condemned and Executed for Murder, Highway Rob- 
beries, Housebreaking, Street Robberies, Coining, or 
other offences, from 1720 to 1735. Frontispiece. 2 
vols. 12° new cloth. London, 1873 

1548 Lives and Exploits of Notorious Characters: George 

Barnwell, Richard Turpin, Mary the Maid of the Inn, 
Doctor Faustus, Robert Nixon, the Hermit of Winder- 
mere, James Greenacre, Bamfyeld Moore Carew. 
Frontispiece. 12° new cloth. London, 1845 

1549 Lock, John. The Temple of Love; a vision. First ed. 

8° new boards. London, 181 7 

1550 Locker, Frederick. London Lyrics. First ed. With 

frontispiece, designed and etched by George Cruik- 
shank. Photograph of the author inserted. 12° new 
cloth, uncut. London, 1857 

1551 LocKHART, J. G. Ancient Spanish Ballads; historical 

and romantic. New ed., revised. With numerous il- 
lustrations from drawings by Allan, Roberts, Simson, 
Warren, Aubrey and Harvey. Borders and ornamen- 
tal vignettes by Owen Jones. Small 4° morocco, gilt 
back. London, 1842 


1552 Lodge, Edmund. Portraits of Illustrious Personages 

of Great Britain; with biographical and historical me- 
moirs of their lives and actions. 340 steel portraits. 
8 vols. 12° half crimson morocco, gilt backs and edges. 

W. Smith: London. 

1553 LoEWE, Dr. L. The Origin of the Egyptian Language 

proved by the Analysis of that and the Hebrew. 8° 
wrapper. London, 1837 

" Presentation copy, with inscription and u-. I. s. of the author in- 

1554 Logan, W. H. Pedlar's Pack of Ballads and Songs; 

with illustrative notes. Small 8° new cloth, uncut. 

Edinburgh, 1869 
"Contains nautical lyrics, festivous, sporting, matrimonial and anti- 
matrimonial songs." 

1555 LoM^NiE, Louis de. Beaumarchais and his Times; 

sketches of French society in the 18th Century. 4 
vols, small 8° new cloth, uncut (few leaves slightly 
water-stained). London, 1856 

Books relating to the History and Description of. 

1556 Archer, John Wykeham. Vestiges of Old London; a 

series of etchings from original drawings illustrative 
of the monuments and architecture of London, in the 
first, fourth, twelfth, and six succeeding centuries; 
with descriptions and historical notices. Portrait and 
plates (water-stained). Folio, half morocco. 

London, 185 i 

1557 Archer, Thomas. Terrible Sights of London; and la- 

bours of love in the midst of them. Frontispiece. 12° 
cloth. London, (1870) 

1558 Arundell, Thomas. Historical Reminiscences of the 

City of London and its Livery Companies. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1869 

1559 Beames, Thomas. Rookeries of London; past, present 

and prospective. Plate. Small 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1850 

1560 Becker, Bernard H. Scientific London. 12° cloth. 

New York, 1875 

1561 Bee, Jon. [John Badcock.] Living Picture of London 

for 1828 and Stranger's Guide; shewing the frauds, 
the arts, the snares and wiles of all descriptions of 
rogues; sketches of Cockney manners, etc. 16" cloth. 



LONDON— Continued. 

1568 Blackmore, Lieut. John. London by Moonlight Mis- 
sion. 12° cloth. London, 1861 

1563 Burn, Jacob H. Descriptive Catalogue of the London 

Traders, Tavern and Coffee-House Tokens current in 
the seventeenth Century; presented to the corporation 
library by H. B. H. Beaufoy. Steel portrait. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1855 

1564 City of London Directory for 1879. Map. Royal 8° 

cloth. London. 

1565 [CoRRY, John.] Satirical View of London, at the com- 

mencement of the 19th Century. 12° boards, uncut. 

London, 1801 

1566 Cruikshank. London Singer's Magazine and Retiter's 

Album; a collection of all the most celebrated and 
popular songs as sung at the London theatres, public 
and private concerts and other places of amusement. 
With illustrations by Cruikshank, T. Jones, Findley 
and others, and a colored frontispiece. 8° half calf, 
gilt back. London, (1837) 

1567 Cruikshank. Doings in London; or, -day and night 

scenes of the frauds, frolics, manners and depravities 
of the metropolis. With 33 engravings by Bonner, 
from designs by R. Cruikshank. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, n. d. 

1568 Davies, Chas. M. Mystic London; or, phases of oc- 

cult life in the British metropolis. 12° cloth. 

New York, n. d. 

1569 Dixon, William H. Her Majesty's Tower. Folding 

frontispiece. 12° cloth. New York, 1869 

1570 Dodd, George. Food of London. 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1856 

15 7 1 Fortnight's Ramble through London; or, a complete 

display of all the cheats and frauds practised in that 
great metropolis, with the best method for eluding 
them. Frontispiece. 12° stitched, uncut. London. 

1572 Frauds of London, displaying the numerous and daring 

Cheats and Robberies, by an Old Bow Street Officer, 
colored folding plate, London, n. d.j — The King of 
Beggars; or, the history of Bamfylde Moore Carew, 
colored folding plate, Derby, n, d.; — Life of Jack 
Sheppard, London, n. d. ; — Lancashire Dialect, by 
Tim Bobbin, London, n. d. ; — Life of that atrocious 
Footpad, Housebraker of Jerry Abershaw; — Dean 
Swift's Humorous Advice to Servants; — Mr. Mathews' 
Comic Annual, for 1830; — Quentin Durward; or, the 
fortunate Scotsman, Bound together. ij° half roan. 


LONDON — Continued. 

1573 Garwood, John, The Million- Peopled City. 12° cloth. 

London, 1853 

1574 Gavarni in London; sketches of life and character, 

with illustrative essays by popular writers. Edited by 
Albert Smith. Illustrations. Royal 8° cloth. 

London, 1849 

'S7S Gavin, Hector. Sanitary Ramblings; being sketches 
and illustrations of Bethnal Green. 2 maps. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1848 

1576 Godwin, George. London Shadows; a glance at the 
" homes " of the thousands. Illustrations by John 
Brown. 8° wrappers. London, 1854 

'577 [Grant, James.] The Great Metropolis. First ed. 2 
vols. 1 2° half roan. London, 1836 

1578 [Grant.] Travels in Town. First ed. 2 vols. 13° half 

calf. London, 1839 

1579 The Great Army; sketches of life and character in a 

Thames-side district. 2 vols, in one. 12° cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1875 

1580 The Greatest of Our Social Evils: Prostitution; as it 

now exists in London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh 
and Dublin. By a physician, 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1857 

1581 Greenwood, James. London Vocabulary, English and 

Latin. Adorned with 26 pictures. Tenth ed., with 
additions. 18° half morocco. London, 1745 

1582 Greenwood. Seven Curses of London. 12° cloth, un- 

cut. London, n. d. 

1583 Greenwood. Wilds of London. With 12 illustrations 

by Alfred Concanen. Small 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1874 

1584 Gronow, R. H. Celebrities of London and Paris. Col- 

ored frontispiece. 12° cloth, uncut London, 1865 

1585 [Hill, Thomas.] Oddities of London Life. By Paul 

Pry. Etching by Pierce Egan, Robert Cruikshank 
and others. First ed. 2 vols, small 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1838 

1586 Hindley, Charles. True History of Tom and Jerry; 

or, the day and night scenes of life in London; to- 
gether with a vocabulary and glossary of the flash and 
slang terms occurring in the course of the work. 
Woodcut illustrations. 12° half vellum, uncut. 


1587 Historical Description of Westminster Abbey; its 

monuments and curiosities. Illustrations. i6' boards. 

London, 1853 


LONDON — Continued. 

1588 HoLLiNGSHEAD, John. Odd Journeys In and Out of 

London. 12° cloth, uncut. London, i860 

1589 HoLLiNGSHEAD. Ragged London in 1861. Small 8° cloth, 

uncut. London, 1861 

1590 HOLLINGSHEAD. Underground London. ia° cloth. 

London, 1862 

1591 HowiTT, William. Northern Heights of London; or, 

historical associations of Hampstead, Highgate, Mus- 
well Hill, Hornsey and Islington. Illustrations. 8° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1869 

1592 Jameson, Mrs. Companion to the Most Celebrated 

Private Galleries of Art in London. Small 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1844 

1593 Jesse, J. Heneage. Literary and Historical Memorials 

of London. Steel plates. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1847 

1594 Jesse. London; its celebrated characters and remark- 

able places. Frontispieces. 3 vols. 8° half calf, gilt 
backs. London, 187 1 

1595 King, Richard. The New Cheats of London Exposed; 

or, the frauds and tricks of the town laid open to both 
sexes. With copperplate frontispiece. 12° half calf, 
uncut. London. 

1596 Knight. London. Edited by Charles Knight. Numer- 

ous illustrations. 6 vols, royal 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1841-44 

1597 Lambert, B. History and Survey of London and it*s 

Environs, from the earliest period to the present time. 
Steel portraits, maps and plates. 4 vols. 8° new cloth, 
uncut. London, 1806 

1598 Lemon, Mark. Up and Down the London Streets. Illus- 

trations. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1867 

1599 London and its Environs Described; containing an ac- 

count of whatever is most remarkable for grandeur, 
elegance, curiosity or^use. Folding plates and numer- 
ous fine old copperplate views. 6 vols. 8° calf. 

London, 1761 

1600 London and Londoners; or, a second judgment of 

" Babylon the Great." 2 vols, small 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1836 

160 1 London Characters; or, anecdotes, fashions and customs 

of the present century. By Barnaby Sketchwell. 
Plates. 2 vols. 12° half roan. London, 1809 

1602 London Characters and the Humorous Side of London 

Life. Illustrations. 12° cloth. London, n. d. 


LONDON — Continued. 

1603 London Guide and Stranger's Safeguard against the 

Cheats, Swindlers and Pickpockets that Abound within 
the Bills of Mortality. Collected from the communi- 
cations of William Perry and others. Frontispiece. 
16° boards, uncut. London, 1819 

1604 London Unmask'd; or, the New Town Spy; exhibiting 

a striking picture of the world as it goes in a ramble 
through the regions of novelty, whim, fashion and 
taste, as found in the cities of London and Westmins- 
ter. By the "Man in the Moon." Copperplate frontis- 
piece. 12° half calf. London. 
Curious anecdotes of fortune hunters, rapacious quacks, etc. 

1605 Maitland, William. History of London, from its foun- 

dation to the present time; continued to 177a, by Rev. 
John Entick. With a complete set of copperplates, 
illustrating the churches, palaces, public buildings, 
hospitals, bridges, etc. 2 vols, folio, calf (broken). 

London, 1772 

1606 Malcolm, James P. Anecdotes of the Manners and 

Customs of London. Engraved plates. 3 vols. 8° calf. 

London, 181 1 

1607 Massingham, H. W. London Daily Press. Illustrations. 

12° cloth. New York, 1892 

1608 Mayhew, Augustus. Paved with Gold; or, the romance 

and reality of the London streets, first ed. With il- 
lustrations by H. K. Browne. 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1858 

1609 Mayhew, Henry. London Labour and the London Poor. 

Original issue. Parts 1 to 15. Illustrations. 15 parts 
8° original wrappers, uncut. London, 1851-52 

1610 Mayhew. London Labour and the London Poor. Extra 

Volume, Those that Will Not Work. Illustrations. 8* 

cloth. London, 1862 

Comprises sketches of prostitutes, thieves, swindlers and beggars. 

i6ii Metropolitan Grievances; or, a serio-comic glance at 

minor mischiefs in London and its vicinity; the whole 

critically and satirically Apposed. By one who thinks 

for himself. 12° half morocco, uncut. London, 1812 

i6i2 Murray, John F. World of London. 12' cloth, uncut. 

London, 1844 

1613 Nadal, B. S. Impressions of London Social Life. 12° 

cloth. New York, 1875 

16 14 Nicholson, Renton. Autobiography of a Fast Man. 12* 

half calf. London, 1863 

The self-styled " Chief Baron Nicholson " was editor of the noto- 
rious " Town " and proprietor of the equally notorious Coal Hole 


LONDON — Continued. 

1615 London Spy. New London Spy; or, a Twenty-four 

hours' Ramble through the Bills of, Mortality; contain- 
ing a true picture of modern high and low life, from 
the splendid mansions in St. James's to the subterra- 
nean habitations of St. Giles, etc. 8° half morocco, 
gilt edges. London, 1772 

Extra Illustrated with curious newspaper and other cuttings, 
London views, Facetiae, some scarce colored prints, play bills, etc. 
From the Library of Henry Thomas Buckle, the historian, with 
his book-plate. 

1616 New London Spy; or, a twenty-four hours' ramble 

through the Bills of Mortality, containing a true 
picture of modern high and low life, the whole exhibiting 
a striking portrait of London as it appears in the present 
year, 1771. Copperplate frontispiece. 12° half sheep. 

Contains descriptions of gaming and night houses. 

1617 Old London; papers read at the London Congress, July, 

1866. Text illustrations. 8° cloth. London, 1867 

1618 Partington, C. F. National History and Views of 

London and its Environs. Containing 300 steel en- 
gravings from original drawings by eminent artists. 2 
vols. 8° cloth, uncut (name cut from titles). 

London, 1835 

161 9 Pascoe, C. E. London Directory for American Travel- 

lers. 16° cloth. Boston, 1874 

1620 Pascoe. London of To-Day; an illustrated handbook 

for the season, 1893. Illustrations. 12* cloth. 

Boston, 1893 

162 1 Pennant, Thomas. Some Account of London. Fifth 

ed., with considerable additions. Map and plates. 8° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1813 

1622 Percy, S. and R. London; or, interesting memorials 

of its rise, progress and present state. Map and plate. 
3 vols. 18° half roan. London, 1823 

1623 Random Recollections of Courts and Society. By a 

Cosmopolitan. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1888 

1624 Reid, Thomas W. Traits and Stories of Ye Olde Che- 

shire Cheese, Wine Office Court, Fleet Street, London. 
Revised and enlarged, with many additions. Illustra- 
tions by A. W. Allen. Square 12' cloth. London, (1886) 

1625 Ritchie. J. Ewing. The London Pulpit. 12° cloth. 

London, 1858 

1626 Ritchie. Night Side of London. 16° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1858 

1627 Ritchie. Here and There in London. 16° cloth, uncut, 

London, 1859 


LONDON — Continued. 

1628 Roach's London Pocket Pilot; or, stranger's guide 

through the metropolis. With 2 curious engravings. 
13° paper, uncut. London, 1793 

1629 Routledge's Guide to London. By G. F. Pardon. Map 

and illustrations. 16° cloth. London, 1866 

1630 [Russell, William.] Traditions of London, historical 

and legendary. Small 8\cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

1631 Sala, George A. Gaslight and Daylight; with some 

London scenes they shine upon. 12" cloth, uncut. 

London, i860 

1632 Seymour, Robert. Survey of the Cities of London and 

Westminster, Borough of Southwark, and parts adja- 
cent. Illustrated with several copperplates. 2 vols, 
folio, new boards. "London, 1734 

1633 Sinks of London Laid Open; a pocket companion for 

the uninitiated, to which is added a Modern Flash 
Dictionary; containing all the cant words, slang terms 
and flash phrases now in vogue. Embellished with 
humorous illustrations by George Cruikshank, includ- 
ing a colored frontispiece. 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1848 

1634 Smith, James. The Art of Living in London; a poem. 

16° boards, uncut. Southwark, 1805 

163s Smith, John T. Antiquarian Ramble in the Streets of 
London; with anecdotes of their more celebrated resi- 
dents. Edited by Charles Mackay. 2 vols. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1846 

1636 Smith. The Cries of London; exhibiting several of the 

itinerant traders of antient and modern times, copied 
from rare engravings or drawn from life by John 
Thomas Smith. With a memoir and portrait of the 
author. 30 etched plates. 4° boards, uncut. 

London, 1839 

1637 Spilsbury, William H. Lincoln's Inn; its ancient and 

modern buildings; with an account of the library. Il- 
lustrations. 12° cloth, uncut. 

Pickering: London, 1850 

1638 Stevens, George A. Adventures of a Speculist; or, a 

journey through London, including several fugitive 
pieces of humor. 2 vols. 12° calf. London, 1788 

1639 [Thomson, Richard.] Chronicles of London Bridge. 

By An Antiquary. Illustrations. 12° half morocco. 

London, 1827 

1640 Thornbury, Walter. Haunted London. Illustrated by 

F. W. Fairholt. 8° cloth, uncut (binding worn). 

London, 1865 


LONDON — Continued. 

1641 TiMBS, John. Romance of London; strange stories, 

scenes and remarkable persons. 3 vols, small 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1865 

1642 Times. Club Life of London; with anecdotes of the 

clubs, coffee-houses and taverns of the metropolis dur- 
ing the 17th, 1 8th and 19th centuries. Steel portraits 
3 vols, small 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1866 

1643 Times. London and Westminster; city and suburb. 3 

vols, small 8° cloth. London, 1868 

1644 Times. Curiosities of London; exhibiting the most rare 

and remarkable objects of interest in the metropolis. 
Steel portrait. Thick 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1868 

1645 Trivia; or, the art of walking the streets of London; a 

descriptive poem by Gay; to which it added Dr. John- 
son's London, a satirical poem. Frontispiece, is" 
new boards, uncut. London, 1807 

1646 Vade Mecum for Malt-Worms; or, a guide to good fel- 

lows; being a description of the manners and customs 
of the most eminent publick houses, in and about the 
cities of London and Westminster. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, n. d. 

1647 Walford, Edward, Greater London; a narrative of its 

history, its people and its places. Numerous illustra- 
tions. 3 vols, imperial 8° cloth. London, n. d. 

1648 Whitty, E. M. Friends of Bohemia; or, phases of 

London life. 2 vols, small 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1857 

1649 London Encyclopaedia. 33 vols., with atlas of maps. 

Numerous copperplates. 33 vols, royal 8° half calf. 

London, 1829 

1650 Longfellow, H. W. Broadside Catalogue of Bowdoin 

College, Oct., 182 1. Folio, uncut. 

Contains the names of Henry W. Longfellow, his brother Stephen, 
and Nathaniel Hathome (so spelled at that time), all of whom were 

A rare Hawthorne and Longfellow item. 

1651 Longfellow. Voices of the Night, Third ed. 8* new 

cloth, gilt edges. Cambridges, 1840 

Laege Paper. 
1653 Longfellow. Poets and Poetry of Europe; with in- 
troductions and biographical notices. First ed. Por- 
trait of Schiller. Royal 8° cloth. Phila., 1845 

One of the earlier copies, printed under the editor's supervision, 
by Metcalf & Co., Cambridge. 

Presentation copy, with inscription, "John S. Dwight, from the 


1653 Longfellow. Poems of. Seconded. 8" original wrap- 

pers, uncut. New York, 1846 

1654 Longfellow. Poems, Lyrical and Dramatic. With an 

introductory essay on the genius and writing of the 
author, by G. Gilfillan. Square 16° cloth, uncut, 

Liverpool, 1850 

1655 Longfellow. Autumn Leaves; original pieces in prose 

and verse. (Edited by Anne W. Abbot.) 12° cloth. 

Cambridge, 1853 

Fine, clean copy, in the original cloth binding. 

Contains " In the Churchyard at Cambridge," by H. W. Longfel- 
low, then first published. 

1656 Longfellow. The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri. 

First ed. 3 vols, royal 8° cloth, uncut (Vols. 2 and 3 
rebound uniform with Vol. i). , Boston, 1867 

1657 [Longfellow.] The Ark. Vol. I, 8 nos. (all pub- 

lished). 4° sheets. Boston, 1875 

Edited for the Fair by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty 
to Children, by Susan Hale, with original poems and contributions by 
Longfellow, Holmes, Whittier, Lucy Larcom, and others. 

1658 Longfellow, Samuel. Memoir and Letters. Edited 

by Joseph May. Portrait. 12* cloth. Boston, 1894 

1659 [LoNGUS.] Les Amours Pastorales de Daphnis et 

Ch\o6. Fine copperplates by Audran. Small 4° old 
calf (text slightly spotted). n. p., 1745 

Contains the plate, " les petits pieds," and other curious illustra- 

1660 LossiNG, Benson J. The Hudson, from the Wilderness 

to the Sea. Illustrated by 306 engravings on wood, 
from drawings, by the author. Square 8° full green 
crushed levant morocco extra, gilt back, sides and 
edges. New York, (1866) 

1661 LoTT, Emmeline. Nights in the Harem; or, the Mo- 

haddetyn in the Palace of Ghezire. 2 vols, small 8° 
new cloth, uncut. London, 1867 

1662 Loudon, J. C. Encyclopaedia of Gardening. Illustra- 

tions. 8' half calf. London, i860 

1663 Loudon. Encyclopaedia oi Cottage, Farm and Villa 

Architecture and Furniture. Illustrations. 8* half 
russia, gilt back. London, 1833 

1664 Loudon, Mrs. The Entertaining Naturalist; being pop- 

ular descriptions, tales and anecdotes of more than 
500 animals. With nearly 500 engravings on wood by 
Bewick, Harvey, and others. 12° full green morocco, 
gilt back and edges. London, 1850 

1665 LouYS, Pierre. Aphrodite; mceurs antiques. Illustra- 

tions de A. Calbet. Narrow 12° paper, uncut. 

Paris, 1899 


1666 Lovelace, Richard. Lucasta; the poems of Richard 

Lovelace, now first edited, and the text carefully re- 
vised; with some account of the author and a few 
notes, by W. C. Hazlitt. Portrait. 12" new cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1864 

1667 Lowell, James Russell. Harvardiana. Vols, i to 4 

(all published) 4 vols. 8° half russia. 

Cambridge, 1835-38 

Of the ii5 articles comprising Vol. 4, 67 were contributed by its 
editors, J. R. Lowell, Nathan Hale, Jr., Charles W. Scates, Rufus 
King and G. W. Lippitt. 

1668 Lowell. Conversations on some of the Old Poets. 

First English ed. 12° half morocco. London, 1845 
From the library of W. E. Burton, with his autograph. 

1669 Lowell, a. I. s. i page 8° and envelope franked, Cam- 

bridge, 3rd March, 1859. 

"I was a little puzzled at ' first to device any way by which I 
could legimately bring the Library matter before the readers of the 
Atlantic," etc. 

1670 Lowell. Liberty Bell. By Friends of Freedom. Steel 

portrait. 12° original cloth, gilt edges. Boston, 1843 

Fine copy. 
• Contains " Elegy on the i)eath of Channing," by Lowell. 

1671 [Lowell.] The same. Portrait. 12" original boards, 

gilt edges. Boston, 1844 

Contains " A Chippewa Legend," by Ixjwell. 

1672 [Lowell.] The same. Portrait. 12° original cloth, 

gilt edges. Boston, 1845 

Fine copy, with presentation inscription by Ann Phillips (wife of 

Wendell Phillips) to his brother. 

Contains poems by Lowell and Longfellow. 

1673 [Lowell.] The same. Portrait. 12° original cloth, 

gilt edges. Boston, 1846 

Fine copy. 

Contains poems by Lowell, Longfellow and Whittier. 

1674 [Lowell.] The same. 12° original cloth, gilt edges. 

Boston, 1847 
Fine copy, with presentation inscription by T. W. Phillips, brother 
of Wendell PhilUps. 

Contains " Extreme Unction," by Lowell. 

1675 [Lowell.] The same. Engraved title. 12° original 

cloth, gilt edges. Boston, 1848 

Fine copy. 

Contains " An Extract," by Lowell, 

1676 [Lowell J The same. Engraved portrait and title. 

12* original cloth, gilt edges. Boston, 1849 

Fine copy. 

Contpins " The Burial of Theobald," by LowelL 


1677 Lowell. The same. Engraved title. 12° original 

cloth, gilt edges. Boston, 1851 

Fine copy. 

Contains " Yussouf," by Lowell, and "Translations," by Emerson. 

1678 Lowell. Poetry of the Bells. Collected by Samuel 

Batchelder, Jr. First cd. la" original cloth, gilt 

edges. Boston, 1859 

Contains original poems by Lowell, Longfellow and O. W. Holmes- 

1679 [Lowell.] II Pesceballo; opera seria in un atto. 

(Words by F. J. Child, the English text by J. R. 
Lowell.) First ed., second issue. 16° stitched. 

Cambridge, 1862 

1680 Lowell, Mrs. Anna C. Seed-Grain for Thought and 

Discussion. First ed. a vols. 12° half calf, gilt backs. 

Boston, 1856 

1681 Lowell Offering and Magazine. Written and edited by 

Female Operatives. Vol. 3. 8° cloth. Lowell, 1843 

1682 Lower, Mark Anthony. Curiosities of Heraldry; with 

illustrations from old English writers. With illumi- 
nated title-page and numerous wood engravings, from 
designs by the author. 8° half morocco, gilt back. 

London, 1845 

1683 Lower. The Chronicle of Battel Abbey, from 1066 to 

1176J now first translated, with notes and an abstract 
of the subsequent history of the establishment. Fac- 
simile frontispiece printed in colors. 8° new cloth, 
uncut. London, 185 1 

1684 Lower. Contributions to Literature; historical, anti- 

quarian and metrical. Small 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1854 

1685 LowTH, Robert. BiUesdon Coplow; a poem on fox- 

hunting. Second ed., with lithographic plates by F. 
C.Turner, pp.22. 12° stitched. London, 1833 

1686 LuBKE, Wilhelm. History of Art. Translated by F. E. 

Bunnfett. Second ed. Numerous illustrations. 2 vols, 
imperial 8° tree calf extra. 

Smith, Elder & Co. : London, 1868 

1687 LuBKE. History of Sculpture, from the earliest ages to 

the present time. Translated by F. E. Bunnfett. Nu- 
merous illustrations. 2 vols, imperial 8° tree calf 
extra. Smith, Elder & Co.: London, 187a 

1688 Lucas, Theophilus. Memoirs of the Lives, Intrigues 

and Comical Adventures of the most famous Gamesters 
and Celebrated Sharpers in the Reigns of Charles II, 
James II, William III and Queen Anne. Plate. 16° 
old calf. London, 1714 


1689 Ludlow, John M. Popular Epics of the Middle Ages 

of the Norse, German and Carlovingian Cycles. 2 
vols, is" new cloth, uncut. London, 1865 

1690 LuNT, George. Age of Gold, and other poems. First 

ed. 12° original boards, uncut (with small portion of 
label missing).- Boston, 1843 

1 69 1 Lyndsay, Sir David. Poetical Works of. New ed., cor- 

rected and enlarged with a life of the author, prefatory 
dissertations and an appropriate glossary. By George 
Chalmers. 3 vols, small 8° full red morocco, gilt 
edges. London, 1806 

1692 Lyonnois, F. D. C. Histoire Generale des Larrons. 8° 

vellum. Rouen, 1666 

1693 Lyttleton, Lord, and Gladstone, W. E. Translations 

(from the Greek, Latin, Italian and German, with the 
original text). Small 4° half morocco, uncut. 

Only 750 copies printed. 

London, 1863 

1694 IV^cADAM, John L. Remarks on the Present Sys- 
iVJL tem of Road Making. 8° boards, uncut. 

London, 1822 

1695 Mac aulay, Lord. Works of ; complete. Edited by his 

sister, Lady Trevelyan, Portrait. 8 vols. 8° tree 
calf, gilt backs (few leaves in the iirst 4 vols, slightly 
water-stained). London, 1866 

1696 McClellan, George B. Armies of Europe. Portrait 

and illustrations. 8* half calf, gilt back. Phila., 186 1 

1697 McDermott, Edward. Merrie Days of England; 

sketches of the olden time. Illustrated with 20 en- 
gravings from drawings by Joseph Nash, Geo. Thomas, 
Birket Foster and Edward Corbould. 4° new cloth. 

London, 1859 

1698 Mackay, Charles. Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular 

Delusions. Illustrations. 2 vols, small 8° new cloth. 

LondoHj 1856 

1699 Mackay. Jacobite Songs and Ballads of Scotland, from 

1688 to 1746; with an appendix of modern Jacobite 
songs. 12° new cloth. London, 1861 

1700 Mackay. Dictionary of Lowland Scotch; and an appen- 

dix of Scottish proverbs. 12° cloth. London, 1888 

1 701 Mackenzie, Shelton. Odoherty Papers, 2 vols., 1855; 

— Homeric Ballads, 1856. 3 vols. 12° cloth. 

New York. 

1702 M'Levy, James. Curiosities of Crime in Edinburgh. 

Portrait. 12° boards (worn). Edinburgh, 1861 


1703 Mahon, Lord. History of England, 1713-83. 7 vols. 

12° cloth, uncut. London, 1858 

1704 Maidment, John. Scottish Ballads and Songs; histori- 

cal and traditionary. 2 vols, small 8° cloth, uncut. 

Edinburgh, 1868 

1705 [Maidment.] Book of Scottish Pasquils, 1568-1715. 

Vignette illustrations. Small 8° new cloth, uncut. 

Edinburgh, 1868 

1706 Malcolm, Robert. Curiosities of Biography; or, me- 

moirs of wonderful and extraordinary characters. Steel 
portrait and illustrations. 16° cloth, gilt edges. 

London, 1855 

1707 Malibran, Madame. Memoirs of. By the Countess de 

Merlin and other intimate friends; with a selection 
from her correspondence and notices of the progress 
of the musical drama in England. Portrait. 2 vols, 
small 8° half sheep, uncut. London, 1844 

1708 Maltby, Isaac. Elements of War. 18 engraved plates 

by Wightman, 12° sheep (foxed). Boston, 1 813 

1709 Man of Gallantry's Pocket Companion; from the manu- 

scripts of a deceased man of fashion, originally com- 
piled for his own amusement. Colored frontispiece. 
18° wrappers. London. 

A facetious collection of poems and anecdotes. 

1710 Man-Midwifery; analysed and the tendency of that 

practice detected and exposed, pp. 26. 4° stitched. 

London, 1764 

171 1 Mann, Horace. Life of. By his wife. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1865 

17 1 2 MS. English and Scottish Songs (with the music) dur- 

ing the reign of K. Charles I, 1630-50. 64 pages, with 
index to the 77 songs. Bound in green vellum, with 
old original yellum cover bound in. 

Rare and curious, the inside of the old vellum cover is covered 
vrith manuscript of a much earlier date. 

17 13 Marathi Language. The Song Treasury, a collection 

of Marathi hymns, by C. Harding, 1886; — Murathee 

• Grammar, 1848; — Idiomatical Exercises of the English 

and Marathi Languages, by J. Wilson, i860. 3 vols. 

8° and 12° cloth. Bombay. 

1 7 14 Marathi Language. Grammar of the Marathi Lan- 

guage. Published by the American Mission. 8° cloth. 

Bombay, 1854 

^715 Marion. Life of Gen. Francis Marion, a celebrated 

partisan officer in the Revolutionary War, against the 

British and Tories in South Carolina and Georgia. 

By P. Horry and M. L. Weems. Plates. 12° sheep. 

Phila., 1847 


1716 Marmion Travestied; a tale of modern times. By Peter 

Pry. 8° new boards, uncut. London, 1809 

17 17 Marriott, William. Collection of English Miracle- 

Plays; with an historical view of this description of 
plays. 8° half roan, uncut. Basel, 1838 

1718 Marsden, Kate. On Sledge and Horseback to Outcast 

Siberian Lepers. Illustrated from photographs and 
drawings. 8° cloth, uncut. London, n. d. 

1719 Marsh, Geo. P. The Camel; bis organization, habits 

and uses. 12° cloth. Boston, 1856 

1720 Marshfield, Mass. Thunder and Lightning and Deaths 

at Marshfield in 1658 and 1666. By N. B. Shurtleff. 
12° half morocco. Privately printed: Boston, 1850 

1721 Martineau, Harriet. Society in America, 2 vols.; — 

Retrospect, 2 vols, in one. Together 3 vols. 12° half 
sheep (library copies). New York, 1837-38 

1722 Martialis, M. V. Epigrammaton Libri, mit erklaren- 

den anmerkungen. Von Ludwig Friedlaender. 2 vols. 
8° half morocco. Leipzig, 1886 

1723 Masculine Cross (The) and Ancient Sex Worship. By 

Sha Rocco. Illustrations. 12° cloth. New York, 1874 

1724 Mason, George C. Application of Art to Manufactures. 

150 illustrations. 12" cloth. New York, 1858 

1725 Masonic. Civility and Condescension; or, Boaz and his 

Reapers; a discourse delivered to the Brethren of 
Fraternal Lodge, at Barnstable, Dec. 27, 1804, By 
Jotham Waterman. 8° stitched. Boston, 1805 

1726 Masonic. More Light on Masonry; or, Morgan Re- 

vived. With an appendix. By one of the fraternity 
who has devoted thirty years to the subject. Frontis- 
piece (badly torn). 8° stitched, uncut (lacks all after 
page 84 of the appendix). Rochester, 1827 

1727 Masonic. Columbian Songster and Freemason's Pocket 

Companion; a collection of the newest and most cele- 
brated songs. Selected by S. Larkin. 12° sheep (3 
leaves torn). Portsmouth, N. H., 1798 

1728 Massachusetts. Lectures delivered in a Course before 

the Lowell Institute in Boston, by members of the 
Massachusetts Historical Society, on subjects relating 
to the early history of Massachusetts. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1869 

1729 Massachusetts. Board of Education. Annual Reports 

of, from 1838 to 1863; — Abstract of School Returns, 
from 1838-46; — Report on School Houses, supplemen- 
tary to the first report, 1838. Bound in 13 vols. 8° 
half morocco. Boston, 


1730 Massachusetts Acts and Resolves for 1841, j/j^ '48, 

>6i '5< '54'. '54, '>«; '62 /to ',79 and '81 to 1900. 46 
vols. 8° paper and boards. ^i"^/^ S/ ■ j ci- 57, -Boston. , 

1731 Massachusetts. Debates, Resolutions and other Pro- 

ceedings of the Convention of the Commonwealth of 
Massachusetts, convened at Boston, on the 9th of 
January, 1788, and continued until! the 7th of February 
following, for the purpose of assenting to and ratify- 
ing the Constitution recommended by the Grand Fed- 
eral Convention; together with the Yeas and Nays on 
the decision of the Grand Question, to which the 
Federal Constitution is prefixed. la" sheep. 

Boston, 1788 
Fine copy. 

1732 Massachjjsetts Historical Society. Collections of. 

First series, 10 vols.; Second series, 10 vols.; Third 
series, 10 vols. ; Fourth series, 10 vols. ; Fifth series, 
'lo vols. ; Sixth series, 10 vols. ; Seventh series. Vols. 
I to 5. 31 vols, boards, uncut, and 34 vols, cloth. 
Together 65 vols. 8°. Boston, 1806-1905 

With the exception of Vol. 7, all of the first and second series are 

Complete set, from its commencement to date. 

1733 Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings of. 

Old series, Vols, i to 20, with Index vol. (lacking 
Vol. 11), Second series, Vols, i to 17. Portraits. 
37 vols. 8° and royal 8° cloth. Boston, 1859-1905 

1734 Massachusetts Historical Society. Catalogue of the 

Library of. 2 vols. 8° cloth. Boston, 1859-60 

1735 Massachusetts Humane Society. Rules of the Society, 

1788, Discourses for 1787, '93, '94, '95, '97, '98, '99, 
1800 to 1808, 1812; — Statement of Premiums, 1829; — 
History of the Humane Society, 1845; — Humane 
Society, 1869. Sold as 21 pamphlets. 

1736 Mathews, Charles. Life and Correspondence of. New 

ed., by Edmund Yates. Steel portraits. 12° new cloth. 

London, i860 

1737 Mather, Increase, President of Harvard College. Dis- 

sertation concerning the Future Conversion of the 
Jewish Nation; answering the objections of the Rev. 
and Learned Mr. Baxter, Dr. Lightfoot and others; 
with an inquiry into the First Resurrection, pp. 36. 
Small 4° stitched. London, 1709 

1738 Mather. Some Important Truths About Conversion, 

delivered in sundry sermons. With a preface by Dr. 
(John) Owen. Second ed. 16° old sheep (small por- 
tion of lower corner, with date missing). 

London, printed 1674; Boston, reprinted (1721) 


1739 Mathews. Memoirs of Charles Mathews, Comedian. 

By Mrs. Mathews. Steel portraits and lithographic 
plates. 4 vols. 8' half calf. London, 1839 

1740 Maury, L F. Alfred La Magic et I'Astrologie, dans 

I'antiquit^ et au moyen age, ou ^tude sur les supersti- 
tions paiennes. 12° half morocco. Paris, 1868 

1741 Maxwell, W. H, Wanderings in the Highlands and 

Islands; with sketches taken on the Scottish Border. 
First ed. 2 vols. 8° new cloth, uncut, original cloth 
backs. London, 1844 

1742 Maxwell. Adventures of Captain Blake, 1850; — Bi- 

vouac, 1851; — Stories of Waterloo, 1854; — Fortunes 
of Hector O'Halloran, 1854. Frontispieces. 4 vols. 
16° half calf, gilt backs. London. 

1743 May, Thomas E. Constitutional History of England, 

since the accession of George Third, 1760-1860. 2 
vols. 12° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1863-64 

1744 Mayhew, Henry. German Life and Manners as Seen 

in Saxony at the Present Day. Illustrated with songs 
and pictures of the student customs at the University 
of Jena. 2 vols, royal 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1864 

1745 Maynard, Walter. Enterprising Impresario. Small 8° 

cloth. London, 1867 

1746 Mead. Historical Account of a New Method for Ex- 

tracting the Foul Air out of Ships, and a Discourse on 
the Scurvy, by Dr. Mead. Folding copperplate. 8° 
calf. London, 1749 

1747 Meadows. Hints to Servants. By an "Upper Servant." 

Illustrated with 12 original designs by Kenny Meadows, 
engraved by John Jackson. 16° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1843 

1748 Medbery, James K. Men and Mysteries of Wall Street. 

Illustrations. 12° cloth. Boston, 1870 

1749 Mede, Joseph. Works of. Thick folio, calf (rcbacked). 

London, 1664 
With autograph of "Crecensius Mather" and "M. Byles," also Ms. 
notes on fly-leaves by Increase Mather. 

1750 Melanchthon. Observations upon the Handwriting of 

Philip Melanchthon. Illustrated with facsimiles from 
his marginal annotations, his Commonplace-Book and 
his epistolary correspondence; also a few specimens of 
the autograph of Martin Luther, with explanatory re- 
marks. By S. Leigh Sotheby. India-proof portrait. 
Small folio, half morocco, uncut. London, 1839 

1 75 1 Menzel, Wolfgang. German Literature. Translated by 

C. C. Felton. 3 vols, 12° cloth. Boston, 1840 


1752 Menzel. History of Germany. Translated by Mrs. 

George Horrocks. Portraits. 3 vols. 12° calf. 

Bohn: London, 1848-49 

1753 Meredith. Romance of Nature; or, the flower-seasons 

illustrated. By Mrs. Charles Meredith, late Louisa 
Anne Troamley. The plates engraved after the origi- 
nal drawings from nature by the authoress. Third ed. 
With z8 finely colored plates. 8° morocco, gilt back 
and edges. London, 1839 

1754 Merlini Cocaii. Opus Merlini Cocaii, Poetas Mantuani, 

Macaronicorum. Woodcuts. 16° old calf. 

Venetiis, 1585 

1755 Merrifield, Mrs. Dress as a Fine Art; with sugges- 

tions on children's dress. With an introduction on 
head dress, by Prof. Fairholt. Illustrations. 4° new 
cloth. Boston, 1854 

1756 Merryweather, F. S. Bibliomania in the Middle Ages. 

With anecdotes illustrating the history of the Monas- 
tic libraries of Great Britain. 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1849 

1757 Michel Angelo. Sixty Outlines from the Principal 

Works of Michel Angelo Buonarotti, in Sculpture, 
Painting, Design and Architecture. Small folio, cloth. 

London, 1863 

1758 Michael Angelo. Life of. By Herman Grimm. Trans- 

lated by Fanny E. Bunnett. Portrait. 2 vols, small 
8° half morocco, gilt backs. London, 1865 

1759 Michelet, M. J. Woman; — Love. Translated by J. 

W. Palmer. 2 vols. 12° cloth. New York, i860 

1760 MiDDLETON, Thomas, and Rowley, William. A Faire 

Quarrell; with new additions of M. Chaughs and 
Trimtram's Roaring and the Bands Song. Woodcut 
on title. Small 4° half calf. London, 1622 

With bookplate and autograph of Thos. JoUey, Esqr., F. S. A., 

1761 Mill, Humphry. A Night's Search, discovering the 

Nature and Condition of all sorts of Night-Walkers, 
with their associates, as also the life and death of 
many of them, together with divers fearfull and 
strange accidents occasioned by such ill livers. Di- 
gested into a poem. Engraved title. 12° half calf. 

London, 1640 

Extremely curious. From the library of Zelotes Hosmer. 

"This very singular poem abounds in stories, the incidents of which 
are drawn from the occurrences of brothels, and the adventures of 
prostitutes and panders," 


1762 Mill, John Stuart. Autobiography of. Small 8° cloth. 

New York, 1873 

1763 Millennium (The), a poem (relative to the Second Ad- 

vent), Boston, 183s (water-stained); — Blondel; a his- 
toric fancy, by G. E. Rice, 1854; — Roman Rhymes, 
by C. T. B,, Cambridge, 1869; — A Cordial of Com- 
fort; or, the afflicted man's consolation, by J. H. 
Birmingham. 4 pamphlets. 

1764 Millingen, J. G. Curiosities of Medical Experience. 

8° cloth, uncut. London, 1839 

1765 Millingen. History of Duelling; including narratives 

of the most remarkable personal encounters that have 
taken place from the earliest period. 2 vols, 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1841 

1766 Milner, Thomas. Gallery of Nature; a pictorial and 

descriptive tour through creation, illustrative of the 
wonders of astronomy, physical geography and geology. 
Numerous steel plates and woodcuts. Royal 8° full 
light brown levant morocco extra, gilt back, sides and 
edges, by J. Wright. London, 1855 

1767 Milton, John. Poetical Works of. 3 vols, small 8° 

half morocco, uncut, gilt backs and tops. 

W. Pickering: London, 1826 

1768 Milton. Prose Works of. With notes by J. A. St. John. 

Portraits, 4 vols. 12° calf, gilt backs. 

Bohn : London, 1848 

1769 Milton. L' Allegro and II Penseroso. With 30 illus- 

trations designed expressly for the Art Union of Lon- 
don. 4° boards. London, (1848) 

1770 Milton. Paradise Lost. The text exactly reproduced 

from the first edition of 1667; with an appendix con- 
taining the additions made in later issues and a mono- 
graph on the original publication of the poem. Small 
4° new cloth. Basil M. Pickering: London, 1873 

1 77 1 Mirror for Magistrates. Edited by Joseph Haslewood. 

3 vols. 4° half morocco (few pages foxed). 

Bensley: London, 1815 
"The best edition of this production of the reign of Elizabeth. 
Only 150 copies printed." — Lowndes. 

\11i Miscellanea Antiqua Anglicana; or, a select collection 

of curious tracts illustrative of the history, literature, 

manners and biography of the English Nation. Vol. I 

(all published). 4° old calf (rebacked). London, 1816 

Only 250 copies printed. 

1773 Mitford, Mary Russell. Works of; in prose and verse. 
8° cloth. Phila., 1850 


1774 MiTFORD. Foscari and Julian; tragedies. Small 8° 

cloth, uncut. London, 1827 

1775 MiTFORD, William. History of Greece; with his final 

additions and corrections; to which is prefixed a brief 
memoir of the author, by Lord Redesdale. Portrait. 
8 vols. 8° new cloth. London, 1838 

1776 Modern British Essayists. Portraits. 7 vols, royal 8° 

cloth. Carey & Hart: Phila , 1854 

Comprising : Mackintosh, Jeffrey, Carlyle, Sydney Smith, Alison, 
Wilson, Talfourd and Stephens. 

1777 MoNSTRELET, Euguerraud de. Chronicles of. Trans- 

lated by Thomas Johnes. Illuminations. 2 vols, royal 
8° cloth. London, 1853 

1778 Montagu, H. W. Monsieur Mall6t; or, my daughter's 

letter. With 6 designs by Robert Cruikshank, en- 
graved by Bonner and Walker. 16° wrapper. 

London, 1830 

1779 Montaigne, Michael de. Works of. Biographical and 

bibliographical notices, etc., by W. Hazlitt. Portrait. 
4 vols. 12° cloth. New York, 1859 

1780 Montaigne the Essayist; a biography. By Bayle St. 

John. Portrait and plate. 2 vols, small 8° half calf, 
gilt backs. London, 1858 

1781 Montgomery, Alexander. Poems. With biographical 

notices by David Irving. 8° half morocco, uncut. 
Printed by James Ballantyne & Co.: Edinburgh, 1821 

1782 Moon, G. W. Learned Men's English, the revisers; a 

series of criticisms. 12° boards. London, 1890 

1783 Moor. Hindu Infanticide; an account of the measures 

adopted for suppressing the practice of the systematic 
murder by their parents of female infants, with inci- 
dental remarks on other customs peculiar to the na- 
tives of India. Edited, with notes and illustrations, 
by Edward Moor. Folding map. 4° old calf (re- 
backed). London, 1811 

1784 Moore, Frank. Songs and Ballads of the American 

Revolution; with notes and illustrations. First ed. 12* 
new cloth. New York, 1856 

1785 MooRE. Lyrics of Loyalty. 16° cloth. New York, 1864 

1786 Moore. Songs of the Soldiers. First ed. 16* half roan. 

New York, 1864 

1787 MooRE, James L. The Columbiad; an epic poem on 

the discovery of America and the West Indies by 
Columbus. 8° calf, gilt back. London, 1798 


1788 [Moore, Thomas.] Fables for the Holy Alliance, 

Rhymes on the Road, etc. By Thomas Brown, the 
Younger. 16° boards, uncut (front cover missing). 

Phila., 1823 

1789 MooRE. Irish Melodies. Vignette on title. 12* half 

calf, gilt back. London, 1849 

1790 MooRE. Songs, Ballads and Sacred Songs. Vignette 

on title. ia° half calf, gilt back. London, 1849 

1791 MooRE. Poetry and Pictures. With illustrations on 

wood. Square 8° full Turkey morocco, gilt edges. 

London, 1858 

1792 Moore's Irish Melodies. With symphonies and accom- 

paniments by Sir John Stevenson and Sir Henry 
Bishop. 4° cloth, gilt edges (binding loose). 

London, 1859 

1793 More, Thomas. De Optinio Reipv. Statu, de que nova 

insula Utopia. 12° new cloth (bottom of title remar- 
gined). Lovanii, 1548 
Probably a reprint of Froben's edition of 1517. 

1794 More, Sir Thomas. Utopia. To which is added The 

New Atlantis, by Lord Bacon. 16° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1845 

1 795 More Miseries! ! addressed to the Morbid, the Melan- 

choly and the Irritable. By Sir "Fretful Murmur." 
12° half roan. London, 1806 

1796 Morlev, Henry. Memoirs of Bartholomew Fair. With 

facsimile drawings, engraved upon wood, by the 
Brothers Dalziel. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

1797 MoRLEY. Journal of a London Playgoer, 1851-66. 12* 

cloth, uncut. London, 1866 

1798 Morlev. Parodies and other Burlesque Pieces by Geo. 

Canning, George Ellis and John Hookham Frere, with 
the whole poetry of the Anti- Jacobin. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1890 

1799 [Morris, Peter.] Peter's Letters to his Kinsfolk. Por- 

traits. 3 vols. 8° half calf, gilt backs. Edinburgh, 1819 

1800 Morris, R. Specimens of Early English, selected from 

the chief English authors, 1 250-1 400. Clarendon 
Press Series. 12° cloth. Oxford, 1867 

1801 Morton, Sarah Wentworth, of Dorchester, Mass. My 

Mind"and its Thoughts in Sketches, Fragments and 
Essays. First ed. 8° original boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1823 

Author of the first American'novel, " The Power of Sympathy.'' 
Autograph.on fly-leaf, " Sarah Apthorp, Quincy, May 8, 1S46." 


1802 [Morton, Sarah Wentworth (Apthorp)]. The Power of 

Sympathy; or, the triumph of nature lounded in truth. 
Frontispiece. First ed. 2 vols. 12° original old calf. 

Boston, 1789 

Suppressed by Perez Morton, the husband of the author, and his 
friends on account of the publication of the family scandal. Many 
copies were destroyed, hence its great scarcity. Drake says, incor- 
rectly, in his " History of Roxbury," that it was rigidly suppressed, 
and that not a copy is known to exist. 

1803 [Morton, j Letters to a Student in the University of 

Cambridge, Mass. By John Clarke. 16° boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1796 

With inscription, " Sarah W. Morton, Given her by her dear 
Father." She was author of " The Power of Sympathy." 

1804 Morton, W. T. G. Minority Report, House of Repre- 

sentatives, Feb. 28, 1849 (relative to the memorial of 
W. T. G. Morton concerning the anassthetic property 
of ether); — Testimonial of Members of the Medical 
Profession of Philadelphia, New York and Boston in 
behalf of W. T. G. Morton, i860. 2 pamphlets. 

1805 MoscHiONis de Mulieram Passionibus, Liber. Edidit 

F. O. Dewez. 12° boards, uncut. Viennse, 1793 


1806 MoscHzisKER, Franz A. Guide to German Literature. 

2 vols. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1850 

1807 [Motley, J. L.] Merry-Mount; a romance of the 

Massachusetts Colony. First ed. 2 vols. 12° new cloth. 

Boston, 1849 

1808 Motley. Life and Death of John Barneveld, Advocate 

of Holland. Portrait and frontispiece. First ed. 2 
vols. 8° cloth. New York, 1874 

1809 MouLE, Thomas. Bibliotheca Heraldica, Magnae Britan- 

niae; an analytical catalogue of books on genealogy, 
heraldry, nobility, knighthood and ceremonies, with a 
list of provincial visitations, pedigrees, collections of 
arms and other manuscripts and a supplement, enumer- 
ating the principal foreign genealogical works. Por- 
trait. 4° russia, gilt edges (rebacked and few leaves 
at the beginning and end slightly water-stained). 

London, 1822 
Large Paper. 

1810 MowATT, Anna C. Autobiography of an Actress. Steel 

portrait. 12° cloth. Boston, 1854 

181 1 MuLLiN, Joseph P. Modern Moulding and Pattern- 

Making. Illustrations. 12° cloth. New York, 1885 

181 2 MuNSELL, Joel. Every Day Book of History and Chro- 

nology. 8° cloth. New York, 1858 



1813 MuNSELL. Chronology of Paper and Paper-Making. 

Third ed. Frontispiece. 8° half morocco, uncut. 

Albany, 1864 

1814 Murray, Alex. S. Manual of Mythology. Seconded., 

revised and considerably enlarged. (Plates (margins 
slightly water-stained). 8° new cloth. New York, 1874 

1815 Murray. Handbook to the Cathedrals of England. 

Eastern, Western and Southern Divisions. Numerous 
illustrations. 4 vols, small 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1861-64 


1816 American Musical Miscellany; a collection of the newest 

and most approved songs, set to music. 2 vols, in one. 
16° half sheep. Andrew Wright: Northampton, 1798 

From the library of Timothy Fuller (father of Margaret Fuller), 
with his autograph inscription. 

1817 Choice Ayres, Songs and Dialogues to Sing to the 

Theorbo-Lute, or Bassviol; being mostly of the newest 
ayres and songs, sung at Court and at the Publick 
Theatres. Composed by several gentlemen of his 
Majesties Musick and others. Now reprinted, with 
large additions. Small folio, new boards. 

W. Godbid: London, 1676-79 

1818 Collection of Highland Vocal Airs, never before pub- 

lished, by Patrick McDonald, pp. 43; — A Second Col- 
lection of Strathspey- Reels, etc., by Neil Gow, pp. 36; 
— Collection of Scotch Galwegian and Border Tunes, 
selected by Robert Riddell, pp. 37; — A Fourth Collec- 
tion of Strathspey Reels, etc., by Niel Gow, pp. 36; — 
General Collection of Ancient Irish Music, by Edward 
Bunting, pp. 36. In all ri8 pages of engraved music, 
J. Johnson, sculp. Bound in one vol. small folio, new 
boards. Edinburgh. 

181 9 Collection of Marches, Quick Steps, Strathspeys, 

Reels, etc. By James Campbell. 12 pp. engraved 
music. Glasgow, (1820) 

1820 Collection of Minuets, Cotillions, Allemaods, High 

Dances, Hornpipes, etc. pp. 27. Small folio, stitched 
(title soiled). Edinburgh, 1820 

1821 Collection of National English Airs; consisting of 

ancient song, ballad and dance tunes, interspersed with 
remarks and anecdotes and preceded by an essay on 
English minstrelsy. The airs harmonized for the 
piano-forte by W. Crotch, G. A. Macfarren and J. A. 
Wade. Edited by W. Chappell. With volume of 118 
pages of engraved music. 2 vols, royal 4° new cloth. 

London, 1840 



1822 Collection of Scot's Reels or Country Dances; — Camp- 

bell's Book of New and Favorite Country Dances, etc. 
248 pages of engraved music. Oblong 13° half sheep 
(broken). London. 

1823 Collection of Strathspey Reels, Giggs, etc. By Chas. 

Stewart. 25 pp. engraved music. Small folio, stitched. 

Edinburgh, (1830) 

1824 Collection of the Dance Music of Ireland; including 

100 national jigs, reels, hornpipes, etc. By R. M. 
Levey. 60 pp. of engraved music. Small folio, stitched, 

London, (1820) 

1825 Conran, Michael. National Music of Ireland; contain- 

ing the history of the Irish bards, the national melo- 
dies, the harp and other musical instruments of Erin. 
12° half morocco. " Dublin, 1846 

1826 Davidson's Universal Melodist.; consisting of the music 

and words of popular, standard and original songs. 2 
vols. 8° new cloth. London, 1847 

1827 Elson, Louis C. Curiosities of music; a collection of 

facts not generally known regarding the music of 
ancient and savage nations. 12° cloth. Boston, (1880) 

1828 Engel, Carl. Introduction to the Study of National 

Music; comprising researches into popular songs, 
traditions and customs. Frontispiece. 8° new cloth. 

London, 1866 

1829 Engraved Music, printed for the Members of the 

Musical Antiquarian Society by Chappell. 10 vols, 
royal 4° half morocco. London, 1844 

Comprising ; Gibbon's Madrigals, Morley's Ballets ; — Byrd's 
Caiitiones, Sacrae, Mass for Five Voices, Parthenia ; — Purcell's St. 
Cecilia's Day, Dido and jEneus, Bonduca, King Arthur; — Wilbye's 
Madrigals, Vols, i and 2 ; — Piano-Forte, Sacred, Specular and Mad- 
rigals ; — Anthems, Book of Psalms; — Bateson and Wilkes's Madri- 
gals ; — Madrigals for Four Voices. 

1830 Gleanings from the History of Music. By Joseph Bird. 

12° cloth. Boston, 1850 

1831 Hullah, John. The Song Book; words and tunes from 

the best poets and musicians. i6*new cloth, uncut. 

Phila., (London), 1866 

1832 Irish. 48 Original Irish Dances, never before printed, 

with basses for the Piano-Forte. 9 pp. of engraved 
music. Small folio, stitched. Dublin, (1807) 

1833 Irish Minstrelsy; a selection of original melodies of 

Erin, with characteristic words by Edward Fitzsimons, 
and symphonies and acccompaniments by J. Smith. 40 
pp. of engraved music. Small folio, stitched. 

Dublin, 1816 




1834 Irish Minstrelsy, a selection of original melodies of 

Erin, with characteristic words by Edward Fitzsimons 
and symphonies and accompaniments by J. Smith. 
With 54 pages of engraved music. Small folio, boards. 

London, n. d. 

1835 Irish Musical Repository; a choice selection of es- 

teemed Irish songs, adapted for the voice, violin and 
German flute. Engraved title and frontispiece by J. 
Hopwood. 12° half old calf. London, 1808 

1836 Johnson, Helen K. Our Familiar Songs and their 

Authors; 300 standard and popular songs. 4° cloth 
(new). New York, (1896) 

1837 Loyal and National Songs of England. Published by 

J. Green. Nos. i to 56 (irregular). 98 pages of en- 
graved music. Folio, new boards. London. 

1838 Maltese Melodies; or. National Airs and Dances 

usually performed by the Maltese musicians at their 
carnivals, etc. By Edward Jones. Engraved title and 
40 pages of engraved music. Oblong 8* paper. 

London, n. d. 

1839 MooRE, John W. Complete Encyclopaedia of Music, 

elementary, technical, historical, biographical, vocal 
and instrumental. Frontispiece. Thick royal 8° cloth, 
uncut (binding worn). Boston, 1854 

1840 Musical Miscellany; being a collection of choice songs, 

set to the violin and flute. By the most eminent mas- 
ters. Copperplate frontispieces. 6 vols. 12° new cloth. 

London, 1729-31 

1841 Musical Miscellany; a select collection of the most ap- 

proved Scotch, English and Irish songs, set to music- 
Engraved title and frontispiece. 12° new cloth. 

Perth, 1786 

1842 Musical and Poetical Relicks of the Welsh Bards. By 

Edward Jones. Second ed. (addenda only, pp. 124 
183). 59 pages of engraved music and engraved 
frontispiece). Folio, new cloth. London, 1794 

1843 Old English Songs. 104 pages of engraved music, with 

two Bacahanalian frontispieces. Bound in one vol. 
folio, new boards. (London, 1750) 

1844 Old Irish and English Songs. 98 pages of engraved 

music. Folio, new boards. 

Dublin and London, (1770-90) 

1845 Parke, W. T. Musical Memoirs; comprising an ac- 

count of the general state of music in England from 
1784 to 1830. 2 vols. 8° boards, uncut London, 1830 



1846 Songs, Madrigals and Sonnets; a gathering of some of 

the most pleasant flowers of old English poetry. Set 
in borders of colored ornaments and vignettes. "16° 
new cloth, gilt edges. London, 1849 

1847 Songs of Scotland, chronologically arranged, with intro- 

duction and biographical notes. Small 8° new cloth. 


1848 Song Books. The Cadger's Collection of Choice Chaunts, 

colored frontispiece; — New Drury Lane Songster, 
folding colored frontispiece; — Stevens's Edition of the 
Songster's Jewel, 1817, curious colored frontispiece 
and vignette on title; — Manchester Songs and the 
most approved Songs of Dibdin, 1792; — Whimsical 
Songster for 1809, curious folding colored plate; — 
British Harmony, a collection of new songs for 1808, 
frontispiece; — The Heart of Oak, new songs for 1813, 
curious colored plate; — The Wood-Pecker, or song- 
ster's budget, colored plate; — Fairburn's Gallimanfry 
Songster for 1813; — Spencer's Edition of Songs, 
Glees, etc., for 1818, curious folding colored plate. 10 
pamphlets i 2°, uncut. 

1849 Songster's Companion; a select collection of more than 

200 songs, including the modern. Copperplate fron- 
tispiece. 24° old calf (broken). Coventry, (1780) 

1850 Street Ballads, published by Horace Partridge, Boston, 

and others. (500 pieces). 

1851 Street Ballads. Another lot. (s°o) 

1852 Street Ballads. Another lot. (500) 

These collections made by N. B. Shurtleff, the Antiquary. 

1853 TuRLE, James, and Taylor, Edward. Collection of 

Psalms and Hymns, 1848; — Sacred Music, 1844; — 
Secular Music, 1853. Engraved frontispieces. 3 vols, 
royal 8° new cloth. London. 

These volumes form the first, second and third parts of the 
" People's Music Book." 

1854 The Musical Library. Vocal, 4 vols. ; — Instrumental. 

4 vols. Together 8 vols, folio, paper. 

C. Knight & Co. : London, 1854 

1855 The Jovial Companions or Merry Club; being a choice 

collection of the newest and most diverting catches 
for three or four voices, together with the most cele- 
brated catches composed by the late Mr. Hen, Purcell 
and Dr. Blow, all fairly engraven and carefully cor- 
rected. Fine frontispiece, engraved by H. Hulsburgh. 
Small folio, paper. London, n. d. 

A rare and curious musical frontispiece. Some numbers of a very 
free character. 



1856 The Harmonist; or, Musical Cabinet; a collection of 

classical and popular music; being overtures, marches, 
rondos, quadrilles, waltzes and gallqpades. a vols, in 
in 4 parts small folio, paper. 

H. G. Bohn; London, 1853 

1857 Thompson's. Compleat Collection of aoo Favourite Coun- 

try Dances, perform'd at Court Bath, Tunbridge and 
all publick assemblies, with proper figures or directions 
to each tune set for the violin, German flute and haut- 
boy. Engraved title and 100 pages of engraved music. 
Oblong 11° cloth. C. & S. Thompson: London, (1773) 

1858 Engraved Broadside Ballad. The Vicar and Moses. 

Pub. 1784 by J. Binns, Leeds. With engraved top. 
Folio, mounted.. 

1859 Broadside Street Ballad. Love in a Tub, or the Mer- 

chant and Vintner. Printed and sold at 26 High St., 
Providence. Small folio. 

i860 MvNSHUL, Geffray. Essays and Characters of a Prison 
and Prisoners. Small 8° new cloth, uncut. 

Edinburgh, 1821 

1 86 1 MvsLi Rozne Sposobie Zakladania Ogrodow. 28 plates 

of trees and one finely colored of flowers. 4° hoards. 

Wrockawin, 1808 
Rare work on landsccape gardening. 

1862 Mysteries of Love and Eloquence; or, the arts of wooing 

and complementing as they are manag'd in the Spring 
Garden, Hide Park, the New Exchange and other 
eminent places. 12° new cloth. London, 1685 

1863 IVTaPOLEON. The Man of his Time: Part i, the 
1^ Story of the Life of Napoleon III, by James M. 

Haswell. Part 2, the same story as told by popular 
caricaturists. Small 8° new cloth, uncut. London. 

1864 [Nares, Edward.] Heraldic Anomalies. Second ed. 2 

vols, small 8° half calf. London, 1824 

1865 Nares, Robert. Glossary; or, collection of words, 

phrases, names, etc., which have been thought to re- 
quire illustration in the works of English authors, par- 
ticularly Shakespeare and his contemporaries. New 
ed., with additions by James O. Halliwell and Thomas 
Wright. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1888 


1866 Narrative of the Shipwreck and Sufferings of Miss Ann 

Saunders, who was a passenger on board the ship 
Francis Mary, which foundered at sea on Feb. 5, 1826, 
on her passage from New Brunswick to Liverpool. 
Plate. 12' paper. Providence, 1827 

1867 Nason, Ellas, Gazetteer of the State of Massachusetts. 

Revised by G. J. Varney. Illustrations. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1890 

1868 Neele. Lectures on English Poetry; with miscella- 

neous tales and poems; being the literary remains of 
Henry Neele. Portrait. 12° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1830 

1869 Nelson. Letters of Lord Nelson to Lady Hamilton. 

With supplement of interesting letters, by distinguished 
characters. 2 vols. 8° half calf. London, 1814 

1870 Neuman, Caspar. Linguae Sanctae. Engraved title. Small 

4° vellum, with crest and date 1713 stamped on side. 

Norimbergse, 1696 

187 1 New and General Biographical Dictionary; containing 

an historical and critical account of lives and writings 
of the most eminent persons in every nation, particu- 
larly the British and Irish. With a catalogue of their 
literary productions 12 vols. 8° half morocco. 

London, 1761 

1872 Newcastle Reprints of Rare Tracts. Reprints of Rare 

Tracts and Imprints of Antient Manuscripts, etc., 
chiefly illustrative of the History of Northern Coun- 
tries, and printed at the Press of M. A. Richardson, 
Newcastle. Woodcuts. 7 vols, small 8° new cloth, 
uncut. Newcastle, 1843 

Only 100 copies printed, rubricated throughout, also head and 
tail pieces printed in blue. Contains 61 tracts, a full list of which are 
given in Lowndes' Bibliographer's Manual, Vol. 6, pp. 271-275. 

An exceedingly rare set of books, and seldom occurring for sale. 
This set has been stained by water. 

1873 Newell, William W. The (Edipus Tyrannus of Sopho- 

cles. Rendered into English verse. First ed. Square 
12° wrappers. 

Printed for the translator: Cambridge, 1881 

1874 New England Historic Genealogical Society. Memorial 

Biographies (1845-64). 5 vols, royal 8° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1880-94 
187s Newgate Calendar Improved; being interesting me- 
moirs of notorious characters who have been convicted 
of offences against the laws of England. By George 
T. Wilkinson. Portraits and plates, 4 vols. 8° half 
calf. London, 


1876 Newgate Calendar; comprising interesting memoirs of 

the most notorious characters who have been convicted 
of outrages on the laws of England. By Andrew 
Knapp and William Baldwin. Numerous woodcut il- 
lustrations. 4 vols. 8* half calf, gilt backs. 

London, 1834 

1877 Newhall, Charles S. Shrubs of Northeastern America. 

Illustrations. 8" cloth (stamp on title). 

New York, 1893 

1878 New Pocket Dictionaries of the English and Danish and 

of the English and Swedish Languages. Tauchnitz's 
editions. 2 vols. 18* half morocco. Leipzig, 1875-82 

1879 Newspapers. Boston Weekly Post-Boy and the Boston 

Post-Boy. 1749, Jan. 30; March 13; April 10; May 
8, 15; June s, 12, 26; July 17, 24, 31; Aug. 7, 14, 21, 
28; Sept. II, 18; Oct. 9. Nov. 13, 20; — 1750, Jan. 8, 

15, 22; Feb. 5, 12, 19; March 5; April 9, 23, 30; 
May 7, 22, 28; June 11, 18, 25; July 2, 9, 16; Aug. 6, 
13, 20; Sept. 10; Oct. 22, 29; Nov. 5, 12, 26; Dec. 31 
17. 31; — 1751. Jan. 7; Feb. 4, 18; March 4, ii, 18, 
25; April 8, 22. Also Boston Weekly News Letter for 
Aug. 17, 1749, and the Boston Evening Post for Nov. 
6, 1749. (62) 

1880 Newspapers. Boston Evening Post. 1756, Jan. 5; Jan. 

19 to Aug. 16; Sept. 6 to Nov. 29; Dec. 13; also sup- 
plements for Feb. 23, March 8, April 12, June 7, Aug. 

16, Sept. 27, Nov. 29; — 1757, Jan. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31; 
Feb. 7, 14, 21, 28; March 14, 21; April 4, 11, 18, 25; 
May 2, 9, 16; June 6, 20, 27; July 4, 18, 25; Aug. i, 
22, 29; Sept. s, 12, 26; Oct. 3, 10, 17; Nov. 14, 21; 
Dec. 28, with supplements for March 14, May 2, Aug. 
29 and Sept. 5; — Also Boston Weekly News- Letter for 
May 26, 1757, and Boston Gazette for Nov. 28, 1757. 

1881 Newspaper. The Port Folio. By Oliver Oldschool. Vols. 

2, 3, 4 and 5. 4 vols, bound in 3 vols. 4° half sheep. 

Phila. , 1803-05 

1882 Newspaper. The same. Vol, 3. 4° half sheep. 

Phila.. 1803 

1883 Newton, Isaac. Mathematical Principles of Natural 

Philosophy. Translated into English by Andrew 
Motte. Diagrams. 2 vols. 8° calf. London, 1729 

1884 Newton. Sir Isaac Newton's Tables for Renewing and 

Purchasing the Leases of Cathedral-Churches and Col- 
leges, 16° calf. London, 1742 


1885 New Testament; being the first translation from the 

Greek into English, by W. Tyndale. Bagster's beau- 
tiful edition, printed verbatim. With 2 portraits of 
Tyndale, one richly colored, portraits of the Evangel- 
ists and Apostles, illuminated in gold and colors, the 
capitals rubricated, and ruled margins. Small 4° mo- 
rocco, gilt leaves (a few leaves slightly stained). 

Bagster: London, 1826 

Large Paper Illuminated Copy : very few thus printed Pre- 
fixed is an interesting Memoir of Tyndale by G. Offor. 

1886 New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

With .engravings on wood from designs of Fra Angel- 
ico, Pietro Perugino, Francesco Francia, Lorenzo di 
Credi, Fra Bartolommeo, Titian, Raphael and others. 
4° cloth, uncut, gilt top. Longmans: London, 1865 

1887 New Testament; being the version set forth a. d. 161 1, 

compared with the most ancient authorities, and re- 
vised A. D. i88i. 8° cloth. 

University Press: Oxford, 188 1 

1888 New York City. Old New York; or, reminiscences of 

the past sixty years. By John W. Francis. With a 
memoir of the author, by H. T. Tuckerman. Portrait. 
8° new cloth. New York, 1866 

1889 New York City. The Great Metropolis; a mirror of 

New York. By Junius H. Browne. Illustrations. 8' 
cloth. Hartford, 1869 

1890 New York City. Sunshine and Shadow in New York. 

By Matthew Hale Smith. Illustrations. 8° cloth. 

' Hartford, 1868 

1891 New York City. Francis's New Guide to the Cities of 

New York and Brooklyn. Map and woodcut views of 
old buildings. 16° cloth. New York, 1854 

1892 Nichols, John. Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth 

Century, comprising biographical memoirs of William 
Bowyer, printer, and many of his learned friends, an 
incidental view of the progress and advancement of 
literature during the century, and anecdotes of emi- 
nent writers and artists, with a copious index, 9 
vols. ; — Illustrations of the Literary History of the 
Eighteenth Century, authentic memoirs and original 
letters of eminent persons, intended as a sequel to the 
Literary Anecdotes, 8 vols. Many portraits. In all 
17 vols. 8° tree-marbled calf extra. London, 1812-59 

" The many eminent personages and literary celebrities who are 
brought forward in these volumes, not merely by passing anecdotes, 
but by highly valuable and interesting sketches, with the vast amount 
of bibliographical and literary matter which the works contain, ren- 
der it one of the most interesting ever published." 


1893 NiCHOLLS, William. .Comment on the Book of Common- 

Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, etc., 
together with the Psalter or Psalms of David. Por- 
trait by Van der Gucht. Folio, old paneled calf (re- 
backed). London, 1710 

1894 Nicolas, Sir Nicholas Harris. History of the Orders of 

Knighthood of the British Empire, of the Order of the 
Guelphs of Hanover and of the Medals, Clasps and 
Crosses conferred for Naval and Military Services. 
With numerous plates finely printed in gold and colors, 
including full-length colored portraits of Queen Vic- 
toria, Prince Albert, the Duke of Sussex, etc. 4 vols, 
royal 4° half morocco, gilt backs and edges (a few of 
the plates in 2 vols, are water-stained). London, 1842 

1895 Nicolas. History of the Royal Navy, from the earliest 

times to the wars of the French Revolution. Frontis- 
pieces. 2 vols. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1847 

1896 Nolan, Capt. L. E. Cavalry; its history and tactics. 

Colored plates. Small 8° half roan, uncut. 

London, i860 

1897 NoRCROSS, Otis. In Memoriam, 1811-82. Portrait. 4° 

cloth. Privately printed: Boston, 1883 

1898 NoRiAC, J. Dictionnaire des Amoureux. 12° half mo- 

rocco, uncut. Paris. 

1899 North American Review. Vols, i to 95, with Index 

for the first 25 vols. 96 vols. 8° half russia (a few of 
the vols, are slightly water-stained). Boston, 1815-62 

1900 North American Review. Index to Vols. I-CXXV 

(1815-77). By William Gushing. 8° cloth (library 
stamp on title). Cambridge, 1878 

1901 Norton, Andrews Evidence of the Genuineness of the 

Gospels. 3 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. Cambridge, 1846-48 

1902 Notes and Queries; a medium of inter-communication 

for literary men, etc. First series, 12 vols. Second 
series, 12 vols. Third series. Vol. I. With index for 
Series i and 2. 14 vols, calf, gilt, and 13 vols, cloth. 
Together 27 vols, small 4°. London, 1850-62 

1903 [NoTT, John.] Alonzo; or, the Youthful Solitaire, a 
• tale. First ed. 4° full roan. London, 1772 

1904 [NoTT.J Leonora; an elegy on the death of a young 

lady. First ed. 4° new boards. London, 1775 

1905 [NoTT, John?] An Heroic Epistle, from Monsieur Ves- 

tris, Sen., in England to Mademoiselle Heinel in 
France, with notes. 4° full calf. London, 1781 


1906 NouvEAU Chansonnier des Vari^t^s ou choix de com- 

plets chant6s a ce Theatre, et tirds des pieces de Des- 
saugiers Gentil, Sevvrin, Merle. Colored folding 
plate. 18° paper, uncut. Paris, 181 5 

1907 Novelties, Inventions and Curiosities in Arts and 

Manufactures. 16° cloth. London, 1858 

1908 Nude in Art; a collection of reproductions in photo- 

gravure of celebrated paintings by the world's greatest 
masters. With biographical, critical and descriptive 
text by Clarence Lansing. 45 plates, some on China 
paper. Complete in 16 parts folio, paper. 

Boston, 1893 
Printed for subscribers only. 

1909 Nunneries as They Are. By Francis M. Partridge, late 

nun of the Hotel Dieu and other nunneries in Canada. 
12° cloth. New York, 1839 

With autograph of W. E. Burton. Curious. 

1910 Nuptial Present and Royal Marriage Guide. By a 

Member of the Household. 2 folding steel plates. 8° 
wrappers. London, n. d. 

1911 Nuremberg d)i;onicIe. Schedel, H. Chronicon Nurem- 

bergense, auctore Hartmanno Schedel Registrum hujus 
Operis libri Cronicarum cu figuris et ymagibus ab 
inicio mudi. Folio, original vellum, with clasps. 

Anthonius Koberger: Nuremberge, 1493 

Cut of Pope Joan and her Baby unmutilated, but leaves 258-261 
(which were left blank tor the purpose of inserting additions, etc.); 
the title and two leaves of the table are wanting, but the text is all 
perfect aud in good condition, Size, 17 x 12 1-2 inches. 

See Bibliotheca Spenceriana, Vol. 3, pp. 225-280, for a full and 
lengthy description of this work, accompanied with facsimiles of 
some of the very singular woodcuts. 

One of the most remarkable books ever printed, and combines in 
one volume a specimen of early printing, showing date, beautiful 
hand-made paper, wood engravings, some double-page, by one of the 
earliest of wood engravers, and the first specimens of cross-hatching 
or imitation of cross-line pen work. 

From the Henry B. Humphrey Collection. 

191 2 NuTS to Crack; or, quips, quirks, anecdote and facetie 

of Oxford and Cambridge Scholars. 12° cloth. 

Phila., 1835 

1913 NuTTALL, P. A. Classical and Archaeological Diction- 

ary. 8° cloth, uncut. London,' 1840 

1914 Ngber, 3ol)anneB. Formicarius Joannis Nyder Theologi 

Profundissimi, etc. Black £cUer. Printer's mark, 
sign of the Pelican. Small 4° stamped pigskin, with 
coat-of-arms on sides in red and black. 

E. & J. De Marnef : Argent, 1516 


1915 /^BSTETRICS. Labor among Primitive People, 
V^ showing the development of the obstretric science 

of to-day from the natural and instinctive customs of 
all races, civilized and savage, past and present, by 
George J. Engleman, M. D. 59 very curious illustra- 
tions. 8° original cloth, gilt. St. Louis, 1883 

1916 Occult. L'Ancienne et la Nouvelle Clef des Songes, 

ou I'art et les moyens de faire toute interpretation 
cabalistique concernant les songes, visions, oracles, 
rSves, apparitions, etc. Plate. 16° paper, uncut. 


1917 O'CoNNELL, John. Recollections and Experiences, dur- 

ing a Parliamentary Career, from 1833 to 1848. 2 
vols, small 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1849 

1918 O'Keeffe. Airs, Duetts, Trios, etc., in Peeping Tom of 

Coventry J a musical piece of two acts performed at 
the Theatre Royal in Hay-Market, pp. 30. 8° stitched 
(top margins mouse-eaten and soiled). London, 1785 

1919 Ogilvie, John. Comprehensive English Dictionary; 

explanatory, pronouncing and etymological. Over 800 
woodcuts. Royal 8° cloth. London, 1865 

1920 Oglethorpe. Biographical Memorials of James Ogle- 

thorpe, founder of the Colony of Georgia, in North 
America. By Thaddeus.M. Harris. Portrait, map and 
plate. 8° cloth (title cut down and mounted) 

Boston, 1841 

192 1 Olla Podridaj a periodical work, complete in 44 num- 

bers. By (Rev. Thomas Monro and others). Second 
ed. 8° old calf. London, 1788 

1922 Old English Poetry. Demi Rep, 1756; — The Jumble, a 

satire addressed to the Rev. Mr. C. Ch-rch-11, 1763; 
The Courtesan, by (Edward Thompson), 1765; — The 
British Coffee-House, 1764; — The Soldier by (L. 
Thompson), 1764; — The Conference, by C. Churchill, 
1763; — Filial Piety, by (John Carr), 1764; — The Lau- 
reat, by (Green), 1765; — Poem to the Memory of the 
Celebrated Mrs. Gibber, by (George Keate), 1766. 
Bound in one vol. 4° new boards. London. 

1923 Old Play. Love the Leveller; or, the pretty purchase. 

Acted at the Theatre Royal in Bridges-Street, Covent 
Garden. Written by G. B., Gent. pp. 68. Small 4° 
half calf (first 3 leaves have bottom margin cut off). 

London, 1704 
From the W. E. Burton sale. 

1924 Oliphant, Thomas. La Musa Madrigalesca; or, a col- 

lection of madrigals, ballets, roundelays, etc., chiefly 
of the Elizabethan Age, with remarks and annotations. 
Small 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1837 


1925 Olmsted, Frederick L. Journey in the Seaboard Slave 

States. 12° new cloth. New York, 1856 

1926 Olmsted. The Cotton Kingdom; a traveller's observa- 

tions on cotton and slavery in the American Slave 
States. Map. 2 vols. 12° cloth. New York, 1862 

1927 Onwhyn, T. Bloomerism; to be, or not to be, that is 

the question. 6 etched plates by Onwhyn. Oblong 
8° original wrapper. London. 

1928 Ordination Sermons, i8oo to 1831. (20) 

1929 [OsBORN, Laughton]. Vision of Rubeta; an epic story 

of the Island of Manhattan. With illustrations done 
on stone. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1838 

1930 OssiAN. Poems. Translated by James Macpherson. 

Plates engraved by Angus after Atkinson, a vols. 12° 
calf, gilt backs. London, 1803 

1931 Ottley, Henry. Biographical and Critical Dictionary of 

Recent and Living Painters and Engravers. Royal 8° 
new cloth. London, 1866 

1932 OvERBURY. Sir Thomas Overbury, His Wife. With 

editions of new characters and many other witty con- 
ceits, never before printed. 16° mottled calf, gilt. 

London, 1638 

Very facetious. 

1933 Ovid's Metamorphosis, Englished by Geo. Sandys. Sixth 

ed. 18° old calf. London, 1669 

1934 Owen, John. Of the Mortification of Sinne in Be- 

lievers. 16° old calf (worn). Oxford, 1656 

With autograph of "Allan Melvill," son of "the last of the cocked 
hats, the original of Dr. Holmes's "The Last Leaf," Major Thomas 
Melville of the Boston Tea Party. 

193s Owen. Exercitations concerning the Name, Original, 
Nature, Use and Continuance of a Day of Sacred Rest. 
Small 8° old calf. London, 1671 

1936 Owen's New Book of Fairs; being a complete and au- 

thentic account of all the fairs in England and Wales. 
16° half calf (binding cracked). London, 1834 

1937 Oxford English Prize Essays. 4 vols, small 8° cloth, 

uncut (bindings loose). Oxford, 1830 

1938 Oxford Sausage; or, select poetical pieces, written by 

the most celebrated wits of the University of Oxford. 
Adorned with cuts. 12' half russia, uncut. 

Oxford, 1777 


*939 TDaDDY Whack's Bottle Companion; a collection of 

JT convivial songs in iiigh estimation, many of which 

were never before published. With original etched 

portrait, 1791. Small 8° new boards. London, n. d. 

1940 Paine, Robert Treat, Jr. Works, in Verse and Prose; 

to which are prefixed sketches of his life, character 
and writings. Portrait by E. Tisdale. 8° sheep. 

Boston, 1812 

1941 Paine, Thomas. Life of; with a history of his literary, 

political and religious career in America, France and 
England. To which is added a Sketch of Paine by 
William Cobbett. Portraits. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1892 

1942 Palatii, Joanne. Aquila inter Lilia, sub qua Francorum 

Caesarum k Carolo Magno, etc. Elogiis, Hieroglyphicis, 
Numismatibus, Insignibus, Symbolis, Fasta exarantur. 
Engraved plates. Folio, boards. Venetiis, 1671 

1943 Palfrey, John G. Academical Lectures on the Jewish 

Scriptures and Antiquities. 4 vols, royal 8° cloth, un- 
cut. Boston, 1838 

Presentation copy, with a. I. s. of the author to Hon. J. Parker, 

1944 Palmer, James F. Dialogue in the Devonshire Dialect 

(in three parts), by a lady. To which is added a glos- 
sary by J. F. Palmer. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1837 

1945 Palmer, John W, Poetry of Compliment and Court- 

ship. Numerous illustrations. 12° cloth, gilt edges. 

Boston, 1868 

1946 Pardoe, Miss. Court and Reign of Francis the First, 

King of France. First ed. Steel portraits. 2 vols. 
8° cloth, uncut. London, 1849 

1947 Paris. Matthew Paris's English History. Translated 

by J. A. Giles. Portrait. 2 vols. 12° calf, gilt backs. 

Bohn: London, 1852 

1948 Park, T. Heliconia; comprising a selection of English 

Poetry of the Elizabethan Age, written or published 
between 1575 and 1604. 3 vols, royal 4° half morocco, 
uncut, gilt backs and tops (a few margins slightly 
water-stained). London, 1815 

From the Private Press of Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown. 

1949 Parker. View of Society and Manners in High and 

Low Life; being the adventures in England, Ireland, 
Scotland, Wales, France, etc., of Mr. G. Parker; in 
which is comprised a history of the stage itinerant. 2 
vols, in one. 12° new cloth. London, 1781 


1950 Parker, Theodore. Historic Americans, n" cloth. 

Boston, 1870 

1951 Parker. Life and Correspondence of. By John Weiss. 

Steel portraits. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1863 

1952 Parkes, E. a. Manual of Practical Hygiene. Edited 

by F. S. B. F. de Chaumont. Illustrations. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1878 

1953 Parkman, Francis. Discovery of the Great West. First 

ed. Map. 8° cloth. Boston, 1869 

1954 Parkman. The Old Regime in Canada. First ed. 8° 

new cloth. Boston, 1874 

1955 Parliament. Report of the Committee appointed to 

conduct the application to Parliament, for the repeal 
of the Test and Corporation Acts, May, 1787. 3 pages 

1956 Parnell, Sir Henry. Treatise on Roads; wherein the 

principles on which roads should be made are ex- 
plained. Folding plates. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1833 

1957 Parsons, T. W. Poems. First ed. 12° new cloth, un 

cut. Boston, 1854 

1958 Parsons. First Canticle (Inferno) of the Divine Com- 

edy of Dante Alighieri. Translated by T, W. Parsons. 
First ed. 4° new cloth. Boston, 1867 

1959 Passow, Franz. Handworterbuch der Griechischen 

Sprachc. 2 vols, thick 8° half calf. Leipzig, 1831 

i960 Paston Letters; original letters written during the 
reigns of Henry VI, Edward IV and Richard III. 
With notes, historical and explanatory, by John Fenn. 
New ed., by A. Ramsay. 2 vols, in one. Square 12° 
morocco, gilt edges. London, 1840 

1961 Paterson. Glimpses of Real Life, as seen in the theat- 

rical world and in Bohemia; being the confessions of 
Peter Paterson, a strolling comedian. Vignette wood- 
cuts. Small 8° new cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1864 

1962 Paul de Kock. QEuvres Choisies. 4 vols, bound in 2 

vols. 12° half morocco. Paris. 

Comprises : La Femme le Mari et I'Amant ; — Madeleine ; — 
Zizine ; — Moustache. 

1963 Pauli, Reinhold. Pictures of Old England. Trans- 

lated by B. C. Ott6. Colored map. r2° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1861 

1964 Pauquet. Modes et Costumes Historiques Dessinds et 

graves par Pauquet Frferes; d'aprfes les meilleurs mai- 
tres de chaque 6poque et les documents les plus au- 
thentiques. 96 finely colored plates. Royal 4° half 
morocco, gilt edges. Paris. 


1965 Peacham, Henry. The Compleat Gentleman, fashion- 

ing him absolute in the most necessary and commend- 
able qualities concerning Minde or Bodie that may be 
required in a noble Gentleman. Engraved title by Fr. 
Delaram. Small 4* black morocco (title and last leaf 
mounted). Francis Constable: London, 1633 

1966 Peacock, Edward. English Church Furniture, Orna- 

ments and Decorations, at the Period of the Reforma- 
tion. Colored frontispiece. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1866 

1967 Peele. Merrie Conceited Jests of George Peele, Gen- 

tleman, sometimes student of Oxford; wherein is 
shewed the course of his life, how he lived, a man 
very well knowne in the city of London and elsewhere. 
Small 4° boards, uncut. (Reprinted) London, (1809) 

1968 [Pegge, Samuel.] Anonymiana; or, ten centuries of 

observations on various authors and subjects. 8° 
mottled calf, gilt back. London, 1809 

T969 Pegge. Curialia Miscellanea; or, anecdotes of old 
times, regal, noble, gentilitial and miscellaneousj in- 
cluding authentic anecdotes of the Royal Household. 
Portrait. 8° new cloth. London, 1818 

1970 Pegge. Anecdotes of the English Language; chiefly 

regarding the local dialect of London. Third ed., en- 
larged and corrected. Edited by Rev. Henry Christ- 
mas. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1844 

1971 Pelham, Camden, Chronicles of Crime; or, the new 

Newgate Calendar, being a series of memoirs and 
anecdotes of notorious characters. 52 plates by Phiz. 
2 vols. 8° half crimson morocco, gilt backs and edges 
(text wrinkled and plates stained). London, 1841 

1972 Penn, William. Life of; containing also his celebrated 

treaty with the Indians, his purchase of their country, 
valuable anecdotes of Admiral Penn, etc. By M. L. 
Weems, Portrait. 12° sheep (few leaves slightly 
stained). Phila,, 1836 

1973 Pennell, H, Cholmondeley, Muses of Mayfair; selec- 

tions from the Vers de Soci6td of the Nineteenth 
Century, 12° cloth, gilt edges. London, 1874 

1974 Penny Cyclopaedia of the Society for the Diffusion of 

Useful Knowledge. Illustrations. 27 vols. 8° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1833-43 

1975 Pepperrell, Sir William. Life of. By Usher Parsons. 

Portrait, map and plate. 8* cloth. Boston, 1856 


1976 Percival, James G. Clio, No. I. First ed. (all that 

was published at Charleston). 8° original wrappers, 
uncut. Charleston, 1822 

1977 Percivale, Richard. A Spanish Grammar first collected 

and published by Richard Percivale, Gent. Done by 
John Minshen; pleasant and delightfuU dialogues in 
Spanish and English. Small folio, cloth. London, 1623 
From the library of Leigh Hunt. 

1978 Percy, Reuben and Sholto. Percy Anecdotes. Verbatim 

reprint of the original ed. With a preface by John 
Timbs. Portraits. 3 vols. 12° cloth. London, n. d. 

1979 [Percy, Thomas.] Reliques of Ancient English Poetry; 

consisting of old heroic ballads, songs and other pieces 
of our earlier poets, together with some few of later 
date. New ed. Vignette illustrations. 3 vols. 8° 
half morocco, uncut, gilt tops. London, 1841 

1980 Percy. Bishop Percy's Folio Manuscript, Ballads and 

Romances, and Loose and Humorous Songs. Edited 
by J. W. Hales and F. J. Furnivall. 4 vols. 8° half 
morocco, uncut. London, 1867 

Contains the loose and humorous songs, which were withdrawn 
from circulation, and are found in very few sets. 

1981 Percy Society; Early English Poetry, Ballads and Pop- 

ular Literature of the Middle Ages. Edited from 
original manuscripts and scarce publications. 30 vols, 
small 8° half morocco, gUt backs and tops, contents 
lettered (margins of few leaves slightly water-stained). 
Printed for the Percy Society: London, 1840-53 

Complete Set. 

This set comprises a remarkable collection of early and rare speci- 
mens of English poetry and, as but a few copies of each yolume were 
printed for members only, sets are becoming exceedingly rare. 

1982 Perkins, Thomas Handasyd. Memoir of; containing 

extracts from his diaries and letters. By Thomas G. 
Cary. Steel portrait. 8° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1856 

Presentation copy, with inscription by the author. 

1983 Perrault, Charles. Les Contes des F6es, en Prose et 

en Vers. Nouvelle Edition, revue et corrigee sur les 
editions originales, et preced^e d'une lettre critique, 
par Ch. Giraud. Portrait and plates. 8° blue levant 
morocco extra, gilt edges, by David. Paris, 1864 

Large Paper : only 50 copies printed. Plates proofs before 

This copy contains duplicates on India paper of all the illustra- 
tions. Only 10 copies were so struck off. 

Text slightly discolored by water stains. * 


1984 T^eWlBio. Baldus de Ubaldis de Perusio. Lectura super 

VII, VIII, IX, Codicis. Black Cetter. 250 leaves, 
double columns. Folio, morocco antique, over oak 
boards. Venetiis, 

apud Johanis d Colonia et Nicholai Jenson, 1481 

1985 Pkscara. La Comedia del Contile Chiamata la Pes- 

cara. Small 4' vellum (broken). Miiano, 1550 

1986 Petersburg, Va. Catalogue of the Library of Peters- 

burg. 8° boards (binding water-stained, but text clean). 

New York, 1854 

1987 Petrarch. Sonnets, Triumphs, and other poems of. 

With a life of the poet by Thomas Campbell. Steel 
portraits and plates. 12° cloth, uncut. 

Bohn: London, 1859 

1988 PetronhJs, Arbiter T. Works of, in prose and verse, 

with a critical preface in defence of the author. Sec- 
ond ed., adorned with cuts. To which is prefix'd 
" The Chirms of Liberty, a poem." Copperplates. 8° 
panelled calf. London, 17 10 

1989 Peyton, George. How to Detect Counterfeit Bank 

Notes. Plates. 8° cloth. New York, 1856 

1990 PHiEDRi. Fabularum .^sopiarum. Editi a Johanne 

Laurentio. Engraved plates. 8° vellum (some leaves 
loose). Amstelodami, 1667 

From the library of W. E. Burton. 

199 1 Pharmacology of the Newer Materia Medica, embrac- 

ing the botany, chemistry, pharmacy and therapeutics 
of new remedies. Illustrations. 8° cloth. 

Detroit, 189a 

1992 Philadelphia, Pa. Biographies of Successful Philadel- 

phia Merchants. Portraits. 8° cloth. Phila., 1864 

1993 Phillips Exeter Academy. Familiar Sketches of, and 

Surroundings. By Frank H. Cunningham. Illustra- 
tions. 12° cloth. Boston, 1883 

1994 Philological Society. Publications of. 23 vols. 8° and 

small 4° half morocco. London, 1842-68 

Comprises : Proceedings, 1842-53, 6 vols. ; — Transactions, 1854- 
1869, 13 vols. ; — Liber Cure Cocorum, a cookery book, edited by 
Richard Morris, 1862 ; — The Prickle of Conscience, edited by R. 
Morris, 1863 ; — Gwreans au Byg, the creation of the world, edited by 
W. Stokes, 1864 ; — Dan Michel's Ayenbite of Inwyt, edited by R. 
Morris, 1866; — Manipulus Vocabulonim, a rhyming dictionary of the 
English language, edited by H. B. Wheatley, 1867 ; — McEso-Gothic 
Glossary, by W. W. Skeat, t868. 

1995 Philpots, John R. Oysters and All About Them. 2 

vols, thick 12° cloth. London, 1890-91 


1996 Phyfe, W. H. p. School Pronouncer; — How Should I 

Pronounce? 2 vols. 16° cloth. New York, 1888-89 

1997 Pickering, Chas. The Races of Man; and their geo- 

graphical distribution. Portraits and map. 12° calf, 
gilt back. Bohn: London, 1854 

1998 Pickering, John. Life of. By Mary Orne Pickering- 

Portrait. 8° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1887 

1999 Pike, Luke Owen. The English and their Origin; a 

prologue to authentic English history. 8° new cloth, 
uncut. London, 1866 

2000 PiLPAY. The Anvar-i Suhaili; or, the Lights of Canopus; 

being the Persian version of the Fables of Pilpay. 
Literally translated into prose and verse. By Edward 
B. Eastwick. Royal 8° full red morocco, gilt back, 
sides inlaid in Persian design, gauffered edges. 

Hartford, 1854 

2001 [PiNKERTON, John.] Scottish Tragic Ballads. Vignette 

on title. 12° new cloth. London, 1781 

2002 Piozzi, Hester L. British Synonymy. 2 vols. 8° boards, 

uncut. London, 1794 

2003 [Plaisant, Jean Ldon.] Pugna Porcorum. Versus ex 

Vocabulis quorum idem initium est, constantes Pugna 
Porcorum. Per P. Porcium, Poetam. pp. 15. 4° new 
cloth. Oxford, 1768 

A curious production ; a poem in blank verse containing about 
1250 words and every word beginning with tlie letter " p." 

2004 Plat, Sir Hugh. The Jewel House of Art and Nature; 

containing divers rare and profitable inventions, to- 
gether with sundry new experiments in the art of 
husbandry, with divers chemical conclusions concern- 
ing the art of distillation. Small 4° half calf. 

London, 1653 
From the library of W. E. Burton, with autograph of G. Furman. 

aoo5 Plautus. M. Accii Plauti, Comcediae superstites viginti 
cum fragmentis deperditarum. 2 vols. 8° vellum. 

Patavii, 1764 

With inscription, "Convent of St. Francis at Avernia, July 25, 
1835, I purchased this copy of Plautus expressly for this excursion 
to Avernia, Horatio Greenough (the sculptor)." 

2006 Playing Cards. Facts and Speculations on the History 
of Playing Cards. By William Andrew Chatto. Col- 
ored plates and other illustrations. 8° half morocco, 
uncut. London, 1848 

With autograph of Richard Chambers on title-page. 


2007 Plays. Castle Spectre, by M, G. Lewis, 1808; — Adel- 

morn, the Outlaw, by M. G. Lewis, 1805; — Abaellino, 
the Great Bandit, by W. Dunlap, 1807; —The Curfew, 
by John Tobin, 1807; — Hamlet Travestie, by John 
Poole, i8ii. 5 pamphlets ia°, uncut. 

2008 Plutarch's Lives. Translated from the original Greek, 

with notes, critical and historical. By John and Wil- 
liam Langhorne. Engraved frontispieces after S. Wale. 
6 vols, royal 8° mottled calf, gilt backs. 

C. Dilly: London, 1792 

2009 PoE, Edgar Allan. Works of. With a memoir by Rufus 

W. Griswold, and notices of his life and genius, by 
N. P. Willis and J. R. Lowell. Portrait. 4 vols. 12° 
half calf, gilt backs. New York, 1858 

aoio Poetry and Drama. Fragments of Ancient Poetry, 
collected in the Highlands of Scotland and translated 
from the Galic or Erse Language, Edinburgh, 1760; — 
Thomas and Sally; or, the sailor's return, a musical 
entertainment; music by Doctor Arne, London, 1761; 
— The Earl of Douglas, a dramatic essay, London, 
1760; — Siege of Arquileia, a tragedy, by (John Home), 
1760; — The Jealous Wife, a comedy, by George Col- 
man, 1761. Bound together. 8° new cloth. 

201 1 Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin. By (George Canning, 

John H. Frere, George Ellis and others). 4° mottled 
calf (rebacked). London, 1801 

2012 Poetry of the Woods; passages from the poets, descrip- 

tive of forest scenes. Illustrations. Square 12° full 
morocco, gilt edges. Phila., 1857 

Contains poems by Bryant and Longfellow. 

2013 Poetry. The Breechiad; a poem. By Theresa, pp. 

22. 8" stitched. Boston, 1807 

2014 PoiTEViN, M. Prosper. Nouveau Dictionnaire Universel 

de la Langue Frangaise; rfedigd d'aprfes les travaux et 
les m6moires des membres des cinq classes de I'in- 
stitut. 2 vols, royal 4' half morocco. Paris, 1856 

Genuine edition, with author's signature. 

2015 PoLHiLL, Edward, of Burwash, in Sussex. Precious 

Faith Considered; in its nature, working and growth. 
12° old calf (mended). London, 1675 

2016 Political Dictionary; forming a work of universal ref- 

erence, both constitutional and legal. 2 vols, thick 
small 8° half crimson crushed levant morocco, uncut, 
gilt backs and tops. C. Knight & Co. : London, 1845 


2017 PoLYLOGiA; containing specimens of fourteen languages 

with metrical translations. Illustrations. Folio, cloth. 

London, n. d. 

2018 Pope, Alexander. The Rape of the Lock; a heroi com- 

ical poem. Plates by Bartolozzi. 8° new cloth (a few 
pages slightly stained). T. Benslsy: London, 1798 

2019 Pope. Poetical Works of. New ed. With portrait, en- 

graved by Schiavonetti after Burney, and plates after 
Stothard, Westall and others. 6 vols. 12° calf, gilt 
backs. London, 1804 

2020 Pope. Concordance to the Works of. By Edwin Ab- 

bott. With introduction by E. A. Abbott. 8° cloth. 

New York, 1875 

2021 Popular Flowers, with 9 finely colored plates. 16° half 

calf. London, 1843 

2022 Popular Science Monthly. Portraits and illustrations. 

Vols. I to 4. 4 vols. 8° cloth. New York, 1872-74 

2023 Portraits. National Portrait Gallery of Illustrious 

and Eminent Personages of the Nineteenth Century. 
With memoirs by William Jerdan. 108 India-proof 
portraits (water-stained). 3 vols, royal 4° half mo- 
rocco, uncut, gilt backs and tops. 

Fisher, Son & Jackson: London, 1830 

2024 Portraits. National Portrait Gallery of Illustrious and 

Eminent Personages of the XIX Century; with memoirs 
by Jerdan and Stebbing. With nearly 200 finely en- 
graved portraits. Illustrated with about 100 holograph 
letters, and upwards of 50 autographs of royal and noble 
personages, statesmen, politicians, lawyers, men of 
science, navigators, painters, poets, and other literary 
characters. 5 vols, imperial 8° half morocco. 

London, 1830-34 

The volumes have been injured by water, some leaves are loose, 
portraits and letters stained, but many are uninjured. They are sold 
as they are. 

Extra illustrated with 100 autograph letters and 56 autograph 
signatures of Royal and Noble Personages, Statesmen, Politicians, 
Lawyers, Men of Science, Navigators, Painters, Poets and other 
Literary characters. 

Vol. I contains full autograph letters of George III also d. s. on 
vellum, Marquis Camden, Earl Amherst, Sir Joseph Banks (2) ; — 
_ord Nelson, Charles James Fox. 

Vol. II contains full autograph letters of Geo. Canning ; Davis 
Gilbert ; Earl Whitworth ; Dr. Bathurst, Bishop of Norwich ; Sir 
Thomas Le Breton ; Sir Abraham Hume ; William Howley, Lord 
Archbishop of Canterbury ; Robt. Dundas, Viscount Melville ; John 
Abernethy ; R. Porson ; Geo. Agar Ellis, Baron Dover ; Duke of 
Kent ; Archdeacon Nares j Henry W. Paget, Marquis of Anglesey | 



Sir John Franklin ; Right Hon. W. Huskisson; Lord Ellenborough ; 
Edw. Codrington ; Lieut.-Gen. Sir George Murray. 

Vol. III. contains full autograph ' letters of King William the 
Fourth (/. s.) ; Duke of Sussex ; Marquis Conwallis ; Edward Pellew, 
Viscount Exmouth ; William Gifford ; Lord Aberdeen, Lord Eldon, 
Sir Alexander Johnson, Thomas Moore, the Poet ; Hannah More, 
Astley Cooper, Sir Thomas Plumer, Lord Viscount Melville (2), 
Earl Grey, Lord Kenyon, Adm. Lord Gardner, Baron Holland, J. 
W. Croker. 

Vol. IV. contains full autograph letters of Queen Adelaide and 
Princess Victoria, D. Gumey, Henry Brougham, David Brewster, 
Allan Cunningham (2); Viscount Melbourne, Duke of Richmond, 
Robert Peel, Earl of Egremont, William Roscoe, Baron Durham, 
Rev. Samuel Parr, Ernest, King of Hanover and Duke of Cumber- 
land J Roxburghe (3rd Duke, /. s.). Palmerston, Jeremy Bentham, 
Earl of Harrowly, Sir William Grant, Sir Gore Ouseley, Duke of 
Bridgwater, Earl of Munster, Sir James Mackintosh, Earl of Shaftes- 
bury, William Wordsworth, Richard Arkwright. 

Vol. V. contains full autograph letters of Henry Petty, Marquis of 
Lansdowne (2), Samuel Lysons, Sir John Leslie, Edmund Burke ; 
John Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury ; Rt. Hon. E. G. Stanley ; Shute 
Barrington, Lord Bishop of Durham, John Philip Kemble, Miss 
Anna Maria Porter, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Michael Faraday, Beilby 
Poteus, Muzio Clementi, Sir Francis Burdett, William Jackson 
Hooker, Henry Fuseli, Sir Robert Peel, Geo. Aug. Elliott, Lord 
Heathfield {ii. s. ); Miss Jane Porter (2), Sir John Soane, Olinthus 
Gregory {2). 

This set was purchased on the Inglis sale for I675. 

2024*PoTTERY. Ancient Vases from the Collection of Sir 
Henry Englefield, Bart. Drawn and engraved by H. 
Moses. 51 engraved plates, of which 12 are now first 
published. Royal 8° cloth. London, 1848 

2025 Pottery. A Dissertation on the Ancient Chinese Vases 

of the Shang Dynasty, from 1743 to 1496 b. c. Illus- 
trated with 42 wood engravings by P, P. Thorns. 8° 
cloth. London, 185 1 

2026 Pottery. Binns, R. W. Century of Potting in the 

City of Worcester; being the history of the Royal 
Porcelain Works, from 1751 to 1851, to which is added 
a short account of the Celtic, Roman and Mediaeval 
Pottery of Worcestershire. Illustrated with full-page 
proof engravings from old copperplates, also photo- 
graphic plates and text-illustrations. 4° half morocco, 
uncut, gilt back and top. London, 1865 

Large Paper: only 30 copies printed. 

2027 Pottery. Birch, Samuel. History of Ancient Pottery. 

Colored plates and numerous engravings. 2 vols. 8° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1858 


2028 PoTTEiiY. Birch. History of Ancient Pottery; Egyp- 

tian, Assyrian, Greels, Etruscan and Roman. New 
and revised ed. Coloured plates and woodcuts. 8° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1873 

2029 Pottery. Bohn, H. G. Guide to the Knowledge of 

Pottery, Porcelain, and other objects of vertu. With 
engraved list of marks and monograms. Numerous 
wood engravings. 12° cloth, uncut. 

Bohn: London, 187 1 

2030 PoTTKRY. Burty, Philippe. Chefs-D'Oeuvre of the In- 

dustrial Arts; pottery and porcelain, glass, enamel, 
metal, goldsmith's work, jewelry and tapestry. Edited 
by W. Chaffers. Numerous illustrations. 8*cloth, 
uncut. New York, 1869 

2031 Pottery. Chaffers, William. Marks and Monograms 

on Pottery and Porcelain. Fourth ed., revised and 
augmented. With 3,000 potters' marks and illustra- 
tions. Royal 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1874 

2033 Pottery. Fortnum, C. D. E. Maiolica. Numerous 
woodcuts. 12° cloth, uncut. New York (London), 1876 

2033 Pottery, Jacquemart, Albert. History of the Ceramic 

Art; a description and philosophical study of the pot- 
tery of all ages and all nations. Translated by Mrs. 
Bury Palliser. With 200 woodcuts by H. Catenacci 
and Jules Jacquemart, 12 engravings in aquafortis by 
Jules Jacquemart, and 1000 marks and monograms. 
Royal 8° cloth, gilt edges. London, 1873 

2034 Pottery. Marryat, Joseph. History of Pottery and 

Porcelain, mediaeval and modern. Third ed., revised 
and augmented with colored plates and numerous 
woodcuts. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1868 

2035 Potts, Robert. Liber Cantabrigiensis; an account of 

the aids afforded to poor students. 12° boards, uncut. 

Cambridge, 1855 

2036 PouGiN, Arthur. Dictionnaire Historique et Pittoresque 

du Th^&tre et des Arts qui s'y rattachement. Ouvrage 
illustr6 de 350 gravures et de 8 chromo-lithographies. 
Imperial 8° half crimson morocco, uncut, gilt top. 

Paris, 1885 

2037 Praed, Winthrop Mackworth. Charades. First ed. pp. 

44. 4° full antique morocco, gilt edges. 

Privately printed : New York, 1852 
Presentation copy, presented to " Miss Louisa V.Wurts, Phila." 

2038 Praed. Practical Works of. New and enlarged ed. 2 

vols. 12° cloth. New York, i860 


2039 Prendeville. Photographic Facsimiles of the Antique 

Gems formerly possessed by the late Prince Ponia- 
towskl, accompanied by a description and poetical il- 
lustrations of each subject, carefully selected from 
classical authors, together with an essay on ancient 
gems and gem- engraving, by James Prendeville, as- 
sisted by the late Dr. Maginn. Numerous plates. 
Both series. 2 vols. 4° new cloth (text somewhat 
stained). Longmans; London, 1857-59 

This collection has always been considered as of extraordinary in- 
terest. Only 75 copies were executed, and were published at 20 
guineas the set. No more can ever be produced. 

2040 Prescott, W. H. Life in Mexico during a Residence 

of Two Years in that Country. By Madame C — de la 
B — . With a preface by W. H. Prescott. First ed. 
8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1843 

2041 Prescott. Life of. By George Ticknor. Portrait and 

illustrations. 4° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1864 

2042 Prescott. Oration in Honor of, delivered in Boston 

Oct. 14, 1895. By William Everett. 8" wrappers. 

Boston, 1896 

2043 Presentation Copy. Bemis, George. Precedents of 

American Neutrality. 8° paper. Boston, 1864 

2044 Presentation Copy. Curtis, George William. Wendell 

Phillips, a Eulogy, at Boston, 1884. 8° original wrap- 
per. New York, 1884 

With autograph letter of the author inserted. 

2045 Prichard and Latham. Eastern Origin of Celtic Nations, 

proved by a comparison of their dialects with the Sans- 
krit, Greek, Latin and Teutonic Languages. 8° new 
cloth, uncut. London, 1857 

2046 Primaudaye, Peter de la. The French Academic; 

wherein is discoursed the institution of manners and 
whatever else concerneth the good and happie life of 
all estates and callings by precepts of doctrine and 
examples of the lives of ancient sages and famous men. 
Small 4° new boards. Thomas Adams; London, 1614 

2047 Primer. The American Primer, Calculated for the In- 

struction of Young Children. Woodcuts. 16° paper. 
A. C. Jordan & Co.; Norfolk, 1803 

2048 Primer. New England Primer Improved. 48° paper. 

Newark, 1824 

2049 Primer. New England Primer Improved. Woodcuts. 

24° half sheep. 

Boston, 1777; reprinted, Hartford, 1843 


8050 Prince. Catalogue of the American Portion of the Li- 
brary of the Rev. Thomas Prince; with a memoir and 
list of his publications. By W. H. Whitmore. Portrait. 
12° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1868 

2051 Prior, Mathew. Poems on Several Occasions. 2 por- 

traits and 2 plates by Van der Gucht. 3 vols. 16° new 
cloth. London, 1725 


2052 Prisme; encyclopedic morale du dix-neuvifeme sibcle. 

lUustrd par Daumier, Gagniet, Gavarni, Grandville, 
Malapean, Meissonier, Pauquet, etc. Royal 8° new 
boards. Paris, 1841 

2C53 Prisons. Griffiths, Arthur. Memorials of Millbank, and 
chapters in prison history. With etched frontispieces 
and illustrations by R. Goff and the author. 2 vols, 
small 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1875 

2054 Prisons. Female Life in Prison. By (Mary Carpenter). 

Frontispiece. 12° cloth, uncut. London, 1864 

2055 Prisons. Six Years in the Prisons of England. By a 

Merchant. Edited by Frank Henderson. 12° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1869 

2056 Prisons. Report of the Surveyor-General of Prisons on 

the Construction, Ventilation and Details of Penton- 
ville Prison, 1844. Folding plates. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1844 

2057 PRisoNs^^^flfst to Sixth Annual Reports of the Board of 
Masidfers of the Prison Discipline Society, Boston, 

?26-3i. 8° boards, uncut. Boston, i860 

2058 [Proctor.] Dramatic Scenes, with other poems. Now 

first printed. Illustrations. 8° morocco, gilt back and 
edges. New York, 1857 

2059 Pro JET d'une Loi portant defense d'apprendre k lire aux 

femmes. Par S. M. 8° paper, uncut. Paris, 1801 

2060 Proverbs. Dictionnaire des Proverbes Frangois; avec 

I'explication de leurs significations et une partie de 
leur origine. Par D. G. B. 12° half sheep. 

Brusselles, 17 10 

2061 Proverbs and Sayings. Illustrated by Dusseldorf Ar- 

tists. 2! lithographic plates. 4° boards. London, 1854 

2062 Providence, R. I. Broadside. Rules and Regulations 

for the Government of the Inhabitants of the town of 
Providence, in cases of Fire, Feb. 14, 1801. Nathan 
W. Jackson, Town-clerk. Printed by John Carter. 
Folio, sheet. 


2063 Prynne, William. History of King John, King Henry 

III, and tlie Most Illustrious King Edward the I, 
wherein the ancient sovereign dominion of the Kings 
of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, over all 
persons in all causes, is asserted and vindicated, 
against all Incroachments and Innovations whatsoever. 
Very thick full russia, gilt back (margins water- 
stained). London, 1670 

William Penn's copy, with his book-plate on the back of title. 

2064 Pugilism. Pancratia; or, a history of Pugilism; con- 

taining a full account of every battle of note from the 
time of Broughton and Slack to the present day, in- 
terspersed with anecdotes of all the celebrated pugil- 
ists of this country. Portrait of Thomas Cribb. 8° 
boards, uncut. London, 1812 

2065 PoGiN, Augustus W. Floriated Ornament; a series of 

31 designs. Finely printed in gold and colors. Royal 
4° half morocco, uncut, gilt back and tops. 

London, 1849 

2066 PuLLEYN, William. Portfolio of Origins and Inventions. 

12° cloth, uncut. London, 1861 

2067 Punch and London Charivari. Vols, i to 42. Illustra- 

tions by John Leech and others. 42 vols, bound in 18 
vols, half morocco, gilt backs, and 6 vols, cloth. To- 
gether 24 vols. 4°. London, 1841-62 

Bound from the original numbers. 

2068 PuRCHAS His Pilgrim. Microcosmus, or the historie of 

Man. Relating the wonders of his Generation, vani- 
ties in his Degeneration, necessity of his regeneration, 
meditated on the words of David. By Samuel Purchas. 
pp. 818. Small 8° antique calf, red edges (lacks pp. 
449 to 464). London, 1619 

2069 PuRLEY. Diversions of Purley. By John Home Tooke. 

Revised by Richard Taylor. Engraved frontispiece. 
8° cloth, uncut. London, 1857 

2070 PaTHERBEi, Gabrielis. Theotimus sive de tollendis & 

expungendis mails libris. 12° boards. Parisiis, 1549 

2071 Putnam, Alfred P. Singers and Songs of the Liberal 

Faith; with biographical sketches. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 187s 

2072 Putnam, George P. The World's Progress; an index to 

universal history. Revised by F. B. Perkins and L. E. 
Jones. Portrait and chart. 2 vols, royal 8° cloth. 

New York, 1883 


ao73 [Putnam, Mary Lowell.] Record of an Obscure Man. 
First ed. 12° new cloth. Boston, 1861 

2074 PuTTENHAM, George. The Arte of English Poesie. By 

Webster, alias George Puttenham. 4° calf (rebacked, 
few margins water-stained). London, i8ii 

With manuscript notes on fly-leaf, by John Mitford, 1814. 

2075 [Pycroft, James.] Collegian's Guide; or, recollections 

of college days. Small 8° new cloth. London, 1845 

2076 Pye, John. Patronage of British Art; an historical 

sketch. Illustrations. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

2077 Pynk, J. B. Windsor, with its surrounding scenery, the 

Parks, the Thames, Eton Colleges, etc. la colored 
lithographic plates. Folio, in portfolio, half morocco. 


2078 /Quebec [Hanway, Jonas.] Account of the Soc- 
V ^ iety for the Encouragement of the British Troops 

in Germany and North America. 8° calf. Quebec, 1760 

Contains an liistorical account of Quebec and the events of the 
expedition under Gen. Wolfe. 

2079 QuKVEDO. Works of Don Francisco de Quevedo. Trans- 

lated from the French. With 3 curious frontispieces. 
3 vols, small 8° new boards. Edinburgh, 1798 

2080 QuiLTER, Harry, f^eferences in Art, Life and Litera- 

ture. Numerous illustrations. Imperial 8° cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1892 

2081 QuiNCY, Mass. Some Account of the Early History and 

Present State of the Town of Quincy. By George 
Whitney. Frontispiece. 8° wrappers. n. p., n. d. 
Presentation copy, with inscription by the author. 

2082 Quincy. Centennial Milestone; an address in com- 

memoration of the looth anniversary, July 4, 1892. 
By Charles Francis Adams. (With historical appen- 
dix.) Plates. 8° cloth. Cambridge, 1892 

2083 Quincy (111.) in 1857; or, facts and figures exhibiting 

its advantages, resources, manufactures and com- 
merce. By Joseph T. Holmes. 16° cloth. 

Quincy, 111., 1857 

2084 [Quincy, Josiah P.] Lyteria; a dramatic poem. First 

ed. 12° cloth. Boston, 1854 

With autograph letter of the author inserted. 

2085 Quincy, Josiah. Life of. By his son, Edmund Quincy. 

Portrait. 8° cloth. Boston, 1869 


2086 T3 ABELAIS, Francois. CEuvres de, suivies des re- 
J\. marques publides en Anglois par M. Le Motteux, 

et traduites en Fran9ois par C. D. M. Nouvelle Edi- 
tion, orn6e de 76 gravures. Portrait, map and copper- 
plates. 3 vols. 8° mottled calf, gilt edges. 

Paris, (1798) 

2087 Rabelais. Works of. Translated from the French, with 

explanatory notes, by Du Chat, Motteux, Ozell and 
others. Portrait. 4 vols. 8° new cloth. London, 1807 

2088 Rabelais. Works of. Translated by Thomas Urquhart 

and Motteux. Portraits. 2 vols. 12° new cloth. 

Bohn: London, 1849 

2089 Rabelais. Works of. Faithfully translated from the 

French, with variorum notes and numerous illustra- 
tions by Gustave Dor^. la" half morocco, uncut, gilt 
back and top. London. 

2090 Rabelais, Robert. A Nineteenth Century and Familiar 

History of the Lives, Loves and Misfortunes of Abeil- 
lard and Heloisa, a matchless pair; a poem. Plates 
(slightly water-stained). 8° half morocco. 

London, 1819 

2091 Rachel. Memoirs of. By Madame de B — . 12° cloth. 

New York, 1858 

2092 Racine, Jean. Theatre Complet. Ornd de 57 gravures 

d'apr^s le's compositions de Girodet, Gerard, Chaudet, 
Prud'hon, Taunay et autres. Copperplates. 3 vols. 
8° new boards, gilt edges. Paris, 181 6 

2093 Racinet, a. Polychromatic Ornament. 100 plates in 

gold, silver and colors, comprising upwards of 2,000 
specimens of the styles of ancient. Oriental and Medie- 
val art, and including the Renaissance and seventeenth 
and eighteenth centuries, selected and arranged for 
practical use by A. Racinet, with explanatory text and 
a general introduction. Folio, cloth, gilt edges. 

London, 1873 
The author was peculiarlywell fitted to 'grapple with the difficul- 
ties of so intricate a subject, and it will be found that he has dis- 
charged his task in a manner to deserve general approval and admira- 
tion. His happy choice of subjects, all of them taken from originals, 
his ingenious grouping of them in harmonious forms, his wonderful 
accuracy in drawing, and his perfect fidelity of color are only equalled 
by the profound knowledge which has enabled him to combine so 
vast a collection in historical order, and yet in a classical form. 

2094 Raikes, Lieut.-Col. G. A. Ancient Vellum Book of the 

Honourable Artillery Company; being the roll of mem- 
bers from 1611 to 1682. With notes and illustrations. 
8° cloth, uncut. London, 1890 


2095 Railroad. Single- Rail Railway, pp. 8. Folding litho- 

graphic plate by Pendleton. 8° paper, uncut. ■ 

Boston, 1827 
A rare railroad pamphlet. 

2096 Railroads. Roads and Railroads, Vehicles, and Modes 

of Travelling. Numerous illustrations. 12° half mo- 
rocco. London, 1839 

2097 Railroad. Broadside. Boston & Worcester Railroad, 

Winter Arrangement, Nov. 6, 1854. With woodcut 
view of train. Folio. 

2098 Railroads. Boston & Worcester Railroad. Annual 

Reports and Communications, 1840-66 (irregular). 32 

2099 Railroads. Reports, Speeches, etc., relating to New 

E^ngland Railroads. 32 pamphlets. 

2100 Ramsay, David. Tea Table Miscellany; a collection of 

choice songs, Scotch and English. 2 vols, in one. 16° 
old calf (broken). J. Wilson: Kilmarnock, 1788 

Contains a collection of facetious songs. 

2101 Ramsay, E. B. Reminiscences of Scottish Life and 

Character. Portrait. 12° cloth, uncut. 

Edinburgh, 1874 

2102 Ramsay, Samuel. English Language and English Gram- 

mar; an historical study. 8° cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1892 

2103 Rand, Edward S. Flowers for the Parlor and Garden; 

— Popular Flowers. Illustrations. 2 vols. 12° cloth. 

Boston, 1863-73 
With a. I. s. of the author inserted. 

2104 Ranke, Leopold. History of the Popes, their Church 

and State, in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. 
Translated by W. K. Kelly. Royal 8° cloth. 

London, 1852 

2105 Readymoney, Sir Cowasjee Jehanghier. Life of. Pre- 

pared by J. Cowasjee Jehangier. 10 plates, including 
portrait. 4° full calf, arms in gold on sides. 

(Privately printed: London), 1890 

A celebrated philanthropist of Bombay, India. A sumptuous 
memorial volume, giving an account of an interesting life. 

2106 Recreative Review; or, eccentricities of literature and 
, life. Vols. I, 3 and 3. 3 vols. 8° new cloth. 

London, 1821-22 

Contains sketches of flagellation, dancing, witchcraft, duelling, 
sporting, etc. 

2107 Redfield, James W. Comparative Physiognomy; or, 

resemblances between men and animals. Illustrated 
by 330 engravings. 8° cloth. New York, 1852 



aio8 Rees, Abraham. Cyclopaedia; or, Universal Dictionary 
of Arts, Science and Literature. Portrait of the au- 
thor engraved by Holl. 39 vols, text, 5 vols, of cop- 
perplates and atlas of maps. Together 45 vols. 4° 
half calf. London, 1819 

George Livermore's copy. 

2109 Reference Catalogue of Current Literature (1889). 
With index, containing over 68,000 references. Very 
thick 8° half roan. London. 

a 1 10 Reggiano, Vicenzo Cartari. Le Vere e Nove Imagini 
de gli dei delli Antichi. Numerous woodcuts. Small 
4° half sheep. Padoua, 1615 

211 1 Rembrandt. L'CEuvre Complet. D6crit et comment^, 

par M. Charles Blanc. Catalogue raisonn^ de toutes 
les eaux-fortes du maitre et ses peintures, ornd de 
bois graves et de quarante eaux-fortes tiroes a part 
et rapport^es dans le texte. Etched plates. 2 vols, 
royal 8° half morocco, uncut. Paris, 1859 

21 12 Rennie, James. Bird Miscellanies; illustrative of the 

habits and the faculties of birds. Illustrations. 16° 
morocco, uncut. London, 1847 

21 1 3 Renouard, Ant. Aug. Annales de I'lmprimerie des 

Aide; ou histoire des trois Manuce de leurs Editions. 
Second Edition. Portrait. 3 vols, royal 8° new cloth, 
uncut (water-stained). Paris, 1825 

21 14 Repository (The); a select collection of fugitive pieces 

of wit and humor, in prose and verse, by the most emi- 
nent writers. 2 vols. 16° old calf. London, 1777 
With autograph of Charles Sprague, the poet, on fly-leaf. 

2 1 15 Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufac- 

tures, Fashions and Politics. First series, 14 vols., 
complete; second series, 14 vols., complete, third 
series. Vols, i to 12. Illustrated with engraved por- 
trait, numerous aquatint views, colored plates of birds, 
whole length figures of fashions, fashionable furniture, 
sporting vignettes, allegorical woodcuts, patterns ui 
British manufacture, etc. 40 vols, royal 8" half calf 
(few bindings broken). 

R. Ackermann: London, 1809-28 

21 16 Repton, Humphry. Landscape Gardening and Land- 

scape Architecture. New ed., by J. C. Loudon. Up- 
wards of 250 engravings. 8° half morocco. 

London, 1840 

2117 Restif de la Bretonne. Les Contemporaines M^16es, du 

Commun, par Gradation. 3 vols. 16* cloth. 

A. Lemerre: Paris, 1875 


2ii8 Retrospective Review. Vols, i to 14, and new series, 
Vols. I and 2. 16 vols. 8* half calf (bindings broken). 

London, 1820-28 

21 19 Reynard the Fox. Heinrichs von Alkmar, Reineke der 

Fuchs; mit schonen Kupfern, nach der ausgabe von 
T498 ins Hochdeutsche ilbersetzet und mit einer Ab- 
handlung von dem Urheber wahren alter und grossen 
Werthe dieses Gedichtes versehen. Von Johann Chris- 
toph Gottscheden. Numerous copperplate engravings. 
Royal 8° full brown morocco. 

Peter Schenk: Leipzig, 1752 

2120 Reynard the Fox. Reineke de Fos fan Hinrek Fan 

Alknier, Upt nye utgegeven unde forklared, dorg K. 
F. A. Scheller. 8° half sheep. Brunswijk, 1825 

212 1 Reynard the Fox. The Most Delectable History of 

Reynard the Fox. Edited by Felix Summerly. Illus- 
trated with 24 colored pictures by Aldert Van Ever- 
dingen. Square 16° full morocco, gilt edges, by Hay- 
day. Westminster, 1846 

2122 Reynard the Fox; a burlesque poem of the isth Cen- 

tury. Translated from the Low-German original, by 
D. W. Soltau. 8" cloth. Hamburgh, 1826 

2123 Reynard the Fox. Vedder. The Story of Reynard the 

Fox. A new version by David Vedder. Illustrated 
by Gustav Canton, lithographed by Schenck & Far- 
lane. Small 4° pictorial boards, gilt edges. 

2i>4 Reynard the Fox. The Most Delectable History of 
Reynard the Fox, and of his son, Reynardine. Re- 
vised version of an old romance. 12° wrapper. 

London, 1844 

2125 Reynard the Fox. Reynaert den Vos, ofte het Oordeel 

der Dieren. 28 woodcuts. 16° stitched. 

Antwerpen, n. d. 

2126 Reynolds, Frederick. Life and Times of. Written by 

himself. 2 vols. 8° in boards, uncut. Phila., 1826 

2127 Reynolds, Sir Joshua. Discourses of. Illustrated by 

explanatory notes and plates by John Burnet. 4° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1842 

2128 Reynolds. Literary Works of; to which is prefixed a 

memoir of the author by Henry W. Beechey. Steel 
portrait. 2 vols. 12° half green morocco, uncut. 

Bohn: London, 1852 

2129 Reynolds. Life and Times of; with notices of some of 

his contemporaries. By Charles R. Leslie and Tom 
Taylor. Portraits (slightly water-stained). 2 vols. 8" 
half crimson morocco, uncut, gilt backs and tops. 

London, 1865 


2130 RiBBiKG, Dr, S. L'Hygifene Sexuelle et ses consequences 

morales. 12° cloth. Paris, 1895 

2 1 31 RiCAUTi, T. J. Sketches for Rustic Work; includin 

bridges, park and garden buildings, seats and furn^ 
ture. 17 plates. 4° cloth. London, 184 

2132 Richardson, Charles. Illustrations of English Philol- 

ogy; consisting of a critical examination of Dr. John- 
son's Dictionary and remarks on Mr. Dugald Stewart's 
essay. 4° boards. 

London, printed, 1815; republished 1826 

2133 Richardson. New Dictionary of the English Lan- 

guage. 2 vols. 4° half russia. 

W. Pickering: London, 1838 

2134 Richardson, George. Iconologyj or, a collection of 

emblematical figures, containing 424 remarkable sub- 
jects, moral and instructive, in which are displayed 
the beauty of virtue and deformity of vice; the figures 
are engraved by the most capital artists, from original 
designs, with explanations from classical authorities. 
109 copperplate engravings. 2 vols, royal 4° calf. 

Printed by G. Scott : London, 1779 
Fine copy of this rare work. 
213s Richmond, Va. Virginia; especially Richmond in By- 
Gone-Days, with a glance at the present. By Samuel 
Mordecai, 12° stitched, uncut. Richmond, i860 

2136 RiMBAULT, E. F. Little Book of Songs and Ballads, 

gathered from Ancient Musick Books, MS. and printed. 
12° new boards. London, 1851 

2137 RiNGWALT, J. Luther. American Encyclopaedia of 

Printing. Colored plates (slightly water-stained) and 
numerous other illustrations. Imperial 8° cloth, 

Phila., 187 1 

2138 Ripley. George Ripley (a biography). By O. B. 

Frothingham. First ed. Portrait. 12° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1882 
With autograph of John S. Dwight, in pencil. 

2139 RiTSON, Joseph. Select Collection of English Songs; 

with their original airs, and a historical essay on the 
origin and progress of national song. Second ed., 
with additional songs and occasional notes by Thomas 
Park. 3 vols, small 8° old calf (titles soiled). 

London, 1813 

2140 RiTSON. Life of King Arthur, from ancient historians 

and authentic documents. First ed. Small 8° half 
calf, gilt back. London, 1825 

2141 RiTSON. Ancient Songs and Ballads, from the reign of 

King Henry the Second to the Revolution. First ed. 
2 vols, small 8° half calf, gilt backs. London, 1829 


2142 RiTSON. Fairy Tales; now first collected, to which are 

prefixed two dissertations on fairies. First ed. Small 
8° half calf, gilt back. London, 1831 

2143 RiTSON. Robin Hood; a collection of all the ancient 

poems, songs and ballads now extant relative to that 
celebrated English outlaw. To which are prefixed 
historical anecdotes of his life. By Joseph Ritson. 2 
vols, small 8° half calf. W. Pickering: London, 1832 

2144 RiTSON. Robin Hoodj ballads and songs relating to 

that celebrated outlaw, with anecdotes of his life, from 
Ritson and others. 16° half morocco, uncut. 

London, 1862 

2145 Robertson, J. Collection of Comic Songs, written, com- 

pil'd, etch'd and engrav'd by J. Robertson, and sung 
by him at the theatres. Each with page of music and 
curious engravings at the top, colored by hand. 8" 
boards. Peterborough. 

A few leaves in manuscript and pagination irregular. 

2146 [Robertson, Joseph.] Deliciae Literarise; a new volume 

of table-talk. 16° cloth, uncut. London, 1840 

2147 Robertson, T. Dictionnaire Id^ologique recueil des 

mots, des phrases, des idiotismes et des proverbes de 
la langue Frangaise. 8° half morocco. Paris, 1859 

2148 Robertson, William. History of the Reign of Emperor 

Charles V. Engraved frontispieces, including fine 
portraits of Francis I of France and Charles V of Ger- 
many, engraved by J. Heath after Titian. 4 vols. 8* 
calf. • London, 1802 

2149 Robertson. History of Scotland. Maps. 6 vols. 8° 

calf, gilt backs. London, 1802 

2150 Robertson. History of Ancient Greece, from the ear- 

liest times till it became a Roman Province. 8° calf, 
gilt back. Edinburgh, 1803 

2151 Robin Hood. The Noble Birth and Gallant Achieve- 

ments of that Remarkable Outlaw, Robin Hood; to- 
gether with a true account of the many merry and ex- 
travagant exploits he play'd in twelve several stories; 
to which is added the life of Robin Hood. 8° half 
roan, uncut (few margins slightly stained). 

W. Pickering: London, 1827 

2152 Robinson, Henry Crabb. Diary, Reminiscences and 

Correspondence of. Selected and edited by Thomas 
Sadler. Steel portrait. 3 vols. 8° tree calf, gilt, extra. 

London, 1869 

2153 Robinson, W. God's Acre Beautiful; or, the cemeteries 

of the future. Illustrations. 8° vellum, uncut, gilt top. 

London, 1880 


2154 [RoBY, John.] Jokebyj a burlesque on Rokeby, a poem 

in six cantos. To which are added occasional notes 
by our most popular characters. With curious colored 
frontispiece. ia° original board sides, rebacked, un- 
cut. London, 1813 

2155 Rochester. Chorus Poetarum; or, poems on several 

occasions by the Duke of Buckingham, the late Lord 
Rochester, Sir John Denham, Sir George Etheridge, 
Andrew Marvel, Esq., the famous Spencer, Madam 
Behn and several other eminent poets of the age. 
Never before printed. 12° new cloth. 

Benjamin Bragg: London, 1674 
Very facetious. 

2156 Rochester. Familiar Letters. Written by the Rt. Hon. 

John, late Earl of Rochester, to the Hon. Henry 
Savile, and other letters by persons of honour and 
quality. With letters written by Thomas Otway and 
Mrs. K. Philips. Published from their original copies. 
Second ed., with additions. 2 vols, in one, 12° old 
calf. London, 1697 

2157 RoDD, Thomas. Ancient Spanish Ballads, relating to the 

twelve Peers of France, mentioned in Don Quixote; 
with English metrical versions. 2 vols, small 8° half 
calf. London, 182 1 

2158 [Roe, Richard] Letter to Dr. Abraham Johnson on the 

Subject of his New Scheme for the Propagation of the 
Human Species; in which another method of obtaining 
that great end, more adequate to the sentiments of 
ladies, is proposed, pp. 54. 8° stitched. London, 1750 
Very curious pamphlet. 

2159 Roger of Wendover's Flowers of History; comprising 

the history of England from the descent of the Saxons 
to A. D. 1235. Translated by J. A. Giles. 2 vols. 12° 
calf, gilt backs. Bohn: London, 1849 

2 1 60 Rogers, Thomas J. New American Biographical Dic- 

tionary, or Remembrancer. Portraits, including one 
of Washington, pub. by P. Price, and one of Henry 
Laurens, by Edwin. 12° sheep. Phila., 1829 

2 16 1 RoLLiN, Charles. Ancient History. Portrait and maps. 

4 vols. 8* sheep. New York, 1830 

2162 Rose, Hugh J. New General Biographical Dictionary. 

12 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1857 

2163 RdscoE, Thomas. Wanderings and Excursions in North 

Wales. With 50 engravings, from drawings by Catter- 
mole, Cox and Creswick, and map. Small 8° half calf, 
gilt back. . London, 1853 

2164 Rosse, J. Willoughby. Index of Dates. ia° half mo- 

rocco. Bohn: London, 1859 


2165 RoscoE. Wanderings and; Excursions in South Wales, 

with the scenery of the River Wye. With 50 engrav- 
ings from drawings by Harding, Fielding, Cox, Cres- 
wick and Cattermole and an accurate map. 8° half 
calf, gilt back. London, 1854 

2166 Rousseau, J. J. Les Confessions de. Portrait. 12° half 

calf. Paris, 1847 

2167 RowE, N. Callipsedia, a poem, with some other pieces. 

Written in Latin, by Claudius Quillet. Plate. 8° calf 
(foxed). London, 1712 

2168 RowE. The Gamester; a comedy, as it is acted at the 

New Theatre in Lincoln-Inn Fields. Copperplate. 16° 
stitched, uncut. London, 1714 

2169 RowLANDSON. Chesterfield Travestie; or, School for 

Modern Manners. Embellished with 6 caricatures en- 
graved from original drawings by Rowlandson. 12° 
boards, uncut. Phila., 1812 

2170 Rowlandson. Naples and the Campagna Felice. In a 

series of letters addressed to a friend in England in 
1802. Finely colored plates by Rowlandson. Royal 8° 
half morocco, uncut, gilt top (edges of a few leaves 
slightly stained). R. Ackermann: London, 1815 

21 7 1 Rowlandson. History of Johnny Quae Genus, the little 

foundling of the late Dr. Syntax; a poem, by the 
author of the three tours. 24 colored plates by Row- 
landson. Royal 8° cloth, uncut. 

R. Ackermann: London, 1822 

2172 RowsoN, Susannah. Charlotte Temple, 1833; — Lucy 

Temple; — Sarah, or the exemplary wife, 18 13. 3 vols. 

2173 RoxBURY, Mass. Celebration of the One Hundredth 

Anniversary of the Roxbury Charitable Society, in the 
First Church. 8° cloth. 

Printed for the, Society: n. p., n. d. 

2174 RoY, Rajah R. Translation of Several Principal Books, 

Passages and Texts of the Veds. 8° paper, uncut. 

London, 1832 
217s Rules of Civility; or, certain ways of deportment ob- 
served in France, amongst all persons of quality upon 
several occasions. Second ed., with additions. 12' 
old sheep. London, 1673 

2176 Rump; or, an exact collection of the choycest Poems and 

Songs relating to the Late Times. By the most emi- 
nent Wits, from Anno 1639 to Anno 1661. 8° boards. 

London, 1662 

2177 RusKiN, John. The King of the Golden River; or, the 

Black Brothers. Illustrated by Richard Doyle. Small 
4° original cloth covers, gilt edges. Boston, i86o 


2178 [Russell, William.] History of Modern Europe; with 

an account of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Em- 
pire and a view of the progress of society from the rise 
of the modern kingdoms to the Peace of Paris in 1763; 
in a series of letters from a nobleman to his son. 5 
vols. 8° calf, gilt backs. London, 1805 

2179 Russian Grammar. Grammaire Russe. Par Paul Fuchs. 

12° cloth. Francfort, 1874 

2180 Ryan, Richard. Poetry and Poets; being a collection 

of the choicest anecdotes relative to the poets of every 
age and nation. Portraits. 3 vols. 12° new cloth, un- 
cut (slightly foxed). London, 1826 
2i8i Ryley, S. W. The Itinerant; or, memoirs of an actor. 
Reprinted from the author's edition. Royal 8° cloth. 

Oldham, 1880 

3182 OaBLNE, Lorenzo. Notes on Duels and Duelling; 
O with a preliminary historical essay. 12° new cloth. 

Boston, 1855 

3183 Sabine. Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the 

American Revolution; with an historical essay. 2 vols. 
8° cloth (name on titles). Boston, 1864 

2184 Sackville. Works of Thomas Sackville, Lord Buck- 

hurst. Edited by Reginald W. Sackville West. Por- 
trait. 16° new cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

2185 St. Clair, Henry. United States Criminal Calendar; 

being an account of the most horrid murders, piracies, 
highway-robberies, etc. Woodcuts. 12° boards. 

Boston, 183s 

2186 Saint-Edme, M. B. Dictionnaire de la P^nalit^ dans 

toutes les parties du monde connu. Numerous aqua- 
tint plates. 5 vols; 8° half calf. Paris, 1824 

2187 St. John, Bayle. Purple Tints of Paris. Small 8° cloth, 

uncut. London, 1854 

2188 Saint-Pierre, Bernardin de. CEuvres Choisies. Por- 

trait. 12° half calf, Paris, 1848 

2189 Sanctus Minerva, Franc, Sive de Causis Latinae 

Linguae Commentarius, cui accedunt animal-versions 
& notse Gasperis Scioppii, 12° old calf. 

Amstelodami, 1664 

2190 Sala, George A. "All the World's a Cheese!" a caseous 

cosmos of caricatures and characters and all the men 
and women merely maggots. With 56 illustrations. 
First ed. Oblong 8° pictorial boards, London, 1851 
2 19 1 Sala. Twice Round the Clock; or, the hours of the 
day and night in London. First ed. Portrait and il- 
lustrations, 8° cloth. London, (1859) 


a 1 92 Sanitary Fair, Boston. The Occasional Magazine, de- 
voted to Literature and Prison Interests, Nov., 1864, 
Published Occasionally, by the Editor at the M. S. P., 
Charlestown, Mass. 10 pages and covers. 

A magazine entirely in manuscript written by a prisoner at the 
Mass. States Prison for the Sanitary Fair, Boston. 

2193 Sala. Make Your Game; a narrative of the Rhine and 

thereabouts. First ed. Illustrations. 16° pictorial 
boards. London, i860 

2194 Sala. Looking at Life; or, thoughts and things. First 

collected ed, 12° new cloth, uncut. London, i860 

2195 Sala. Dutch Pictures; with some sketches in the Flem- 

ish manner. First ed. 12° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1861 

2196 Sala. Accepted Addresses. First ed. 12° new cloth, 

uncut (few margins slightly water-stained). 

London, 1862 

2197 Sala. The Two Prima Donnas and the Dumb Door 

Porter. First ed. 12° new cloth, original back, uncut. 

London, 1862 

2198 Sala. Trip to Barbary by a Roundabout Route. First 

ed. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1866 

2199 Sala. From Waterloo to the Peninsula; four months' 

hard labour in Belgium, Holland, Germany and Spain. 
2 vols. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1867 

2200 Sala. Notes and Sketches of the Paris Exhibition. 

First ed. 8° new cloth, original cloth back, uncut. 

London, 1868 

2201 Sala. The Strange Adventures of Captain Dangerous. 

12° pictorial boards. London, n. d. 

2202 Salem Witchcraft. Records of, copied from the origi- 

nal documents. 2 vols, small 4° sheets, folded, un- 
opened. Priv- 
ately printed for W. Eliot Woodward; Roxbury, 1864 
Only 215 copies printed. 

2203 Salgues, J. B. Des Erreurs et des Prdjug6s r^pandus 

dans la Soci6t6. 2 vols. 8° half calf. Paris, i8io 

2204 Salisbury, Edward E. Principles of Domestic Taste; 

a lecture delivered in the Yale School of Fine Arts, 

Winter term, 1877. 4° cloth, gilt edges. (New Haven). 

Private edition, reprinted from the New Englander for April, 1877. 

2205 Salomons, A. Handbook of the Diseases of the Eye. 

Colored frontispiece. 12° cloth. Boston, 1870 

2206 Salt-Bearer (The); a periodical work. By an Etonian. 

From May, 1820, to April, 1821. 8° half calf. 

London, 1821 


2207 SalvA, D.Vicente. Nuevo Diccionario Frances-Espanol y 

Espanol-Frances. Imperial 8° half morocco. Paris, 1876 

2208 Salviati. II Monde Rovesciato; or, World turned up- 

side down. In 28 plates. From elegant designs of 
Guiseppi Salviati, engraved by F. C. Lewis. India 
proofs. Small 4° half calf. London, 1822 

2209 Sampson, Henry. History of Advertising, from the ear- 

liest times. Illustrations. 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1874 

2210 Sandys, William. Christmas Carols; ancient and mod- 

ern, including the most popular in the west of England 
and the airs to which they are sung, also specimens of 
French Provincial carols, with an introduction and 
notes. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1833 

221 1 Sandys. Christmastide; its historyj festivities and 

carols. Lithographic illustrations. 8° cloth, gilt edges. 

London, n. d. 

2212 Sanford, J. L., and Townsend, M, The Great Govern- 

ing Families of England. Map. 2 vols. 8° new cloth, 
uncut. Edinburgh, 1865 

2213 Sanger, W. W. History of Prostitution; its extent, 

causes and effects throughout the world. 8° cloth. 

New York, 1858 

2214 Sangster, William. Umbrellas and their History. Il- 

lustrations by Bennett. Square 12° pictorial boards. 

London, 1855 

2215 Santarem, Viscount. Researches respecting Americus 

Vespucius, and his Voyages. Translated by E. V. 
Childe. 16° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1850 

2216 Sargent, Lucius M. Caelii Symposii .^Enigmata, hanc 

novam editionem juxta lectiones optimas diligenter 
congestam. 8° sheets folded, uncut. Bostoniae, 1807 
A Latin poem. 

2217 Sargent. The Culex of Virgil; with a translation into 

English verse. First ed. 8° paper, uncut (corner of 
title and one leaf torn). Boston, 1807 

2218 Sargent. Hubert and Ellen; with other poems. First 

ed. Royal 8° half calf. Boston, 1812 

2219 [Sargent.] Dealings with the Dead. 2 vols. 8° new 

cloth. Boston, 1856 

2220 Sargent. Dies Irae. Translated by Epes Sargent. 4* 

wrappers, uncut. Phila., 1867 

Only 55 copies privately printed, by J. P. Norris, on the Haw- 
thorne Press. 

2221 Satyres Chrestienes de la Cuisine Papale. 8° half mo- 

rocco, uncut, gilt top. Imprim6 

par Conrad Badius, 1560, reprinted Genbve, 1857 
Only small number printed. 


2222 Sauzay, a. Marvels of Glass-Making in All Ages. 8 

autotypes and 63 woodcuts. ia° clotb, gilt edges. 

London, 1870 

2223 Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First 

Settlers of New England, showing three generations of 
those who came before May, 1692, on the basis of 
Farmers' Register. 4 vols. 8° cloth. Boston, i860 

Fine, clean, uncut copy, with autograph signature of the author 
inserted in each vol. 

2224 [Savage, Marmion W.] The Bachelor of the Albany. 

12° cloth, uncut. London, 1849 

2225 Savage, William. Dictionary of the Art of Printing. 8° 

half morocco, uncut, gilt top and back. London, 1841 

2226 Savage-Club Papers. Edited by Andrew Halliday. Il- 

lustrations. 12° cloth. London, 1869 

2227 Savce, a. H. Babylonian Literature; lectures delivered 

at the Royal Institution. 8° cloth. London, n. d. 

2228 ScANzoNi, F. W. von. Practical Treatise on the Diseases 

of the Sexual Organs of Women. Translated by A. 
K. Gardner. Illustrations. 8° cloth. Phila., (1861) 

2229 ScarrOn. The Whole Comical Works of; containing his 

comical romance of a company of stage players, all 
his novels and histories, his select letters, characters, 
etc. Fifth ed., revised and corrected. Portrait and 
plate. 2 vols. 12° old calf. London, 1741 

2230 Scheiblero, Christophor6. Philosophia Compendiosa. 

12° old calf. Oxoniae, 1671 

2231 ScHEM, Alexander I. Deutsch-Amerikanisches Conver- 

sations-Lexicon. II vols. 8° cloth. New York, 1872-74 

2232 Schiller, Frederick. Works of. Translated by A. J. 

W. Morrison. Portraits (with margins stained). 4 
vols. 12° half morocco. Bohn: London, i860 

2233 Schiller. Poems of. Complete, including all his early 

suppressed pieces. Attempted in English by Edgar 
A. Bowring. 12° new cloth, uncut. London, 1851 

2234 Schiller. Correspondence of Schiller with Korner. 

With biographical sketches and notes by Leonard 
Simpson. Portraits. 3 vols, small 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1849 

223s ScHLESiNGER, Max. Saunterlugs In and About London. 

English ed., by Otto Wenckstern. Illustrations. 12° 

^_ cloth. London, 1853 

2236 Schlosser, F. C. History of the Eighteenth Century, 

and of the Nineteenth till the overthrow of the French 

Empire. Translated by D. Davidson. 8 vols. 8° cloth. 

London, 1843-52 


2237 Schmidt, M. J. U. G. Vollstandiges Russisch-Deutsches 

und Deutsch-Russisches Worterbuch. 8° half morocco. 

Leipzig, n. d. 

2238 ScHOULER, James. History of the United States of Amer- 

ica. Vol. 4 (1831-47). 12° cloth. Washington, 1889 

2239 ScHROEDER, Francis. Shores of the Mediterranean; 

with sketches of travel. Steel plates. 2 vols. 12° cloth. 

New York, 1846 

2240 Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence; or, the foolishness of 

their teaching discovered from their books, sermons 
and prayers. Plate. 8° new boards. London, 1732 
The frontispiece is a caricature of Bishop Burnet, also two other 
plates inserted. 

2241 [Scott, Sir Walter.] Minstrelsy of the Scottish Bor- 

der; consisting of historical and romantic ballads. 3 
vols. 8° new cloth. Edinburgh, 1812 

2242 [Scott.] Paul's Letters to his Kinsfolk. 8° half calf. 

Edinburgh, 1817 

2243 Scott. Lay of the Last Minstrel. With all his intro- 

ductions and the editor's notes. Steel plate frontis- 
piece and 100 engravings on wood from drawings by 
Birket Foster and John Gilbert. Small 8" new cloth, 
gilt edges. Edinburgh, 1854 

2244 Scott. Memoir of the Life of.- By J. G. Lockhart. 

Engraved frontispieces and title pages. lo vols. 16° 
sprinkled calf. A. & C. Black : Edinburgh, 1853 

2245 Scott, William B. Half-Hour Lectures on the History 

and Practice of the Fine and Ornamental Arts. 50 
illustrations etagraved by W. J. Linton. 12' cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1875 

2246 ScuLPTURA Historico-Technica; or, the history and 

art of engraving; to which is now added a chronologi- 
cal and historical series of the painters from the 
eleventh century. With copperplate engravings. 12° 
calf. London, 1770 

2247 Seafield, Frank. Literature and Curiosities of Dreams; 

a commonplace book concerning the mystery of 
dreams and visions. 2 vols, small 8' new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1865 

2248 Seaward. Sir Edw. Seaward's Narrative of his Ship- 

wreck and Consequent Discovery of Certain Islands in 
the Caribbean Sea, 1733-49. Edited by Jane Porter. 
2 vols, small 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1841 

2249 Secret History of Clubs; particularly the Kit-Cat, 

Beef- Stake, Vertuosos, Quacks, Knights of the Golden- 
Fleece, Florists, Beaus, etc., with their original and 
the characters of the most noted members thereof. 
8° old calf. London, 1709 


2250 Secret History of the Green Room; containing authen- 

tic and entertaining memoirs of the actors and ac- 
tresses in the three Theatres Royal. 2 vols. 12° new 
cloth, uncut. London, 1793 

2251 Selden, John. Table-Talk of. With biographical pre- 

face and notes by S. W. Singer. Steel portrait. 16° 
half calf. London, 1856 

2252 Sermons. Fast Sermon, by Samuel Webster, Salisbury, 

1774; — George Duffield, Phila., 1783; — Osgood's 
Thanksgiving Sermons, 1783 and 1794; — Belknap's 
Sermon, Boston, May 26, 1796; — Henry Cummings's 
Thanksgiving Sermons, 1796 and 1798; — Dow's Ser- 
mon, Beverly, Aug. 20, 1812; — Lothrop on Peace and 
War, Nov. ai, i8ii, etc. (22) 

2253 Service, James. Metrical Legends of Northumberland, 

containing the traditions of Ounstanborough Castle. 
Vignette woodcuts. 12° boards. Alnwick, 1834 

2254 S^viGNfi, Mme de. Lettres de. Pr^c6dees d'une notice 

sur sa vie. Par M. Suard. Portrait. 12° half calf. 

Paris, 1845 

225s Sewell, W. Large Dictionary, English and Dutch; to 

which is added a grammar of both languages. 2 vols. 

small 4° vellum.. Amsterdam, (1707) 

2256 Seymour. Sketches by Seymour. Pub. by G. S. Tre- 

gear, London. Series of 180 etched plates, printed 
on paper of different colors. 5 vols, bound in one. 
Thick 8° full light polished calf extra, full gilt back. 
Fine, clean collection. London, n. d. 

2257 Shaftesbury, Anthony, Earl of. Characteristicks of 

Men, Manners, Opinions, Times. Second edition, cor- 
rected. Copperplate portrait and vignettes. 3 vols, 
royal 8* old panelled calf (rebacked). 

London, 1714-15 

2258 Shaftesbury. Memoirs, Letters and Speeches of An- 

thony Ashley Cooper, First Earl of Shaftesbury. Ed- 
ited by William D. Christie. Steel portrait. 8* new 
cloth, uncut (name on title). London, 1859 



2259 Shakespeare. Mr. William Shakespeare's Comedies, 

Histories and Tragedies. Published according to the 
true Originall Copies. Portrait by Droeshout. Printed 
by Isaac Jaggard and Ed. Blount: London, 1623 
Folio bound in full red levant morocco, gilt back and edges, by 
F. Bedford, in his best style, enclosed in folding dust proof case, 
with bands, lettered on the back, lined with soft ooze calf. 



Size of leaf 8 by 12 1-2 inches. 

Tlie portrait by Droeshout is from the fourth folio, mounted on a 
facsimile title, and the leaves to page 1 2 of text and the last 5 leaves 
are in facsimile by Harris, also a few leaves remargined so skilfully as 
to be hardly detected. 

These four folios will be sold as they are, all the facsimile leaves 
that we could discover, have been mentioned. As nearly all ■ copies 
have been restored in the same way, it is the rule and not the excep- 
tion to find some facsimile leaves. 


Shakespeare. Mr. William Sliakespeare's Comedies, Histor- 
ies and Tragedies. Published according to the true 
Originall Copies. The second impression. Portrait 
by Martin Droeshout. Printed by Thos. Cotes 

for Robert Allot, and are to be sold at the signe of 
the Blacke Beare in Paul's Church-yard: London, 1632 

Folio, bound in full crimson crushed levant morocco extra, gilt 
back, gold panelled sides, gilt edges, by W. Pratt, in green morocco 
box same as above. Size of leaf 8 1-2 by 12 7-8 inches. 

With the exception of 2 or 3 comers being pieced and a few 
leaves remargined, we believe this copy to be sound and perfect. 


Shakespear. Mr. William Shakespear's Comedies, Histories 
and Tragedies. Published according to the true 
Originall Copies. The third impression. And unto 
this impression is added seven playes, never before 
printed in Folio, Printed for P. C : London, 1664 

Folio, full red levant morocco extra, gilt back, fillets on sides, gilt 
edges, by F. Bedford, in green morocco box same as above. Size of 
leaf, 8 3-8 by 13 inches. 

With the original portrait by Droeshout with the verses beneath, 
neatly inlaid, the title-page, first leaf (A 2), and the last two leaves 
in facsimile by Harris ; otherwise sound and perfect. 


Shakespear. Mr. William Shakespear's Comedies, Histories 
and Tragedies. Published according to the true orig- 
inal Copies, Unto which is added Seven Plays, Never 
before Printed in Folio. The fourth ed. 

• Printed for Herringman, 
E. Brewster and R. Bentley, at the Anchor in the 
New Exchange, the Crane in St. Paul's Church-yard, 
and in Russel-Street, Covent-Garden : London, 1685 

Folio, full crimson levant morocco extra, full gilt back, gold 
panelled sides, gilt edges, by W. Pratt, enclosed in green morocco 
box same as above. Size of leaf, 9 1-8 by 14 inches. 

The original portrait by Droeshout, with the verses beneath has 
been inlaid, the top of the portrait carefully mended, name cut from 
title and skilfully mended, otherwise sound and fine condition. 


3260 Shakespeare, William. The Works of; the text formed 
from a new collation of the early editions, to which 
are added all the original novels and tales on which 
the plays are founded : copious archaeological annota- 
tions on each play, an essay on the formation of the 
text, and a life of the poet; by James O. Halliwell, 
Esq. The illustrations and wood engravings by Frede- 
rick William Fairholt, Esq , 16 vols.; — A Calendar of 
the Stratford Records, i vol. Together 17 vols, folio, 
half roan, uncut edges. London, 1853-63 

Privately printed, and only 150 copies. See Mr. Halliwell's and 
Mr. Adlard's (the printer) autograph attestations on the fly-leaf ; 
This copy No. 18. 

The first volume of this magnificent edition of the entire works of 
Shakespeare was issued in 1853, under the following conditions : 

" The impression of this edition of Shakespeare will be most 
strictly limited to one hundred and fifty copies, and each copy will 
have the printer's autograph certificate that that limit has been 

"All the plates and woodcuts used for this work will be destroyed, 
and no separate impression of any of them will be taken off." 

In the original Prospectus the Editor says, " Each play will be 
accompanied by every kind of useful literary and antiquarian illus- 
tration, copious philological notes, complete copies of all novels, 
tales or dramas on which it is founded, entire impressions of the 
first sketches and all documents of a really illustrative character. 
Some of these will be novelties to the student ; others will be col- 
lected from a variety of sources not readily accessible, being dis- 
persed through a number of volumes, some of great rarity ; while 
the reprints of ancient tracts already well known to Shakespearian 
readers, the insertion of which is of course a matter of absolute 
necessity in a monograph design, will be carefully re-collated with 
the originals. In fact no pains will be spared to render this edition 
the most complete in every respect that has yet been produced ; 
superseding entirely the variorum edition of 1821, with the addition 
of all Shakespearian discoveries of any importance which have been 
made since that period. The work will be copiously illustrated by 
facsimiles and woodcuts, the direction of which has been undertaken 
by Mr. Fairholt, who has also most kindly promised to assist me in 
the selection. 

"The engravings throughout will be rigidly restricted to subjects 
which really elucidate the text, giving representations of articles 
mentioned by Shakespeare, or to which he may refer, however 
slightly, thus serving as pictorial notes to his works." 

Only 75 copies were issued of the Calendar of Stratford Records. 

2261 Shakespeare. Works of. Text revised by Alexander 

Dyce. Portrait. 6 vols. 8° tree calf, gilt (few leaves 
slightly water-stained and bindings slightly cracked). 

E. Moxon : London, 1857 

2262 Shakespeare. Works of. The text carefully restored 

according to the first editions, with introductions, 
notes, original and selected. By Rev. H. N. Hudson. 
Portrait. 11 vols. 12° half calf, gilt backs. 

Boston, 1863 


2263 Shakespeare. Works of. Edited by Howard Staun- 
ton. With copious notes, glossary, life, etc. 4 vols, 
royal 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1864 

' 2264 Shakespeare. Works of. By Richard Grant White. 
Portrait. 12 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1865 

2265 Shakspeare. Dramatic Works of. With a life of the 

poet and notes, original and selected. Portrait. 7 
vols, royal 8° cloth, uncut (bindings worn). 

Boston, 1839 

2266 Shakspeare, Supplement to the Plays of; comprising 

the seven dramas; which have been ascribed to his 
pen. Edited, with notes and an introduction to each 
play, by W. G. Simms. First American ed. Portrait. 
Royal 8° new cloth. New York, 1848 

2267 Shakspeare. Miscellaneous Papers and Legal Docu- 

ments under the Hand and Seal of William Shakspeare; 
including the tragedy of King Lear, a small fragment 
of Hamlet, from the original MSS. in the possession of 
Samuel Ireland. With facsimile illustrations. Folio, 
new boards. London, 1796 

2268 Shakespeare. Hamlet, 1603; Hamlet, 1604; being 

exact reprints of the first and second editions of 
Shakespeare's great drama, from the very rare origi- 
nals; with the two texts printed on opposite pages, 
and a bibliographical preface by Samuel Timmins. 8° 
half morocco, uncut. London, i860 

2269 Shakespeare Jest-Books; reprints of the early and very 

rare jest-books supposed to have been used by Shakes- 
peare. Edited, with introduction and notes, by W. 
Carew Hazlitt. 3 vols. 12° roxburghe. London, 1864 

2270 Shakespeare's Jest Book. A Hundred Merry Talys, 

from the only perfect copy known. Edited, with in- 
troduction and notes, by Dr. Herman Oesterley. 12° 
half morocco, board sides, uncut. London, 1866 

Printed at the Chiswick Press. 

2271 Shakespeare. Seven Ages of Shakespeare. Illustrations 

by John Thompson. 4° cloth, uncut. London, 1840 
Large Paper Copy. 

2272 Shakspere. Complete Concordance to Shakespeare; 

being a verbal index to all the passages in the dramatic 
works of the poet. By Mrs. Cowden Clarke. Royal 
8° diamond calf (worn). New York, 1846 

2273 Shakespeare. Adams, W. H. D. Concordance to the 

Plays of Shakespeare. 8° cloth. London, 189 1 

2274 Skakespeare. Remarks on Mr. J. P. Collier's and Mr. 

C. Knight's Editions of Shakespeare. By Alexander 
Dyce. 8° cloth, uncut. Moxon: London, 1844 


4275 Shakspeare. Jervis, Swynfen. Dictionary of the Lan- 
guage of Shakspeare. 4° cloth, uncut. London, 1868 

2276 Shakspeare. Girlhood of Shakespeare's Heroines; in a 

series of tales. By Mary Cowden Clarke. 3 vols. * 
square 12* tree calf, gilt backs. London. 

2277 Shakspeare. The Spirit of the Plays of Shakspeare, 

exhibited in a series of outline plates illustrative of the 
story of each play. Drawn and engraved by Frank 
Howard. With quotations and descriptions. 483 out- 
line plates. 5 vols. 8°'cloth, uncut. London, 1833 

3378 Shakespeare's Scholar; being historical and critical 
studies of his text, etc., with an examination of Mr. 
Collier's Folio of 1633. By Richard Grant White. 8° 
new cloth. New York, 1854 

3279 Shakspeare. Critical Examination of the Text of 
Shakspeare; with remarks on his language and that 
of his contemporaries. By William S. Walker. 3 vols. 
12° cloth, uncut. London, i860 

2280 Shakespeare. The Text of Shakespeare Vindicated 

from the Interpolations and Corruptions Advocated by 
John Payne Collier in his Notes and Emendations. By 
Samuel W. Singer. 8° new cloth, uncut. 

W. Pickering: London, 1853 

2281 Shakespeare. Ingleby, C. M. Complete View of the 

Shakspere Controversy. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 186 1 

2282 Shakespeare's Puck and his Folkslore. Illustrated 

from the superstitions of all nations, but more espe- 
cially from the earliest religion and rites of Northern 
Europe and the Wends. By William Bell. Illustra- 
tions. 3 vols. 12° new cloth. London, 1852 

2283 Shakspeare. Folk Lore of Shakspeare. By F. F. T. 

Dyer. 8° cloth, uncut. New York, (1883) 

2284 Shakspeare. Mad Folk of Shakspeare; psychological 

essays. By John C. Bucknill. 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1867 

2285 Shakespeare's Library; a collection of the romances, 

novels, poems and histories used by Shakespeare as 
the foundation of his dramas. With introductory 
notices by J. Payne Collier. 3 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, (1843) 

2386 Shakespeare. Lectures on Shakespeare. By H. N. 
Hudson. 3 vols, is* cloth (name on titles). 

New York, i860 

2287 Shakespeare. Life of; including many particulars re- 
specting the poet and his family never before pub- 
lished. By J. O. Halliwell. Illustrations. 8° new cloth, 
uncut. London, 1848 


3288 Shakespeare. Life and Genius of Shakespeare. By 
Thomas Kenny. Portrait. 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1864 

2289 Shakspere; his Inner Life as Intimated in his Works. 

By John A. Heraud. Portrait. Thick 8° new cloth. 

London, 1865 

2290 Shakespere's Home at New Place, Stratford-upon-Avon; 

being a history of the "Great House," built in the 
reign of King Henry VII. By J. C. M. Bellew. Illus- 
trations. Small 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1863 

2291 Shakspere; his birthplace and its neighbourhood. By 

John R. Wise. Illustrated by W. J. Linton. 12° new 
cloth, gilt edges. London, 1861 

2292 Shakspeare Society Publications. Complete set of the 

publications from 1841 to 1853. 48 vols, bound in 43 
vols. 8° original cloth. London. 

The Shakespeare Society has long since been dissolved, and the 
few complete sets of their publications dispersed. They consist of 
nearly fifty different works, illustrative of Shakespeare — old plays, 
poems, curious tracts, memoirs, etc. — either printed for the first time, 
or from their rarity difficult to be procured. The editors include 
such eminent Shakespearians as Halliwell-Phillips, Peter Cunning- 
ham, Barron Field, Dr. Dyce, Thomas Wright, etc. 

2293 Shakspeare Society Publications. Numbers 13, 16, 19, 

23. »4, as. "7i 29. 30. 31, 33. 34. 37i 38, 39. 4', 42. 
43, 44, 46 (2 copies). 21 vols. 8" cloth, uncut. 

London, 1842-50 

2294 Sharp, Thomas. Dissertation on the Pageants or Dra- 

matic Mysteries Anciently Performed at Coventry by 
the Trading Companies of that City, chiefly with refer- 
ence to the vehicle, characters and dresses of the 
actors. With 10 engraved plates and 4 pages of en- 
graved music. Royal 4* new cloth (few leaves soiled). 

Coventry, 1825 
229s Shaw, Henry. Illuminated Ornaments, selected from 
manuscripts and early printed books, from the sixth to 
the seventeenth centuries. Drawn and engraved by 
Henry Shaw. With descriptions by Sir Frederick Mad- 
den. 59 plates finely printed in colors. 4° half mo- 
rocco. W. Pickering: London, 1833 

2296 Shaw. Booke of Sundry Draughtes, principally serving 

for Glasiers, and not impertinent for Plasterers and 
Gardeners besides sundry other professions. 8° boards. 

W. Pickering: London, 1848 

2297 Shaw. Handbook of Mediaeval Alphabets and Devices. 

Printed in colors. Imperial 8° half morocco. 



2298 Shaw. Dresses and Decorations of the Middle Ages. 

Illustrated with 94 finely colored plates and numerous 
text illustrations. 2 vols, imperial 8' half morocco. 

London, 1858 

2299 [Shaw, Samuel.] Words Made Visible; or, Grammar 

and Rhetorick accommodated to the lives and manners 
of men. 16° new boards. London, (1679) 

2300 Shaw. Journals of Major Samuel Shaw, the first Amer- 

ican Consul at Canton. With a life of the author, by 
Josiah Quincy. Steel portrait. 8* cloth. Boston, 1847 

2301 Shea. Dabistan; or, School of Manners. Translated 

from the original Persian, with notes and illustrations 
by David Shea and Anthony Troyer. Edited with a 
preliminary discourse by the latter. 3 vols, royal 8° 
new cloth, uncut. Paris, 1843 

2302 Sheldon, Frederick. Minstrelsy of the English Border; 

being a collection of ballads, ancient, remodelled and 
original, founded on well-known border legends, with 
illustrative notes. Small 8° new cloth. London, 1847 

2303 Shelley. The Real Shelley; new views of the poet's 

life. By John C. Jeaffreson. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1885 

2304 Sheridan. Songs of Greece; from the Roman text. 

Edited by M. C. Fauriel, with additions. Translated 
into English verse by Charles Brinsley Sheridan. 
Small 8° half calf, uncut. London, 1825 

2305 Shinn, G. W. King's Handbook of Notable Episcopal 

Churches in the United States. Illustrations. 12° 
cloth. Boston, 1889 

2306 Shirley, James. Dramatic Works and Poems. Now 

first collected, with notes by William Gififord and addi- 
tional notes and some account of Shirley and his writ- 
ings. By Alexander Dyce. Portrait by T. Lupton. 6 
vols. 8° half calf, gilt backs. London, 1833 

2307 Short Introduction of Grammar generally to be used; 

compiled and set forth for the bringing up of all those 
that intend to attaine to the knowledge of the Latin 
Tongue. 8° black morocco. Oxford, 165 1 

With bookplate of Philip Harcourt and autograph, 1693. 

2308 Shorthand, Edward. Traditions and Superstitions of 

the New Zealanders. Frontispiece. 12° cloth, gilt 
edges. London, 1856 

2309 Shurtlefp, N. B. Records of the Governor and Com- 

pany of the Massachusetts Bay in New England. 6 
vols, small folio, cloth. Boston, 1853 

Dr. Shurtleff's own copy, with his notes and a. I. s. inserted. 


2310 Shurtleff. Records of the Colony of New Plymouth, 

in New England. 10 vols, small folio, cloth. 

Boston, 1855 
Dr. Shurtleff's own copy, with his notes. 

231 1 SiBBALD. Chronicle of Scottish Poetry; from the thir- 

teenth century to the Union of the Crowns. To which 
is added a glossary by J. Sibbald. 4 vols. 8" old calf, 
gilt backs. Edinburgh, 1802 

2312 SiBBES, Richard. The Bruised Reed and Smoking Flax; 

a Fountain Sealed; a Description of Christ. 13° an- 
tique calf, red edges. Pickering : London, 1838 
Printed by C. Whittingham. 

2314 SiBS, Dr. Bowels Opened; or, a discovery of the Neare 

and Deare Love, Union and Communion betwixt Christ 
and the Church, and consequently betwixt him and 
every believing Soule. Small 4° half calf. 

London, 1641 

It was a copy of " Bowels Opened," by Rev. Dr. Sibs, that Judge 
Sewall took from his pocket to read when he went courting Madam 
Winthrop. — See SewalVs Diary. 

2315 Sidney, Sir Philip. The Countess of Pembroke's Arca- 

dia. Written by Sir Philip Sidney, Knight. Now the 
sixt time published. Woodcut title. Folio, boards (few 
margins worn). London, 1622 

2316 Sidney. Miscellaneous Works of. With a life of the 

author and illustrative notes by William Gray. 8° 
cloth, uncut. Boston, i860 

Large Paper Copy. 

2317 SiLVESTRE, J. B. Universal Palaeography; or, facsimiles 

and writings of all nations and periods. Copied from 
the most celebrated and authentic manuscripts in the 
libraries and, archives of France, Italy, Germany and 
England by M. J. B. Silvestre, accompanied by an his- 
torical ^rfd descriptive text and introduction by Cham- 
polliott Figeac and Aim6 Champollion, Fils. Trans- 
late^ from the French and edited, with corrections and 
npies, by Sir Frederic Madden, K. H., F. R. S., etc. 
Above 300 large and finely executed plates, illumi- 
nated in gold, silver and colors. 2 vols, atlas folio and 
2 vols, (text) imperial 8°. Together 4 vols, half red 
morocco. London, 1850 

One of the most comprehensive works ever issued upon this sub- 

The text contains a great deal of general information on the sub- 
ject of ancient MSS., and may be studied independently. 

The two volumes of plates have margins water-stained, but this 
does not injure the beauty of the plates. 

2318 SiLvtSTRE. The same (text only). 2 vols, royal 8° 

cloth, uncut. London, 1850 


2319 SiMMONDs, P. L. Dictionary of Trade Products, 16° 

lialf calf, gilt back. London, 1858 

2320 Singer. Wayland Smith; a dissertation on a tradition 

of tlie Middle Ages, from the French of G. B. Dep- 
ping and Francisque Michel. With additions by S. W. 
Singer and the amplified legend by OEhlenschlager. 
12° cloth, uncut. W. Pickering: London, 1847 

2321 Skelton, Joseph. Pietas Oxoniensis; or, Records of 

Oxford Founders. With 26 full-page portraits and 
plates engraved by Skelton & Winkles, portraits drawn 
by C. Grant and the plates by J. Willis and others. 
Folio, half morocco, uncut (few corners slightly water- 
stained). London, 1828 

2322 Sketch of the Church Solemnities and the Stone Chapel 

and Festival at the Exchange, Mar. 25, 1813, in 
honour of the Russian Achievements over their French 
Invaders. 12° stitched, uncut. Boston, 1813 

2323 Sketches of Popular Tumults; illustrative of the evils 

of social ignorance. 16° paper. London, 1847 

2324 Sky Lark (The); being an elegant collection of the best 

and newest songs in the English language. With fron- 
tispiece and vignette on title engraved by J. Scott. 12° 
calf (rebacked). London, n. d. 

2325 Sladen, Douglas. Younger American Poets, 1830 to 

1890. With an appendix of Younger American Poets, 
edited by G. B. Roberts. Portraits. 12° cloth. 

New York, 1891 
Autograph poem, "A Toast for Dominion Day," four verses, by 
C. G. D. Roberts, inserted. 


2326 AMERi^fN Anti-Slavery Almanac, 1836 to 1843 (one 

lyniffDerjMtg^cover missing). 8 pamphlets. 

2327 An NU>ifL Report of the American Anti-Slavery Society, 

hj^ihe Executive Committee, for i860. 8° wrappers. 
''^ New York, 1861 

2328 Army Tracts of the American Unitarian Association, 

1861-65. 8° paper, uncut. Boston, 1865 

Large Paper : only 100 copies printed. 

Contains 20 original articles by Rev. George Putnam and Charles 
Eliot Norton ; also the Phi Beta Kappa Poem by Elbiidge Jefferson 

2329 Bartlett, John R,„.'-^iterature of the Rebellion; a 

catalogue of b^©Ks and pamphlets relating to the Civil 
War in thejyiiited States and the subjects growing out 
of that event, together with works on American Slav- 
ery, y^" sheets, folded, uncut. Boston, i866 
liARGE Papbr_: only 60 copies printed. 



8330 Brown, John, of Harper's Ferry, a. I. s. 2 pages 4°, 

dated Charlestown, Jefferson Co., Va., 4 Nov. 1852, to 

Mrs. Lydia Maria Child. 

Written from jail in Charlestown, Va., to Mrs.' Child, declining her 
proffered services as nurse during ,his imprisonment. This letter was 
presented by her in aid of the Sanitary Fair, Boston, and has with it* 
the engrossed notice used at the Fair ; also two letters which were 
sent by her to the purchaser later ; one a copy of the letter which 
she had offered her services as nurse, and the other giving an account 
of both letters. 

2331 Brown. John Brown Invasion; an authentic history of 

tj>e Harper's Ferry Tragedy, with full details of the 

Capture, trial and execution of the invaders. Portrait. 

8° wrappers. Boston, i860 

2332 Brown. Life and Letters of. Edited by Richard D. 

Webb.^Portrait. 16° cloth, uncut. London, 1861 

2333 BRO^HTTPublic Life of. By James Ridpath. Portrait 
fnd plate. 12° cloth. Boston, i860 

2334 Confederate. Southern Punch. Vols, i and 2. From 

Aug. 15, 1863, to Oct. 2, 1864. All published, com 
plete set in the original numbers, 25 in each volume, 
uncut and unopened. 2 vols. 4°. Richmond, 1863-64 

This exceedingly rare publication was largely circulated in the Con- 
federate camps and most of the numbers destroyed. Those exchange 
copies which were kept in newspaper offices in Richmond were de- 
stroyed in the fire which burned the business part of the city at the 
time of its evacuation by the rebel troops. 

The only other copies known are a set in the Boston Athenaeum, 
which was bought bound and closely trimmed in binding, and an im- 
perfect set in the Library of Congress, containing a few more than 
half the numbers. 

2335 Confederate. Southern Literary Messenger. Vol. 37, 

nos. 4, 8 and 10; Vol. 38 complete, nos. i to 6 (the 
last six numbers that were printed). Together 9 num- 
bers 8° original wrappers. Richmond, 1863-64 
Confederate Periodical ; these numbers are very rare. 

2336 Confederate Newspapers. Southern Illustrated News, 

Vol. I, no. 2, and Vol. 3, no. 29; Sept. 20, 1862, and 
Sept. 24, 1864. (2) 

2337 Confederate Constitution and By-Laws of the Richmond 

Typographical Society, with the rules of order and list 
of prices. 18° wrappers. Richmond, 1862 

2338 Confederate. Sketch of the Life of; including a brief 

account of Jackson's Celebrated Valley Campaign. By 
Philip Slaughter. 12° wrapper. Richmond, 1864 

2339 Confederate. Fowler, W. H. Guide for Claimants of 

Deceased Soldiers, pp. 72. 12° wrappers. 

Richmond, 1864 



2340 Confederate. [Lincoln.] Abram; a military poem. By 

A Young Rebelle, Esq. of the Army. pp. 63. 12° 
stitched, uncut. Richmond, 1863 

Confedestate Imprint. Dedicated to the Unknown and Unre- 
I corded, the noble men of the Confederate Army. An exceedingly 

rare Lincoln item, published two years before his murder. 
" There was an old flat-boatman, 
He lived in the E-li-noy. 
The natives called him Abram, 

He was their greatest joy; 
They honored him and petted him, 

Unto his great delight, 
Said he was some at splitting rails, 

And punkins in a fight. 
Old Abram then was left alone ; 

His Christian guests departed, 
To await their hour of coming doom. 

Which found them broken-hearted ; 
Old Abe met death, as he had lived. 

And the Yankees all wore crape, 
And on his tombstone Davis wrote, 

'Hie facet, Illinois Ape.' " 

2341 Confederate. General Orders from Adjutant and In- 

spector-General's Office, Confederate States Army, 
Jan., 1862, to Dec, 1863. 12° sheets. Columbia, 1864 
Lacks last signature of Index. 

2342 Confederate. General Orders, No. 40, Richmond, Oct. 

12, 1864. pp. 10. 8° stitched. 

Relates to the Court-Martial of Capt. A. J. Rogers, Capt. J. K. 
Littleton and others. 

2343 Confederate. Illustrated System of Bandaging; se- 

lected from "Goffres Prdcis de Bandages," by order of 
the Surgeon-General. Plates. 12° wrappers. 

Richmond, 1864 

2344 Confederate. Jackson, Thomas J. Life of. By an Ex- 

Cadet. 8° wrappers. Richmond, 1864 

2345 Confederate. Lloyd's Southern Railroad Guide, June, 

1864. 12° wrapper. Atlanta. 

2346 Confederate. MacMahon, T. W. Cause and Contrast; 

an essay on the American Crisis. 8° stitched, uncut. 

Richmond, 1862 

2347 Confederate. Matthews, James M. Digest of the Laws 

of Virginia of a criminal nature, illustrated by judicial 
decisions. 8° stitched, uncut. Richmond, 1861 

2348 Confederate. Mother Goose's Melodies. Woodcuts. 12° 

pictorial wrapper. Richmond, 1865 

2349 Confederate. Official Reports of Battles. Published by 

Order of Congress, pp. 571. 8° stitched. 

Richmond, 1862 



2351 Confederate. Pollard, Edward A. First and Second 

Year of the War. 2 vols. 8° wrappers. 

Richmond, 1862-63 

2352 Confederate. Pollard. The Two Nations; a key to the 

history of the American War. 8° wrappers, uncut. 

Richmond, 1864 
»353 Confederate. Pollard. Observations in the North; eight 
months in prison and on parole. 8° wrappers. 

Richmond, 1865 
The last book published in the Confederacy. 

2354 Confederate. Preston, Mrs. M. J. Beechenbrook; a 

rhyme of the war. 12° wrappers. Richmond, 1865 

2355 Confederate. Regulations of the Medical Department 

of the United States Army. 8° half roan. 

Richmond, 1861 

2356 Confederate. Songs of Humor and Sentiment. 16° 

wrapper. Randolph, 1864 

2357 Confederate. Speech of Hon. Thomas S. Gholson, of 

Virginia, on the policy of employing negro troops and 
the duty of all classes to aid in the prosecution of the 
war. 8° stitched (margins soiled). Richmond, 1865 

2358 Confederate. Statutes at Large of the Confederate 

States of America, passed at the fourth session of the 
First Congress, 1863-64. Edited by Jas. M. Matthews. 
With Index and Private Laws, pp. 253, xxiii, 15. 8° 
wrappers. Richmond, 1864 

2359 Confederate. Stonewall Song Book; being a collection 

of patriotic, sentimental and comic songs. Fifth ed. 
16° wrapper, uncut. Richmond, 1864 

2360 Confederate. Stonewall Song Book. Eleventh ed. 16° 

wrapper. Richmond, 1865 

2361 Confederate. Grandpapa and One of his Stories; — Boys 

and Girls' Stories of the War; — The Soldier's Hymn- 
Book for Camp Worship. 3 vols. 18° wrappers. 

Richmond, 1863-64 

2362 Confederate Almanacs. Richardson's Virginia and 

North Carolina Almanac, 1863 and 1865; — Warrock's 
Virginia and North Carolina Almanac, 1865. (3) 

2363 Confederate Magazine. Weekly Register, Aug. 20 and 

27, 1864. (2) Lynchburg, Va., 1864 

2364 Confederate Newspaper. Daily Express, Petersburg, 

Va., April 25, 1865. 

Contains sketches of tha Booth family and of the assassination of 
President Lincoln. 



3365 Confederate Newspaper. Western Sentinel, Feb. 9, 


3366 Confederate Novel. Braddon, M. E. John Marchmont's 

Legacy. 8° stitched, uncut. Richmond, 1865 

2367 Confederate Novel. McCabe, James D. The Aid-de- 

Camp; a romance of the War. 8° wrappers. 

Richmond, 1863 

2368 Confederate Novel. Muloch, Miss. Mistress and Maid. 

8° wrappers, uncut. Richmond, 1864 

2369 Confederate Novel. Two Rebellions; or, treason un- 

masked. By a Virginian, is" wrappers. 

Richmond, 1865 

2370 Confederate Novel. The Rivals; a Chickahominy 

story. By Miss M. J. H. Illustrations. 12° pictorial 
wrappers, unopened. Richmond, 1864 

3371 Confederate Novel. Wood, Mrs. Henry. Mrs. Halli- 
burton's Troubles. Vol. 2. 8° stitched, uncut. 

Richmond, 1865 

2372 Confederate School Books. Campbell and Dunn. 

Child's First Book. Woodcuts. 12° wrappers. 

Richmond, 1864 

2373 Confederate School Books. Confederate First Reader; 

containing selections in prose and poetry. 12° wrap- 
pers. Richmond, 1864 

2374 Confederate School Books. Confederate Spelling-Book. 

Woodcuts. 12° wrappers. Richmond, 1864 

2375 Confederate School Book. Our Own Primer for the 

Children. 12° wrappers. Greensboro, (1862) 

3376 Confederate School Books. Smith's English Grammar, 
on the productive system. 12° wrappers. 

Richmond, 1864 

2377 Confederate School Books. Sterling and Campbell. 

Our Own First Reader. Illustrations. 12° boards (covers 
water stained.) Greensboro, (1862) 

2378 Confederate School Book. Sterling, Richard, and J. 

D. Campbell. Our Own Third Reader. 12° boards. 

Greensboro, (1862) 

3379 Confederate School Book. Virginia Primer. Wood" 

cuts. 12° wrappers. Richmond. 1864 

2380 Confederate School Book. Virginia Speller and Reader 
Woodcuts. 13° boards. Richmond, 1865 



2381 Confederate Thanksgiving Sermon, Sept. i8, 1862. 

A Nation's Ebenezer, sermon, in Broad St. Methodist 
Church, Richmond, Va., the day of Public Thanks- 
giving, appointed by the President of the Confederate 
States. By Rev. D. S. Doggett. 8° original wrapper. 

Richmond, 1862 

2382 Confederate. Ahn, Dr. F. French Commercial Let- 

ter-Writer. 16° cloth, uncut. London, 1861 

2383 Confederate. Stewart, K. J. Geography for Begin- 

ners. Maps and illustrations. 12° cloth. 

Richmond, 1864 

2384 Confederate. The Southern School Arithmetic; or, 

youth's assistant. By A. and J. Fowler, pp. 184. 
12* boards. Richmond, 1864 

2385 Confederate. Fremantle, Lieut. -Col. Three Months 

in the Southern States, April, June, 1863. pp. 158. 
8" wrappers (cover printed on wall paper). 

Mobile, 1864 

2386 Confederate. Blanks for Hospital use at Lynchburg, 

Virginia. (35 pieces.) 

2387 Davis, Jeff., d. s. i page small 8°, 6 Jan., 1864. A Prom- 

isory note to pay $350 for the hire of one negro slave, 
named Ellen. Together with a letter certifying as to 
its genuineness and of its being found in his trunk 
with other things confiscated at the time of his cap- 
ture, also a $50 bill, Confederate Currency, with por- 
trait of Jeff Davis. (Lot.) 

2388 Henson, Josiah. Life of; formerly a slave, now an in- 

habitant of Canada, as narrated by himself. 16° paper. 

Boston, 1849 ' 

2389 HosMER, James K. The Color-Guard; being a corporal's 

notes of military service in the Nineteenth Army 
Corps. 12' cloth. Boston, 1864 

2390 Laugel, Auguste. The United States during the Wai. 

8° new cloth, uncut. London, i86tf 

2391 Mock Auction; Ossawatomie Sold, a mock heroic poem. 

With portraits and tableaux, illustrative of the char- 
acters and actions of the world-renowned order of 
Peter Funks. Plates. 12° cloth. Richmond, i860 

2392 Music. Penny Street Ballads, issued during the war 

and slavery times. 108 sheets. 

Contains: Lincoln's Assassination, an acrostic by John Le Page, 
P. E. L; — Marching Through Georgia; — Dixie's Land; — When 
this Cruel War is Over; — Capture of Je£E Davis; — Abraham's 
Daughter, etc 



2393 Philadelphia Fair. The New Book of Nonsense; a 
contribution to the Great Central Fair in Aid of the 
Sanitary Commission. Numerous illustrations. Ob- 
long 12* cloth. (Phila., 1864) 

8394 Report of the Joint Committee on the Harper's Ferry 
Outrages, Jan. 26, i860, pp. 35; — Communication 
from E. Louis Lowe, Esq., Ex-Governor of Maryland, 
pp. 6; — The Unionist, Jan., i860. 3 pamphlets. 

Pub. at Richmond, etc. 

2395 Sala, George A. My Diary in America in the Midst of 

War. 2 vols. 8° new cloth. London, 1865 

2396 Sanitary Fair. A Plea; written for the Fair in Behalf 

of the Sanitary Commission, held in Boston, Dec. 14, 
1863, a poem, 7 pp. Small 4° paper (stained). 
An original poem, autlior unknown. 

2397 Sanitary Commission. Reports, 1861-62. (17) 

2398 SketCh of the Laws relating to Slavery, by George M. 
/"Stroud, Phila., 1856; — Bronze Group commemorating 

Emancipation, 1879; — The National Sacrifice, by Rev. 
T. Walden, Phila., 1865; — Draft-Draft-Draft (broad- 
side) ; — Letter to Rev. Nathaniel Hall of Dorchester, 
Mass., by Nahum Capen, 1855; — Memorial of Henry 
Ware Hall, 1864. 6 pamphlets. 

2399 Slave S<fngs of the United States. 8° new cloth. 

/^ " New York, 1867 

2400 SuppRESspjJ Book About Slavery! Prepared for publi- 

cadeinn 1857, never published until the present time, 
^lustrations. 12* cloth. New York, 1864 

2401 Thomson, George. Prison Bard; or, poems on various 

strojects. 12' cloth. Hartford, 1848 

^The autlior was^or 4 years and 1 1 months a prisoner in 
Missouri, for aittealpting to aid some slaves to liberty. 

2402 Thompson. Prison Life and Reflections; or, a narrative 

of the an?6st, trial, conviction, imprisonment, treat- 
ment, ^servations, reflections and deliverance of 
Work^^urr and Thompson, who suffered an unjust and 
crue^imprisonment in Missouri Penitentiary, for at- 
tejj^ting to aid some slaves to liberty. 12° cloth. 

/ Oberlin, 1847 

2403 Trial. Ca^f of Passmore Williamson. Report of the 

Proceedings on the Writ of Habeas Corpus, issued by 
John lyfeane. 8° cloth. Phila., 1856 

2404 Toussaint. Memoir of Pierre Toussalnt, born a Slave 

in St. Domingo. Portrait. 16' cloth. Boston, 1854 

2405 Western Sanitary Commission j a sketch of its origin, 

history, etc. Illustrations. 8° cloth. St. Louis, 1864 



2406 Ye Book of Copperheads, Phila., 1863; — Two Sermons 
on Slavery and its Hero-Victim, by Nathaniel Hall, 
'859J — Moral Significance of the Contrasts between 
Slavery and Freedom, a discourse, by Nathaniel Hall, 
1864; — Narrative of Privations and Sufferings of 
United States Officers and Soldiers while Prisoners of 
War in the Hands of Rebel Authorities, 1864. 4 pam- 

2407 [Smedley, Francis E.] Frank Fairlegh; or, scenes from 

the life of a private pupil. With illustrations on steel 
by George Cruikshank. First ed. 8° new boards. 

London, 1850 

2408 Smedley. Lewis Arundelj or, the railroad of life. With 

illustrations by Phiz. First ed. Bound in 2 vols. 8° 
new cloth. London, 1852 

2409 Smedley. Gathered Leaves; being a collection of the 

poetical writings of the late Frank E. Smedley. With 
a memorial preface by Edmund Yates. Portrait and 
illustrations. Small 4° cloth. London, 1865 

A writer who, though hardly able to move from his chair, could 
yet give graphic accounts of scenes in hunting, driving and yachting, 
as if having taken part in them. 

2410 Smith, Albert. The Wassail-Bowl. First ed. Illustra- 

tions. 2 vols, small 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1843 

241 1 Smith, Charles John. Historical and Literary Curiosi- 

ties, consisting of facsimiles of original documents, 
scenes of remarkable events and interesting localities 
and the birth-places, residences, portraits and monu- 
ments of eminent literary characters. Colored plates 
and numerous steel engravings. Royal 4° half morocco, 
uncut (margins of few leaves water-stained). 

London, 1840 

2412 Smith. Synonyms and Antonyms. 12° cloth, uncut. 

Bohn: London, 1867 

2413 Smith, George. Gipsy Life; being an account of our 

gipsies and their children, with suggestions for their 
improvement. Illustrations. 12° cloth. London, 1880 

2414 Smith. I've Been a Gipsying; or, rambles among our 

gipsies and their children. Illustrations. 12° cloth. 

London, 1883 

2415 [Smith, Horace and James]. The Tin Trumpet; or, 

heads and tails for the wise and waggish. 12° cloth, 
uncut. New York, 1859 


24(6 Smith, Horatio, Festivals, Games and Amusements; 
ancient and modern. Folding map and plate. 12 
new cloth, uncut. London, 1831 

Contains sketches of field sports, bull fights, dancing, etc. 

2417 Smith, John. Sketches of Cantabs. With a illustra- 

tions by H. K. Browne. 16° cloth, gilt edges. 

London, 1850 

2418 Smith, Capt. John. Advertisements for the Unexperi- 

enced Planters of New England, or anywhere; or, the 
pathway to erect a plantation, with a facsimile of 
Smith's Map of New England, with additions and cor- 
rections as published in 1635; — Description of New 
England, 16 14, with a facsimile of the original map. 
2 vols, small 4° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1865 

Only 250 copies printed. 

2419 Smith. Adventures and Discourses of Captain John 

Smith, sometime President of Virginia and Admiral 
of New England. By John Ashton. Portrait and il- 
lustrations. 12° cloth. London, n. d. 

2420 Smith, Rev. J. J. The Cambridge Portfolio. Plates. 

2 vols, royal 4° new cloth, uncut (margins of plates of 
Vol. I water-stained, but text clean). London, 1840 

2421 Smith, John T. Vagabondiana; or, anecdotes of men- 

dicant wanderers through the streets of London; with 
portraits of the most remarkable, drawn from life. 50 
etchings. Royal 4° half calf. London, 1817 

2422 Smith, Robert. Universal Directory for Taking Alive 

and Destroying Rats and all other Kinds of Four- 
Footed and Winged Vermin. Copperplates. 12° new 
cloth, uncut. London, 1812 

2423 Smith, Rowland. Scriptores Erotici Graeci; the Greek 

romances of Heliodorus, Longue and Achilles Tatius. 
Translated, with notes, by Rowland Smith. 12° half 
morocco. Bohn: London, 1855 

2424 Smith, Sol. Theatrical Management in the West and 

South for Thirty Years; with anecdotal sketches. 
Portrait and illustrations. 8° cloth. New York, 1868 

2425 Smith, Southwood. Philosophy of Health; or, an ex- 

position of the physical and mental constitution of 
man. Illustrations. 3 vols. 16° cloth. London, 185 1 

2426 Smith, Sir Thomas. The Commonwealth of England 

and the Manner and Government Thereof. With new 
additions of the chiefe courts in England and of the 
offices thereof. 16° old calf (rebacked). 

Will. Stansby: London, 1633 


2427 Smith, Walter. Art Education; scholastic and indus- 

trial. Plates, some colored. 8° cloth. Boston, 1872 

2428 Smith, William. Dr. William Smith's Dictionary of the 

Bible; comprising its antiquities, biography, geog- 
raphy and natural history. Revised and edited by 
H. B. Hackett and Ezra Abbot. Numerous illustra- 
tions. 4 vols. 8° half morocco, gilt backs. 
Best Edition. New York, 1872 

2429 Smollett, Tobias. Miscellaneous Works of. With me- 

moir of the author by Thomas Roscoe. New ed., illus- 
trated by George Cruikshank. Thick 8° half calf, gilt 
back. London, 1858 

2430 Smyth, William H. Memoir, Descriptive of the Re- 

sources, Inhabitants and Hydrography of Sicily and 
its Islands; interspersed with antiquarian and other 
notices. Map and plates. 4° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1824 

2431 Snelling, William J. Truth ; a gift for scribblers. Sec- 

ond ed., with additions and emendations. 16° cloth. 

Boston, 1832 

2432 Snyder, W. L, Geography of Marriage; or, legal per- 

plexities of wedlock in the United States. 12° cloth. 

New York, 1889 

2433 Society of Colonial Wars. Address delivered in the Old 

South Meeting-House in Boston, Nov. 27, 1895, in 
commemoration of the six hundredth anniversary of 
the first summoning of citizens and burgesses to the 
Parliament of England. By Abner C. Goodell, Jr. 
8° boards, uncut. Boston, 1897 

2434 SoMERViLLE, Mary. Personal Recollections from early 

life to old age; with selections from her correspon- 
dence. By her daughter, Martha Somerville. Por- 
trait. 8° cloth. Boston, 1874 

2435 Somerville, William. The Chase; to which is annexed 

Field Sports. With a sketch of the author's life, etc., 
by Edward Topham. Engravings by Mr. Scott. 12° 
original boards, uncut. London, 181 7 

With 26 extra plates laid in for extra-Ulustrating. 

2436 Sophocles. Lexicon to Sophocles. Principally abridged 

and translated from Ellendt. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Oxford, 1841 

2437 Sophocles, E. A. Greek Lexicon of the Roman and 

Byzantine Periods. Royal 8° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1870 

2438 SouLi^, Fr^d^ric. Les M^moires du Diable. 3 vols. 

bound in 2 vols. 12° half morocco. Paris, 1877 


8439 South Boston, Mass. History of, formerly Dorchester 

Neck, now Ward XII of the City of Boston. By 

Thomas C. Simonds. Portraits, map and plate. 12° 

cloth. Boston, 1857 

Out of date and scarce. 

2440 South Carolina College. Narrative of Transactions in 

the South Carolina College during the Three Last 
Courses. With appendix, pp. 66. 8° stitched. 

n. p., n. d. 

2441 [SouTHEY, Robert.] Amadis of Gaul. By Vasco Lo- 

beira. (Translated by Robert Southey. ) First ed. 4 
vols. i6* new cloth (title-page of Vol. I badly soiled). 

London, 1803 

2442 Southey. Specimens of the Later English Poets, with 

preliminary notices. 3 vols. 12° half roan (few leaves 
water-stained). London, 1807 

2443 Southey's Common-Place Book. First, second, third 

and fourth series. Edited by John Wood Warter. 4 
vols, thick square 8° new cloth, original cloth backs. 

London, 1850 

2444 Southey. The Doctor. Edited by John W. Warter. 

New ed. Steel portrait and engraved title. Thick 8° 
blue calf, gilt edges. London, 1856 

2445 SouTHGATE, Henry. Many Thoughts of Many^Minds; 

being a treasury of reference. Third ed., revised. 
Square 8° cloth, gilt edges. London, 1862 

2446 Southwell, Robert. Poetical Works ,of. Now first 

completely edited by William B. Turnbull. 12° new 
cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

2447 Spalding, Hugh M. Encyclopaedia of Law and Forms 

for all the States and Canada. 8° cloth. Phila., 1880 

2448 Specimens of the German Lyric Poets; consisting of 

translations in verse from the works of Burger, Goethe, 
Klopstock, Schiller, etc. Interspersed with biograph- 
ical notices and ornamented with engravings on wood 
by the first artists. Small 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1822 

2449 Spectator (The). New ed., carefully revised; with 

prefaces, historical and biographical, by Alexander 
Chalmers. 6 vols, royal 8° new cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1854 

2450 Spenser, Edmund. Poetical Works of. First American 

ed., with introductory observations on the Faerie 
Queene and notes by the editor (George S. Hillard). 
Portrait and illuminated title-pages. 5 vols. 12° new 
cloth (edges soiled). Boston, 1848 


2451 Spiritualism. Biographical Sketch of John W. Fletcher, 

1885; — Rationalism vs. Dogma, by Charles Bright; — 
Consoled, by A. Bourdin, 1884; — Facts, 1882 to 1885, 
5 odd nos., etc. 11 pamphlets. 

2452 Sporting. Aiken, Henry. The National Sports of 

Great Britain. With descriptions in English and 
French. 50 full-page finely colored plates. Folio, an- 
tique straight grained morocco, gilt back, sides and 
edges. London, 1823 

2453 Sporting. Aiken. Aiken's Sporting Scrap-Book. 50 

copperplates. Oblong 4° half roan. 

T. McLean: London, 1824 

2454 Sporting. Aiken's Sporting Ideas. 42 plates. Pub- 

lished by T. McLean. Oblong 4° half roan. 

London, 1830 

245s Sporting. Beckford, Peter. Thoughts on Hunting. 

Steel plates. 12° cloth. London, 1847 

2456 Sporting. Blaine, D. P. Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports; 

descriptive of hunting, shooting, fishing, racing, etc. 
Illustrated by above 600 engravings on wood by R. 
Branston, from drawings by Leech, Aiken, T. Land- 
seer, etc. Thick 8° half roan. London, 1858 

2457 Sporting. Fairfax, J. Complete Sportsman. Engraved 

frontispiece. 12° sheep. London, 1795 

Contains sketches of angling, horse-racing, hunting, etc. 
With book plate of John Symmons, Esq. 

2458 Sporting. Fancy-Ana; or, a history of Pugilism, in- 

cluding every transaction in the prize ring, from 17 19 
to 1824. Frontispiece. Oblong 16° half roan. 


2459 Sporting. Hamilton, J. P. Reminiscences of an Old 

Sportsman. Illustrations. 2 vols, small 8° cloth, un- 
cut. London, i86o 

2460 Sporting. New Sporting Magazine. Vols. ? to 19. 

Steel plates of horses, hunting, fishing, etc. 19 vols. 
8° half calf. Baldwin & Cradock: London, 1831-40 
Contains the Racing Calendar for 10 years, and various anecdotes 
of the turf and sport. 

2461 Sporting. Radcliffe, F. P. D. The Noble Science; a 

few general ideas of fox-hunting, more especially those 
of the Hertfordshire Hunt Club. Numerous illustra- 
tions. Royal 8* cloth, uncut. London, 1839 

2462 Sporting. Reminiscences of Thomas Asheton Smith. 

By Sir John E. E. Wilmot. Portrait and illustrations. 
12° cloth, uncut. London, 1862 

Contains reminiscences of English sporting life. 


2463 Spouter's Companion; containing favorite recitations, 

comic and serious. With 12 colored plates. 16° half 
calf, gilt. London. 

2464 Sprague, William B. Annals of the American Pulpit. 

Vols. I, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Portraits. 6 vols. 8° cloth 
(library stamp on titles). New York, 1857-60 

Comprises : Trinitarian Congregational, 2 vols.; — Presbyterian, 2 
vols. ; — Episcopal, i vol.; — Baptist, i vol. 

2465 Springsted, Anne Frances. The Expert Waitress. 16° 

cloth. New York, 1894 

2466 Stael, Madame de. L'AUemagne. Portrait. 12° half 

calf, gilt back. Paris, 1845 

2467 Stagg, J. Minstrel of the North; or, Cumbrian Legends; 

being a poetical miscellany of legendary, Gothic and 
romantic tales. 8° half calf (binding broken). 

Manchester, 181 6 

2468 Stanley, George. Classified Synopsis of the Principal 

Painters of the Dutch and Flemish Schools. 12° half 
morocco, gilt top. Bohn: London, 1855 

2469 Stanley, Henry. Rouman Anthology; or, selections of 

Rouman Poetry, ancient and modern, being a collec- 
tion of the national ballads of Moldavia and Wallachia. 
With borders, head and tail pieces printed in colors. 
8° cloth. Hertford, 1856 

A beautifully printed and illuminated book. 

2470 Staunton, Howard. The Great Schools of England; 

an account of the foundation, endowments and disci- 
pline of the chief seminaries of learning in England. 
Illustrations. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1865 

2471 Steele, Sir Richard. Dramatick Works of; containing 

the Conscious Lover, the Funeral, the Tender Hus- 
band, the Lying Lover. Portrait by G. Vertue and 
frontispiece. 12° new boards. London, 1733 

2472 Steinmetz, Andrew. Romance of Duelling in All Times 

and Countries. 2 vols, small 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1868 

2473 Steinmetz. The Gaming Table; its votaries and vic- 

tims in all times and countries, especially in England 
and in France. 2 vols. 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1870 

2474 Stenhouse, William. Illustrations of the Lyric Poetry 

and Music of Scotland. With additional notes and il- 
lustrations. Thick 8° new cloth (few leaves slightly 
water-stained). Edinburgh, 1853 

2475 Stephen, Leslie. Hours in a Library. 12" cloth. 

New York, 1875 


2476 Stephenson, George. Life of George Stephenson, rail- 

way engineer. By Samuel Smiles. Portrait. 12° cloth. 

Boston, i860 

2477 Stephenson, Robert (Civil Engineer). Life of. By J. C. 

Jeaffreson. With descriptive chapters on some of his 
most important professional works by William Pole. 
Steel portraits and plate. 2 vols. 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1866 

2478 Sterne, Laurence. Works of. With a life of the author, 

written by himself. 8° new cloth. London, 1857 

2479 Stevens, C. W. College Song Book; a collection of 

American college songs with piano- forte accompani- 
ment. 8° cloth (binding soiled). Boston, (1859) 

2480 Stevens, George Alexander. Religion; or, the Liber- 

tine Repentant, a rhapsody, pp. 18. 8° stitched. 

London, 1751 

2481 Stevens. Songs, Comic and Satyrical, With curious 

folding frontispiece and a facetious engraving. 12° 
new boards. Oxford, 1772 

2482 Stevens. Song; comic and satirical. Vignette wood- 

cuts. 12" new boards. London, 1801 

Contains facetious love songs. 

2483 Stevens. Lecture on Heads. With additions by Mr. 

Pilon; as delivered by Mr. Charles Lee Lewes, to 
which is added an essay on satire. With 47 heads by 
Nesbit from designs by Thurston. 16° calf, gilt back. 

London, 1802 

2484 Stevens. Mirth and Song; consisting of a lecture on 

heads; and the Courtship, with a collection of approved 
songs. 16° cloth. Boston, 1804 

2485 Stevens. Works of; consisting of his celebrated lecture 

on heads and songs. By W. H. Badham. 16° boards, 
uncut. London, 1823 


2486 Stevens, Henry. Catalogue of My English Library. 

i6' cloth, uncut. C. Whittingham : London, 1853 

Printed for private distribution. 

2487 Stevens, William. System for the Discipline of the 

Artillery of the United States of America. 23 engraved 
plates (lacks one plate). 12° sheep. Albany, 1815 

2488 Stewart, James. Plocacosmos; or, the whole art of 

hair dressing, wherein is contained ample rules for the 
young artizan. Copperplates. 8° boards, uncut. 

London, 1782 

2489 Stiles, Henry R. Bundling; its origin, progress and 

decline in America. 12° cloth, uncut. Albany, 1869 


2490 Stillman, Samuel. Oration, July 4, 1789, at the re- 

quest of the inhabitants of the town of Boston, in 
Celebration of the anniversary of American Independ- 
ence. 8° stitched. Boston, 1789 

2491 Stone, Mrs. God's Acre; or, historical notices relating 

to churchyards. Small 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1858 

2492 Stowe, H. B. Life of. Compiled from her letters and 

journals, by Charles E. Stowe. Steel portraits. 8° 
cloth. Boston, 1891 

2493 Strahan, Edward. The New Hyperion; from Paris to 

Marly by way of the Rhine. With over 300 illustra- 
tions from designs by Dor6 and others. 8° new cloth, 
original cloth back. Phila., 1875 

2494 Strang, John. Glasgow and its Clubs; or, glimpses of 

the condition, manners, characters and oddities of the 
city. Second ed., revised. Small 4° half calf (few 
leaves slightly soiled). London, 1857 

249s Strickland, Agnes. Lives of the Queens of Scotland. 
8 vols. 12° half calf, gilt backs. New York, i§si 

2496 Strickland. Lives of the Queens of England. New 

ed., with corrections and additions. 7 vols. 8* half 
calf, gilt backs. Boston, 1862 

2497 Strutt, Joseph. Sports and Pastimes of the People of 

England. Illustrated by 140 engravings. New ed., by 
William Hone. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1855 

2498 Stuart, H. B. History of Infantry, from the earliest 

times to the present. 8° new cloth. London, 1861 

2499 Suckling, Sir John. Works of; containing his poems, 

letters and plays. 2 vols. 12° calf. London, 1770 

2500 Sue, Eugfene. The Mysteries of Paris. Numerous illus- 

trations. 3 vols, royal 8° half morocco, gilt backs. 

Chapman & Hall: London, 1845 

2501 Sue. The Wandering Jew. New translation. Profusely 

illustrated by the most eminent artists of Paris. 2 vols, 
royal 8° half morocco, gilt backs. New York, 1846 

2502 Suffolk County, Mass. Davis, William T. Professional 

and Industrial History of Suffolk County, Mass. Nu- 
merous steel portraits. 3 vols, thick royal 8° half mo- 
rocco. Boston, 1894 
Vol. I contains lives of members of the Suffolk Bar. 

2503 Sully, Duke of. Memoirs of. A new ed., additional 

notes and historical introduction attributed to Sir 
Walter Scott. Portraits. 4 vols. 12'' calf. 

Bohn: London, 1856 



8504 SuLPiTii Verulani, Jo. De Nersuum Scancione, de 
Syllabarum quantitate, de Heroici Carminis decoro 
(lacks first leaf); — Nigri, Francisco, Opusculum Scri- 
bendi Epistolis. 2 vols, in one. Small 4° vellum. 

Romse, 1494 
From the W. E. Barton collection. 

2505 Sumner, Charles. The True Grandeur of Nations, Ora- 

tion, July 4, 1845; — Fame and Glory, Address at 
Amherst College, Aug. 11, 1847. 2 pamphlets. 
Presentation copies. 

2506 Sumner, George. Fourth of July Oration, 1854. 8° 

wrappers. Boston, 1859 

Presentation copy, ■with inscription, " John S. Dwight, with the re- 
gards of Geo. Sumner." 

2507 [SuRTEES.] Hawbuck Grange; or, the sporting adven- 

tures of Thomas Scott. First ed. 8 illustrations. 8' 
new cloth. London, (1847) 

2508 SuRTEEs Society Publication. Yorkshire Diaries and 

Autobiographies in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth 
Centuries. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Published for the Society: Durham, 1877 

2509 Sutton, George S. Treatise on Ventriloquism. Por- 

trait. 16° wrappers. 

Privately printed : New Haven, 1833 

2510 Swain, Charles. The Mind, and other poems. First ed. 

Steel plates and vignettes, each plate marked " proof." 
8° half morocco, uncut, gilt top, by Hayday. 

London, 1841 

2511 Swan, Rev. Charles. Gesta Romanorum; or, entertain- 

ing moral stories invented by the monks as a fire-side 
recreation. Translated from the Latin, with prelimi- 
nary observations and copious notes. 2 vols. 12' half 
morocco, uncut. London, 1824 

2512 Swift, Jonathan. Works of; containing interesting and 

valuable papers. With memoir of the author, by Thos. 
Roscoe. Steel portrait. 2 vols. 8° tree calf, gilt backs. 

London, 1856 

2513 Swindling. Handbook of Swindling. Edited by John 

Jackdaw. With illustrations by "Phiz." 16° limp 
cloth, gilt edges. London, 1839 

2514 Sword's Pocket Almanack, 1820. Astronomical calcu- 

tions by Joel Sanford. 24° paper. New York, 1820 

2515 Sylvester, Joshua. Garland of Christmas Carols, 

Ancient and Modern; including some never before 
given in any collection. 12° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1861 


2516 npAGLIACOZZO, Gaspardo. Opera di Mescalzia. 

X Woodcuts. Small 4° vellum (last leaf missing). 

Roma, 1591 

A curious work by Tagliacozzo whose name was taken for the 
surgical operation of making new noses, or Rhino-Plastic operation, 
Taliacotian Method. 

2517 Taine, H. a. History of English Literature. Trans- 

lated by H. Van Laun. 2 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Edinburgh, 1871 

2518 Taine. Italy, Rome and Naples. Translated by J. 

Durand. 8° cloth. New York, 1870 

2519 Tait, William. Magdalenism; an inquiry into the ex- 

tent, causes and consequences of prostitution in Edin- 
burgh, Small 8° cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1842 

2520 Tales to Inspire Merriment, Vanquish Sorrow, Cheer 

the Heart and Quicken the Spirits; consisting of lively 
stories, as follows, whimsical elopement, credulous 
husband, etc. Frontispiece colored by hand. 12° 
stitched, uncut. London. 

2521 Tannahill, Robert. Works of; with life of the author 

and a memoir of Robert A. Smith, the musical com- 
poser. By Philip A. Ramsay. Portrait and engraved 
title. 12° half morocco, by Fullarton & Co. 


2522 Tasso. Jerusalem Delivered. Translated into English 

Spenserian verse, with a life of the author, by J. H. 
Wiffen. Steel plates (few water-stained). 12° half 
calf, gilt back. Bohn: London, 1854 

2523 Tassoni. La Secchia Rapita; or, the Rape of the 

Bucket; an heroi-comical poem. Translated from the 
Italian of Alessandro Tassoni. With notes by James 
Atkinson. 2 vols, in one. Small 8° boards, uncut 
(broken). London, 1827 

2524 Taylor, Isaac. Words and Places; or, etymological 

illustrations of history,, ethnology and geography. 
Map. 16° cloth. London, 1885 

2525 Taylor, Jefferys. Old English Sayings; newly ex- 

pounded, in prose and verse. Frontispiece. 12° boards, 
uncut. London, 1827 

2526 Taylor, Jeremy. Holy Living; — Holy Dying. 2 vols. 

8° new cloth, uncut. Boston, 1864 

2527 Taylor, J. Orville. The District School. 12° cloth. 

New York, 1834 

2528 Taylor, J. Sydney. Selections from the Writings of; 

with a brief sketch of his life. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1843 


2529 Taylor, W. B. S. Origin, Progress and Present Condi- 

tion of the Fine Arts in Great Britain and Ireland. 2 
vols, small 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1841 

2530 Taylor. History of the University of Dublin; its 

origin, progress and present condition, with biographi- 
cal notices of many eminent men educated therein. 
Illustrations. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

2531 Taylor's General Book of Reference; for__chairs, sofas, 

couches, etc. Containing upwards of 72 practical 
designs. 12° half roan. (London.) 

2532 Teall, F. H. English Compound Words and Phrases. 

8° half roan. New York, 1892 

2533 Tennyson, Alfred. Poetical Works of. Portrait. 2 vols. 

8° new cloth. Boston, 1875 

2534 Tennyson. Harold; a drama. Author's edition, from 

advance sheets. With illustrations. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1877 

2535 Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, the Sons of Jacob. 

Translated out of Greek into Latin by Robert Grots- 
head, sometime Bishop of Lincoln and out of his copy, 
into French and Dutch by others and now Englished. 
Curious woodcuts. 16° half calf (broken). 

Printed by Jane Hive: London, 1731 

2536 Thackeray, W. M. Cornhill Magazine. Vols, i to 7 

and Vol. 8, nos. i and 2. Illustrations. 7 vols. 8° 
original parts, uncut (few leaves slightly water-stained). 

London, 1860-63 

Contains numerous original contributions by Thackeray, among 
them the 28 numbers of the "Roundabout Papers." 

2537 Thackeray. The Orphan of Pimlico and other sketches, 

fragments and drawings. With some notes by Anne 
Isabella Thackeray. Portrait and numerous illustra- 
tions by the author. Royal 4° half roan, board sides. 

Phila., 1876 

2538 Thackerayana. Notes and Anecdotes, illustrated by 

nearly 600 sketches by William Makepeace Thackeray. 
12° cloth. London, 1875 

2539 Thayer, William R. Dawn of Italian Independence; 

Italy from the Congress of Vienna, 18 14, to the Fall 
of Venice, 1849. Maps. 2 vols. 12' cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1893 

2540 Theatrical Inquisitor; or. Literary Mirror. By Cer- 

berus. Vols. I to 5. (Plates missing.) 5 vols. 8° new 
cloth. London, 1812-14 

2541 Thompson, Arthur B. Victoria History of England. 

With upwards of 400 engravings by the Brothers Dal- 
ziel. 12* new cloth. London, 1865 


9542 Thompson, Darcy W. Fun and Earnest; or, rhymes 
with reason. Illustrated by Charles H. Bennett. 12° 
cloth. London, 1865 

2543 Thompson, Henry. Original Ballads, by living authors, 

1850. First ed. Illustrations. 8° cloth. 

London, 1850 

2544 Thoms, William J. Lays and Legends of Various Na- 

tions: Germany. Outline plates. 16° cloth. 

London, 1834 

2545 Thoms. Early English Prose Romances, with biblio- 

graphical and historical introduction. Second ed., en- 
larged. 3 vols, small 8° half morocco, uncut, gilt back 
and top. London, 1858 

2546 Thomson, H. B. Choice of a Profession; a concise ac- 

count and comparative review of the English profes- 
sions. 8* cloth, uncut. London, 1857 

2547 Thomson, John. Etymons of English Words. 4* boards, 

uncut. Edinburgh, 1826 

2548 Thomson, Mrs. Recollections of Literary Characters 

and Celebrated Places. 2 vols, small 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1854 

2549 Thoreau, Henry D. a. I. s. i page 4", with envelope 

addressed (Feb. 11, 1859), in answer to the following 

" We hcrtby agree to contribute the sums set against our respective 
names, towards a fund to be permanently invested, the income of which 
shall be applied to the purchase of books for the public library of Har- 
vard College" 
Henky G. Denny, Esq. 

Dear Sir, 
Inclosed please find five dollars, for the object above described. I 
would gladly give more, but this exceeds my income from all sources 
together for the last four months. 

Y'rs respectfully, 

Henry D. Thoreau. 

2550 Thornbury (George), Walter. Historical and legend 

ary Ballads and Songs. Illustrated by J. Whistler, F. 
Walker, John Tenniel and others. Royal 8° half mo- 
rocco, gilt back and top. London, 1877 

2551 Thornbury. Lays and Legends; or, ballads of the new 

world. First ed. 12° original boards, paper labels. 

London, 1851 

2552 Thornbury. Art and Nature at Home and Abroad. 

First ed. 2 vols, small 8' cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

2553 Thornbury. Shakspere's England; or, sketches of our 

social history in the reign of Elizabeth. 2 vols, small 
8* new cloth, uncut. London, 1856 


2554 Thornk, Robert. Fugitive Facts; an epitome of general 

information. 8° cloth. New York, 1889 

2555 Thornton, Colonel. Sporting Tour through Various 

Parts of France in the year 1802; including a concise 
description of the sporting establishments, mode of 
hunting, etc. Illustrated with upwards of 80 correct 
and picturesque delineations from original drawings. 
2 vols. 4° calf. London, 1806 

2556 Thorpe, Benjamin. Codex Exoniensis; a collection of 

Anglo-Saxon poetry, from a manuscript in the Library 
of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter, with an English 
translation, notes and indexes. Royal 8° new cloth. 

London, 1842 

2557 Thorpe. Northern Mythology; comprising the princi- 

pal popular traditions and superstitions of Scandina- 
via, North Germany and the Netherlands. Compiled 
from original sources. Frontispiece. 3 vols, small 8° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1851 

2558 TiBULLUs. Elegies de TibuUe, avec des notes et re- 

cherches de Mythologie d'histoire et de Philosophic 
suivies des Baisers de Jean Second. Portrait and 14 
fine copperplates by Borel and others. 3 vols. 8° mot- 
tled calf. Tours, 1795 

2559 TiCKNOR, George. History of Spanish Literature. First 

ed. 3 vols, royal 8° new cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1849 

2560 TiCKNOR. Life, Letters and Journals of. Portraits. 2 

vols. 8° cloth. Boston, 1876 

2561 Ticknor's Brown Cloth Editions. 14 vols. 12° cloth. 


Comprises : lUastrations of Genius, Discourses on Life, Lectures 
and Essays, by Giles ; — Dramatis Personae, Men and Women, by 
Browning; — Selections from Landor, by Hillard; — Poems, by Arnold; 
— Thorpe, by Mountford ; — Lectures, by Whipple ; — Essays and 
Reviews, by Whipple ; — Bothwell, by Aytoun. 

2562 Tiffin, Walter F. Gossip about Portraits. 12° cloth. 

London, 1866 

2563 TiMBS, John. Things Not Generally Known; Curiosi- 

ties of Science, first and second series, 2 vols.; — 
Curiosities of History. Frontispieces. 3 vols. 16° 
cloth. London, 1859-60 

2364 Times. Anecdote Biography. Steel portraits. 2 vols. 
12° new cloth, uncut. London, i860 

2565 TiMBS. Stories of Inventors and Discoverers in Science 
and the useful Arts. Illustrations. 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, i860 


2566 TiMBS. School-Days of Eminent Men. Portraits and 

illustrations, 12° cloth. London, 1862 

2567 Times. English Eccentrics and Eccentricities. First ed. 

2 vols, small 8° new cloth. London, 1866 

2568 Times. Nooks and Corners of English Life. Illustra- 

tions. Small 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1867 

2569 Times. Doctors and Patients; or, anecdotes of the 

medical world and curiosities of medicine. 12° cloth, 
uncut. London, 1876 

2570 Times. Abbeys, Castles and Ancient Halls of England 

and Wales. Frontispieces. 2 vols. 12° cloth. 

London, n. d. 

2571 TiMMiNS, Samuel. Resources, Products and Industrial 

History of Birmingham and the Midland Hardware 
District. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1866 

2572 Tobacco. De Herba Panacea quam alii Tabacum alii 

petum, ant nicotianam vocant, brevis commentariolus. 
16* vellum. Ultrajecti, 1644 

2573 ToMLiNSON, Charles. Cyclopaedia of Useful Arts, Me- 

chanical and Chemical, Manufacturing, Mining and 
Engineering With the supplement. With 63 steel 
engravings and 3063 wood engravings. 3 vols, thick 
royal 8* half morocco, gilt backs. 

Virtue & Co. : London, 1854 

2574 ToTHAM Private Press of Charles Clark. Collection of 

Broadsides and Brochures. 109 pieces, bound together. 
Royal 8° new cloth. Great Totham, 1841-46 

A very large collection, Dobell's Catalogue only mentions 51 of 
these pieces. 

"There is a short memoir of Clark in the 'Dictionary of National 
Biography.' According to this he was born in 1806, and bred a 
farmer. He lived for a good many years at Great Totham Hall, 
where he set up his private press, and where all his brochures were 
printed. Afterwards he removed to Heybridge, where the latter 
years of his life were spent in almost complete seclusion. He was 
buried there in March, 1880. The writer of the notice characterises 
his original productions as being 'exceedingly silly and indecent.' 
This may apply to a few, but it is much too sweeping as applied to 
the whole of his writings. Not much, indeed, can be said in favour 
of them; but still, those who love literary quaintness or oddities, 
and seek for out-of-the-way curiosities, will not despise the produc- 
tions of Charles Clark." — Bertram Dobell's Catalogue of Privately 
Printed Books. 

2575 Tory. Geoffroy Tory, Peintre et Graveur Premier Im- 

primeur Royal, reformateur de I'orthographe et de la 
typographie sous Frangois I. Par Aug. Bernard. 8° 
full blue morocco, uncut, gilt top. Paris, 1857 

2576 Trail, R. T. Sexual Physiology; a scientific and popu- 

lar exposition. Illustrations. 12° cloth. 

New York, 1866 


2577 Trail and Jackson. Pathology of the Reproductive 

Organs; — Sexual Organism. Portraits. Bound in one 
vol. 8° sheep (binding broken). Boston, 1862 

2578 Tredgold, Thomas. Elementary Principles of Carpen- 

try. Illustrated by 22 engravings and woodcuts. 4° 
half roan. Phiia., 1847 

2579 Trial. An Inroad upon the Sacred Trial by Jury; or, 

the case of John Bentley, Gaoler of Baltimore County 
Gaol, and Isaiah Green, Turnkey of said Gaol. pp. 
44. 8° stitched. Baltimore, 1811 

With autograph of John Howard Payne. 

2580 Trial of William Burke and Helen M'Dougal, before 

the High Court or Justiciary, Edinburgh, Dec. 24, 
1828, for the Murder of Margery Campbell. Taken in 
shorthand by John Macnee. With supplement con- 
taining the whole legal proceedings against William 
Hare, in order to bring him to trial for the murder of 
James Wilson and Daft Jamie, with an appendix re- 
garding the West-Port murders. 2 etched plates. 8° 
half calf. Edinburgh, 1829 

Burke was a celebrated criminal who with Hare, murdered people 
for the sale of selling their bodies to surgeons, hence the term " to 

2581 Trial. Commonwealth vs. J. T, Buckingham on an 

Indictment for a Libel, before the Municipal Court of 
Boston, 1822. 8° stitched, uncut. Boston, (1822) 

2582 Trial. Complete Report of the Trial of Edword O. 

Coburn and Benjamin F. Dalton for the Manslaughter 
of William Sumner. "Boston Daily Times" edition. 
8° stitched. Boston, n. d. 

2583 Trial. Cratk, 'g. L. English Causes C^lfebres; or, 

reports of remarkable trials. 12* half roan. 

London, 1844 

2584 Trial. Faithful Report of the Trial of Dr. William 

Little on the Indictment for an Assault and Battery, 
committed upon the body of his lawful wife, Mrs. Jane 
Little, a black lady. pp. 16. 8' stitched. 

New York, 1808 

2585 Trial of the Journeymen Cordwainers of the City of 

New York for a Conspiracy to Raise their Wages. Re- 
ported by William Sampson, pp. 168. 8' stitched. 

New York, 18 10 

2586 Trial. Exposition of the Difficulties between T. B. 

Lawrence and his wife, Sallie Ward Lawrence, which 
led to their Divorce. By T. B. Lawrence and his 
Counsel. 8° sheets folded. Boston, n. d. 


2587 Trial. Onderdonk, Benjamin. Trial of, Dec. 10, 1844. 

8" paper. New York, 1845 


2588 Trial by Court Martial of Lieut.-Col. Grenville Temple 

Winthrop, on charges preferred against him by Adju- 
tant-Gen. William H. Sumner, in pursuance of orders 
from His Excellency Levi Lincoln. 8° boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1832 
Presentation copy, with inscription by Grenville Temple Winthrop. 

2589 Trial of Thomas O. Selfridge, for killing Charles 

Austin, Aug. 4, i8o6; — Correct Statement of the 
Whole Preliminary Controversy, by T. O. Selfridge, 
1807; — Emerson's Sermon on the Death of Charles 
Austin. 3 pamphlets. 

2590 Trial of Matt. F. Ward for the Murder of W. H. G. 

Butler, before the Hardin Criminal Court, 1854. Re- 
ported for the "Louisville Courier," by George Cole. 
8° wrappers. Louisville, 1854 

Ward, who shot a northern schoolmaster, and published an abu- 
sive book, "English Items," was a brother of the divorced Mrs. T. B. 

2591 Trials of John D. White, alias Charles Marchant, and 

Winslow Curtis, alias Sylvester Colson, for Murder on 

the High Seas, before the Circuit Court of the United 

States, 1826. 8° wrappers, uncut. Boston, 1827 

Presentation copy, with inscription by the reporter, W. P. Gragg. 

2592 Trials. Proceedings on the Trial of Jason Fairbanks 

for tne Murder of Elizabeth Fales, May 18, 1801; — 
Thacher's Discourse, Dedham, Sept. 13, 1801, on the 
Execution of Jason Fairbanks. 2 pamphlets. 

2593 Trials. Sketch of the Proceedings and Trial of Wil- 

liam Hardy, on an indictment tor the murder of an 
Infant, Nov. 37, 1806; — Channing's Sermon, New 
London, 1786, on the execution of Hannah Ocuish, a 
mulatto girl; — Opinion of Judge Bland, on the Right 
of the Judiciary to Declare an Act of Assembly Un- 
constitutional, i8i6. 3 pamphlets. 

2594 Trubnkr, Nicolas. Bibliographical Guide to American 

Literature. 8° half roan. London, 1859 

3595 [Trusler, John.] Difference between Words, esteemed 
Synonyms in the English Language and the proper 
choice of them determined. 2 vols. 12° calf. 

London, 1766 
2596 Tuckerman, Henry T. Book of the Artists: American 
Artist Life; comprising biographical and critical 
sketches of American artists, preceded by an histori- 
cal account of the rise and progress of art in America. 
Portrait. Imperial 8° cloth, uncut. New York, 1867 


2597 Tufts College. Class of 1875; a series of 29 photo- 

graphic portraits of graduates, and 13 photographic 
views of the college buildings, each mounted on card. 
4° full turkey morocco, gilt edges. 

2598 Tyndale, J. W. W. The Btirger and Brighton Leonora; 

or, romance versus railway. Illustrated by K. A 
Drake. Oblong 8° boards. London, 1849 

2599 Tytler, Sarah. The Old Masters and Their Pictures. 

12° cloth. Boston, 1874 

2600 T TnITED Fire Society, Boston. Instituted Boston, 
\^ July, 1789. pp. 8. 16° paper. (Boston, 1789) 

With names of members and their dwelling houses and shops 
in manuscript. 

2601 Universal Biographical Dictionary; to which is added 

a dictionary of the principal divinities and heroes of 
Grecian and Roman Mythology. Portraits. 8" sheep. 

Richmond, 1826 

2602 Urbino, Mrs. S. R. Princes of Art; Painters, Sculptors 

and Engravers. Translated from the French. Por- 
traits. 12° cloth. Boston, 1870 

2603 \ /ALENTINE and Orson, The Hystorye of the 

V two vaylyaunt brethren, Valentine and Orson, 
Sonnes to the Emperour of Greece. iBlilck teller. 
Woodcuts. Small 4° old calf (title-page in facsimile 
by pen and ink). Printed by Willaume Coplande, 1560 

2604 Vandenhoff, George. Leaves from an Actor's Note- 

Book. 12° cloth. New York, i860 

2605' Vans. Life of William Vans, a native of Massachu- 
setts, commissioned by George Washington, Consul in 
France. Written by himself. Curious woodcuts. 12* 
half sheep. Boston, n. d. 

Vans was in business with one of the Codman Family and insisted 
that Codman owed him a large amount of money ; eminent counsel 
was employed and the litigation kept up for a number of years, and 
a number of other books were printed. 

2606 Vans. Claim of William Vans, a citizen of the United 

States, on the heirs of John and Richard Codman, 
1824; — Ordination Sermon on Rev. John Codman, by 
William Ellery Channing, 1808, 2 pamphlets. 

2607 Vapereau, G. Dictionnaire Universel des Contempo- 

rains; contenant toutes les personnes notables. Com- 
plete in 10 parts, royal 8° paper, uncut. Paris, 1880 


2608 Vermont, Marquis de, and Sir Charles Darnley. London 

and Paris; or, comparative slcetches. 8° half roan. 

London, 1823 

2609 Verville, Bdroalde de. Le Moyen de Parvenir, cEuvre 

contenant la raison de ce qui a 6t6, est et sera. 13° 
half morocco. Paris, 1870 

2610 Vestris. Memoirs of the Life of Madame Vestris of 

the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane and Covent Garden. 
Illustrated with numerous curious anecdotes. 12° half 
roan. Privately printed, n. p., 1830 

This edition contains passages suppressed in later editions. 

261 1 ViARDOT, Louis. Wonders of Italian Art. Numerous 

illustrations. 12° cloth, gilt edges. London, 1870 

2612 ViARDOT. Wonders of European Art. Illustrated with 

16 reproductions by the Woodbury permanent process 
and II wood engravings. Small 8° cloth, gilt edges. 

London, 187 1 

2613 ViARDOT. Wonders of Sculpture. Illustrated with 62 

engravings. 12° cloth, gilt edges. London, 1872 

2614 ViGNOLES, Charles Blacker (Soldier and Civil Engineer). 

Life of; a reminiscence of early railway history. By 
O. J. Vignoles. Portrait, maps and illustrations. 8° 
cloth, uncut. London, 1889 

2615 Virgil. P, Virgilii Maronis Opera. Engraved title. 

18° old calf. 1704 

With autograph of (Rev.) Timothy Alden, Jan., 1790. 

2616 Virgil. A Free and Independent Translation of the 

First and Fourth Books of the .^neid of Virgil. Illus- 
trations by Thomas Worth. 8° paper. 

Winsted, Conn., 1870 
A facetious satirical work. 

2617 Virgil. The .^Eneid of Virgil. Translated into Eng- 

lish blank verse by Christopher Pearse Cranch. First 
ed. Royal 8° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1872 

2618 Visit of a London Exquisite to his Maiden Aunts in the 

Country. Illustrated by "Theo." 22 etched plates. 
Oblong 4* new cloth. London, 1859 

2619 ViTE del Pittori Antichi Greci e Latini, compilate dal 

P. M. Guglielmo della Valle, Minor Conventuale. 
Fine copperplate portraits. Large 8° half vellum. 

Siena, 1795 

2620 Voltaire. Sibcle de Louis XIV. Portrait. 12' half 

calf. Paris, 1847 

2621 Voltaire. Poemes et Discours en Vers de Voltaire. 

16' paper, uncut. Paris. 


2622 Von Sybel. History and Literature of the Crusades. 

Edited by Lady Duff Gordon. Small 8° new cloth, 
uncut. London, 1861 

2623 Von Tempsky, G. F. Mitia; a narrative of a journey in 

Mexico, Guatemala and Salvador, 1853-55. Colored 
plates. 8° half morocco, gilt back (few plates slightly 
water-stained). London, 1858 

2624 "fX ^ADSWORTH, Benjamin. Christ's Fan in His 

V V Hand separating the Wheat and Chaff, 1722; — 
Discourse at the Old South Church, June 27, 1742, by 
Benjamin Lord; — Sinners in the Hands of an Angry 
God, a sermon, by Jonathan Edwards, July 8, 1741; 
— Discourses upon a Recovery from Sickness, by 
Matthew Short, 1729; — Sermon preached before the 
Ancient and Honourable Artillery Company, on their 
Anniversary Meeting, June 6, 1748, by Samuel Dun- 
bar; — Sermon at Dedham, Oct. 9, 1748, by Thomas 
Balch; — Porter's Sermon at Freetown at the Ordina- 
tion of Silas Brett. Bound in one vol. 12° paper. 


2625 Wagner, Leopold. Manners, Customs and Observ- 

ances. 12° cloth. New York, 1895 

2626 Waite, H. R. Carmina Collegensiaj a complete collec- 

tion of the songs of American colleges, with piano-forte 
accompaniment, to which is added a compendium of 
college history. Royal 8° cloth, gilt edges. 

Boston, (1868) 

2627 Walcott, M. E. C. Sacred Archaeology; a popular 

dictionary of ecclesiastical art and institutions. 8° 
cloth. London, 1868 

2628 Walker, Alexander. Beauty Illustrated by an Analysis 

and Classification of Beauty in Woman. Illustrated by 
22 drawings from life, by Henry Howard, drawn on 
stone by M. Gauci and R. J. Lane. Royal 8° calf, 
red edges. London, 1852 

2629 Walker, Mrs. A. Female Beauty, as preserved and 

improved by regimen, cleanliness and dress. With 10 
colored plates. (Lacking the diagram plate.) Small 
8' morocco, gilt edges. London, 1837 

2630 [Walker, Rev. John.] Oxoniana; or, anecdotes rela- 

tive to the University and City of Oxford. 4 vols. 16° 
new boards. Oxford, 1806 

2631 Walker, William. Idiomatologia Anglo-Latina, sive dic- 

tionarium idiomaticum Anglo-Latinum, in quo phrases 
tam Latinae quam Anglicanse Linguae. Engraved title. 
12° old calf. - Londoni, 1708 


2632 Wall, Adam. Account of the Different Ceremonies 

Observed in the Senate House of the University of 
Cambridge; together with tables of fees, modes of 
electing officers, forms of proceeding to degrees, etc. 
8° new cloth. Cambridge, 1798 

2633 Wallington, Nehemiah. Historical Notices of Events 

Occurring chiefly in the Reign of Charles I. 2 vols. 
12° half calf, gilt backs. London, 1869 

2634 Walpole, Horace. Anecdotes of Painting in England ; 

with some account of the principal artists; also a cata- 
logue of engravers. Collected by George Vertue. 
With additions by James Dillaway. Numerous steel 
portraits. 3 vols. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1849 

263s [Walsh, John H.] Manual of British Rural Sports. 
Illustrations. 12° half calf, gilt back. London, 1859 

2636 [Warburton, Rowland E. E.] Hunting Songs, Ballads, 

etc. Portrait of Joseph Maiden in colors and litho- 
graphic plates. 8" new cloth. Chester, 1834 

2637 Ward, Thomas H. Men of the Reign; a biographical 

dictionary of eminent persons of British and Colonial 
birth, who have died during the reign of Queen Vic- 
toria. Thick 12° cloth. London, 1885 

2638 Ware, John. Hints to Young Men on the Relation of 

the Sexes. i6* limp cloth. Boston, 1850 

2639 Waring, George E., Jr. How to Drain a House. Illus- 

trations. 12° cloth. New York, 1865 

2640 Warner, C. D. Backlog Studies. With 21 illustrations 

by Augustus Hoppin. First ed. 12° cloth. 

Boston, 1873 

2641 Warner, Rev. Richard. Antiquitates Culinariae; or, 

curious tracts relating to the culinary affairs of the 
old English; with a preliminary discourse, notes and 
illustrations. Engraved title-page. Royal 4° new cloth, 
uncut. London, 1791 

2642 Warren, John Collins. Life of. Compiled chiefly from 

his autobiography and journals, by Edward Warren. 
Steel portraits and plates. 2 vols. 8° cloth, gilt edges. 

Boston, i860 

2643 Warren, J. Mason. Surgical Observations, with Cases 

and Operations. Illustrations. 8° cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1867 

2644 Warren, Samuel. Works of. Illustrations. 5 vols. 12° 

half calf, gilt backs. Edinburgh, 1854 

Comprises : Diary of a Late Physician ; — Ten Thousand a Year; 
— Now and Then j — Miscellanies. 


3645 Warren. Life and Memoirs ofWilliam Warren, Boston's 

Favorite Comedian, with a full account of the Golden 

Jubilee (and poem by William Winter). Albertype 

portraits. 16° cloth. Boston, 1882 

With a. I. s. of William Warren inserted. 

2646 Warton, Thomas. History of English Poetry, from 

the close of the eleventh century to the commence- 
ment of the eighteenth century. Steel portrait. 3 
vols. 8° green calf, gilt backs. London, 1824 

2647 Warwick, Eden. The Poets' Pleasaunce; or, garden of 

all sorts of pleasant flowers, which our pleasant poets 
have in past time for pastime planted. With border 
illustrations. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1847 

2648 Warwick. Nasology; or, hints towards a classification 

of noses. 12° new cloth, uncut. London, 1848 

2649 Washington, George. Life of. By Aaron Bancroft. 

2 vols. 16° cloth, uncut. Boston, 1839 

2650 Washington. Life of George Washington, late Presi- 

dent of the United States of America. Stipple portrait 
of Washington, by I. R. Smith, Boston. 18° half roan. 

Boston, 1815 

2651 Washington. Life of, with curious anecdotes, equally 

honourable to himself and exemplary to his young 
countrymen. By M. L. Weems. Map and plates (por- 
trait missing). 12° sheep (foxed). Phila., 1819 

2652 Washington. Oration at Worcester, Apr. 30, 1813, in 

commemoration of first Inauguration of Gen. Washing- 
ton, pp. 20. 8° stitched. Worcester, 18 13 

2653 Washington. Religious Services held in the First Cal- 

vinistic Cong. Church, Burlington, Vt., Apr. 30, 1889, 
in celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of the 
Inauguration of George Washington, Apr. 30, 1789. 
4° paper, uncut. (Burlington, 1889) 

2654 Waters, Henry F. Genealogical Gleanings in England. 

Vol. I, part I. 8° limp cloth. Boston, 1885 

2655 Watertown, Mass. Historical Sketch of; from the 

first settlement of the town to the close of its second 
century. By Convers Francis. 8° wrappers. 

Cambridge, 1830 

2656 Watt. Origin and Progress of the Mechanical Inven- 

tions of James Watt; illustrated by his correspondence 
with his friends and the specifications of his patents. 
By James P. Muirhead. 2 India proof portraits and 
34 plates. 3 vols. 4° boards, uncut. London, 1854 

2657 Webster, Noah. Collection of Papers on Political, Lit- 

erary and Moral Subjects. 8° cloth. New York, 1843 


2658 Webster. American Dictionary of the English Lan- 

guage. Thoroughly revised and greatly enlarged and 
improved by Chauncey A. Goodrich and Noah Porter. 
India proof portrait and title-page. 2 vols, folio, new 
cloth (portrait and first leaf of each volume slightly 
water-stained). Cambridge, 1865 

Large Paper: only 250 copies printed at the Riverside Press, 
■with rubricated title-pages. 

2659 Webster. American Dictionary of the English Lan- 

guage. Steel portrait. 2 vols. 4' half morocco. 

New York, 1828 

2660 Webster. Dictionary of the English Language. Re 

printed by E. H. Barker. 2 vols. 4° boards, uncut 
(marked copy). London, 1831-32 

2661 Webster. American Dictionary of the English Lan- 

guage. Portrait. 4° sheep. Springfield, 1848 

2662 Webster. American Dictionary of the English Lan- 

guage, Thoroughly revised and greatly enlarged and 
impr'oved, by Chauncey A. Goodrich and Noah Porter. 
India-proof portrait. 2 vols, folio, half morocco. 

Riverside Press: Cambridge, 1865 
Large Paper : only 250 copies printed. 

2663 Weems, M. L. God's Revenge Against Murder; or, the 

drown'd wife; a tragedy, lately performed, with un- 
bounded applause (of the devil and his court), by Ned 
Findley, Esq., one of the Grand Company of Trage- 
dians, in the service of the Black Prince. With fine 
portrait of Mary Finley, engraved by J. Boyd. 8° 
wrappers, uncut. Phila., 1808 

Weems was also author of the Life of Washingto n. 

2664 Wellington". Life of Arthur, Duke of Wellington. By 

G. R. Gleig. Portrait. 12° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1865 

2665 Welsford, Henry. Origin and Ramnification of the 

English Language. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

2666 Wendel, Marco F. Contemplationum Physicarum. 4° 

old calf (cracked). Cantabrigiensis, 1648 

With autographs, " Ebenezer Parkman great grand-father of the 

historian, 1720," "Daniel Epes, 1669," " Nicholas Noyes, His book.' 

2667 Westman, H. O. The Spoon; with upwards of 100 il- 

lustrations, primitive, Egyptian, Roman, mediaeval and 
modern. Lithographic plates. 8' new cloth, uncut 
(slightly stained). London, 1845 

2668 Westropp, Hodder M. Handbook of Archaeology; 

Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, Roman. Illustrations. 8° 
new cloth, uncut (few leaves water-stained). 

London, 1867 


2669 Westropp. Handbook of Archaeology: the Traveller's 

Art Companion to the Museums and Ancient Remains 
of Italy, Greece and Egypt. Numerous illustrations. 
8° half roan, uncut. London, 1863 

2670 Westwood, J. O, Illuminated Illustrations of the Bible; 

copied from select Mss. of the Middle Ages. 40 finely 
colored plates, printed in gold, silver and colors of 
illuminated Bible miniatures. 4° half morocco, uncut. 

London, 1846 

2671 Wethersfield, Vt. A Letter from a Gentleman in 

Wethersfield, to his Friend, containing a Narrative of 
the Life of William Beadle (so far as it is known) and 
the particulars of the Massacre of himself and family, 
pp. 24, 8° stitched (title missing and last leaf dam- 

2672 Wharton, Grace and Philip. Queens of Society. Il- 

lustrated by Charles A. Doyle and the Brothers Dal- 
ziel. 2 vols, small 8° cloth, uncut. London, n. d. 

2673 Wheatley, H. B. Of Anagrams; a monograph treating 

of their history from the earliest ages to the present 
time. 12° half morocco. Hertford, 1862 

2674 Wheatley, Phillis. Poems on Various Subjects; relig- 

ious and moral. First ed. 12° black morocco. 

London, 1773 
With portrait from later edition inserted, and autograph on back of 
title. (Two letters of her name cut from title-page). 

267s Wheeler, William A. Explanatory and Pronouncing 
Dictionary of the Noted Names of Fiction. 12° cloth. 

Boston, 1865 

2676 Whewell, William. History of Scientific Ideas. 2 vols. 

12° cloth, uncut. London, 1858 

2677 Whistle-Binkiej or, the Piper of the Party, being a 

collection of songs for the social circle. 2 vols. 16° 
cloth, uncut. Glasgow, 1878 

New Edition, to which are added brief memoirs of some of those 
connected with the work. 

2678 Whitaker's Almanacks, from 1869 to 1892. 24 vols. 

12° half roan. London. 

2679 White, John S. Boys' and Girls' Pliny; being parts of 

Pliny's Natural History. 52 illustrations. Square 8* 
cloth. New York, 1885 

2680 White Mountains. King, Thomas Starr. The White 

Hills; their legends, landscape and poetry. Illustra- 
tions. Square S" full green morocco, gilt back, sides 
andVdges. Boston, i860 


a68i Whittock, Bennett, Badcock and others. Complete 
Book of Trades; or, the parents' guide and youth's 
instructor. Steel plates. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1842 

2682 Whittier, John G. Lays of My Home, and other 

poems. First ed. 12" original boards and paper label. 

Boston, 1843 

2683 Whittier. Hazel Blossoms. First ed. Frontispiece. 

12° new cloth. Boston, 1875 

2684 Whittington. The Famous and Remarkable History 

of Sir Richard Whittington, three times Lord-Mayor 
of London, who lived in the time of King Henry the 
Fifth, pp. 16. 8° sheets folded, uncut. Printed and 
Sold at the Heart & Crown in Cornhill: (Boston, n. d.) 
Early Boston Chap Book. 

2685 Whytehead, Thomas. College Life; letters to an un- 

dergraduate. 12° cloth, uncut. Cambridge, 1845 

2686 Wiedmannus, J. S. De Martyrio Philosophorum. Small 

4° cloth. Helmstadii, 1761 

2687 WiGGLESwoRTH, Edward. Doctrine of Reprobation, 

briefly considered; being the substance of some lec- 
tures in Harvard College. 8° stitched. Boston, 1763 
With autograph of Samuel Morrill, 1763, 

2688 Wilcox, Ella Wheeler. Poems of Passion. Illustra- 

tions. Square 8° cloth. Chicago, 1888 

2689 Wilkes, John. An Essay on Woman. 12° paper. 

Oberdeen, 1788 
A satirical and facetious poem for which he was prosecuted. 

2690 WiLKiNS, John. An Essay Towards a Real Character 

and a Philosophical Language. Small folio, new 
boards. London, 1668 

2691 WiLKiNS, W. W. Political Ballads of the Seventeenth 

and Eighteenth Centuries, annotated. 2 vols, 12° 
cloth, uncut. London, i860 

2692 Williams, J. F. Lake. Historical Account of Inventions 

and Discoveries in those Arts and Sciences, which are 
of utility or ornament to Man; traced from their ori- 
gin. 2 vols. 8' new cloth, uncut. London, 1820 

2693 Williams, Robert. Lexicon Corun-Britannicum; a dic- 

tionary of the ancient Celtic Language of Cornwall; in 
which the words are elucidated by copious examples 
the Cornish works now remaining, with translations in 
English. The synonyms are also given in the Cognate 
dialects of Welsh, Armoric, Irish, Gaelic and Manx. 
4° cloth, uncut. London, 1865 


2694 Williams, William. The Great Duty of Ministers to 

Advance the Kingdom of God; a sermon preached at 
the annual convention of Ministers at Boston, May 26, 
1736. pp. 28. 8° stitched, uncut. Boston, 1726 

2695 Williams College. History of. By Calvin Durfee. 

Plates (water-stained). 8° new cloth. Boston, i860 

2696 WiLLMOTT, Robert Aris. The Poets of the Nineteenth 

Century. With English and American additions, ar- 
ranged by Evert A. Duyckinck. 132 woodcut illustra- 
tions. Small 4° cloth, gilt edges. New York, 1858 

2697 WiLLVMOTT, William. English Particles Exemplified in 

Sentences Design'd for Latin Exercises. 12° old sheep. 

London, 1723 

2698 Wilson, Harriette. Memoirs of; written by herself. 4 

vols. 16° half calf. London, 1825 

Good copy of this curious work, now very difficult to procure. 
This is the genuine edition, published by Stockdale of 24 Opera 
Colonade, for publishing whichJStockdale got into much trouble. 

2699 Wilson, H. H. Glossary of Judicial and Revenue 

Terms, and of Useful Words Occurring in Official 
Documents Relating to the Administration of the Gov- 
ernment of British India. 4° cloth. London, 1855 

2700 Wilson, Henry, and Caulfield, James. Book of Wonder- 

ful Characters; memoirs and anecdotes of remarkable 
and eccentric persons in all ages and countries. Col- 
ored frontispiece and other illustrations. Small 8° new 
cloth, uncut. London. 

2701 Wilson, John. "Christopher North," a memoir of John 

Wilson. Compiled by Mrs. Gordon. With introduc- 
tion by R. S. Mackenzie. Portrait. 8° new cloth, 
uncut. New York, 1863 

2702 Wilson, Joseph. Memorabilia Catabrigiae; or, an ac- 

count of the different colleges in Cambridge; bio- 
graphical sketches of the founders and eminent men; 
with many original anecdotes, views of the colleges, 
portraits of the founders. Small 8° new boards. 

London, 1803 

2703 Wilton, Countess of. Art of Needle- Work, from the 

earliest ages; including some notices of the ancient 
historical tapestries. Small 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1844 

2704 WiNSLOW, Forbes. Physic and Physicians; sketches of 

celebrated medical men. 2 steel portraits. 2 vols. 8" 
half calf, gilt backs. London, 1840 

2705 WiNTHROP, John. History of New England, from 1630 

to 1649. From his original manuscripts, with notes, 
by James Savage. Portrait. 2 vols. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1853 


2706 WiNTHROP. Governor Winthrop's Return to Boston; an 

interview with a great character, a poem. By G. 
Washington Warren. Portraits and plates. Small 4° 
cloth, uncut. Boston, 1883 

Only 300 copies printed. 

2707 WiNTHROP, Robert C. Address at the Unveiling of the 

Statue of Col. Prescott, June 17, i88i; — Oration on 
the 250th Anniversary of the Landing of the Pilgrim 
Fathers at Plymouth, 1870. 2 pamphlets. 
Presentation copies. 

2708 Witchcraft. Sadducismus Triumphatus; or, a full and 

plain evidence concerning witches and apparitions. 
By Joseph Glanvil. Fourth ed., with additions. Plate. 
8' old calf (worn). London, 1726 

2709 Witchcraft. Scott, Sir Walter. Letters on Demonology 

and Witchcraft. Engraved frontispiece. 18° cloth, 
uncut. London, 183 1 

2710 Witchcraft. Williams, Howard. Superstitions of Witch- 

craft. Small 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1865 

27 11 [WoLCOTT, John.] Works of Peter Pindar, Esq. Por- 

trait. 5 vols. 8" half calf, gilt backs. London, 1794-96 

2712 Wollstonecraft, Mary. Vindication of the rights of 

Woman; with strictures on political and moral sub- 
jects. 8° calf. Boston, 1792 

2713 WoLTMANN, Alfred, and Woermann, Karl. History of 

Ancient, Early Christian and Mediaeval Painting. 
Edited by Sidney Colvin. With numerous illustra- 
tions. Royal 8° cloth. New York, 1880 

2714 Wood, Edward J. Curiosities of Clocks and Watches, 

from the earliest times. Frontispiece. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1866 

2715 Wood. Giants and Dwarfs. 8° cloth, uncut. 

London, 1868 

2716 Wood. The Wedding Day in All Ages and Countries. 

12° new cloth. New York, 1869 

2717 Wood, J. G. Homes without Hands; being a descrip- 

tion of the habitations of animals. Illustrations. 8° 
new cloth, uncut. London, 1866 

2718 Wood. Natural History of Man. With new designs by 

Angas, Danby, Wolf, Zwecker, etc., engraved by the 
Brothers Dalziel. 2 vols, imperial 8° half morocco, 
uncut, gilt tops. London, 1868 

2719 Wood. Illustrated Natural History. With new designs 

by Wolf, Zwecker, Weir, Coleman, Harvey, etc., en- 
graved by the Brothers Dalziel. 3 vols, imperial 8° 
half morocco, uncut, gilt tops. London. 

CoMFKisiNG ; Mammalia ; — Birds ; — Fishes and Insects. 


2720 Wood. Bible Animals. Illustrations. 8° cloth, gilt top. 

New York, 1870 

2721 Wood, William B. Personal Recollections of the Stage; 

embracing notices of actors, authors and auditors dur- 
ing a period of forty years. Steel portrait. 12° cloth. 

Phila., 1855 

2722 Wood Engraving. Manual of; with practical illustra- 

tions for learners of the art and original and selected 
designs. By William Bemrose, Jr. With an introduc- 
tion by LlewcUynn Jewitt. Plates. 4° new cloth. 

London, n. d. 

2723 Worcester, Joseph E. Dictionary of the English Lan- 

guage. 4° half morocco. Boston, i860 

2724 Worcester. A Thousand Notable Things on Various 

Subjects, disclosed from the secrets of nature and art; 
to which is prefixed the Century of Inventions, by the 
Marquis of Worcester. 12° boards, uncut. 

London, 1814 

2725 Worcester. Life, Times and Scientific Labours of the 

Second Marquis of Worcester; to which is added a re- 
print of his Century of Inventions, 1663, with a com- 
mentary thereon. By Henry Dircks. Frontispiece. 
8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1865 

2726 Worcester County, Mass. History of the County of 

Worcester; with a particular account of every town 
from its first settlement to the present time. By 
Peter Whitney. (Map missing). 8° sheep. 

Worcester, 1793 
Facsimile map laid in. 

2727 Worcester County. History of; embracing a compre- 

hensive history of the county from its first settlement 
to the present time. With a history and description of 
its cities and towns. Map and numerous illustrations. 
2 vols, royal 8° cloth. Boston, 1879 

2728 Wordsworth, Christopher. Social Life at the English 

Universities in the Eighteenth Century. 12° cloth, 
uncut. Cambridge, 1874 

2729 WoRNUM, Ralph N. Analysis of Ornament; the charac- 

teristics of styles, an introduction to the study of the 
history of ornamental art. Illustrations. Royal 8° 
new cloth, uncut (few leaves water-stained). 

London, 1856 

2730 Wright, Chauncey. Philosophical Discussions. With 

biographical sketch of the author, by Charles Eliot 
Norton. 8° cloth. New York, 1877 

2731 Wright. Letters of; with some account of his life, by 

James B. Thayer. 12° cloth, uncut. 

Privately printed: Cambridge, 1878 


2732 Wright, Samuel. A True Copy of the Last Will and 

Testament of Samuel Wright of Newington-Green, 

Gent. pp. 14 (lacks last page). (London, 1735) 

Contains a very curious codicil in regard to his attentions to 

women, etc. 

3733 [Wright.] Alma Mater; or, seven years at the Univer- 
sity of Cambridge, a vols. ia° boards, uncut. 

London, 1827 
2734 Wright, Thomas. Caricature History of the Georges; 
or, annals of the House of Hanover. Portraits and 
nearly 400 illustrations on steel and wood. 4° half mo- 
rocco, uncut (few leaves slightly soiled). London. 
Large Paper : only 100 copies printed. 
273s Wright. Anecdota Literaria; a collection of short 
poems in English, Latin and French, illustrative of the 
literature and history of England in the thirteenth 
century. 8° new cloth, uncut. London, 1844. 
Only 250 copies printed. 

2736 Wright. Essays on Subjects Connected with the Litera- 

ture, Popular Superstitions and History of England in 
the Middle Ages. 2 vols, small 8° new cloth, uncut. 

London, 1846 

2737 Wright. History of Domestic Manners and Sentiments 

in England during the Middle Ages. With illustra- 
tions from the illuminations in contemporary MS. and 
other sources, drawn and engraved by F. W. Fairholt. 
Square 8° cloth. London, 1862 

2738 Wright. History of Caricature and Grotesque in Lit- 

erature |and Art. With illustrations drawn and en- 
graved by F. W. Fairholt. Square 8° cloth. 

London, 1865 

2739 Wright. Womankind in Western Europe, from the 

earliest times to the seventeenth century. Illuminated 
title, colored plates (margins slightly water-stained), 
and numerous text illustrations. Small 8° new cloth, 
gilt edges. London, 1869 

2740 Wynne, James. Private Libraries of New York. Fron- 

tispiece. 8" new cloth, uncut. New York, i860 

2741 VT^ ALE College. Biographical Memoranda respect- 

1 ing all who ever were members of the Class of 1832 
in Yale College. 4° cloth. 

Privately printed: New Haven, 1880 

2742 Yarrell, William. History of British Fishes. Illustrated 

by SCO wood engravings, a vols. 8° full green mo- 
rocco extra, gilt backs, sides and edges. London, 1841 


2743 Yates, Edmund. After Office Hours. First ed. 16° 

original boards. London, (1861) 

2744 YoNGE, C. D. Flowers of History, especially such as 

relate to the affairs of Britain. 2 vols. 12° full calf, 
gilt backs. Bohn: London, 1853 

2745 [YoNGE, Charlotte M.] History of Sir Thomas Thumb. 

Illustrations by J. B. Small 4° cloth, gilt edges. 

Edinburgh, 1856 

2746 Young Mechanic (The); containing directions for the 

use of all kinds of tools. Illustrations. 12° cloth. 

New York, 1871 

2747 ^7aHN, Joanne. Specula Physico-Mathematico-His- 
M^ torica Notabilium ac Mirabilium, Sciendorum, in 

qua Mundi CEconomia. Numerous fine old folding 
copperplates and engraved titles. 2 vols, folio, new 
boards. Norimbergse, 1696 

2748 Zeisberger's Indian Dictionary, English, German, Iro- 

quois — the Onondaga, and Algonquin — the Delaware. 
Printed from the original manuscript in Harvard Col- 
lege Library. 4° cloth. Cambridge, 1887 

2749 Zelis au Bain; poeme, en quatre chants. Engraved 

title , and vignette, with 4 extra copper-plate engrav- 
ings by Eisen laid in. 8° old calf (rebacked). Geneve. 

2750 Zola, Emile. Germinal, 1887; — La Terre, 1887; — Le 

Reve, 1888; — Contes i\ Ninon, 1888; — Nouveaux 
Contes A Ninon, 1885; — Th^rfese Raquin, 1886. 6 
vols. 12° half pigskin, uncut (bindings uniform). 


2751 Zola. Les Mystferes de Marseille, 1884; — Une Page 

d'Amour; — Madeleine F^rat, 1886; — La Faute de 
I'Abb^ Mauret, 1885; — L'Assommoir, 1879; — Nana, 
1881; — La Joie de Vivre, 1884; — Jacques Damour; — 
L'CEuvre, 1886. 9 vols. 12° half morocco. 

2752 Zulu-Kafir Dictionary; etymologically explained. By 

Rev. J. L. Dohne. 8° paper, uncut. Cape Town, 1857 

2753 Zulu. Grammar of the Zulu Language, accompanied 

with a historical introduction. By Lewis Grout. 8° 
paper, uncut. Natal, 1859 

2754 Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck; wherein are duly 
set forth the crosses, chagrins, calamities, checks, 
chills, changes and circumgirations by which his court- 
ship was attended, showing also the issue of his suit 
and his espousal to his ladyelove. Numerous illustra- 
tions. Oblong 12° cloth (loose in binding). London. 


2755 Appleton, Nathaniel. Two Discours. , April 5, 1770, 

the time of the session of the General Court at Cam- 
bridge. 8° stitched. Boston, 1770 

2756 Boston. Annals of King's Chapel, from the Puritan Age 

of New England to the Present day. By Henry W. 
Foote. Portraits and illustrations. 2 vols. 8° cloth. 

Boston, 1882-96 

2757 BowDoiN, James. Philosophical Discourse addressed to 

the American Acadetny of Arts and Sciences, Boston, 
Nov. 8, 1780. 8° stitched, uncut. Boston, 1780 

2758 Eliot, Rev. Andrew. An Evil and Adulterous Genera- 

tion. A Sermon preached on the Public Fast, April 
'9) 1753- 8° wrapper. Boston, 1753 

2759 [Lowell, J. R.J Class Poem. First ed. 8° original 

wrappers. (Cambridge), 1838 

With a. I. s. of J. R. Lowell laid in, reigretting .that he could not 
attend a dinner of the Harvard Musical Association, 

2760 Lowell. Broadside. Valedictory Exercises of the 

Senior Class of 1838, Tuesday, July 17, 1838. 3, Ora- 
tion by James I. T. Coolidge. 4, Oration by James 
R. Lowell. 5, Ode by John F. W. Ware. Small folio. 
Foot-note; at the bottom. On account of the absence of the poet 
tlje poem will be omitted. 

2761 WiNTHROP, R. C. Words in Defence of an Elderly 

Lady. 8° paper wrappers, uncut. Boston, 1885 

Only a few copies privately printed for presents. A paper read 
before the Massachusetts Historical Society, b»t not printed by the 
Publication Committee. It gives an insight into the manners and 
peculiarities of Judge Sam'l Sewall, and the objections of Madam 
Winthrop to marrying him. 


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Auctioneers and Appraisers, 
646 washington street, 
boston, mass.